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3DS On Top As Wii U Remains Highest Selling Home Console in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mario Kart 8 passes half a million physical retail sales

The latest Media Create chart results for Japan are in, and they continue the trends established over recent week in terms of hardware and software. There are certainly yet more positives for Nintendo, albeit against a backdrop of modest overall industry sales in the company's homeland.

The software chart is rather uneventful this week, with Vita title Freedom Wars enjoying its second week on top. The ongoing positive is Level-5's Yo-kai Watch in second place, which continues to show impressive momentum ahead of the sequel's arrival; Mario Kart 8 continues to deliver reasonable sales too, sitting in fourth place and passing half a million physical retail sales. The results are below with lifetime sales in brackets.

1. [PSV] Freedom Wars – 43,160 (232,048)
2. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch – 28,933 (1,176,134)
3. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure – 24,412 (77,508)
4. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 – 19,386 (512,223)
5. [PS4] Watch Dogs – 12,783 (78,378)
6. [PS3] Watch Dogs – 12,656 (43,684)
7. [PS3] Kamen Rider: Battride War II – 10,651 (73,300)
8. [3DS] Pokemon Art Academy – 10,003 (56,456)
9. [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen – 7,607 (144,500)
10. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V Low Price Version – 5,717 (12,448)
11. [3DS] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen – 5,703 (62,446)
12. [PS4] FIFA 14 – 5,065 (58,878)
13. [3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth – 4,996 (242,375)
14. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y – 4,595 (4,097,248)
15. [PS3] Date A Live: Ars Install – 4,383 (14,086)
16. [PSV] Girls und Panzer: Master the Tankery – 4,016 (35,542)
17. [PS4] Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – 3,602 (New)
18. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 – 3,327 (3,304,016)
19. [3DS] Mario Party: Island Tour – 3,305 (404,211)
20. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 – 3,214 (2,346,622)

The hardware results also bring a continuation of the norm, with minor dips and increases across different systems. The 3DS LL has a healthier lead than last week due to the Vita falling away a little, while the Wii U remains the best-selling home console — unfortunately Nintendo's system has dipped back into four figures. Details are below with last week's sales in brackets.

3DS LL – 21,914 (22,803)
PlayStation Vita – 18,438 (22,192)
Wii U – 9,961 (10,653)
PlayStation 4 – 7,876 (8,059)
PlayStation 3 – 7,511 (7,480)
3DS – 5,424 (5,081)
PlayStation Vita TV – 2,217 (2,727)
PSP – 1,579 (1,445)
Xbox 360 – 180 (201)

A relatively static week in the Japanese charts, then, as the quiet summer spell continues ahead of a busier Fall season.


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zeldazero said:

Is it still not possible to get digital download numbers? Physical sales are good, but how can we get an accurate depiction of sales without digital numbers?



Player4 said:

dam, Freedom Wars did very well! Too bad Sony doesn't care about the Vita...

And as always, Yokai Watch showing dem legs



Peach64 said:

@zeldazero Famitsu now track digital sales. They're far less significant than people give them credit for, at least in Japan.

Here is the top 10 for the whole of 2014.

01. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 # <ACT> (Capcom) {2013.09.14} - 287.279
02. [3DS] Pokemon Battle Link! <PZL> (Pokemon Co.) {2014.03.12} - 137.081
03. [3DS] Pokemon X / Y # <RPG> (Pokemon Co.) {2013.10.12} – 62.635
04. [3DS] PazuDora Z: Puzzle & Dragons Z <RPG> (GungHo Online Entertainment) {2013.12.12} – 51.564
05. [WIU] Dragon Quest X: Nemureru Yuusha to Michibiki no Meiyuu Online <RPG> (Square Enix) {2013.12.05} – 49.920
06. [PS3] Rain <ACT> (Sony Computer Entertainment) {2013.10.03} – 36.488
07. [PSV] Terraria <ADV> (Spike Chunsoft) {2014.02.06} (¥2.980) - 29.800
08. [PS3] Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Real Reborn # <RPG> (Square Enix) {2013.08.27} - 29.323
09. [3DS] The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds # <ADV> (Nintendo) {2013.12.26} – 28.577
10. [3DS] Youkai Watch <RPG> (Level 5) {2013.07.11} – 27.689

Mario Kart has sold 14,000, about 3% of total sales.

I believe Yokai Watch 2 releases this week, so I'm expecting a huge debut for it!



rjejr said:

I was just writing over at Pushsquare that among the PS4-X1 debate of which console has the better or worse exclusive holiday line-up the Wii U wins. I think Japan is figuring that out and X1 wont be a factor.

Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, SSB. And Captain Toad though I really dont see that as a system seller Im coming around to viewing it as a nice little holiday game.



Peach64 said:

@zeldazero Just Japan. I don't think anyone is tracking digital for the rest of the world so we just have to rely on publishers giving out numbers. Square Enix recently came out and boosted that Bravely default had done about 20% of its North American sales digitally.



Rafie said:

To be honest the other 2 don't have strong holiday line ups like the Wii U has. They will have to depend on 3rd party to do the heavy lifting again.

Still, as in world wide numbers, the Wii U is not doing to good. Dropped back down to the 50,000 range. 3DS took the crown for WW numbers, with the PS4 coming in at a close 2nd. Japan is one tricky market though.



dumedum said:

ha ha ha, and to think there were certain users here, who said that PS4 will have already surpassed Wii U at this time in total sales in Japan. Good job Nintendo.



Gerbwmu said:

I was hoping Wii U would stay in the 5 digits but hopefully Hyrule Warriors will boast it back up again for a while until Bayonetta arrives in Japan. As far as world wide goes.......Looks like we won't see any real push until we approach the holiday season in 4 months



Hy8ogen said:

@Mega719 I have been wondering that as well. How could games like Wonderful 101 and Pikmin not selling. Doesn't make any sense to me.



IceClimbers said:

From the looks of things, sales for the Wii U will be a roller coaster. They'll spike at a new game release, and then drop back down a few weeks later, rinse and repeat. The same as all platforms.

It'll sell a ton over the holidays. Same with the 3DS. Pokemon ORAS will be a system seller for the 3DS, despite being a remake.



whodatninja said:

In Japan, yeah that's not saying much, but it's still super cool it's selling better than even the PS4 there



rjejr said:

@ferthepoet - "PS3 will have Persona 5"

And LBP3, Destiny. Lego Batman, Disney Infinity 2, Skylanders Trap Team, Far Cry 4, Madden, FIFA, and even Just Dance. And a little title called COD:AW. And even a new Godzilla game in Japan.

To me PS3 is always the system to get, I just can't imagine why any gamer wouldn't have one yet? But if I new somebody who was home console free and looking to start getting into gaming, I'ld recommend PS3 over every other.



shonenjump86 said:

GTA V low price version? Never heard of a game with low price in the title. Still glad to see GTA on the list though.



Action51 said:

As Cyndi Lauper once sang: "Money changes everything"

All the people talking about the value of a PS3 are absolutely correct. If you had bought a PS3 on the launch day of the PS4, you would have made a much better choice, even today.

The PS4 is experiencing the exact same problems more or less that the Wii U suffered in it's first year (with the exception of third party support being stronger) and the gaming media never questions a thing because of the strong sales.

Let this be a lesson to Nintendo never to get so complacent again. Advertising and hype really pay off.



Windy said:

@Mega719 well MarioKart 8 is why the Wii-U is outselling PS4 right now. Let's see what Hyrule Warriors does for Wii-U sales. I think its going to be huge even though some people already naysay that its not a real Zelda game. Its not supposed to be a Zelda game its a Warriors game



NodesforNoids said:

Can we all agree that the Wii U NOT having a built in HDD wasn't the worst idea Nintendo has ever had? Honestly, if I read one more post from a person that both complains about not having a larger HDD AND that they refuse to buy digital games, I'm getting on a plane and kicking.. you know, you have one, we all have one.
I invested in an external HDD and I'll tell you a story: my PS3 going down? HDD failure. My investment was in a drive I picked, to ensure quality. Gaming isn't cheap, gamers are cheap. But hey, spend a thousand dollars on games and lose 'em all. THEN criticize Nintendo for not giving us some small, cheaply made, overpriced storage base. I for one trust my HDD more than my Wii U and that's saying something.



rjejr said:

@MoonKnight7 - If you don't mind my asking which one? I'm curious if you got the 12GB w/ the sliding top? I replaced my 160 w/ a 500 and I have about 150 left so I can't imagine only 12. I think most of the games I've gotten w/ PS+ have been close to that. I wouldn't even buy a 8GB Wii U.



MoonKnight7 said:


Mine is a 320 GB that I bought second hand, but it works like a charm. If I remember correctly, it was the second model that Sony released during the PS3 lifespan. I'm with you on the 12 GB though, it just wasn't enough space for the asking price of $200. Especially since we live in a world of constant updates and dlc.



MoonKnight7 said:


You have to be a little more specific when you say "people." In the US or Europe, yeah, the Vita is pretty much dead in the water, but in Japan, it's doing pretty well for itself so there's more of a userbase.



rjejr said:

@MoonKnight7 - Yeah, I could live w/ 320, but I took my 500 out of an old laptop I was no longer using

And I dont think 320 was 2nd, I think there was a 20, 60, 80, 120 and 160 before it got to 320.

Oops, forgot the 40 in Japan and 250. 250 is a really odd number on that list.

So that means you got the good slim rather than the newer super slim w/ the weird cheap looking sliding top? Nice choice. In retrospect I think I got an 80, hence the HDD upgrade, and I bought the old big model just before the slim came out, but after they dropped the 2 USB ports and BC so I only have 2, the worst of both back then. Still better than a cheap looking 12 though



MoonKnight7 said:


Well I said second because I was going by the 3 categories, (aka original, slim, then super slim). My apologies if the way I wrote it was confusing. Haha.

Smart to use your old laptop like that though! Kudos to you.

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