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Off-TV Play Coming to 1001 Spikes on Wii U

Posted by Tim Latshaw

The fun of Spikes! In your hands!

Tough-as-nails platformer 1001 Spikes has earned its share of die-hard (and often) fans. However, a seemingly consistent criticism of the Wii U version among players, and also mentioned in our review, is the lack of off-TV play.

But publisher Nicalis has been listening, and have tweeted that a free update in the near future will bring the challenge of 1001 Spikes to the GamePad:

Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez has come out as not favoring the GamePad in the past, but this update is showing a willingness to set his opinions aside for audience preference:

Will you be taking the Wii U version of 1001 Spikes to the small screen in the future? Let us know.


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Mega719 said:

I don't know I'm usually the one to stay away from difficult games as I'll get tired of them quickly but maybe I'll give this a try in a sale



DreamOn said:

Tyrone doesn't have to like the gamepad at all, but it's his job to know how Wii U owners like to play. Glad he can set his distaste aside and finally include that essential off-tv connection.



wober2 said:

I was hesitant at first but the amazing reviews this game has received makes me want it.

I buy games that are on other platforms on the wiiu mostly for offtv play. This feature is simply a must for games like this.



sinalefa said:

I am actually surprised it does not have it, as that is the Gamepad use all games have when the developer has no ideas to improve the experience or don't feel like adding gimmicks.

Still nice that a dev is listening. I hope he also listens to the European gamers.



Knux said:

Waiting on that 3DS patch. I might actually buy that version if Nicalis isn't lazy!



NImH said:

Tyrone's so irritating to me. The fact that he's such an unapologetic, bashing, Wii U-hater and yet makes money off of us gets under my skin. I just can't bring myself to buy 1001 Spikes... and I own Cave Story, Night Sky and VVVVV.



TonLoco said:

Off-tv play is a major part of my gaming. I cant see my tv while sitting on the couch and my wife and son can use the tv while I play. Games without the feature isn't a deal breaker for me but a game like this where precision is needed I would probably play almost exclusively on the game pad. Glad they are listening to their fans.



onex said:

@accc Not yet, but I asked Tyrone about it on Miiverse... he said he didn't see how it was comfortably possible. That is, until I provided him a suggestion. Long story short, he claims to be adding Wiimote support in a future update.

That is one of the many reasons Miiverse is a game changer imo. The developers are listening!



tyrone said:

NImH, my intention isn't to irritate other Nintendo fans. What you may not know about me is that I'm probably a bigger Nintendo fan than you are and because of that I will never stop being one if its harshest critics.

However, in supporting the 3DS and now Wii U, it's part of my job to listen to feedback from other fans who happen to buy and play my games. Sorry to hear that my personal opinions have turned you off to 1001 Spikes, but thanks for the support with Cave Story, NightSky and VVVVVV.



StarDust4Ever said:

They said Giana Sisters would get audio pumped through the gamepad for off TV play, but it never happened...



MJKOP said:

I love my Gamepad, love it. My kids love it. My partner has zero interest in games yet on Sunday past she was sitting playing MK8 on the Gamepad! I was playing MK8 on the TV last night, my preferred option if possible, & when I'd hogged it enough I gave her the TV remote and carried on playing on the Gamepad. Awesome! My kids fall out over who gets to use, I always use it, I find it comfortable and can't imagine the Wii U without it



SKTTR said:

Nice, hope Multiplayer Wiimote support (best with Nunchuk and Classic Controller) is included.



SetupDisk said:

I didn't know this lacked gamepad play when I got it. I will play it more when the patch is released. It's more of a play when I am trying to get to sleep game.



Ralizah said:

Cool, I appreciate that he'll set aside his anti-GamePad prejudices to give the customers what they want.



Donutman said:

I use my gamepad to play more then the tv. All games should support it. I wish they could patch old wii games even.

Ps...this is a great game.



allav866 said:

@tyrone He wants 1001 Spikes, but won't buy it because of his hatred for someone he doesn't know. It'd have probably been better if you ignored his comment.



Ralizah said:

Just so you know, I really appreciate that you listen to your customers and take their input into consideration. I was on the fence about 1001 Spikes, but I'll definitely be buying it now.



Plutonian said:

I love off TV play on the GamePad. Lately I've been spending a lot of time with EarthBound, while having King of the HIll on the TV. I also liked Unepic on the GamePad. It's fantastic.

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