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GAME's One Day Mario Kart 8 Deal, for £29.99, is a Must Buy for UK Racers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't delay

Are you a Wii U owner in the UK that still hasn't picked up Mario Kart 8? Perhaps you've seen cheap Wii U system deals and aren't sure whether to take the plunge? This one day deal on the fantastic racer may push you over the edge in either direction.

GAME has reduced the disc version of Mario Kart 8 to £29.99 — which you can grab on its website. Not only is this limited to the disc version — the download code is still £39.99 — but we've been told by Nintendo UK that this deal is for one day only. Don't forget that this also includes a Club Nintendo offer of a free Wii U game, meaning you'll also be able to pick up one of the 10 games below, too:

That's a pretty enticing deal for UK gamers, though as it's physical stock only — and for just one day — you may want to act fast. Will you be going for this offer today?

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Yasume said:

Wii U is getting a bit more tempting these days, but I'm still not entirely sold on it.

Btw, where are the Mediacreate results of this week?



Jazzer94 said:

I would have never lasted this long anyway waiting for a deal like this but great value for who ever has.



Mooj738 said:

I'm getting surprised by the lack of uptake in the UK. People are just plain stupid about the Wii U.

The amount of people I have said I'm playing the Wii U to and they just laugh it off and like don't be silly. Nintendo has a bad image in the UK in my opinion, these deals should fly off the shelf, the issue isn't the game or even the console, its the brand in general



Grumblevolcano said:

@Mooj738 Pretty sure it's partially a stock issue. Take for example, you have very limited choice (MK8 deluxe, MH3U deluxe with pro controller, Wii Party U basic with wiimote, Just Dance 2014 basic).

I'd say the best way to take advantage of the £30 deal if you don't have the console would be NSMBU and NSLU bundle + MK8 on its own but the bundle isn't in stock.



Moose_4 said:

Couldn't agree more. It just needed a new name to separate it enough. But its also the general public either that don't take 10 mins to research what the Wii U actually is. I love it as a console, i wish i had the off screen play the last 15+ years when i have been growing up.



Peach64 said:

I don't even have a Wii U, but kind of tempted to buy this, register and then sell off the download code for £10. The only thing stopping me is the fact that most of the great hardware deals include MK so I don't want to end up with two copies.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Mooj738 well said, the uk is full of dudebro gamers obsessed with cod/creed/fifa. Nintendo has completely failed to gain any respect from these types in general and this has led to a very bad reputation for the Wii u in particular. Brand awareness for Nintendo in the UK is rock bottom, the game stores in my city (Yorkshire) have 2 shelves for Nintendo products In total (mostly Wii!). Minecraft alone has 4, xb360 has 6, xbone has 5 and the ps section has a total of 14 shelves!!!! Even the mk8 posters they put up for a total of 3 days were upside down. Pathetic. It's my opinion that game, the shop brand, is a major part of this culture and a major obstacle in the respect struggle. They openly ridiculed me when I waited to collect my Wii u pre order, trying to sell me a ps3 while I was literally in line to collect! They only order Wii u games on request, query why I'd want to buy a game on Wii u when others are better EVERY TIME I ask for one and in one instance I had to correct a staff member when she told a customer the Wii u was already cancelled and not to bother......this was about 6 weeks ago!!



ULTRA-64 said:

@Peach64 pretty sure the code is linked to your club Nintendo account and so must be used by the paired nnid.....IF NOT......message me and I'll buy it .....but I don't think its possible!?!



Squashy said:

Wow brilliant deal!

@Peach64 Like @Grumblevolcano said, the New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U Premium Pack is perfect for going with this deal, 4 great games and a Wii U at the best possible price!



Squashy said:

@ULTRA-64 Gosh that's a shocking story, so the GAME staff actually told a potential customer that the Wii U had been discontinued!? GAME's treatment of Nintendo is despicable, it's like they're trying to sabotage the Wii U, what did Nintendo ever do to them?



Peach64 said:

@Squashy The problem is nobody sells that pack for under £250 on it's own. Earlier this week, The Game Collection have done 3 different bundles featuring 4 or 5 games for £250. The best one was the premium with NSMBU, New Super Luigi U, Batman: Arkham City, Sonic Lost World and MK8 for £250!

When I buy the console, it will be that type of deal, and lately they include MK.

Oh, and speaking of bargains, ShopTo have Sonic and All Stars Racing for £7.85, free delivery, until 5pm.



wariosmith said:

done! just picked up my copy - they even gave me another random discount of 1p... taking it down to 29.98... as @andrea987 said 'no brainer'

was waiting for a rainy day to pick it up - but also hadn't had the chance to impulse purchase it as @ULTRA-64 says the UK retail presence is non existent there is only Argos in my town selling Wii U stuff... and always really expensive.



Picola said:

@ULTRA-64 you ate so right about the U.K. and Wiiu shelf space. The main GAME in my city has a tiny half-shelf that is hidden from view as you walk in - the other platforms have full sections of the shop each!



Pod said:

Mario Kart 8 is spectacular!

It's fully recommended. At least if you have lots of people to play with on an everyday basis.



rjejr said:

Not sure how US - UK video game prices translate, but that could be a great deal even if you just wanted to pick up one of the other games for free then sell MK8 after trying it out a bit. WW HD and Pikmin 3 are still $50 or $60 in the US.

I'm glad we got MK8 day 1 but I'm enjoying WW HD more. Both for $60 was money well spent.



unrandomsam said:

@Squashy Give them basically a cut of all the eshop codes at closer to retail prices for a while. (Fortunately is cheaper and not Game.)



Cinaclov said:

@rjejr I think it's generally about a third difference between US and UK prices. A $60 game would be £40 here. So a reduction down to £30 would be about $45?



Hy8ogen said:

@Mooj738 If people laughed me off when I tell them I play a Wii U, I'll probably be like u wot m8 and bottled the freaking c*nt.

@ULTRA-64 Thank god I do not live in the UK. Otherwise I'll be visiting the police station routinely....

@Peach64 What are you waiting for? Unicorns to be included with the Wii U?



SahashraLA said:

I've met about a dozen people with a Wii U and maybe 2 dozen more that know what it is. The assumption is it's a Wii with anyone else. If those people are at my home, they think the Gamepad is a tablet.
Mario Kart 8 is selling on a system with the worst advert budget in gaming's recent history.
Then again, I HATE how Sony, Microsoft, 2K, EA, Ubisoft and so many others are trying so hard to advertise their products as interactive movies, pushing visual fidelity in a non-interactive environment. I know sooo many people that don't have traditional TV service. Which is funny, with these companies pushing TV ads and people harping on Nintendo for not running more TV ads. TV viewership goes down every year. TV viewership is scraping the bottom. Internet advertising, social media presence. TV is becoming archaic and so is it's expensive and congested distribution. The Internet is fluid, present and now. Like magazines, television is showing its age. Integration is now.
Nintendo understands this. GAME feels it. The shifting of the guard. The death of their very foundation. Like TV, they've become relegated to the trends.
I can preorder a handful of titles at EB Games, Canada's answer to GAME, and another dozen more through Amazon.
But if I had spent my cash on a PS4, the exact opposite would be true. I don't see a single system seller currently available for purchase on PS4. But there's alot of potential.
I guess the point I'm trying to make is, Nintendo's major selling point is gameplay. That's their truest legacy. So while a Dragon Age pulls from fan service and tries to tell some cohesive story between games, attempting to convince us that each game is just a piece and that we need to see and buy everything to understand, Nintendo pushes gameplay in a single box. There is a greater theme and an overhanging umbrella of character and immersion, but they're just not stories that can be properly understood without properly experiencing.
This isn't the film industry, this is the gaming industry. And that's why Mario Kart 8 is so important. It's just a game.



Cav44 said:

I've been buying everything 3ds and Wii u related here in the UK with little problem. I use Amazon nearly all the time and ignore the high street. Prices are always better(especially if youre not in a day one rush) and you don't have to deal with Sony/MS fanboys looking down their soon-to-be-broken noses at you. Lots of Brits are just sheep when it comes to Movies, Games and music. Petrified to form and express their own opinion based on actual experiences. We have a young friend of the family who is desperate for a Wii u for Mario, Lego City etc but dad wants him to have an Xbox because of ' the graphics on Forza 5...'. He's only 8 and I guess it'll all be my fault when he ends up playing 18 certificate games in a couple of years time!



Squashy said:

@Peach64 Oh ok thanks for the info, you're clearly up to the minute on all the latest deals!

@unrandomsam Yeah good point Nintendo actually give GAME special treatment, but it's all one way they get nothing back!



wariosmith said:

MK8 just arrived.... and even came with a free wheel accessory which they didn't even mention at the time, or put in the confirm... made my day

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