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Video: Shovel Knight Release Trailer Delivers Epicness in Spades

Posted by Tim Latshaw


We'd like to think that video game journalism has progressed past the era when we mindlessly slathered over screenshots of games and reviewed things in terms of heads that looked like they were about to explode, but if anything is to make us don our old neon shirts and bring "Radical!" back into style, it's the latest trailer for Shovel Knight.

Just watch it. Who is that? What's going on? What are they doing? We wanna do that! Burly guy! Flaming guy! Apple whale? How can shoveling evoke such passion?? Where do we get this song?!

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It's felt like a long time coming, but there's not much longer to wait. Shovel Knight will arrive on the Wii U and 3DS eShops on 26th June in North America, with a Europe release coming at a later date. Look for our review soon as well, but feel free to just stick around and rock out until then.

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User Comments (68)



GuSolarFlare said:

this looks to awesome for words to describe(hope the game is as good as it seems to be)



DreamOn said:

PURE RETRO PLATFORMING LOVE!!! Bravo, Yacht Club, you've brought us a video game after our own pixel-shaped hearts! So excited!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Won't be able to buy it day 1 like the other indies on Wii U. Will probably be able to get an eShop card by sunday.



Snes_is_king said:

day 1 buy for me on wii u. That trailer was truly epic!!!! Thursday can't come soon enough!!



Mega719 said:

That's why it's good we wait they added more stuff to the game. Pretty epic music for a retro inspired game



MeddlingIdiot said:

That trailer is fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on it, ah, if only cross-play on Nintendo's current platforms was possible... I'm going to grab the Wii U version in the meantime though.



Kirk said:

One of the most genuinely awesome games on Wii U (based on what I've seen anyway).



0utburst said:

How much on NA? I gotta admit it's epic. I might get this along with Shantae on Wii U if it gets at least a 9.



sketchturner said:

I want Nintendo to own Yacht Club like they own Retro Studios. This developer is going places.



daniruy said:

This game makes me want to own an epic shovel, because it looks gorgeous and a helluva fun.



HAL9000 said:

I walk around the house carrying a shovel hoping to get epic music like this for my life!

Day one purchase on Wii U of course.



ToxieDogg said:

'Europe release coming at a later date'

I look forward to (possibly) getting to play it in 2015 then Hopefully much sooner though...



Iggly said:

Looks like something I'd love to play, I should probably fix my virtual wallet currency so I can be blessed by this game's glory.



rjejr said:

Good trailer. Retros not my thing, but they can put together a good trailer. Even their logo at the end was good.

Congrats to all the (NA) folk who have been waiting for this, seems like forever to me and I'm not even waiting for it.



Giygas_95 said:

I was already planning on getting this on Thursday, and this just about cemented the purchase!

Now, should I get it on Wii U or 3DS? I think I'll go with 3DS. Anyone know if that version is supposed to have a 3D effect?



SanderEvers said:

Gonna get the PC version through kickstarter and I'll wait until I can download the Wii U / 3DS version here in Europe.



Oren87 said:

And that ladies and gentlemen - is how you make a trailer. I've just gone from not being bothered about this to considering a day one buy. I'm such a sucker.



Artwark said:

I'll get the PC one. If its there, then why get the 3DS one unless it has more levels or something?



jariw said:

Very well made trailer.

@outburst What's "at least a 9"? There will probably never going to be an indie/eShop title that will has an average above 9/10. There are extremely few AAA games that ever reach such an average.



Vriess said:

So much awesomeness Still no date for Europe and I WANT THIS GAME SO BADLY!!!



AshFoxX said:

'sigh', I wonder if old-school retro pixel games will ever stop being in vogue and go away... God I hope not



Ralizah said:

Won't be able to pick it up for a few weeks, but this is definitely going to be my next 3DS game.



Ichiban said:

this looks freakin fantastic!! It looks like a proper NES game, not some indie "tribute" junk. You can tell alot of love and effort when into this. It has style too, which isn't something I see much these days. I'll be downloading this from the eshop the day it comes on sale here. Well done guys!!



MAB said:

It has been a long time since we got a Wonder Boy in Monster World game... And this clone looks like it will bring the awesome in spades



chewytapeworm said:

This looks a thousand times better than I had expected it too. It's now become one of the very few games in the history of the eshop where I am will not be waiting for a discount! Bring on the review and the release!



netroz said:

It's been a while since a trailer made me want a game that bad... I should buy it only for achieving that. Also... Power Metal M/
Still will wait for the review, ageing made me cautious, but I'm sure it will be great!



WanderingPB said:

My Wii U is ready and if i really like it i shall download it on my 3DS a well!

These retro style games are awesome i really appreciate them now that im older



BearClaus said:

re:first sentence—I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Hah, I don't think it looks that cool. Definitely good though. Another very good trailer for this game as well.



Dave24 said:

They say that the only thing left is localistaion.

Maybe we will have it sometime in July... If we are lucky.



SleepyCrossing said:

My favorite line from this article is "How can shoveling evoke such passion?". Lol! Can't decide if I should get this for 3DS or Wii U. I better decide soon, the 26th is fast approaching...

How much is this game going to be btw? Need to get my funds in order



theberrage said:

Does anyone know if the music in the trailer will be similar to the music in the game or 8-bit style. The music reminds me of a TG-16 CD game. Awesome.



ricklongo said:

I can't believe I'll FINALLY be able to put my virtual hands on this beauty this week. Which is just as well - I'm not sure how long I'd be able to wait after watching that trailer.



Donutman said:

Btw...tom. I just read your bio and I know exactly how you feel. Kirby dream land is by far my fav Kirby game and I was about 12 when I had that.



Will-75 said:

Only got two days to go this game looks bad ass can't wait getting the 3DS version I love playing these retro titles in 3D ..



netroz said:

Truly... where do I get this song??? I know bands like this but I want THIS song!!!

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