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Video: Nintendo Unleashes Its Official E3 2014 Highlights

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Three minutes of E3 goodness

The lights are going off at E3, and Nintendo is packing up all of those lovely debug systems that are home to titles that, we hope, will be future classics. It certainly seemed like Nintendo kept us busy over the three days, especially with its rolling Treehouse coverage.

Now that the doors are closing the company has released its traditional highlights video, blasting through major reveals and moments from the three day event. Special attention is given to the developer roundtables for Super Smash Bros. and Code Name S.T.E.A.M., as well as the Smash Invitational. The Wii U online shooter Splatoon, which certainly seemed to excite the Nintendo Life community, also gets prime billing.

Check it out below, and wipe away that tear now that E3 is finished for another year.

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PuzzleMaster7 said:

What a great E3 this has been! From the Digital Event to the Treehouse Live presentation, everything was fantastic! I can't wait to see how Nintendo will step up their game next year!



iphys said:

Treehouse Live was awesome, because it really gave me a good sense of whether or not I would actually enjoy playing the games.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Nintendo was very smart this E3. Instead of letting everything go in one hour like Microsoft and Sony, they chose to have a presence all through out E3. Which really payed off. Also, can we please have Treehouse Live and a Smash Invitational every year? I give anything to relive Tuesday night again.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

What a pack of days! This was one of the best E3's ever! And boy, did Nintendo spin the table!

Also, the Highlight video should've been 90 sec. Splatoon, 60 sec. Xenoblade X, and 30 sec. for the rest. SPLATOOOOOON!



sinalefa said:

Instead of a long, dragging conference, they opted for a short conference and then tons of footage of every game announced and upcoming.

By Tuesday night I had forgotten about Sony and Microsoft while I just finished watching Nintendo's games today. A great show overall for the big N.



Emblem said:

This has without a doubt been my best E3 experience ever thanks to Nintendo.



Xjarnold said:

It takes so long for E3 to get here, and then it's awesome!
...but it's over just like that.



zeldagaymer93 said:

Right after the Digital Event I was a little disappointed. I thought it was just an okay/good showing. However, the Treehouse live streaming and the Smash Invitational really helped to hit it out of the park this year. I love Nintendo but I usually think Sony or Microsoft "wins" the conference, but this year I honestly think that Nintendo is the champion. It's so great to see them trying this hard to please the consumers!

Long live Nintendo.



Benny3999 said:

This was overall a great E3 for Nintendo! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!



aaronsullivan said:

I've been obsessed with all the Nintendo E3 stuff. I have to admit. It's a bit of a relief that it's over.

I'm just about totally sold on Hyrule Warriors, now. Code Name STEAM looked weird at first, but once I saw the gameplay I found it just a fantastic and innovative take on turn based strategy. I'm always disappointed in the resolution of the 3DS, but the game play looks deep and fun.

Splatoon... can't wait. Once again, I really hope that Nintendo releases a Splatoon beta for a limited time around the Holidays... and that they go for voice chat. Both are unlikely to happen, but I'm hoping the enthusiasm shown on the floor convinces them to shift some resources towards that brilliantly designed game.



smileyface97 said:

@aaronsullivan In a gameplay discussion (on a site I can't remember) they said they had asked the devs and, indeed full voice chat (not only in lobbies) will be available.



atariman said:

The paintball game looks pretty awesome. My brother really wants the Wii U now. I hope that Mario Maker releases for Nintendo 3DS!



JubilifeRival said:

This was the best E3 for Nintendo I have ever seen. Watching this highlights video made me get a bit emotional and I wish I was there!!!



Shambo said:

Well, here's my reward for winning E3, Nintendo. Not just this year, but simply WINNING it.



aaronsullivan said:

@smileyface97 are you sure? The interchange I saw on the floor with the devs had them talking about how the game gives the player enough feedback without voice chat. I hope you're right though.



Inkling said:


By the way, I'm a huge Mario fan but Splatoon excited me more than Mario Maker.... So....



Naatiska said:

This years E3 was awesome! And now when it's over, I'm really waiting for next Nintendo Direct



BakaKnight said:

Not sure if Nintendo "won" this E3 since I didn't follow the other presentations, but I know for sure that I'm an happier than ever Nintendo's costumer after all that greatness



Artwark said:

It just shows that Nintendo isn't kidding around anymore. Now that we got new ips, games and release dates, I can't find any excuse as to why Nintendo is still suffering.

This E3 is the best and its the greatest Nintendo's ever done and no one can deny that! After seeing Star Fox on Wii U, I was convinced that Nintendo already won E3! I love you Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Specters said:

MEGAMAN! FIGHTING TO SAVE THE WORLD! Absolutely the best thing I've seen at any E3. Smash fans brought the hype to a whole new level.



dinosauryoshi said:

I've thoroughly enjoyed E3 this year. What a great showing from Nintendo. The highlight for me was Splatoon. It just came out of nowhere and although I wasn't completely sure at first the more they explained it the more excited I got, watching the Treehouse guys play it the next day really cemented it as my most anticipated game on any format. Zelda also looked amazing and I can't wait to see more of it. Besides those, Woolly World, Captain Toad and of course Smash Brothers have me very excited too. I love how Nintendo focused on gameplay rather than endless CGI cut-scene type stuff and I thought the Treehouse was a great idea and I really hope it returns next year. For me Nintendo's showing was far better than Sony's or Microsoft's. Well done Nintendo, you reminded me why I've been such a fan for all these years!

Oh and I'm pretty excited about these amiibos too!



ModestFan93 said:

@Specters The Internet mash up is even funnier.
@aaronsullivan Yes they confirmed it while playing the game

People mark your calenders next year's E3 starts June16th and lasts until June 18th! THIS YEAR WAS SO HYPED. Game I'm most liking forward to is Yoshi's Woolly World.



Frank90 said:

Best E3 since Twilight Princess reveal!
Oh my god the last 3 days were so awesome! I'll miss you E3!



Tritonus said:

Awesome E3, maybe the best for Nintendo in a long time..

They should do Smash Invitational every year, and maybe extend it to Mario Kart 8 tournaments, Splatoon tournaments, Pikmin 3 Bingo Battle tourneys



B3ND3R said:

It's safe to say Nintendo had the best showing this year. Even the Two Best Friends on YouTube were 1,000% more excited for the Nintendo Digital Conference over the other conferences, which is crazy because they are XB1/PS4 fans (although they do have a Wii U..). At the end of the conference they said "Nintendo won the evil E3!"
I'm super pumped for the games coming out in the next year, for sure!



HaNks said:

big step up from past two years @ E3. splatoon looks great. shame they didn't show more zelda U, unveil was brief considering it was almost shown last year...



whanvee said:


Must admit Tuesday night was awesome. Even waiting in line to get the wristbands in the morning wasn't so bad. Specially as the E3 Digital Event was going on. Everyone was just geeking out, and it was awesome.



Darkness3131 said:

What really made this year's E3 for me was the amount of fan connectivity. Not only were they showing things to the fans, but it felt like our voices were heard more than ever. That's one this about Nintendo I really love; there are times when it almost feels like you are part of a a family, and not just another customer (I know that sounds silly)



MixMasterMudkip said:

@whanvee Wow! Super cool you got to be there live in person! Quick question. Did they let you keep the the character cards you had hold up during the event?



Danny429 said:

to bad splatoon is only going to be for the WiiU. it would have worked just as well on the 3ds.



whanvee said:

No, but I as well as many others did so anyways. They had boxes to put them back into and had the attendants asking for them back. I just kept walking and made no eye contact. Yes I know I'm a scum bag, but come on..... Nintendo swag, one of a kind at that.



luckybreak said:

I loved the nintendo treehouse because they really got into the grit of the games, especially for smash. i feel like i actually know what the games are like versus seeing the trailers and previews.

GREAT E3 Cant wait to play those games!

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