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Tecmo Koei Will Soon Be Koei Tecmo in Europe, So Get Used To It

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Here's hoping for Enix Square and Comcap next

Not long after the earth shattering news — well, not really — that Namco Bandai would be known by its Japanese name (Bandai Namco) around the world, we now have Hyrule Warriors developer Tecmo Koei reversing its name in Europe.

Below is the announcement of the switch that'll take place from 1st July in Europe.

There's no equivalent announcement in North America yet, so what will we do? Do we have to call the company Tecmo Koei when reporting from a North American perspective and Koei Tecmo on other occasions? The mind boggles.

It does actually make sense for brand names to align between Japanese and Western territories, and we'd expect the American division to fall into line too.

So, from 1st July stop saying Tecmo Koei, or Agitha will beat you up.


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Einherjar said:

Well, EnixSquare would actually be a good thing, since with Square currently in the lead, they are quickly going down the same route capcom is.
Im not sure about a Capcom namechange though Lets see if they can survive long enough for this in the first place



SanderEvers said:

@FalconPunch That's just dumb.

But I'd like to see the NySo StationPlay games that will be released

But I don't expect to read about that on LifeNintendo



KodyDawg said:

All these companies are playing the Pig Latin game. What's next? Tendonin? Softmicro? Nyso? EGAS--GASE--Okay it doesn't work with SEGA.



Tsurii said:

I was wondering about their logo for a while now. Guess there's my answer



King47 said:

I was wondering a few days ago why they're logo was KT. I love these weird things Japanese companies do.



King47 said:

I was wondering a few days ago why they're logo was KT. I love these weird things Japanese companies do.



FragRed said:

Right, how hard can it be to say Tecmo Koei instead of Tecmo Koei?....

DAMN its harder than it looks.



Gold said:

EnixSquare. Oh my god. If that happened, Dragon Quest could come back. Petition a name change people.



SecondServing said:

Ynos, Odnetnin, Tfosorcim, Comcap, Enix Square, AE, Niosivicta, Tfosibu, AGES, Sulta, and SIN.

In a topsy-turvy world.



Player4 said:

I guess the logo makes sense now. Also, all dem names from the people above me, I love them!



Mega719 said:

Meh even if it comes to NA I'll still call it Tecmo or Tecmo Koei it sounds better



SahashraLA said:

Call me crazy, but the witch in Hyrule Warriors looks suspiciously like the cover girl, if she had been possessed by Vaati..
If I were a betting man, I'd say that rather nefarious little Picori is going to play a role, maybe even as a large as Zant's in Twilight Princess. Who knows, Ganon may simply feature a cameo. We all know how Koei Tecmo (it's weird) likes sequels.



marck13 said:

Nice! But all I want is to read about a new Zero-F coming to America North.



NintyMan said:

I really don't see the need for these name-changes, really. Does one component of the company have more stock than the other?

But playing along with the fictional name changes, Soft Monolith and Feel-Good.



Sean_Aaron said:

I've been referring to it as Koei Tecmo for ages - how could I not when the KT logo is the same regardless of which territory the games are published in?



AltDotNerd said:

Whatever, just make sure Koei Tecmo finishes Warriors Hyrule in time for Bandai Namco to finish SD3/U Wii For Bros. Smash Super!



TreesenHauser said:

HAHA, love the subtitle for this article!

With that said, I wish I could 'like' some of the comments I read on here like on Facebook and Miiverse. Everyone on NL has a great sense of humor from what I gather, which is just one of the reasons I love coming back to this site!



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Hopefully this doesn't happen to Nintendo's current home console. I don't want to tell my friends I'm going to go play the Youuuwheeee!



AdmiralThrawn said:

Thomas Whitehead you can't tell me to get used to anything. You are insignificant in my eyes. They will always be Tecmo Koei to me.



Windy said:

This is what makes me get a Wii-U right here! With the announcement of Zelda and more Xenobladwe there IAS no denying the Wii is out the door



Cobra said:

It was confusing enough seeing some games display the Namcot logo at the beginning instead of Namco, and now all of this.



Kirk said:

What is the point in doing this?

Are these companies just trying to make things awkward and confusing for the consumer?

Just have one name and use it around the world. If they originally changed the proper Japanese name around for us and are now changing it back to match the Japanese then the point still stands. They should have stuck with the original Japanese arrangement in all territories in the first because now look at what it's done.

How can these companies make such simple things so complicated...



Henmii said:

Why are all the company names reversed all of a sudden?! What's next, Enix Square?

It probably means that one of the companies got the upperhand on the other! So in other words: If Tecmo was the most powerful of the 2, now it will be Koei. Why else would they reverse it!

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