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Four Students Set New Mario Kart Marathon World Record

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"As a matter of fact this was an incredibly difficult thing to achieve"

Many of us have had some excessively long gaming sessions, after which we may look back and think "what was I doing?!". They can be fun, though, and there are often teams of people that use gaming marathons to raise money for charity, among other things, taking what is an objectively unhealthy activity and bringing some good from it.

Four students from Warrnambool in south-west Victoria, Australia, decided that they wanted to own a World Record, however. As a result they played Mario Kart games for 35 hours and 46 minutes, earning them the Guinness World Record for "longest video game marathon playing a racing game", beating the previous record of 30 hours.

In terms of the rules that were followed, only one of the four had to be playing at one time, and there was a ten minute break allowed for every hour played. Though the attempt was dreamt up six months ago, it was a month before the marathon that a training session was undertaken, with the the group's Harry Twyford saying the following.

We had a little training session about a month ago. We made it about 10 hours before one of us threw up and the rest of us fell asleep.

So it wasn't much fun.

Twyford was also one of two that played for 15 hours straight, accumulating 150 minutes of break time for a short sleep. Despite raising $500 for charity the group was criticised by some, though Twyford launched a staunch defence of the effort required.

You may be thinking we're a bunch of slackers, bludgers and lazy students, when as a matter of fact this was an incredibly difficult thing to achieve which required assistance from copious amounts of individuals in the community.

Ultimately, the town's Mayor even showed up to see what was happening, and Harry Twyford, James Hickman, Josh Alexander and Matt Smith can now share a Guinness World Record.

Could you beat that?


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epicdude12302 said:

Just give me 20 lattes, a 32 gallon jug of coke, and a ton of candy, and I will double that record!



6ch6ris6 said:

one of them threw up after 10 hours playing?

lol this record is boring. have they ever been on a LAN party?



sevex said:

Anyone watch that ShowVideoGames stream on twitch where they played Mario Kart 8 for 505 hours straight? Too bad that doesn't qualify.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I wonder if they were tested for performance enhancing drugs by the people from Guinness......

@ThomasBW84 I am genuinely considering it but I reckon by the time I find a free weekend someone will have managed a week which I don't think I could do.

I think I started playing at 10am on release this year and played til 6am with a couple of toilet and eating breaks.



Spoony_Tech said:

I also agree that it's not that long really. And seriously, they couldn't even play 10 hours straight in the beginning. When I was younger I'd do 18 hour marathons with only snacks and bathroom breaks.

I'll be impressed off it gets over 2 days straight. Plus 10 mins per every hour seems like cheating.



Tsurii said:

I think my longest session was Lego Harry Potter (years 1-4) for ~9h without a break. And just as Tom said in the article...I have no idea what and - more importantly- why I did that lol



Freeon-Leon said:

When the patch for MK7 was launched I played 14 hours "straight", I bet I couldn't beat that record by my own but it doesn't seem that much.



Nik-Davies said:

That doesn't sound that impressive. After prom last Friday me and friends played it throughout the night, no sweat. It was from about 11pm until nearly 10am.



Sir_Deadly said:

hmm interesting to kno this since a group on twitch played it for 200+ hours non stop.



Ryno said:

Good for them, I can barely play 1 hour of Mario Karts before I'm bored.



noctowl said:

"As a matter of fact this was an incredibly difficult thing to achieve"

Oh yeah, sitting on your butt playing video games is soooo hard. Oh man. I can't imagine the struggle these guys went through.



steamhare said:

It'd be nice to know a few more details of what counts as however many hours straight (bathroom breaks? sandwich breaks? brief pauses?), and whether it has to be a group record. I imagine if it wasn't a group record, though, it would be much, much higher.



tux_peng said:


This doesn't seem like an overly hard record to beet, unless your one of those people that gets dizzy while playing. I'm guessing the guy who threw up had a minor case of that...



Yoshis_VGM said:

I love Mario Kart and video games. I really do. But I can't play for a long time because it starts to strain my eyes and I get tired.



Zobocop said:

With four people trading off, I don't understand what was difficult about it. One person plays ten hours (which isn't too hard), then goes to sleep while the next person plays.



hiptanaka said:

Haha, is this a joke? ShowVideoGames streamed for like 500 hours, and they were just two people.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

I don't have the urge to race for that long.

We had a little training session about a month ago. We made it about 10 hours before one of us threw up and the rest of us fell asleep.
So it wasn't much fun.

That made me laugh.



BigH88 said:

Seriously anybody could beat that. My longest was 14 hours playing Monster Hunter Tri with some tea and beef jerky.



Drawdler said:

With the help of some Ferrero Rocher, I played online races on 7 for 12 hours straight two days ago. After a certain point I started playing more badly, then after a day of being awake and another half-day of playing Mario Kart 7, had a "nap" for 11 hours.



Gold_Ranger said:

Damn, me and my friend Dave played Super Mario Kart for nearly 3 days straight. Pausing only long enough to use a restroom. His mom kept making us snacks and food.
This was back when Super Mario Kart first came out!



xerneas said:

I don't think 35 hours is exactly little for Mario Kart... It gets so repetitive after a while that you just really need a break. Games like Zelda and Pokemon I'll easily play for 15 hours straight on the day 1 tho. But if only one of them had to be playing at a time then doesn't sound too hard.



JusticeColde said:

I could totally beat that record with one other person. I played Brawl for 25 straight hours when I got it, and after only 17 minutes of sleep beforehand.



DaemonSword said:

Too easy, I done more on Sonic Racing Transformed alone, while switching every so often between MK8, Pikmin 3, COD:BO2, and ZombieU. I'm addicted to my WiiU!!



AshFoxX said:

Oh I wish I was part of this. I could play Mario Kart games for months on end if I had three others to tag in throughout. Ten minute break every hour? that's just child's play.

The longest I played straight with no breaks (besides pausing for a few minutes to go to the bathroom) was about 42 hours when I first bought Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I actually had to shut off the system a couple times because it was freezing due to overheating. Beat it in one sitting though with only pocky and coke.



rp17 said:

@sevex I was thinking that too...
500 hours between 2 people is a little harder than 35 between 4...

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