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Tetris Ultimate Is Slotting Neatly Into Place For Fall Release On 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

30th anniversary instalment isn't skipping Nintendo after all

When Ubisoft confirmed the forthcoming release of Tetris Ultimate to celebrate 30 years of block-busting brilliance, a few observers pointed out that — according to the initial announcement at least — no Nintendo platforms were getting the new instalment, which was something of a kick in the undercarriage when you consider that much of the game's success is down to the wildly popular Game Boy entry.

However, while Ubisoft hasn't been bellowing it from the rooftops, it has since been confirmed that the game is indeed making its way to a Nintendo system. The 3DS will be getting Tetris Ultimate in Autumn (or Fall, if you're of the North American persuasion) — arguably the perfect machine for such a title. However, we've already seen a version of Tetris on Nintendo's current handheld, and it's even possible to download the Game Boy original via the system's Virtual Console service — so could this be a case of unnecessary duplication?

Are you keen to see how the game turns out, or have you spent enough cash on Tetris over the years? Possibly more importantly, are we ever going to see Puyo Puyo Tetris in the west? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.


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nostalgianinja said:

Apologies for the double-post, but yes, I want to see Puyo Puyo Tetris as well, but you know Sega and the West. >:

Seeing Tetris Ultimate be on my 3DS alongside Hudson's Tetris for 3DS (Which has already clocked 148 hours) I'm sure the two variations are going to compete against each other.



Peach64 said:

I have the original on my 3DS internal memory and the DS one on a cart. That's all I need



BooJoh said:

I wish we could get Tetris DS on VC since I missed out, but I'm not holding my breath. For now I'm happy with Tetris Axis and its multitude of different modes.



Mega719 said:

Awww why does Ubisoft own the rights? It should be Nintendo, well this explains Just Dance 2015



Damo said:

@Mega719 Ubisoft don't own the rights, they've just licensed the name. The Tetris Company owns the brand.



Mega719 said:

Never mind but why not on Wii U too? Tetris is at home on Nintendo systems it's unfair PS4 and X1 are getting ports



Nintendojuenger said:

30th Birthday of Tetris and the 30th Tetris Version for a Nintendo System - Fantastic!

1. Tetris, NES; Tetris, GB
(2. Tetris (Tengen), NES)
3. Tetris (BPS), NES
4. Hatris, NES; Hatris; GB
5. Super Tetris 2, NES; Super Tetris 2, SNES; Super Tetris 2 special, SNES; Super Tetris 2 gold cartridge, SNES
6. Tetris 2, NES; Tetris 2, SNES; Tetris 2, GB
7. Tetris Battle Gaiden, SNES
8. Tetris & Dr. Mario, SNES
9. Super Tetris 3, SNES
10. V-Tetris, VB
11. Tetris 3D, VB
12. Tetris Blast, GB; Super Bombliss, SNES
(13. Tetris Attack, SNES; Tetris Attack GB)
14. Tetris Plus, GB
15. Super Bombliss DX, GBC
16. Tetrisphere, N64
17. Tetris DX, GBC
18. Tetris 64, N64
19. The New Tetris, N64
20. Magical Tetris Challenge, GBC; Magical Tetris Challenge, N64
21. Tetris Advance, GBA
22. Tetris Worlds, GC; Tetris Worlds, GBA
23. Pokemon Tetris, Pokemon mini
24. Tetris DS, DS
25. Tetris Party, WiiWare
26. Tetris Party Deluxe, Wii; Tetris Party Deluxe, DS
(27. Tetris Party Live, DSi)
28. Tetris Axis, 3DS
29. PuyoPuyo Tetris, 3DS, PuyoPuyo Tetris Wii U
30. Tetris Ultimate, 3DS



Kaze_Memaryu said:

It's not PuyopuyoTetris, but at least the Tetris half is coming. Now for the Puyopuyo half...



mike_intv said:

I wonder if this will make it to North America.
I also wonder if Puyo Tetris will ever leave Japan.



TruenoGT said:

With the exception of Puyo Tetris I've got plenty of portable versions, but thanks Ubi. You know though, Tetris DS would be awesome as a Wii U DS Virtual Console game.



audiobrainiac said:

I gotta say i've been wanting a new Tetris but, why is Ubisoft publishing this instead of Nintendo??? Ubisoft is rubbing me the wrong way lately.



chiefeagle02 said:

"...could this be a case of unnecessary duplication?"

Not for Ubi-Soft, who just picked up the franchise rights. Hudson developed Tetris Axis while Nintendo published it.



Spooky said:

@BooJoh That could happen, Tetris DS was published by Nintendo and was in my opinion one of the best versions. Such a shame it can't be played online anymore though



bofis said:

Why not WiiU!?!?! Tetris DS is already fantastic on DS and 3DS, but I'm stuck with Tetris Party in the Wii channel and would love some 1080p Tetris and GamePad Tetris



iphys said:

Yay! But we still need Tetris for Wii U now that Nintendo killed the Tetris Party wi-fi. The only good thing about a third party not making Tetris for Wii U is that if Nintendo has to make it they will do a better job of it.



Action51 said:

No way am I giving Ubisoft a dime off their acquisition of the Tetris franchise.

Hopefully the 4x1 long pieces needed to get a 4-line combo won't be sold separately as DLC...

Maybe I'll wait till next year when they release Ultimate Tetris 2...



Ralizah said:

The problem with these new releases of Tetris is that they all try to add on unnecessary features to "improve" it. Tetris was essentially perfected on the Gameboy.



Greninja said:

Have Tetris Axis but I don't like it (crap music, annoying 3d and garbage graphics) and Tetris DS (which is awesome). Will wait for pricing and reviews to decide.



cheapogamer4life said:

I have Tetris Axis but I really don't play it that much anymore. Tetris Blitz on mobile is pretty intense though with the weekly tournaments and the multiple power ups to choose from. Not excited for this version just yet.



Noboty said:

Hopefully, it'll be better than Tetris DS. Or at least better than Tetris Axis (a major disappointment compared to Tetris DS).



joey302 said:

Now why wouldn't Ubi post this on wii u eshop as well?? I would assume would not be a big risk for them..hmm



AshFoxX said:

If they mean for this one to be the be all end all of tetris, I may make one final tetris purchase, at least until the 50th anniversary on my Nintendo ON.




ecco6t9 said:

As long as they do not IAP the hell out of this it should be good, I mean how hard is it to screw up Tetris?

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