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Feature: Watch The Pokémon US National Championships Finals Day - Live!

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time for winners to be crowned

Yesterday we had the first day of live coverage for The Pokémon US National Championships, in which players battled it out in Pokémon X & Y and the Trading Card Game for places in the latter rounds. It all gets serious today, as Trainers compete in three classes not just for glory, but also prizes such as travel to the World Championships, valuable Championship points to assist qualification, scholarships and a host of game-related prizes.

Today is the closing day of coverage, then, and you can check out the standings after Saturday's matches — TCG rankings are here and the Video Game equivalents are here; the itinerary for today is below.

  • 6am (Pacific) / 9am (Eastern) / 2pm (UK) / 3pm (CET) to 11am (Pacific) / 2pm (Eastern) / 7pm (UK) / 8pm (CET) — Pokémon Trading Card Game
  • 11am (Pacific) / 2pm (Eastern) / 7pm (UK) / 10pm (CET) to 2pm (Pacific) / 5pm (Eastern) / 10pm (UK) / 11pm (CET) — Pokémon Video Game

You can watch it all unfold live below and share the experience in the comments. It promises to be an exciting day as we get down to the Finals - who will win?

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Pika2346 said:

I always used to enjoy watching the tcg, but I was never rich enough to play it (especially in the EX. days), but then Jwittz stopped talking about the tcg and the hype died down.

I'll happily have this on in the background while I play Awakening, but I'll be friggin' annoyed if another airbourne unit dies because I didn't see an archer/wind mage...



Pika2346 said:

So it came online for 15 minutes to show a static title screen, and now it's offline again slow clap



ThomasBW84 said:

@Pika2346 Yeah, they've gone back to a static screen again. Still plenty of hours left in the tournament, so hopefully they'll get it live asap.



GalacticMario28 said:

I really need to watch these tournaments more often. The battles are so exciting for me. Congrats to the winners and our (America's) representatives in the World Championships.

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