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Video: Love Is In The Air In This Week's Days Of Our Tomodachi Lives

Posted by Damien McFerran

There's also an E3-related song to round off the episode

We're now up to episode four of Days of Our Tomodachi Lives, and love has finally blossomed on Nlife Island. That's right, Tim and Katy have decided that — in purely virtual terms, of course — they are made for one another. It remains to be seen if this working relationship can stand the test of time.

The winner of our last caption competition — Alice "Sakura" Willison — also joined our ranks this week, turning up in a ninja costume before taking a trip to Germany, the home of Nintendo of Europe. Amazingly, she got through security in that outfit, too.

Elsewhere, Morgan gets a room to match his funky new headgear, while Ken decides to get creative. There's also a fun E3-related musical number at the end.

As ever, you can get your face into next week's show by taking part in the caption competition below. Think up the most amusing caption for this image and the one which makes us laugh the most will be magically transported to Nlife Island.

With that out of the way, grab some popcorn and get ready to watch the latest exciting instalment of our (surely soon to be) award-winning show!

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AJWolfTill said:

I love how disinterested Tim seemed at Katy's romantic advancement.

Too late did he reevaluate what he was willing to do for a ride on the local Ferris wheel.



Mus1cLov3r said:

"Uh... We seem to be having some.... Technical difficulties. Please be patient, as we are trying to find the problem!"

"Help meeeeeeh!"

an hour later

"We have figured out the problem. It seems my friend here has been sliced in two. Don't worry though. We have plenty of super glue!"



TeeJay said:

"And this, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when you take the last slice of pizza in the break room."



cfgk24 said:

Er, everyone, a bit off topic but my. OFFICIAL SPOTPASS FILSAMECH Mii is acting very strangely in. Tomodachi Life... Does anyone else have this?



Inkling said:

The body and the legs decided they needed time away from each other. Little did they know it was irreversible.



Sakura said:

Glad to see I had a great time in Germany! Meanwhile, in my Tomdachi Life I've married Barack Obama and we have a son called George. Hope Michelle doesn't mind too much!



ueI said:

"I wonder how long It'll be before he realizes he's been sawed in half."



Sakura said:


You got a Filsamech special mii!! I know it's a relatively minor issue, but that makes me jealous! I'd love one! Come on Nintendo, get them out in Europe! BTW all miis act strangely in Tomodachi Life, do you mean more strangely than normal?



cfgk24 said:

@Sakura My FILSAMECH Special Mii is awesome! He came in via spotpass on my Us import 3ds and I transferred him to my UK3ds so I could get him in to Tomodachi Life where he currently is seriously acting strange. .



Sakura said:


Any way you can create a QR code of your Tomodachi Filsamech mii and post it on this site? Special miis are a bit weird when it comes to copying and distributing so don't know if it's possible.



cfgk24 said:

No, you can't qr code a special mii. It can only live in one system although I did manage to move FILSAMECH from my Us 3ds to my euro 3ds via mii maker..

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