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Learn How To Be a Fighting Game Master With This Free eBook

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Focused on Super Street Fighter II Turbo

With the Evo 2014 Championships kicking off this weekend — 11th-13th July — it's possible that you're getting into the fighting game spirit ahead of time. While some happily button mash and spam favourite attacks in titles such as Super Street Fighter II and more modern titles, the prospect of mixing it with experienced players can be daunting. When a Hadouken alone doesn't cut it, what next?

There is now a free resource that could be essential reading for those keen to improve their skills in the genre. Patrick Miller has published From Masher to Master: The Educated Video Game Enthusiast’s Fighting Game Primer (Super Book Edition) as a free eBook over on — you can access the PDF directly right here. It focuses on mastering Ryu in Super Street Fighter II Turbo (and the HD remaster of that title), with the theory being that it lays down the fundamentals to enable beginners to then improve their skills with multiple characters in different games.

In this book, I guide the reader through basic execution and combos, poking and footsies, mixups and mindgames, and other essential fundamentals. It’s kind of like having a friend who is pretty good at Street Fighter sit down and show you the ropes, except you don’t have to worry about boring her with your scrubbiness or buying her a burrito.

Even if you’re already pretty good at fighting games, you could still learn a thing or two! Or maybe you have a friend who you wish would get better; give your friend my book, and you’ll have a brand-new sparring partner!

As it's free there's really nothing to lose, so let us know if you're planning to check it out and improve your skills.


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Swiket said:

I'm sure it's very well written, but these days I just don't have the time to practice a game for dozens of hours. I barely have the time to spend with games that I do want to play.



SamirMalik said:

I just bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition 2 weeks ago and I am just now finally starting to get good at it. Lili X Asuka baby! (funny though. Just today I found out that they were frenemies in Lili's ending. LOL) Though I can still learn a thing or two from this book. I still have a lot to learn.



Kirk said:

I don't really care about going into fighting games on this kind of obsessive level and I actually think fighting games were slightly ruined once the designers started over designing them around hardcore competitive gamers. I really don't like all these hit counters and various combo, percentage and super meters and all that other crap that modern fighting game have all over the screen and I actually liked fighting games more when designers were just thinking about making them great games that were approachable and great fun for basically all kinds of gamers (the perfect time was round about the Street Fighter 2 Turbo era imo). That document however is kinda [Edit: really] interesting. It's given me a clearer insight into how some elements of these games are actually created which might come in handy in the future if I ever decide to make a fighting game myself.

Edit: Actually, I just read a bit near the bottom and it's actually really good advice for life in general: From 'Chapter Six: Don't Want No Scrubs' onward is almost like a life lesson in how to succeed and be a winner at life in general.



antonvaltaz said:

Wonder if this will be much use for SNES SSF2. Don't have access to any version of SSF2T.



Rafie said:

This is pretty good. Although I'm far from a scrub (haven't been at that level since the 90's), there are some things that I'm still learning.

I take that back. I'm a scrub at any "new" fighting game I play til I get familiar with the mechanics. This year's EVO will be stellar. Now that Nintendo has put it's actual backing to it as well....nothing but win from here. I'm looking forward to UMVC3 play and some...SMASH BROS!! WOOO!!!! A little bit of USF4 as well.



RIC616 said:

I'll bite. Always wanted to try and improve my fight skills but never really knew where to start.



FabioSMASH said:

Dear, Jebus,
Please, let this be the end of my shameful struggle to not suck at fighting games.
Thank you.



Magikarp3 said:

Such a good idea. If anything, people will be able to watch EVO and actually understand what's going on!



Iggly said:

Can you learn anything you anything from this ebook? Sure you can! [Get it? cuz Shoryuken?]

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