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Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Can Wear Many Masks

Posted by Marc Zablotny

Time for the Majora's Mask concept to return

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" the enigmatic Happy Mask Salesman says. His immortal words mark the true beginning of one of Link's most bizarre adventures; one that arguably took the series' portrayal of love, fear, death and despair to new — and so far unsurpassed — levels. Though the ever so sinister The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is often overshadowed by its older, more righteous sibling — Ocarina of Time — it certainly has its fair share of dedicated fans. Rightly so, because what it lacks in dungeons and convenient saving systems, it more than makes up for with storytelling and atmosphere.

The game's flagship feature — wearable masks that granted Link both extraordinary and not-so-extraordinary abilities — is one that has always left a lasting impression in our minds. We'll always remember the thrill of reacquainting ourselves with the Bunny Hood (first seen in OoT) and zipping around Termina at a comically fast speed, being awed as we took on Twinmold at a gargantuan size thanks to the Giant's Mask, and the sheer horror of the cutscenes that played after using one of the four transformation masks. It was such an odd concept to base a game around but it came together so beautifully. Yet — in our experience — whenever we suggest that the masks should return for a future Zelda instalment, we're met with a negative response more often than not.

Why is this? The chief reason is a lot of people tend to see the Zelda series as a vehicle of innovation, so recoil in horror at the idea of repeating something that's already been done. "No", some say, "I'd prefer it if Nintendo tried something new with the next Zelda title" or "just make a Majora's Mask remake instead". Understandable, but odd responses as the Zelda series is certainly no stranger to reusing gameplay mechanics in new titles. As alluded to previously, masks themselves first appeared in Ocarina of Time, albeit in a minor role. Transformation into another being — something that a limited selection of masks provide — has also reappeared both before and after Majora's Mask, in the Oracle games and Twilight Princess. There's also the recurring element of magical instruments, and don't even get us started on time travel. If you're confused as to why people would reject the return of masks on this basis, welcome to the club. Strange as it may seem, it happens.

It's possible that some people might mistakenly assume that the return of masks will turn a potential new Zelda game into something of a Majora's Mask 2.0. No doubt some would rejoice at the very idea, but it may generate concern in others who'd prefer a fresher experience. Though what we mustn't forget is that Majora's Mask had a lot of other things going on at the same time, namely the 3-day cycle and the 'real-time' events that came hand in hand with it. It's proof that a Zelda game can maintain wildly different mechanics within a single title. Should the mask mechanic return in the future, it could be paired with another mechanic our mortal minds can't possibly comprehend at this time, going on to create a combination so overwhelmingly perfect and fresh that we'd later wonder how we ever lived without it.

Of course, it'd be very foolish to rally so hard for the return of masks for these reasons alone. Right now, it seems as though we're arguing for Link to go sauntering around like he's an extra in the Phantom of the Opera just for the sake of it. However, the key reason we'd love to see masks return to a Zelda game once more is — quite simply — there's so much potential it hurts. Majora's Mask featured 24 masks with all sorts of weird and wonderful powers: one helped you locate fairies, one made you invisible, one turned your face into a pig so you could sniff out items, one allowed you speak to Gibdos, one let you check post boxes and one even let you emit explosions from your face.

That's just a small sample and doesn't even take into account all the different abilities granted from the four transformation masks (Deku, Goron, Zora and Fierce Deity). There was just so much diversity among each mask and each one could be used in a variety of different scenarios beyond their primary function. A particular favourite of ours was the fact wearing certain undead-themed masks would cause the nightmarish Re-dead enemies to dance flamboyantly; it's truly a beautiful sight to behold. Elsewhere, wearing a mask and speaking to an NPC would yield a reaction that changed depending on which one you wore. There are just layers and layers to the concept.

Majora's Mask was released in western waters in late 2000, nearly 14 years ago. That's a fairly long time ago, so we'd actually love to see what kinds of masks Nintendo could create that reflects how the Zelda series has evolved since then, or adapts to a brand new Zelda world with new accompanying mechanics, or just for fun. How about a Cucco mask? Link can sort of fly if he jumps off a ledge...and also unleashes a Hulk-like rage if he's attacked too much while wearing it. The possibilities are really quite endless.

We're counting on a Zelda-related announcement at the impending E3 digital event. While a 3DS remake of Majora's Mask would be welcomed with open arms, a small part of us wants to see the masks return in the upcoming Zelda Wii U title. Old and new can be merged together to create a fresh experience, and Nintendo has proved time and time again that it has staff with enough creativity to do Link's second masquerade ball justice.

Would you like to see masks return in a future Zelda title? or would you prefer them to only see the light of day in a Majora's Mask remake?

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Alpha2797 said:

I am super excited for the next Zelda game to be announced! Whatever it is, my body will be ready!



KodyDawg said:

I really like this idea, but I'd much rather see a remake of the original, since I've never played Majora's Mask. If anything, though, I'd love to see them bring back the wolf mechanic from Twilight Princess!



IxC said:

I don't care what they do as long as they show gameplay footage.

But so help them if it's top down like A Link Between Worlds.



FritzFrapp said:

I'd prefer a back to basics approach. Limited tool set (such as just sword, shield, boomerang, arrows/slingshot, bombs); an emphasis on adventure and discovery; travel by boat, horse, and air; limited/optional hand-holding.



OlicityBlows said:

The only thing Zelda U should have in common with MM is having a decent amount of sidequests.



Yai said:

The masks could be interesting to see come back. I have no problem with them reusing mechanics if it is done in a good way and not to be gimmicky.

Looking forward to seeing if they reveal a Zelda U at E3 though, they may have even more wacky ideas than this!



rjejr said:

Really wanting those E3 graphics really expecting WW HD graphics. Hopeing to be surprised.



FullbringIchigo said:

oh I hope they don't do anouther like MM now I know many people like it and I can understand why but the whole time limit thing i'm sorry but I just hate that type of game, I tried to like it but I couldn't just like I tried again with Lightning Returns FFXIII as it uses a similer concept but I just couldn't get in to it

I know everyone has their own opinions about why they like or dislike a game but to me MM is the WORST game in the Zelda franchise

now the only thing I did like about MM was the Mask system, putting on new masks to gain new powers was great I hope they reuse that system but not the time system from MM



Emblem said:

Not a big Zelda game fan but I love the lore, tbh I'm more Intrested in Hyrule Warriors than Zelda U but I'll be getting both day 1 regardless.



NodesforNoids said:

Concept (though, I prefer storyline concepts): Two masks, one of light and one of dark. Link's journey would take place once as an 11 year old boy and again, in the same areas, 7 years later. Zelda would be a princess hiding in the village and unknown as a princess to the villagers. The villain would be a Wizzrobe who touched the Tri-Force and basically becomes a mix between Vaati and Zant.
Ten items besides the sword and shield: boomerang, hookshot, bombs, bow and arrows, the two masks, an ocarina, some sort of magical staff and two brand new items. Your latern would be with you from the beginning but only serve as a light source, not as a game device.
I would like to see some sort of plot line that shows Link is a descendant of the Sheikah.



Goginho said:

Bring back the masks again. Expand upon that concept. Bring back a lot of different mechanics, even something like Wolf Link. And this...I've always said this before...Loftwing, Epona, and King of Red Lions. Meaning not just limiting transportation to land, sea, or sky, but utilize all three.
Above all, we need some background on Fierce Deity's mask. Fierce Deity's mask needs some spotlight. It was so cool and bad-ass, and I would love to play as a really uber bad-ass, powerful Fierce Deity Link again. But make it so that it's required and not an optional over-powered item, rather one that's mandatory in order to match the power of a certain enemy at some point in the game, and perhaps one that has consequences in a really unique way, such as with a risk / reward type of thing, Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde, Incredible Hulk...etc..
All this, but accordingly mixed into one game. Having all such concepts could be a to-many-cooks situation, but if it were to hit the sweet spot, then it would prove to be an epic, not just Zelda game, but video game overall, on the highest level possible. I'm sure Nintendo could get something like this right though.



AyeHaley said:

oh man now you made the wait for a remake or brand new game even worse!
I love MM so. friggin. much.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The only similarities to Majora's Mask I would want is the density of the world. I just want a Twilight Princess sized Hyrule that takes up about 1/3 of a huge globe with a few large seas, islands and whatnot. Then I want the land to be utilised well and not just be a huge expanse for travelling across cough last 3 console zeldas cough.
I definitely don't want another game that limits exploration like MM and SS.

My guess for the art style is similar to the tech demo but less intricate detail! They'll want to save money and time for this because the sales expectations are already going to be low.



schizor said:

I trust Nintendo will make the right decisions with the next Homeconsole Zelda Game.



HylianJowi said:

As is evident according to my avatar, I love Majora's Mask. Beyond the mask system, I'd just love to see the Zelda series explore the darker themes of MM again in some way. I never thought I'd be so emotionally impacted by a blocky little N64 game.



The_Ninja said:

I dont want masks to return in the next Zelda game, but I want a MM sequel, with more masks and a explained story. I hope it isn't the zelda game were seeing at E3 though, I hope that game has more items than SS, IMO it needed more items and more freedom



Aqueous said:

My favourite Zelda title. I'd love to go back to Termina again, learn more of the world, see the masks back or even get that day system. I know some people hated it but it added the ability to play any part of the game again without making a new game and it gave the timed events which was great feature I've never seen used like that or so well.



ajcismo said:

Zelda U is pretty much what this E3 is about for me. Can't wait to see what happens at the show.



QBertFarnsworth said:

@ikki5 The Star Fox video is fake in the same way that Kotaku pointed out ways to spot fake "leaked" E3 press releases (blurry, shot at an angle, easily photoshopped, etc.). I mean, really, you, random YouTube user, got your hands on an unannounced game that would excite millions. You've taken it upon your brave self to leak footage to the public, but you cannot hold the camera still? You cannot press the start button to show us the game? Just a shaky title screen that flashes "demo" because demos always flash demo, right?



OldWeeDog said:

Oh, there's those two letters again: MM ...
Incidentally; can't wait to see the new Zelda game tomorrow.



Morph said:

Id rather have majoras mask for 3ds, we've had ocarina, wind waker and link between worlds so far majoras mask would be next on my list. After that i'd even quite like twilight princess hd on wii u, but of course a new game entirely would be preferable.



bizcuthammer said:

If they just take the mask concept from MM, that's fine. I'd welcome it. But anything else (lack of dungeons, moody and depressing atmosphere, or the three days and reset formula), no thanks. My favorite part of Zelda games are the dungeons, which MM was severely lacking in. My two least favorite 3D Zelda games (TP and MM) are also the only two with dark, brooding atmospheres. And the three day formula was cool at first but eventually just became outright annoying.

Oh and when i say MM and TP are my two least favorite 3D zeldas, please understand that that simply means i still love them to death, but just not as much as the others. 3D Zelda games are right behind 3D Mario games as my all time favorites.



YoshiTails said:

As an analogy, if the Zelda series were a world famous band, Majora's Mask is like the wildly experimental album the fans love.

It was my favourite Zelda experience all those years ago while playing it - just because it was so creative and inventive. I'm not sure if it is my favourite Zelda game of all time - in fact I'd struggle to choose one.

Having the masks back would be great, the scope for metaphors, meanings and identity transformations is endless.

Why not just go all out and call it The Legend of Zelda: Mask of Time? ... On second thoughts that's too much!



zool said:

Mario has never changed. Graphically he has got better looking but he is still the same Mario.

Links appearance changes is most games but the game play hardly alters.

This suggests that Nintendo have never really been happy with Link.

Do we need another Zelda with masks, NO. But I think Nintendo will give the old game a makeover.



ikki5 said:


I know the video is fake, I was using that as an example because 2sang was saying how Majors Mask was leaked when it is just a picture. I am not stupid.



Christoff said:

As if that tech demo was now 3 years ago.

Imagine if Nintendo drop the bomb tomorrow that Zelda Wii U is near completion, with a Holiday 2014 can hope



QBertFarnsworth said:

@ikki5 I didn't say you were stupid. I was just agreeing with you.

Thousands of years from now when future archeologists study the 21st century, I think one of the most confusing behaviors would have to be why people would waste time trying to design fake leaked info for movies, TV shows, or video games. Nobody is getting money, getting a job, getting laid, or getting respect because they correctly guessed that a new Star Fox game is coming out.



Thearnaud44 said:

i want it but it is not going to happen. I made a video about this, nintendo are not going to talk about 3 zelda games for one event because we have Hyrule Warriors and already the new zelda confirmed!



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Zelda U should have some unique graphics and look realistic. Not to unique. It also needs to achieve a unique feeling like Skyward Sword did.



Cotton said:

Maybe as far as art style each of the masks could have their own individual art style. This would definitely show the power of Wii U.



OneBagTravel said:

I almost think it's "hip" now to like Majora's Mask. If you play through it now without nostalgia impeding your vision, you'll most likely find a jumbled and unfocused game. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt recently but didn't go back to it after the first 2 hour session. It's just not a fun game.



Sir_JBizzle said:


...At least for me. They are all so unique in their own way sometimes it's hard to choose. It really depends on what day it is really. Though I guess something is to be said about OoT. It was the first ever 3D Zelda, there was something magical about it. That's something that no other Zelda could give you.



ikki5 said:


Zelda 3 is and always will be my favourite

Really, that Zelda the comparison would be the same to it's previous titles as was OOT to it's previous ones.



theycallmedrp said:

@zool Link has had lots of looks, but so has Mario. Look at the early Jump Man drawings from Donkey Kong publicity art and its a lot further away from the current Mario then Link is from the original Link drawings.

Mario has had various art styles - Jump Man and variations during the pre-NES years, 2d designs like his look in Mario Bros 3/World, cgi redesign from Mario 64 onwards, Paper Mario, 8-bit pixel Mario which Nintendo use a lot still, and games like Mario Strikers also used a different art style in publicity art.

Also there are only really a couple of versions of Link - toon styled Link and the more realistic version. Young Link is the same design just younger. Like baby Mario



Deviant_Mugen said:

I'd love to see Nintendo remake Majora's Mask, because my Collector's disc is scratched and has the tendency to freeze while I'm playing it, which has resulted in plenty of lost progress, thanks to the way saves work in MM.

A sequel would also be fantastic, but--just like a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine--I doubt it'll happen...



evanescent_hero said:

It was one of the last Zelda games I played, and well out of the nostalgia phase, and I certainly don't find it jumbled or unfocused. Liking it is certainly not "hip" as the game is a serious cult classic, and far overshadowed by the oh-so-perfect Ocarina of Time. Feel free to hate it, but that's a pretty bold claim.



RedYoshi999 said:

I saw the picture, "Mask" and "Wii U" and got a little too excited before I remembered that E3 is still 24 hours away... Please announce a remake Nintendo! Wii U would be even better than 3DS. I'd also like to see a sequel of sorts to MM, however unlikely I think that would be.



Dreamz said:

I just want to finally be able to step into Zelda's shoes. Link's had the limelight long enough!



OneBagTravel said:

@evanescent_hero I'm not the only one with similar opinions. I don't recall the fan fair for the game when it came out yet now everyone feels it's an automatic classic. Where were the fans in 2000?



WanderingPB said:

@JQuest i concur i want to be surprised. Each Zelda game is unique and stands on its own and honestly thats what keeps it fresh to me and why each one holds a special place in my gaming memories…so I just want Nintendo to do what it has always done and create something some people will love, some will hate and after a few years or should i say the next installment we can all agree that each entry has made the Zelda franchise LEGENDARY



Nosferatu-Zodd said:

Rright here man. Mowed lawns all summer and plowed the family garden to convince the parents to buy me "another Zelda game" for the N64; because in the words of my parents at the time..."aren't they all the same?" Answer: no. Not even close. Amazing, ground breaking, and inventive game.



Darknyht said:

I like the concept of Majora's Mask and it was an interesting world, but the to actually play it stressed me out. One of the few times I preferred a "Let's Play" to actually finishing it.



Sherman said:

Masks in another Zelda game? Never gonna happen, not as we saw them in Majora´s Mask. In Majora's Mask that happened because Link was dead (or something like that). What I mean is, this "powers" that the Masks give don't apply in the "real world".
That's why they [any one at Nintendo with knowledge or authority on the game] just evade the questions. Link is dead, in the purgatory, in a coma after the fall and all the journey it's just a way of acceptance of the innevitable (he is in Termina after all) or something like that. And don't forget each area is one the five stages of grief, wich helps with any of the theories listed behind.
So, if you wanna see Masks againt, it would have to be in a remake or a secuel. Although, a secuel after Link's death (or something like that) would be a hard one to pull off.



Sean_Aaron said:

I never played a Zelda game until Twilight Princess on the Wii (and I didn't originally buy that game to play it, ahem). I think what I'd like to see is something that breaks with the past and doesn't revolve around exploring themed dungeons.

Now I know there's people who will say "that's what Zelda is all about," but I would disagree. What made the biggest impression on me in both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword was the setting and the story-telling, not the box-ticking exercise of Forest Dungeon, Water Dungeon, etc.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@ikki5 True. Especially if we base decisions on breaking ground, LttP ranks pretty high. In that vein to me so does the original, given the fact it was my first exposure to Nintendo. I went over to my cousin's house and he popped in the game. I was immediately enamored by the gold cartridge. Then was blown away by everything that followed. I left my cousin's house in a state of awe and begged my mom for an NES and Zelda until she caved. Little did I know she had already gotten me one with several games and hid it from me until Christmas. Who knew my mom had her finger on the pulse of what was hot back then. Suffice to say, I think that was one of the best mornings of my life.

@WanderingPB 100% agree! It's just crazy that if you were to rank Zelda games, even the worst ones are a better experience than what you will find anywhere else. That's the magic of Nintendo I suppose. LOL

@Sean_Aaron I LOVED the dark tone and setting of Twilight Princess. Though the story has always been the main highlight of any Zelda game after the NES era, really. Followed by (usually) excellent dungeon design. The main criticism that I've had with some of the later installments of Zelda is the incessant hand holding. A Link Between Worlds fixed some of that, so I hope that carries over to the Wii U iteration. Though I'm all for a shake up in the formula, if done properly.



evanescent_hero said:

They were blinded by Ocarina of Time, which is a problem that Zelda fans still have to this day. Now that more people have played it without needing to immediately compare it to its predecessor, positive opinions have been formed. It's still the least popular of the 3D Zelda games though.

Um...that's not at all true? None of what you said is in any way canon; it's something made up by people on YouTube who clearly never read the Hyrule Historia. That book clearly states that the Link in Twilight Princess is a descendant of the Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Link is very much alive through the game, alive enough to have at least one child.



eaglebob345 said:

@rjejr I really don't want them to make the Wii U version of Zelda like Wind Waker. Just like how the GameCube could make a game as nice as Twilight Princess, I want them to fully flesh out Zelda U. In short, I HATE the Wind Waker art style. I hate Toon Link as much as I know I would hate Toon Samus, or realistic Mario (thankfully neither of them exists). That's not to say there is anything wrong with it, I just hate it. The only reason I don't regret my WW HD bundle is because of the stylized Gamepad. It will look super aweome with Zelda U (if it is not tooned up). Now, if it comes out looking like that E3 demo, I will be giddy until the day it comes out.



Sherman said:

I know those are just theories, @evanescent_hero, that'a why I said a lot "dead or something like that". And I do have the Hyrule Historia but I haven't read it. I haven't played Twilight nor Skyward and so afraid of spoilers. Heck, haven't even played Majora's and still don't know what the end is! I'm spoiler free 'til today!! So, please, don't spoil me.
Yes, theories, theories everywhere, but some are very tight and I actually like them. One think I know, or at least I think it's a fact, might be wrong, it's that the "warrior" that helps link with his swordsmanship is the ghost of a hero, or something like that. Tsn't it the ghost of the Majora's hero? And if it is, would it add to the theory of Link being dead "or something like that"?
And, I'm really asking this because I don't know, but do the hero have to be a descendant of another hero? In Between Worlds everything points that Gramps is Link to the Past's hero, but not a clue on if he is related to the current hero.



Rezalack said:

I've thought from the start that the Wii U Zelda will be a direct sequel of some sorts to Majora's Mask. I feel like that's why they've also been saving the Majora's Mask 3DS release. I really hope this is the case anyway.



nomeacuerdo said:

I would love a game that is placed after Skyward Sword, explaining the creation of Hyrule, but with an ultra realistic look, like in the tech demo.

Also, I think that an MM3D remake makes much sense, as it originally used the same engine with OoT; I would think that the 3DS OoT engine could be reused as well.



Gashole said:

I only need a Majora's Mask port for the 3DS. Ocarina of Time 3D NEEDS a companion.



evanescent_hero said:

The Hero doesn't have to be the descendant of another (Wind Waker Link can't be descended from OoT Link, since he doesn't exist in that timeline anymore), but it's explicitly stated in the Historia that the Link from Twilight Princess is descended from the Link from OoT. So unless Link had a kid at age eleven, he's not dead in Majora's Mask. Twilight Princess comes a hundred years after Ocarina though, which is why TP Link is aided by the ghost of OoT Link. The Link being dead in MM theory is complete bull, plain and simple.

Now do yourself a favor and play Majora's Mask!



ZenTurtle said:

That thing about reusing concepts- I thought that that was what made ALBW a bit... stale. We should have had a new game! With new locations! Instead we had an incredibly easy and sadly familiar game. We should have had a whole new world



ReigningSemtex said:

I hope to see gameplay and I really hope it does have the e3 style graphics because as much as I like the art styles of wind waker and skyward sword I really want to see what Nintendo can do with this console Mario kart 8 wowed me at times and I hope zelda U can impress me even more. Ah E3 such exciting times



hYdeks said:

The new Zelda better look more serious and realistic around the lines of what Twilight Princess tried doing, or I could really careless.

Nintendo needs to pull off an absolutely amazing E3 this year to prove they still have what it takes to compete against Sony and Microsoft, and trust me after just watching the Microsoft conference, they need to pull a miracle out of their @$$, and it has to be more then just some new smash bros characters and a new Zelda game, a new IP is definitely needed, and ALOT more third party support. If none of this happens, Nintendo should consider just being a portable gaming company.



Funny_Moblin said:

I also really hope the next Zelda game is a lot like Majora's Mask, that game is incredible. I apologize for getting off-topic, but I can't help but wonder; Why are the Xbox One News and Push Square websites basically dead? Nobody really comments on those websites. Or is it like the early Nintendolife that needs time to build up fans? Or does the name Nintendolife just speak for itself? I guess Nintendo fans just communicate better and like to share a lot of views and opinions.



Sherman said:

I do wanna play ot, @evanescent_hero! I even have the N64 cart, but I'm waiting for the 3DS remake. It's gonna happen, right?
Again, I said "or something like that". And I know it sounds crazy, I'm not one of those guys that defend things without evidence. I just think it's cool, and that Nintendo likes to give some cool twists on thing. They could easily give an explanation to all that as how they did with the three timeline split. A secuel of Majora's Mask, where Link was in a purgatory, trying to beat his own regrets. He goes back to Hyrule after that and there's the secuel with the same link, explaining how he became the ghost in Twilight... not by just dying, of course. I don't know, I just want to dream XD
Nintendo need to step up after that killer Microsoft conference. They did listen to what people said and delivered. I hope Nintendo do the same.



SleepyCrossing said:

This makes me oddly nostalgic considering I've never played Majora's Mask. I wouldn't mind a remake; the game is talked about so fondly by everyone I speak to.



WanderingPB said:

@JQuest absolutely!!! ur reading my mind which is the reason Zelda games can ONLY be compared to past Zelda games…not to sound like a fanboy but there's no real competition. great contenders of course but one game pales in comparison to what the franchise has offered throughout all these generations…ok now i feel old…im going to go play Four Swords with my son and just randomly blow the whistle while exploring LOL!!!



Oragami said:

How about masks that can be improved upon in-game? Like in Skyward Sword when weapons and items could be upgraded, but with masks?



Bat-Moves98 said:

I never thought of the masks returning in a new game... that would be awesome! (But not as awesome as an Ocarina returning...)



King_Johobo said:

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh the E3 suspense is killing Meeeeee!!!!!! How about...a game from both link and zelda's perspective. It is called legend of zelda after all



Shambo said:

@JQuest Too right. Whenever I try to pick my favourite five or so, I feel either scared someone will shoot me for not including this one or that one, or plain bad for not being able to fit almost twenty games in a top five. Even 'spin-offs' like Four Zwords Adventures were highly entertaining and gorgeous in their own way. And those sprites on Link's Awakening and that story; the tunes, Ezlo, -and again, 2D sprites- of Minish Cap; riding Ricky the Kangaroo; Ghost Zelda posessing Phantoms; the past en present merging in puzzles while swinging your sword with PERFECT motion controls; becoming a painting in a piece of art itself; discovering the Yeti's mansion and all its dark secrets... There hasn't been a Zelda game that didn't surprise me with enjoyable, unforgettable moments.
Even the by so many hated 'Hey, listen!', it's actually what my mobile phone 'says' when I get a text message. (And when someone calls me it's the tone of Luigi's Dual Scream, whenever his overly attached professor friend needs to tell him what he already knows)



RawkHawk013 said:

Majora's Mask is one of my favorites (Ironically I've never come close to beating it, yet!) because I remember watching my mom playing through it. She LOVES Zelda, and introduced it to me. Strangely enough I do not remember how the final battle goes and how the game ends. This could be a blessing in disguise, so if Nintendo does come out with a remake it would be close to a new experience. The whole idea of the masks and them granting powers really captured my attention and I would MOST DEFINITELY welcome it to be brought back in a new addition to the series! Awesome piece fellas, helping to remind me of the great system that was the mask system. Who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll find out about its return? We shall wait and see!



SuperMikey said:

@OneBagTravel That's your opinion, bro... MM is up there in the top 3 zeldas I think. Like someone else stated above, one does not simply choose a favorite Zelda game XD



MostFrantic said:

my one complaint with MM, not enough temples. whatever the next game is i think it would be nice to have diffuculty options. not hero mode where the health is limited, but harder puzzles.



Henmii said:

A sequel to Majora's mask could be great fun! Here's what I would like to see:

-the dark mood that Majora's mask had
-again the focus on good character interaction, but this time also complemented with 8 big and very good dungeons
-a town that you remember. Like clocktown, but this time much bigger
-lots of masks. All masks having significant use.
-Maybe more then 3 days. I guess the game might be a lot bigger, thus 3 days may not be enough. Maybe 7 days?
-a new overworld. No copy-paste act they did with Albw!



Alucard83 said:

I'm still hoping/waiting for Majora's Mask remake on WII U. No 3DS please! I want to enjoy on big screen and feeling it and not on a tinyyyyyyyyyyy little screen. But that's my opinion!



YoshiTails said:

@Christoff I think this holiday is a real possibility... Happened with Mario 3D world last year, right?

Whatever happens it's HD Zelda. It will be incredible. A shame there will be no audience reaction in the digital event with zelda reveal on the cards... it's a special atmospheric moment lost.



Christoff said:

You are right with the audience reaction, look at how people reacted when MS unveiled the Master Chief collection yesterday.

I think the days of Nintendo having an orchestra on stage playing a zelda medley and the crowd going wild are over.

there's always twitter!



Will-75 said:

It will be awesome to get two console Zelda titles this year I'm excited for HW the latest screens are Awesome ..

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