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Disney Magical World Waltzes Its Way Onto European 3DS Consoles This October

Posted by Alex Olney

An old new world

Amidst the success of Tomodachi Life in the UK charts, Disney has announced its hand in the life simulation genre Disney Magical World will be arriving on European shores on the 24th of October this year.

The colourful romp is already available in the US and Japan and takes a different approach to simulation than Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It expands beyond the typical simulation boundaries and includes some intriguing combat sections. The focus is more on younger gamers, but there's enough variety in here to entertain any age group.

You can check out our review of Disney Magical World here.

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Nintendzoey said:

Finally! A little too late though, I ended up purchasing this from NA (for my new NA 3DS). I had given up on it ever coming over here.
I may purchase another copy for my Australian 3DS though, just to support this release and let Nintendo know the game is actually wanted over here. Then, if there is enough demand, they may hopefully release a sequel in the future. Well, Nintendo does it with most of their other games.



SanderEvers said:

yay, this looks like a good mixture of Nintendo- and Disney-magic I'm happy it's coming to Europe.



ECMIM said:

It's basically Rune Factory, Jr., and is pretty fun, even for ancient gamers such as myself.



rjejr said:

We're not a Disney family but Ive always thought this looked good w/ that little touch of Kingdom Hearts they thru in there.

Does anybody else think there should be an 's after Disney? Yhats bothered me since it eas announced.



tj3dsXL said:

IF YOU WANT 2 EXPAND your "Mii-Verse" vybe games this is a MUST HAVE. You can play as your Mii and run around freely like in Mario Golf World Tour's "Castle Club". I'm 33 years old and i enjoy playing this game after a few drinks (not nightly) or when im ready for sleepy time but still have an hour b4 im under! It truly has a "glittery disney" feel 2 it which i wasn't able to appreciate untill I got this game and all its DLC here in the US. I hope and wish the same for you 3DS/2DS gamers Europe...."were gonna have a grrreaat day today " LOL !!!! OTHER AWESOME Mii games one 3DS ,Mii-Plaza (all of them), Tomodachi Life,Rusty's Real Deal,Pilotwings Resorts,Darts Up, Mario Golf World Tour. I've gone digital download with them all and this Mii craze seems to be taking up 10 to 15 hours a week as far as spring/summer gaming on 3DS. I love playing with my Mii what can i say!



worldstraveller said:

I was starting losing hope on this one (I wanted really bad, still do), I will get it eventually (probably once I get a job).



Windy said:

Guys I have to say this has been the best game I've played this year! No kidding. Its an open world RPG/Sim. I've had more fun with it than anything else out there by a long shot. I highly recommend it. Don't worry about the DLC prices they are worth it. Especially the Pirates of the Carribean add-on. It has very nicely structured quests and achievements. Its a great game for people of all ages. You hardly spend any time in your cafe running it. Your out battling and doing quests most of the time. Dev's need to take a look at this game and see how open world is done on 3ds. My only complaint would be it needs more areas to play in. I'm a 49 year old man and loved this game! Next best thing to being at Disneyland is playing Disneys Magical World!



SeVok said:

I couldn't find the "Pirates of the Carribean" DLC on the EU eShop, since the retail game only launched end October, could it be this DLC is scheduled for later?

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