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Video: Robot Battle Action Is On The Cards In This Gundam Try Age SP Trailer

Posted by Damien McFerran

Almost five minutes of footage for this forthcoming 3DS title

We reported a while back on the 3DS port of Gundam Try Age, an arcade title which mixes massive robots with strategic card battling.

An impressively-proportioned trailer has now been issued for the game which not only includes a rather overenthusiastic voice-over, but also details the game's mechanics and core gameplay in a fairly comprehensive fashion. If only we could understand Japanese!

The game launches in Japan on July 17th. There's no word on a western release, and to be brutally honest, we wouldn't recommend holding your breath for one.

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Emblem said:

This would have to sell amazingly in its first month to even be considered for localisation. The Gundam franchise both anime and games have a long history of localisation issues.



Genesaur said:

As much as I love Gundam... I don't care so much for the card battler aspect. Give me a real Gundam game, if ever we get one again.



AVahne said:

Ugh, another card battler? Oh well, it's not for us anyway, so eh.



tj3dsXL said:

Isnt the NEW Tranformers game for 3ds suppose to be kinda like this style ? i hope it gets a digital release anyway !!!



Hy8ogen said:

Dear Nintendo,

I have loved you since I was a kid because your games are awesome. But honestly could you please stop this whole Region Locking bullsh*t? It is time like this I wished I had a PS Vita.




Emblem said:

@CanisWolfred @Genesaur Gundam extreme vs full boost is probably the best Gundam game ever made. You can import it from Japan if you have a ps3, most menus are in English anyway and there are online translation for other stuff.



3dcaleb said:

im not a fan of the card battler aspect either but i love gundam games. and thats one of the main reasons why i recently broke down and bought a vita and a import copy of gundam seed battle destiny. and it was worth it. but if nintendo didnt have that stupid region lock i never would have.



Noboty said:

@tj3dsXL No; the Transformer game is supposed to be more akin to games like Fire emblem, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy tactics, and what have you.

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