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Nintendo's E3 Plans Are Outlined Further, With Nintendo Minute to Follow Digital Event

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The unscripted Treehouse coverage still has us intrigued

Nintendo's E3 plans are fairly well-known now, with the mystery now revolving around what will be shown in its Digital Event and accompanying demonstrations; fans of Super Smash Bros. can also look forward to the Invitational event or finding a demo station at a local Best Buy store. A press release issued today reiterated much of the previously revealed details, but does throw in a little extra detail.

For starters, the rather charming Nintendo Minute team will be hosting a "post-show recap packed with even more game information" once the Nintendo Digital Event is done and dusted. What continues to interest us though is the promise of substantial live streaming of the Treehouse team, in what will be an ongoing 'event' over the course of E3.

During all hours of E3 on Nintendo’s Twitch channel (excluding the Super Smash Bros. Invitational event), members of Nintendo’s Treehouse will be live-streaming exclusive game demos from the Nintendo booth on the show floor. In addition to demos, Nintendo will deliver the latest game reveals, plus visits from developers like Shigeru Miyamoto. The unscripted three-day event will air June 10-12, providing an insider’s look at the Nintendo experience at E3, filled with surprises and unexpected moments.

Whether much of the Treehouse segment will be new and live all the time, or looping the same demonstrations throughout the day, will certainly be interesting.

We're certainly looking forward to going coverage crazy, but are you planning to settle in for the long haul with the Treehouse stream, are you most excited about the main Digital Event or the Smash Invitational? Let us know.

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Chubblings said:

This seems like a big step up from 2013, and I don't really mind that it's not a live conference, aside from the fact if Zelda U is announced, as that would be more special, live. Overall though, it seems a lot more structured and more appealing, simply because they have a lot of potential good content that they can show (as well as the surprise game). Hopefully, the stream runs better than it did last year.



Jazzer94 said:

Well as long as everything runs relatively smoothly this is looking to be the best E3 in quite a few years.



ArcanineArco said:

I really can't wait for the Zelda Wii U reveal. Although I don't think we will see the game released until mid/late 2015 at the very least



X_mirage_X said:

I wish that Nintendo would let us Wii U owners download demos rather than making us go to Best Buy. Ugh...



Yoshis_VGM said:

Nintendo, I just hope you go into this with your heads held high and with confidence. It's been proven this past weekend that Mario Kart 8 is the system seller you needed and you've been snagging headlines with it. Walk into E3 with that "you should've never doubted us" attitude you had when you announced that MK8 sold 1.2 million copies in three days. Have confidence, and show everyone that Nintendo is still relevant to the people that have long abandoned you.



NintyMan said:

As long as things run as smoothly as possible, this may be big and a big improvement from 2013. This "Digital Event" still doesn't sound like your typical Nintendo Direct to me, and I'm curious to see how the constant gameplay demos from Nintendo Treehouse will play out.



MrGawain said:

I think the reason we've been starved of news for the last 6 months is because Ninty have been planning to jam as much news into E3 as possible.

And at the moment with a lot of Sony, Microsoft, and 3rd party product being delayed, they could really do themselves a world of good by having a good showing. Fingers crossed....



Denkou said:

9:00 am PT... Assuming they mean PST and my knowledge of time zones is correct (highly unlikely), then that would be at 12:00 noon EST, correct?



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Watching this 24/7 the whole time it's going on. With the amount of content they are showing, I'll bet it will be huge!



Darknyht said:

@X_mirage_X Also do not understand the demo play limit that would be applied if it was offered. Another one is why doesn't Nintendo offer demos of their games. Heck, I believe Wind Waker on Gamecube had a demo disc they could have used.

Or they could put a little effort in it, like a special World Coin for Super Mario 3D World that showcases three stages (Capt. Toad, Regular Stage, Challenge Stage) and offer a special stamp for it for example.



Vrael said:

someone else mentioned it but it bears repeating. It seems like they know what their doing and the have a plan going in a lot more last year. If they can KILL it at e3 this year they stand a fighting chance this gen as they pretty much have the spotlight. If they fail, they can kiss any chance of the wii u being successful goodbye.



GalacticMario28 said:

This sounds pretty uninteresting. I like how it's unscripted; I feel like that makes it more authentic in a way.



TruenoGT said:

Really looking forward to next week. Hope that Nintendo has the games they need to convince more folks to get behind the Wii U. Even if they don't, I hope they at least make Virtual Console fans squeal with glee with visions of Gamecubes, N64s and Saturns, oh my!



IRNBRU115 said:

Don't know about this, too much information that I won't be able to take all of it in



Montegarde said:

@ArcanineArco Normally, I'd be inclined to agree, but the fact that it was at a place in its development where they actually considered showing it off last year, coupled with the Wii U's dire straits, makes me wonder whether they're going to really try to ramp up development to have it out the door this year. It's a longshot (no pun intended!) of a thing to hope for, but saying, "Here's a new HD Zelda game, it'll be out IN FOUR MONTHS" might really manage to do some damage control on the Wii U.



FragRed said:

Im sorry to all those hopefuls, but though I am sure Zelda Wii U will be announced, especially as I am sure Nintendo already announced they would be, but I cannot see it being released this year. They already have Smash Bros coming to the Wii U Q4 2014, and therefore wouldn't risk harming sales by releasing Zelda U dying the same period.



Captain_Toad said:

@FragRed Heh, I be figured it'd be this. Figuring Hyrule Warriors and all. We just wanna see the game. Considering they nearly shown it off last year.



ACK said:

This season is looking ripe.

It cannot be understated how big of an opportunity this is for Nintendo to alter perceptions and establish faith in the Wii U. Coming off MK8--with an attractively contrasted, timeless lineup--the console has developed a substantial case as a versatile, reliable platform for pure entertainment. This is the time to capitalize on that hype and goodwill (there is nothing for XB1 and PS4 owners to replace or approximate the universal racing appeal of Mario Kart--let alone Mario, Pikmin, SSB, etc...). Till that ground and sow those rows 'cuz this harvest has to sustain--if that's even enough.

With their recent rash of disheartening delays, overall similar lineups, unfortunate subscription requirements, and higher costs... There are bound to be gamers either looking to augment their gaming opportunities or reconsidering when to nab a PS4/XB1. Perception has been kind to this new generation, but there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about the current value of purchasing a PS4/XB1, or even the prospects for their immediate futures. Given this fertile soil, can everything change for Nintendo in a moment? Will all those seeds bloom?

Probably not, but building momentum with a sustained output of encouraging and compelling content is the only strategy I can fathom at this point. Clearly Nintendo retracted into a shell this past winter. I have to assume they have been preparing for precisely this sort of steady drip to, at least, ensure survival. However, every once in awhile you'll get a banner crop... If they've been diligent, maybe Nintendo is due.



ACK said:

@Crimson_Ridley Actually I am a bit of a hobby farmer... Otherwise, I just get carried away with how my idea and words naturally flow. I don't really try to corral it, or break it... My sincere apologies if I tend toward gibberish. However, I feel beholden to my inner voice, or I risk dishonesty.



Grumblevolcano said:

@FragRed But Smash Bros Wii U isn't definitely Q4 2014 as Winter 2014 was announced of which dependent on definition could be March 19th 2015 at the latest (astronomical winter 2014) so having a new Zelda in October/November 2014 would be perfect.



Yai said:

I'm really hoping they will reveal a true 3D Mario like Galaxy or 64! Also hoping for a reveal of Zelda U since it has been really quiet.



DerpSandwich said:

I really hope they don't hold back reveals during the event to spring them on us during other stuff. I want to be watching when news breaks, and I'm not going to be watching everything during the whole four days.



aaronsullivan said:

I'd be happy to see a snippet of the new Zelda. Just show me what design direction its going in and a couple other tidbits. I'd say the likelihood of a release this year is near absolute 0. There was Wind Waker and now that Hyrule Warriors game is coming. It's all to help tide Zelda fans over. Nintendo isn't going to release the Zelda spin off game close to the Zelda proper. I want it yesterday of course, just like every other fan, but give Nintendo time to make it amazing. The Wii U needs its Zelda to be amazing.

My pipe dream for E3 is to see a significant amount of gameplay from the new Zelda and not just a trailer of short snippets and discussion of the direction of the game.

If I was gambling I'd say the best we could hope for near the end of this year is an announcement that Zelda U is planned for release sometime in 2015.



2Sang said:

I'm trying not to think about e3 until the day before so I don't get too hyped like last year. Nonetheless, I have incredibly high expectations of Sakurai because the fate of the wii u and even home consoles in general for nintendo may fall on him.



Yoshis_VGM said:

@MrGawain They can definitely take advantage of the Sony and Microsoft delays, especially since the Mario Kart 8 launch was wildly successful and the Wii U is receiving a healthy sales bump at the moment. If they ride into E3 on the current rise in Wii U sales and make some huge announcements, they have the potential to steal the show.



Yoshis_VGM said:

@Vrael The Wii U is already on the path to success. Mario Kart sold 1.2 million copies in three days and is the fastest selling Wii U game to date. They just need to keep that momentum.



JaxonH said:

Just so we're all on the same page, the unannounced Nintendo title that is slotted in the Twitch E3 itinerary is going to be Zelda U. It's obvious that Zelda is going to be the biggest reveal for this year's expo, and if they're giving a stage presentation for an unannounced title (which they are), you can bet that Zelda U is it. I just want to make sure the hype level is kept in check, although, I can't actually imagine anything more hype-worthy than a brand new Zelda built ground-up for the Wii U.



LetsGoRetro said:






JaxonH said:


I think that's over-dramatizing things just a wee bit. The Wii U could not sell another unit from now til 2018 and Nintendo would still churn out games for it the remainder of the generation, and just bank as much money as they can selling games to current owners. And they would still, like always, try again next time with a new console. Nothing is 'awaiting it's fate' from Sakurai.



LetsGoRetro said:

Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. U, Bayonetta 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Xenoblade: Origins (Rumored.X name), Yarn Yoshi, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Pokken Fighters, a possible Monster Hunter 4u reveL, and likely a reveal of another major franchise installment or 2 (Starfox? METROID?) .. and all this BEFORE the confirmed Zelda U reveal???

Nintendo can do everything wrong and still smash EVERYONE at e3 with that lineup!!!!!



ScorpionMG said:

@BLPs may i ask how do you put these gifs in the comment section? i tried copy pasting url and putti.g < imgsrc > infront but nothing happens..



shigulicious said:

@LetsGoRetro Agreed. They only need to confirm and show sone sizzle reels,along with release dates,of the games that we already know exist. A few of these games should be close to release; Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. I expect Star Fox AND Metroid because I'm used to not getting what I want. Not a slam at Nintendo, just life itself. The Gamecube VC seems more apparent with the announcement of the Gamecube controller adapter. Bring on E3!



KnightOfNothing said:

I know its probs only a pipe dream, but if they were to announce a new Spectrobe game, I'd flip the poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople out.



joey302 said:

I hope some of their E3 focus will be on the wii u vc situation and solve the drip feed once n for all...still 1 vc title a week!
We need new vc systems to choose from!
Genesis - master system- Saturn - game gear- dreamcast- T16 - neo geo - n64 - GameCube - Atari 2600/Atari coin op- VIRTUAL CONSOLE ARCADE!! Please nintendo ...I bought the wii for the classics & bought the wii u for the classics too!! There are thousands out there people!! And SEGA - where are you??



Capt_N said:

@JaxonH: Hopefully, Nintendo will not pull a Wii with the (W)U; letting the system die by not producing software for it. I'm weary of a repeat (happening) w/ the WU. But I'm giving Nintendo a chance, a/this generation to prove otherwise.

@Everyone: I suspect we may hear about the QoL platform, either in depth, or just being mentioned.



2Sang said:

@JaxonH I disagree. Of course nintendo will exist as a company unless something crazy happens, but mk8 only sold around 1 mil units so far, and the only game in the foreseeable future to move any units will be smash. Zelda U may move some units, but the crossover sales from WWHD and Hyrule warriors means the impact of Zelda U will not be as big, not to mention it almost certainly won't be out until at least 2015. Nothing else will move units for the console, and nintendo can't make a profit off of less than 7 million wii us. Sakurai better have something good up his sleeve, because if not, wii u won't even sell 15 million units in its lifetime.



JaxonH said:


It's possible the Wii U could only do 15 mil (although I think at MINIMUM it will reach Gamecube numbers, simply because it will hit 15 mil no matter what, even if it sold as bad as last year for the next 5 years straight), but my point being that yeah that sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Life goes on, and actually Nintendo CAN make a profit off 7 million of us. They don't spend much on games like 3rd parties do, so it only takes about 750k - 1 mil sold to turn a profit on a nice, solid 1st party title. Nintendo even said as much.

But on the contrary, Hyrule Warriors and WWHD will have zero affect on the new Zelda. For one, as you say it's probably coming in 2015, TWO YEARS after Windwaker HD, which was a remake anyways. People want a NEW Zelda. Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, is going to pass up a brand new Zelda simply because an HD remake came out 2 years prior. That's like saying Ocarina 3D hampered the sales of A Link Between Worlds, which obviously wasn't the case. Same for Hyrule Warriors. It's a different kind of game entirely. Nobody's going to pass up the new Zelda simply because a Warriors game came out featuring Link. That's like saying Link's Crossbow Training hampered the sales of Skyward Sword.

And since you mention it, the truth of the matter is almost every single game coming to the Wii U is going to move hefty units. Not as much as Mario Kart, but you must remember not all regions think alike. Hyrule Warriors was named BY GAMERS in Famitsu Magazine as one of their most anticipated releases of the 8th generation. Bayonetta 2 was also on that list (as was Mario Kart 8), and Monolith Soft's X will rival FF15. Xenoblade sold very well in the west too, and X will do even better. I know a TON of people who say they'll buy a Wii U when X or Bayonetta release.

And finally, you must keep in mind that the Wii U's success does not depend on individual games, but rather on the library as a whole. Every notable release adds 'that much' more appeal to the library, and there is a point of critical mass that can be reached, the tipping point if you will. We saw it with the Vita in Japan, which is now consistently outselling all but the 3DS. The Wii U doesn't have to have 15 mega-releases to do well. Now that Mario Kart 8 has released, that drawing power will stay in the library forever from this point going forward. When Hyrule Warriors releases, the drawing power of BOTH Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors will stay in the library forever. And so on and so forth. Every game adds value to the library, and every person has a different tipping point on which they'll cave in and buy. Nobody knows which new game will be the the mass tipping point for the most people, but we do know that once a library reaches a certain level of appeal, sales tend to spike long term. It could be Mario Kart 8 that permanently spikes the Wii U's sales, it could be 4 game releases from now- it could be in summer 2015 for all we know. But eventually, at some point, the system should hit it's stride. That stride may only take it to 25 mil sold for the generation. But hey, it is what it is. Better than 7 mil.



2Sang said:

@JaxonH I ithink you misunderstand what I mean by crossover sales. Please undastand. A game like OOT 3D affected the number of 3ds sales that ALBW would have moved because some people already bought the console for OOT 3D. Some zelda fans already bought a wii u for WWHD and maybe a few more will buy one for Hyrule Warriors. This equates to a smaller impact of Zelda U.

Fair point about every game moving units, but most games will move a very insignificant amount. Even great games such as W101 and Pikmin 3 only moved a few ten thousand units each. The only real difference makers are the blockbuster titles like MK8 and SSB4 and there's only a few blockbuster titles left for nintendo before it's over. Maybe if a new metroid or starfox is in development they can move half a million units, but I doubt it at this point.
I agree and disagree on the ever-growing library concept. Sure, a game is always in the library, but it's quality depreciates over time because they lose the hype that comes with them. Case in point, Pikmin 3 has not sold too well and probably won't because it was released long before anyone even had a wii u.



JaxonH said:


But that's not true. Nintendo titles are notoriously evergreen, meaning they continue to sell for the entire lifespan of the system. NSMBU is already approaching 5 million sold. Pikmin 3 is already approaching 1 million sold, but keep in mind Pikmin only traditionally sells a couple million total. So it's just a lower selling game. But it's still going to sell triple what it did in it's prime (first 6 months after release). 3rd party games- 90% of their sales are achieved in the first 6 months. Nintendo games quadruple, quintuple their sales throughout their lifespans.

Mario Kart 8 will go on to sell at least 6 or 7 million units. At the minimum. Depending how the Wii U sells, it could push even closer to 10. Super Mario 3D World, that game will do the same. DKC Tropical Freeze, that game will go on to sell at least a couple million. Zelda Windwaker HD, that'll hit 4 million by the time everything's said and done. Point is, there IS just as much drawing power. Hype is irrelevant when a title has permanent lasting appeal.

And there are a LOT more Nintendo games that sell multiple-millions of copies than just Mario Kart and Smash. In fact, I don't think there's too many Nintendo games that DON'T sell at least a million copies, which is a lot might I remind you. You look at any past Nintendo system and look at the top 20 list of software sold, and you'll realize how many there actually are. Even their lesser selling IPs usually hit at least 1 million. That's how Nintendo stays in business. All their games sell like crazy, because they sell non-stop, year round for 5+ years. Star Fox and Metroid, sure they might move half a million NOW, but by the time the generation is over they'll be at between 1-2 million easy, and those are Nintendo's lesser selling franchises.

Each game may seem like an insignificant bump, but that's why they release a dozen + games a year, year after year after year. They add up. Especially when they all continue to sell year round, all continuing to draw in customers year round. All making the library stay appealing year round, growing ever-increasingly appealing as more games release.



MMSK786 said:

So the 90 min Discussion Video regarding Smash Bros. and the unannounced 3DS title are cancelled ?! I hope not... Perhaps they won't be streamed, but then again where will they be?



wario007 said:

Do not confuse people! The new Zelda will be something other than WW HD, WH, a check will be different from previous Zelda with an open world.



deusy said:

E3 runs at the exact same time as my exams.

But I have priorities. Exams can wait.



Gma-X said:

Ever since Donkey Kong 64 I've been waiting for another reunion of the ape gang for another 3D adventure, because DK64 was amazingly fun with awesome worlds. O and where is King K.Rool???



xerneas said:

I just want to see Zelda U and OR/AS. Where you can watch the digital event live?



IRNBRU115 said:

I converted all the Nintendo ones listed here to UK time.

Tuesday 10th June Pacific time

5:00pm Nintendo Digital Event followed by Nintendo Minute
10:40pm Nintendo Demo
12:00pm Super Smash Bros. Invitational (Nintendo)

Wednesday 11th June Pacific time

10:10pm Nintendo Demo



YoshiTails said:

@MrGawain agreed, Nintendo Life team do a great job keeping this blog brimming with content despited dripfeed of announcements from Nintendo ppast few months!

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