Super Smash Bros. has had a busy week so far. Nintendo got the hype started by announcing a new fighter reveal video, and the resulting broadcast brought Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin into the roster. We've not exactly been short of screens, either, with official character profiles bringing plenty of eye candy.

It's been a bumper week so far, but we shouldn't forget last week, either. Masahiro Sakurai served up more attractive screens on the Director's Room Miiverse community, which included looks at outfits, taunts, moves and some other mechanics. For those that simply can't know enough about the games, it was another essential set of updates.

As always, then, you can see the results below — check them out and click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

7th July

8th July

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11th July

A fairly diverse week, overall. Let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (316 votes)

Kirby ducks away from the Mii Gunner


Palutena's up smash takes out all in its path


Poor Diddy Kong get's caught by Palutena's Heavenly Light


The Dark Emperor dishes out some status changes


Samus and Mario show off their alternative outfits


Pac-Man's Namco Roulette taunt brings back memories of the '80s


Six iconic Namco characters get shown off


Um, I can't decide


I don't like any of them


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