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New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet Anime and Games Still Allowed Suggestive Depictions

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Fines and prison terms introduced for the former

One challenging reality that faces gamers, and the press, is the sexualised portrayal of children in some games and anime from Japan. Though some examples can occasionally be seen in Western products, it's an issue prevalent in Japan due to different laws and attitudes in the country. Recent examples on Nintendo systems include Senran Kagura Burst and Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars; the latter took a — mostly — subtle approach to a concept of 'classmating' though had plenty of sexual jokes, while the former is a little more explicit (by 3DS game standards) in showing teenage girls in sexual poses and outfits.

There are plenty of examples out there, and it seems that'll continue to be the case. The country's parliament has passed a new law that now criminalises the possession of child abuse images, with up to one year imprisonment and fines confirmed — there'll be a one year period of grace for those that own this content to dispose of it. While that has been praised by child advocates, the exclusion of these rules in comics, anime and video games means that we're unlikely to see any change in these virtual portrayals of young girls. These exclusions were apparently included as some argued that to ban these kinds of media would violate the country's constitutional right to free speech.

Everything we see in licensed games goes through rating processes, of course, and primarily utilise allusion and suggestion above explicit portrayal — that won't stop the debate over whether these games should be part of the mainstream market, of course. The recent law change in Japan is certainly a step forward in many respects, though we expect plenty will argue that steps to apply tighter rules on entertainment such as video games are still needed.

Let us know what you think, though we ask that you're mindful of our Community Rules as you do so.


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Spoony_Tech said:

Why is it going to be a mistake? It's pretty clear cut actually. What they don't really want is real life images owned by individuals. Since anime and videogames are fictional characters I don't see it as quite the same. Still I tend to stay away from most of that stuff anyways.



HylianJowi said:

@Spoony_Tech The reason people see leaving the comments open as a "mistake" is precisely because the issue is not clear cut — and, as with other subject matter, is quite sensitive. As you said, you don't see the use of fictional characters in provocative situations as "the same," but I think it's fair to say a number of people disagree and find it quite objectionable. That said, as long as the discussion remains on the issue, and more importantly respectful, it should be allowed to remain open.



Spoony_Tech said:

@HylianJowi What I meant was this new law was pretty clear cut and like was said by Thomas a step in the right direction. I was just reiterating the fact that's what this new law seems to want.

I love my anime but I can do without those images as they're not needed.



unrandomsam said:

The West is stupid about this sort of thing. The whole reason child abuse images are bad is because they can only be made by abusing children.

A cartoon depiction of anything harms nobody no matter how tasteless it is.

(I am not interested in either type myself but I think cartoons of any type should be totally legal).

Does Japan have a big child abuse problem ? (I don't think it does so it cannot be what people want to believe it is.)



Gold_Ranger said:

So does this mean that it will apply to Live-Action TV and Movies?
If so, then Kamen Rider and Super Sentai will take a big hit as kids are almost always in danger and constantly getting "hurt."
Does it also mean that TV and Movies won't be allowed to be imported to Japan? Jurassic Park is the same way. In fact, even though it was for a minute, a kid did die in the first one.



rjejr said:

Has anybody been able to find an "age" associated w/ this "Child" law. I've been looking all over but can't find one. The only age I found was covering what IS allowed:

"The new law will also leave untouched gray areas such as the popular genre of “junior idols,” often 12- and 13-year-old girls who are photographed in sexually suggestive poses while scantily clad. Many of the idol bands in Japanese pop music also walk a fine line, with their high school- and even junior high school-age members appearing in magazines and on billboards wearing just lingerie or bikinis."

My still uncompleted doctoral dissertation was on the history of statuary rape laws in the US focused on big changes during the '60's of raising ages from 10 and 12 to 16 and 17, so I'm interested. In my mind there is a HUGE difference between the rape of an actual pre-pubescent child and sex between consenting teens 15 or 16 years old, so I'm really curious as to how the japanese define "child" but I can't find the age anywhere.



Prof_Clayton said:

All it'll take is one bad comment to set off the bomb... best keep a sharp eye out @HylianJowi. :3
I personally support this law, it seems morally just.



DualWielding said:

good for Japan, I do sometimes feel uncomfortable playing Senran Kagura but freedom of expression is more important...



DualWielding said:

good for Japan, I do sometimes feel uncomfortable playing Senran Kagura but freedom of expression is more important...



Yorumi said:

When they say abuse is it just sexual images or physical violence too? The only reason I say that is I remember something similar coming up a few years ago wanting to stop depiction of violence against children and a good point about the anime/games exception was made. Basically if anime isn't excepted you almost kill the entire magical girl genre, and it also become very difficult to ever use a child as a character in any show or game.

If you look at something like madoka, the violence there wasn't gratuitous or anything and you couldn't have told the story otherwise.

Sexualized images of children, even purely virtual ones give me some more problems, but over all I understand why games and anime would be exempted. Freedom unfortunately does come with some negatives.



Lebon14 said:

Is this law for real photograph of kids? If yes, why would they ban it for video games and anime? Anime and video games = fictional. Fictional =/= real. When will other humans learn? If a little girl gets raped/hurt/whatever in a video game, no real little girl were harmed. Geez. And, if you don't like seeing even fictional caracthers in those positions, then, just don't watch/play those games. shrug



Shadraw said:

I see this as a positive thing. I do hope it starts to drive anime and video games away from this kind of content. I have had to pass on some good games because of the sexual "humor" and "fanservice" that have been added in. I enjoy a number of japanese games but some of them go too far to overlook or pass over and it ruins any desire I have to play or own it.



CanisWolfred said:

Nice to know that real child abusers get punished now. I'm kind of shocked it took so long. Also glad that they're not gonna waste their time on fake caricatures, too.



HylianJowi said:

@Prof_Clayton As a writer, I don't hold any power to represent the views of the site or its editorial staff; I just report on game news and cool Mario action figures. That said, I personally believe this community — probably the best Nintendo-dedicated platform around — has had some meaningful, intelligent discussion about video games as an industry and even as art. It's best to allow discussion until one is absolutely certain that the subject cannot be discussed respectfully.



bloodycelt said:

From this article it seems as though it just brings their law in line with other countries... before it was illegal to just produce such images, now possession is also illegal.

I don't think thats a particularly good idea, it should have been made illegal to distribute, however possession brings about some unusual problems such as:

1. Such images are needed by Law Enforcement to find and prosecute the perp.
2. It silences discussion, possession means you cannot admit to even seen such an image, which dissuades people from reporting abuse. It also prevents/hinders any third party investigation into such crimes.
3. Harm is only done by production, and distribution.
4. It can be abused by prosecutors looking to enforce morality on minors.
5. It has not deterred abuse in other countries.

I hope it does not impact fictional depicitions, as that would for instance ban possession of Ranma and Dragon Ball.



MadJay1664 said:

Just cos I like senran kagura burst doesn't mean I'm into teenagers lol anime and real life is completely different



SpookyMeths said:

Conception II is about as subtle as a brick to the face lol. I burst out laughing when I got to the bit about threesomes.



RickyWill said:

Child Pageants have been accused for oversexualizing children, and not to mention how South Park often depicts harm to children, including KILLING them. Nobody is in the freaking right, so let's not go pointing fingers.

However, I do believe that stuff like this should be stopped. How about the Anime industry starts something like the Comics Code Authority, and I guess the Cero rating systems should also be a little more strict...



Ralizah said:

The two things (ecchi anime/video games and child pornography) are nothing alike, and the law very clearly concerns itself with the latter. If the West wants to moralize about the contents of modern video games, perhaps it should start with the horrifying levels of violence in modern Western video games?
If you have a problem with the quality of our articles, please feel free to take it up with the editorial team-- TBD



theblackdragon said:

@dumedum: he said 'just for a minute' — i think he's referring to Tim, the little boy who gets shocked off of the fence and has to be given CPR in the movie.



Hy8ogen said:

Wait a minute, so you're telling me all this time paedophilia is legal in Japan? As the article suggest, comic/anime depiction of child abuse remains legal (mind you that is like 99% of them). So my question is, what's the real change here?



Deathgaze said:

If this ban affected anime and games they would loose 2 industries. Bad move Japan, bad.



Romeo said:

well.. who's not into teenagers?

just respect the age of consent in the country you live in and you're fine. nowadays people throw the world "pedophile" around too much.

if you are for example 21+ years old and have sex with a 15 year old (in germany), thats fine, but some people would still call it "pedophilia" even though it's not.

there is nothing wrong with finding teenagers attractive.. you were attracted to the other gender before you've had your 18th birthday. it's normal to find beautiful girls attractive even if they're not 18.

just follow the laws of you're country and you have nothing to worry about, you do not have to follow the moral beliefs of others.

also: it's good that this doesn't apply to video games, anime, comics etc... whether you like it or not.. it is indeed fiction, and i see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
if you don't like certain fanservice etc.. then vote with your wallet and don't buy that stuff.



EverythingAmiibo said:

It's also worth saying that practically EVERY Japanese Anime has a pervy old man and an over sexualized young woman/girl. And in some shows (ala SAO) all the girls are overly eager to flirt, submit to boys and go erm, a little further.



Yorumi said:

@Hy8ogen quite a few countries distinguish between real and virtual child abuse. Even the US actually says purely virtual images arn't illegal. This is making it illegal to possess real images but it exempts virtual images.

The problem with virtual images is defining the law becomes extremely difficult. Believe it or not it's extremely difficult in legal terms to define pornography. Is a child in their underwear pornographic? Does it become different if they call it a bathing suit(remember with anime we're talking about nothing more than some colors drawn on paper)? What about diaper commercials that almost always depict a baby in nothing bit a diaper? See what I mean? And we havn't even gotten into works of art.

It's an extremely complicated issue and freedom vs protection is always going to be at odds.



Romeo said:

"practically EVERY Japanese Anime"

is that supposed to be a joke? you clearly know nothing about anime and just spread nonsense



ThomasBW84 said:

Comments are open as this is a topic that's relatively new, albeit it's related to some content that we've seen on Nintendo systems and others. We've certainly tried to stick to facts and issued a clear request at the close of the article. With regards to the two previous occasions where comments were closed, that was a decision taken on the basis of the reaction to multiple articles, and one I took based on everything that happened.

I can't see this being a regular topic, we were reporting a major law change. Should our editorial and moderating team feel that the debate goes beyond the realms of acceptability, these comments and those in future articles for this topic will be closed.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Ehh, I'll admit I have only ever watched one anime show in my life and that was Clannad (ENG Dub) and I guess a hint of Pokemon on Cartoon Network. Anyways this doesn't really affect me or anyone.



ultraraichu said:

I was watching this on CNN a while ago. I thought it was already illegal to own but I guess I got it confuse with commit.

For the most part I'm relived that they didn't cross the line between real and fiction in the law, though the American reporter seem completely disgusted with the anime/ manga shop. If it did, they would be a lot more people in jail. Plus if they're anything like the youths of America, they would be a ton of fines with the parents.



AugustusOxy said:

News flash, if they're a drawing or a video game character, they aren't children.

Children are those little gross human larva running around in this thing we like to call 'the real world'.

We can have images of murder, images of rape, but images of teenagers being mildly sexualized is somehow considered horrific.

I hate the priorities of western civilization. Lets pretend teenagers aren't sexual and don't want to have sex. Lets just do that.
Watch the insults, we can have this conversation without being horrible to everyone else — TBD



ThomasBW84 said:

As a follow-up, I always want to give our community a chance to discuss topics in a rational way. I still hope that disabling comments will be a very rare occurrence.



Prof_Clayton said:

@PvtOttobot I agree with @Romeo in that they don't, its just a sterotype the rest of the world has. While some do indeed, many do not, but only the offending anime are brought to public attention usually.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@PvtOttobot that's a little bit too far, sure a lot of Anime/Manga do it but not every single Anime or Manga has a oversexual female Character and on the old pervy men, we see that in most western shows as well



J-Manix98 said:

Personally, the over sexualization of certain characters is what drives me away from most anime/mangas.

Not trying to offend anybody here, but it seems like the majority of anime artists seem to spend to much time making their female characters as sexy as possible, and not enough time developing them as a person.
So good for Japan! I hope after all of this passes we'll start to see some... y'know, GOOD anime.



Yorumi said:

@Prof_Clayton it's also worth noting that although some anime does sexualize all kinds of things, a large portion of what people see as japan sexualizing everything come from their pornography industry. I don't have numbers on it but I'd wager you're more likely to see implies sex in western tv shows using real actors than in anime. Though there's more underwear in anime.



theblackdragon said:

@Cresartist: I'm going to ask that you stop, please, and get back to the topic at hand. If you don't want to discuss it, please move on and allow others who do want to discuss the topic at hand to do so freely.

If you have any off-topic questions, comments, or concerns for our Editorial team, you (and anyone else, for that matter!) are welcome to bring them up via the Contact Form. Thanks in advance, everyone!



Datasun_7 said:

@PvtOttobot that's stereotyping a little bit man, off the top of my head Full metal Alchemist does not follow that. There are a load others too



J-Manix98 said:


If you're running around in armor all day fighting monsters, and swinging a 6 foot longsword, Your going to have more muscle than boobs I would think

(Sorry if what I said offended anyone, or made anyone uncomfortable)



SamirMalik said:

As long as the teens ard 17+ they won't be considered as children in Japan. Senran Kagura gets a pass since the characters are 17+.



Romeo said:

it's not that you're offending anyone with what you've said (do some people get offended that easily?)

it's just that.. it's not true at all, it's nonsense
"I hope after all of this passes we'll start to see some... y'know, GOOD anime."

it's obvious that you have never watched an anime besides maybe Dragon Ball as a kid.
otherwise you'd know how many amazing anime actually already exist



Discipledoctor said:

Personally, I do hope for the day when the creation of games (or any media!) that have teenage girls scantily clad and sexually depicted is illegal. Sure, I can't deny that anime girls aren't real girls, so no harm done to real girls. But if pedophiles play the game and act out their lust in the game, who's to say that they won't be encouraged to do so in real life? Of course, on the other hand, you could make the argument that pedophiles can use the game to act out and empty their desires virtually so it doesn't happen physically.

What I'd really like to see is the idea that "pedophile = evil" get destroyed and instead focus on offering resources to get pedophiles through those struggles. They're people too, and I'd like to believe that extending help to them without stigma could reduce the amount of child rape in the word. At the very least, it would get rid of the good people who slowly fall into the crime.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Prof_Clayton @torotoid64 @Datasun_7 @Romeo So far I have seen: DBZ, SAO and Naruto, each of them follow a very closely to that and it's not coincidence as those three are some of the most popular animes!! Look around on Cartoon Network and you won't find any pervy old men, it's just not pc over here, but it is quite accepted in Japan, mostly as a joke. Oh also a street fighter movie I was watching



Romeo said:

you do realize that your logic is flawed right?
if these "pedophiles" (because apparently people that are attracted to 14+ year olds are pedophiles as well.. lol) can't get their fix in anime etc.. there'd be more harm done to real girls

it's the same with rape... UK making it illegal to watch fake rape porn for example.. it's a bad move.. and if you can't see why, then i can't help you



Romeo said:

dbz, sao and naruto.. like I've suggested.. you have no idea about anime.. sorry
you just watched 3 of the big anime that are EXTREMELY popular in western countries.. do you realize there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of anime? thousands of anime that neither have pervy old men or over sexualized girls/women in them...

if you want to start watching some good stuff... start with Mononoke Hime by Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli)..



RickyWill said:

@Discipledoctor Me too, but this is more of a "censorship controlling what artists can do" kind of situation at this point.

Just a BIT of control can be used to make this less of an issue, simple, law and/or moral restrictions, such as "you cannot sexualize woman under 21" would be a good one.



NibelsnarfNoob said:

@JellySplat Are you talking about a specific manga/anime or just generalizing?

and @PvtOttoBot pervy old dudes are a trope and are for jokes. Before DBZ became a serious fight manga it was mostly comedy in Dragon Ball were the whole master Roshi thing started (and he appears far less in DBZ because its less comedy focused), same goes for Jiraiya that part of his personality is just based on that trope.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@PvtOttobot there's also Attack on Titan, the first half of Death Note (however even the second half is fairly subtle) Pokémon (yes I'm counting pokemon) Full Metal Alchemist Blue Exorcist (cross out one character that doesn't have much screen time) and countless more that go against what you're saying



Romeo said:

that would be terrible. why? why can't they sexualize women under the age of 21 in anime. when did you last go out? have you seen how some 12 year olds dress already? it would be incredibly unrealistic to only have characters of the age 21+ sexualized



Yorumi said:

@PvtOttobot in anime circles outside cartoon network those tend to not hold a candle to real popular ones. Cardcaptor sakura is one of the most beloved anime, madoka is hugely popular, angelic layer, gundam, scrapped princess, etc etc.

The reason people have such a problem with your comments is you list a tiny sample of anime(every season, 13 weeks, there's about 20 new anime) and used it to stereotype almost an entire country. SAO really? I gues suguha in the second arc, the original SAO is a love story though).

I just have one question, have you seen western tv?

@Discipledoctor the problem is taken all the way you might as well ban all fiction. What if a murder mystery causes someone to go murder, or is describing a theft causes someone to go steal. Heck what if reporting on a theft causes someone to go steal? At some point people have to be responsible for their own actions, we shouldn't punish millions of people because of the actions of a few crazy ones.



RickyWill said:

@Romeo I'm saying in any media.

Comic Books, Video Games, Anime, Literature, etc.

Very minor "you can get over it in a matter of days" kind of restrictions, not utterly stupid ones. I do remember that Graphic Novel "Bone" by Jeff Smith was banned from public libraries because of the use of Drugs/Alcohol within it, which got facepalms from everyone.



Romeo said:

That's enough. Keep it up with the insults and you will be banned. This is your warning: it's fine to be passionate, but we expect you to be civil — TBD



Romeo said:

but why?! do only women at the age of 21+ have sex? are only women dressing suggestively? is there something wrong with finding 16 year old girls attractive? age of consent is different for every country.. and we're talking about fictional characters here.... there is nothing wrong with this



Romeo said:

either you clearly misunderstood (which is fine) or seem to think that 16 year olds are children and it's terrible to have these fictional characters sexualized.. in which case: do you have nothing else to worry about?



RickyWill said:

@Romeo That's not what the media thinks, unfortunately and idiotically.

But seriously, people do get up in arms about it in terms of "freedom of speech" and such. Andrew Dobson, a comic artist, tends to discourage it, especially when it's unnecessary, and gets a ton of backlash for it alone.



Jazzer94 said:

Can't see anything wrong with this to be honest, Japan do need to get stricter on some genres of Anime though as some are really out of hand and being shown during kids TV hour.



Romeo said:

legally and ethically.

so tell me.. how come it's allowed to have sex with a 14+ year old in germany.. even if you're 21+ years old?

clearly.. they are all children.. 14.. 16..17, makes no difference to you, right?
and the age of consent in germany is absolutely terrible, thats what you believe, correct?



Yorumi said:

@arkady77 that actually depends a lot on the country and time period. Even in the US a lot of our grandparents or great grandparents were married at 15 or 16. I believe there are even some states where the age of consent is 16.

Really though both of you need to stop with all the personal attacks.



Jazzer94 said:

@PvtOttobot So you've only seen three animes but feel like you can generalize about the medium as a whole I'm sorry I can't take your comments seriously.



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:




Romeo said:

there are quite a few states where the age of consent is 16, that is true.

but it's not just the US.. the age of consent is 16 in A LOT of countries.. or even lower (14+ in germany), 13 in some parts of japan etc.



k8sMum said:

@Romeo = have you seen how some 12 year olds dress already? it would be incredibly unrealistic to only have characters of the age 21+ sexualized

many of those 12 yr olds have been groomed already to behave in such a manner. i'd rather have a bit of unrealism than abuse.

you paint the US with a very broad, insulting brush.



Keion said:

"the exclusion of these rules in comics, anime and video games"
Then this doesn't effect me.



mastermp2 said:

"Children" is the keyword

Most anime girls are either "Teenagers" or "adult". The problem is that just as in real life, some people don't always look their age (specially, small people, like I don't know, Ellen Page). How many times have you seen a movie in which you later find out (to your surprise) that the actor/actress, has like 5 or 10 years more that the character they portrait?



Yorumi said:

@k8sMum a lot of people are pretty guilty of some large double standards when it comes to things like this. Really take for a moment and apply the same level of critical eye to western tv that some apply to anime. Entire sitcoms are nothing but sex jokes and inuendo, mtv, tlc, etc. I mean tlc has a show where they actually dress up children like prostitutes. I'm not accusing you of being guilty of this but I do think if some people want to rise up in such righteous anger they should stop and look at what goes on in their own backyard before attacking everyone else.

I don't want to see children abused any more than the next person, but I'd also rather not see strict control over all media destroying the good with the bad.



k8sMum said:


'whataboutery' is rarely a good argument.

i don't watch any reality tv (ok, 'ramsey's kitchen nightmare' is a dirty pleasure, lol). i enjoy adult humour but didn't let my kids watch it when they were little. i don't care for rape porn. i don't appreciate that people who find the sexualisation of kids (not consensual between kids but generally girls and older men) are called prudes. there is a lot of rationalisation from manga/anime fans going on. i am a fan, too, but i don't pretend that misogyny doesn't exist in many of the series.

japan felt they have a problem and passed a law regarding it. that is the only fact that exists in this one. the rest is all opinion.




Yorumi said:

@k8sMum I don't think people are pretending it doesn't exist, we all readily admit it does. But by the same token I'd argue a lot of people are pretending this only exists in anime. Sure there's plenty of anime that's bad, I generally don't like a lesser of two evils approach, but lets be honest here, dressing up real children as prostitutes is worse than anything that's happened in an anime that aired on tv.

That certainly doesn't excuse anything, wrong is wrong, but that's really quite a big pot meet kettle there.



Mikes said:

The inclusion of these rules in anime, comics, and video games probably isn't necessary. Using Senran Kagura Burst, for example, it's set in a fictional world. A game such as that shouldn't encourage child abuse. There's a fine line that separates fiction from reality. It'd be best to take a moment and see that line, for people that do act on this sort of thing.
As far as its content goes with the whole nudity thing, I wouldn't say it's any form of child abuse. Ninja females with supernatural strengths =/= female children. The ideas of all of these scantily-dressed females and whatnot transition to a topic that can relate. As tasteless as I see way too many over-sexualized characters, there's no reason to limit one's creativity with such a law.
Now, actual child abuse images, of course, were rightfully removed.



RickyWill said:

@StaticWind Unfortunately, the media thinks everyone is an idiot who cannot tell the difference, and like to blame crimes on a person's interest, rather than the fact they are either under the influence of drugs, or actually have a mental problem.

Seriously, it's just fiction. Meanwhile, Child Pageants, which often has contestants of young girls from 5-12, and have categories of things like swimwear, have been rarely to never accused of oxersexualizing children.



Arminillo said:

I think that the generalization of anime has some truth behind it. For every Spirited Away there is a Kissxsis.

EDIT: for the record i do not think it should be consored, though.



DarkKirby said:

Yet Anime and Games Still Allowed Suggestive Depictions

So clearly, you disagree with this decision?
Is not the supposed purpose of banning child pornography with real children so real life children will not be used in a way that they cannot actually comprehend because they are not intelligent enough at their age or be forced into it? Who is being hurt when animated depictions of an act are being portrayed? There are no real children involved in such a production.

To claim that people looking at a work of fiction will go out and seek to then do what they saw in fiction in real life is to claim violent video games will cause people to seek to do the same violent things they saw in the video games in real life. Most people do in fact, know the difference between reality and fiction.

To claim you want something censored, something that nobody was hurt in the production of, is to say you want to use censorship to adjust public perception based on your own opinion of what it should be.

And using censorship to hide that something exists has never and never will solve any problems in the 1st place even if you do disagree with fictitious works portraying things you disagree with in real life.



Yorumi said:

@Suicune you could say that about all tv though. For every lion king there's an R rated comedy filled almost entirely with sexulization. For every discovery channel there's a tlc, national geographic vs mtv. The problem is the generalization is so one sided, and as I pointed out other shows are often times doing far far worse. Too many people want to act like we have all this wholesome tv and then there's that devil work of anime. To me if people think anime is bad, they need to cancel their cable,netflix,hulu,prime etc subscriptions otherwise it's just a double standard.



RickyWill said:

@DarkKirby This is mainly because the media often blames a person's interest (or says they have certain ones) for their illegal actions, rather than saying that people are just messed up in the head.

At the end of the day, this is a "freedom of speech" and "censorship against an artist's creativity" argument more than anything.



Mikes said:

@Cresartist Agreed. It's like how many say that video games cause violence.
If anything, I have never understood child pageants. I find them cringe-worthy...but aside from that, if something like that is allowed, then I don't see why an artistic medium, that uses characters that do not represent actual people, needs to be enforced as such.



RickyWill said:

@StaticWind People these days, convinced that they have to live in a picture perfect world get a bit too butthurt over minor things in Comics, Anime, Video Games, etc., I remember that the Graphic Novels "Bone" by Jeff Smith and Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama, have been banned from libraries for odd reasons. Even the Comics Code Authority, which people hated for placing some restrictions on what you can and cannot do in comics being released to the public, are defending an artist's rights to their free speech and creativity.

Funny how adults want their children to read books, but aim to ban each and every one. If "50 Shades of Gray" is okay to be on the shelves, why can't these?



warvad said:

It's disgusting how Nintendolife and Co can't seem to distinguish between fantasy and reality. The law is for ACTUAL depictions of child abuse, what the hell does this have to do with consumptive fantasy media? Should all the Battlefiled/CoD games be illegal?



Hy8ogen said:

@theblackdragon I actually do believe that you read all the comments posted on this website. Kudos to you sir. This is why I love this forum, the mods are actually doing a good job maintaining the quality of this site.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

The good old urge supression - japanese government at its best, hm?
I've outlined the issues of hentai cukture in other comments, and I don't feel like restating them. But simply banning animé and manga won't solve anything, it's just a convenient way to put the older japanese people at ease and secure their votes - well, and japan desperately tries to get rid of it's animé image and otaku culture.

@Yorumi I can definitely agree on this!

@StaticWind Honey Boo Boo is a prime example of how ignorant people actually are about the state of their children, as long as it's something people can fawn over because it's supposedly cute (sick would be the better word).

@Cresartist Very interesting article! Thanks a lot!



Dezzy said:

The big issue with this sort of problem seems to be the fact that they're fictional characters. If the creators just say they're 16 or 18 (or whatever the law is), then there doesn't seem to be much you can do. There are plenty of 18 year olds who look about 13. Can the government then just pass judgement on whether your 18 year old character is adult-enough? Seems like an unsolvable situation.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

@Spoony_Tech I agree to an extent, but if you think about it the law in theory in its unaltered state could have made the depiction of children in dangerous situations in anime and games illegal which would affect almost every action/adventure/shonen anime ever created including one of your personal favorites Yu Yu Hakusho... Luckily it seems as though the law won't affect those forms of media.



R_Champ said:

I married Nowi in one of my FE:A files....DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!!1

I swear officer I thought she was over 1000 X(



RickyWill said:

Seriously, stuff like this is nothing new. Instead with things like Drugs, Religion, etc. when it comes to comics, anime and manga, among other media.



Smooty said:

Well, Consensual sex is allowed after the age of 12+ in Mexico... weird isn't it..
i think this new law is good, i have no problem with sexual depictions of minors in anime/games simply because i don't care about them and neither they do any damage



Gold_Ranger said:


Tim Murphy. The Kid in the first one... Got his arse electrocuted on the fence.
He was quickly revived, but still, he did die for about a minute.



Sherman said:

I'm a little confised. Don't know if it's 'cause English is not my native language, but, are these "child abuse images" the law talks about real? Or just fictional, like in a movie?



Gold_Ranger said:

Your arguement is no different than saying, well, the same about people who go on Killing Sprees.
So, we should get rid of all guns in Video Games as well and get counseling for those that play them.
This would remove even some of Nintendo's own IP's...
StarFox, Metroid, Splatoon! just to name a few.



Gold_Ranger said:

There is still a state where the Legal Age of Sexual Consent is 14 in the USA.
I believe Germany's is as low as 14 in some areas.
Some countries have it at 12.
The majority of the USA for the longest time was around 14 until fairly recently, I think around the time of our parents or GrandParents, depending on how old some people here are.



Yorumi said:

@Cresartist you then get into all kinds of difficulty in defining in a legal sense. For example if you had a high school romance would that be sexualizing? Is a bathing suit sexualizing? If someone is in the bath? Wearing a towel? You also get into problems of the age of fictional characters. As mentioned nowi in fire emblem is over 1000 years old and looks like she's 11. This problem presents itself with all kinds of elves and fairies and such. Do we then define how a character looks? How does a 21 year old look? Many women into their late 20's look like teenagers.

Over all I'm just pointing out how quickly things get all kinds convoluted. Although it's debated whether a teenager is a child I'd agree in principle we shouldn't be sexualizing children. The problem is it just becomes a huge mess when you start trying to write legal standards for fictional characters.

@Kaine_Morrison I figured, I don't really keep up with that stuff so much, I just know from state to state and country to country the age is somewhat arbitrary.



Sherman said:

Thanks, @Yorumi. If that's the case, what's the the matter then? Why arguing when it's a very good thing? Just don't let this happen to fictional world and we are good.
Why wasn't I aware of this, @HaThready? I'm from Sinaloa. We have the most beautiful women in the world! Here, the girls from 15 to 17 can compete with any other women in the planet. Seriously! One does not simply act on something that you think is ilegal... but now you're telling me is not? Aaaghhh!!



Yorumi said:

@Sherman the debate is mostly among people who think even fictional images should be illegal and those who don't and their reasons going back and forth.



RickyWill said:

@Yorumi Excuse me as I delete my comment after you threw a cinder block of logic and actual sense in my face.

As I have said before, this is more of a "censorship against artists" and a "freedom of speech" argument at the end of the day. But the media constantly makes lies and claims that people do stuff like this because of their innocent hobbies and interests, rather than telling the truth and saying that they're just messed up in the head.

The west is not in the right either, so I have no clue why they're being so biased about the situation. Such as how women and teen girls are portrayed in comics, movies, tv, video games. And in terms of pedophilia, let's not forget about child pageants, which usually consist of little girls 5-12 in categories like SWIMWEAR of all things. Doesn't that make ANYONE uncomfortable?! Even the parents?! Not to mention that I have (been unfortunately told to) read certain novels where at some point, a young child have been molested or raped within the story.

I do have this article you can read, if you want:



DarkLloyd said:

How come its 21 and not 18 ? I mean your pratically done high school and your already way past teenager past age 14 at best (as far as I know about the subject anyways)

I wont argue against any attempt to protect children especially in that manner. Now if we could just ban smoking lol



Yorumi said:

@Cresartist in general terms it's what markets are demanding. When people want something businesses are more than happy to provide it if the people have money. One of the things a while ago that really made me kind of sad was when I went to watch the movie "secret world of ariette" a ghibli film. I forgot the other movies out at the time but there was a line to get into various R rated movies at the time. Yet me and my friend were the only ones in our theater.

Ultimately what you really never hear is that people are responsible for their own actions. So yeah, some people do find this stuff uncomfortable but it's certainly there's certainly a very large market that doesn't.



Sherman said:

There's a say here in México: "Cada quien puede hacer de su culo un papalote". Can be translated as: "Anyone can make his own *ss into a kite". It means that you can do what ever you want it yourself. "Yourself" beeing the important part. I don't (nor should anyone else) care what people do as long as they don't harm anyone else. That's what should matter. Fictional stuff harm nobody.



RickyWill said:

@DarkLloyd Me too, but being still convinced that a person's completely innocent hobbies makes people commit crimes like these is stupid.



ogo79 said:


"Cada quien puede hacer de su culo un papalote"
i thought that means "dont let grandma suggest that mexican restaurant again because it gives her gas all the way back home"



8BitSamurai said:

That's one way to translate it, but perhaps "dont let grandma on yer wii balance board again because she'll hog all the twerk u game time" might be a better interpretation.



MikeLove said:

As long as this doesn't affect my ability to purchase a pair of used panties from a Tokyo vending machine, I don't care what they do over there.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Romeo xD I'm talking about anime cartoon series, not feature length films! I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and all of Miyazaki's films so don't think you're so above me xD I'm not talking about 'Japan' either, I'm talking about the popular anime series that are available in the west, and I'm NOT saying Japan is worse for over sexualization etc, but I am saying their popular animes (as opposed to American children-teen cartoons) are worse for it. I love how because you guys are head over heels for the next new anime you think you are some superior human. (I'm looking at you @Yorumi "SAO really?")



Yorumi said:

@PvtOttobot it's a little interesting that you're using anime that popular in the west to disparage what the east does. I'll give you the reverse so maybe you'll understand exactly what you're doing. "I've seen shows like south park and family guy and what they do in those, the popular shows in america are so much worse than anime."

The point is you know next to nothing about anime(full films are considered anime and gibli isn't the only studio that does full length movies), and yet you're using 3 shows out of the literally thousands that exist to generalize the entire industry. And I mean really SAO is like 15 episodes in before the over sexualized character shows up. Go watch cardcaptor sakura(not the 4kids version) and generalize off that.



Pod said:

While possession of child abuse images have been illegal in Denmark for many years, with considerably harsher punishments than what's being introduced in Japan, any fictional depiction remains fully legal here as well.

While just across Øresund in Sweden, they started cracking down on drawn and animated child pornography a few years ago, Authorities in Denmark withhold that no studies show such a ban to have any positive effect on the fight against child abuse, and that you can't just trample the interests of a minority and their freedom of speech because what they do is deemed "gross".

And after all, there are no victims. These are the same reasons Denmark has no law against sex with animals, only a law against animal cruelty.



RickyWill said:


Like I said, we're all in the wrong, so nobody should be pointing fingers and being biased towards the other.

Every news reporter around here has every article about this topic like this: "LOOK! JAPAN DOES STUFF LIKE THIS! IT'S NOT LIKE OTHER FORMS OF MEDIA AROUND THE WORLD DOES IT!"



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Yorumi What you've said makes no sense, lol. Go ahead and judge America by their family guy and south park cartoons, it's totally fair to represent much of the USA's media with that crap, because that's what is popular. But they still don't have old men who try to touch girls as a running joke and they are NOT in any way meant for younger audiences, as DBZ and some other animes are!



LoveSugoi said:


"However, I do believe that stuff like this should be stopped. How about the Anime industry starts something like the Comics Code Authority, and I guess the Cero rating systems should also be a little more strict..."

The Comic Code Authority? You mean the very thing that stifled the comic industry's ability to reach the masses early on and turned it into in a homogeneous niche hobby with "white male geek living in mom's basement" stigma? The lingering consequences of it's effects one of the main reasons why current American comics will never see the sales records One Piece and Naruto occur on a weekly basis? The one all major publishers eventually abandoned? You think Anime/Manga should have the equivalent of THAT? (I agree with much everything else you've said though.)

@AugustusOxy Summed up my feelings exactly.



Yorumi said:

@PvtOttobot no they just dress actual real children up as prostitutes and have them dance suggestively on stage for a crowd and filmed to be aired on a channel called "the learning channel." Half the stuff on abc family(the family version of a disney owned channel who is advertises itself as a family company) is way more sexualized than all but the worst anime and it's portraying teenagers on that channel. And I could go on and on and on and on.

If you want to be consistent I'd argue you shouldn't even be playing video games at all. Or is it possible generalizations like this don't work and it's the responsibility of the individual the choose the entertainment they consume?



Blast said:

Good! Sexualized young characters really bother me! Make them 20 years or older!!!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Yorumi I still don't get why you think I'm criticising Japan and upping the USA xD they are both extremely 'flawed' and will never reach an acceptible standard as there are no worldwide shared morals. Have fun not playing video games you internet folk are so eager to argue



Smooty said:

@Sherman It is, the legal age in Sinaloa is 12 even.
I believe that allows two, 12+ teenagers to have sex with each other (or a 12+ with a 17 year old)
I don't know if it's legal to have sex with a 15 year old if you're, say, 19 or something?
I guess i'm not beautiful cause im not from Sinaloa
But, i went there not long ago, and the place is like a burning hell! in my state the temperature is always between 25-36 C•



Yorumi said:

@PvtOttobot I'm pointing out your utter inconsistency and double standard. You're generalizing an entire industry and somehow worse than other things. You shouldn't be making broad sweeping generalizations based on virtually nothing. You watched 3 anime out of thousands and decided you were going to impure an entire industry and everyone who watches anything from it.

There's plenty of bad entertainment out there but there's a lot of good too. Perhaps instead of attacking an entire industry out of ignorance, and pretending like it's somehow worse than anything else you should spend some time educating yourself. People have mentioned numerous popular anime that completely contradict your ignorant generalizations and you still desperately cling to your bias and double standard.



ToxieDogg said:

I think one of the big issues here is that we have no right to judge another country or culture's standards by the same laws as our own country or culture. A lot of people seem to forget that.

The vast majority of people in the West don't even look at half of the manga/anime that's available in Japan, and I've never heard of any pedophile in the West being affected or fuelled by any Japanese material they looked. Does Japan have a massive pedophilia problem? It's really up to them what they do in their own country.



SleepyCrossing said:

Now I feel guilty for playing Conception II, lol. In all seriousness, I don't know much about anime, to be perfectly honest. Perhaps they just need a stricter rating system? I applaud Japan for stepping in the right direction with this.



Yorumi said:

@SleepyCrossing anime is one of those things you just kind of have to watch to understand it. It's hard to try to generalize what goes on. There's plenty of shows where the only premise is panty shots and innuendo, and likewise there's plenty of other shows where that doesn't happen at all. Usually you see the most extreme examples often out of context.

The reference to herbert the pervert from family guy is probably the best explanation for one of the tropes. It's done completely as a joke and in a lot of cases the things he says at least are worse than a similar character in anime. Or really for that matter conception II kind of sums up a lot of the sexual content in anime. Just like american tv, some shows/anime have no sexual content, others are loaded with it. Believe it or not their actual broadcast standards for tv arn't all that different from america.



Rafie said:

I saw the title and knew that this would be interesting to say the least. I hope everyone can keep their tempers and stuff in check. This is a sensitive subject to some.



FroJake said:

Still waiting for news about that Senran Kagura game they revealed a few months ago, regardless of if it comes the the States & Europe or not. Shinovi Versus being confirmed and availible for pre-order is the push that is making me buy a vita, while being intrigued in the past two years with Gravity Rush, Tearaway, and Killzone: Mercenary



JusticeColde said:

This news really has no reason to be here, the law is about Japan only now banning child porn.
This has nothing to do with violence or fiction, this would do better as a thread on the forum rather than a full article that just happens to be a week late.



Sherman said:

Hahaha. Well, that could be some interpretation. But if you want the real one, here they are:
@8BitSamurai's: "No dejen que la abuela se suba a la Wii Balance Board porque acapara todo el tiempo de juedo del Twerk U".
@ogo79's: "No dejen que la abuela sugiera un restaurante mexicano de nuevo porque le provoca gases todo el camino de vuelta a casa". But I might add, that what everyone sells outside of México as mexican food is garbage. What you eat ain't tacos, ain't tortillas, ain't carne asada. If one day you get to know México you'll see what I'm talking about. At least the northeast cousine is very rich and gas free
I know, @Kaine_Morrison!? Everyone should google "sinaloa girls". Or "culiacan girls" for that matter. It's the city with the most beautiful girls from Sinaloa. You might have more luck if you google it in spanish.... so... "chicas de culiacan". I'd add a photo or two, but I don't want to feel TBD's hammer on my teeth.
I don't think this law will stop fat japanese guys from using and selling panties and sell them as if they were used by teenagers, @KennyPowers.
I checked, @HaThready. It's legal at 16 in Sinaloa. As it is right now at the law: Edad mínima del consentimiento sexual según la CNDH
There´s the law for each state. Check yours
I never said you where ugly, hermosa. Just said that Sinaloa has a lot... and I mean, a loooot of beautyful (and beyond) women. I have a funny story about that: A couple year ago, a friend had two visitors from a different state. They arrived to the city and whent to what was my and my friend's work place: A university. We spent two hours in the campus cafeteria and in all that time one of the guys never said a word, until he broke silence and said "¡No mames! ¡¡Aquí hasta las gorditas están bien buenas!!" (I said it in Spanish because it'd be funnier for you XD), translated it could be something like "Unbelievable! Even the chubby girls are hot here!!". One out of ten girls are ugly here. Two are OK. Three are very pretty and four are godesses. No joking. And yes, it's a very very hot place here. Totally woth it XD
But I'm pretty sure you are very pretty, preciosa =*
Now, getting into track: I think they should leave all fictional stuff as it is, all around the world. Ban all the real stuff and start drawing some clear lines on "real" stuff like using child actors in a violent scene. I'm not against it, I think if they ban that sort of stuff the industry and the art in general (movies, tv, etc.) will suffer deeply. And I'm not talking about money but about quality. But they should have some clear boundaries on this.



Remisio said:

@Sherman The only Latino food that ever causes me problems is the American crap they call Mexican Food. God, Freaking Taco Bell... I only ever eat it when I go to USA on short visits because it's cheap but I always get sick, I'm not eating it again... God...



Aquilalex said:

@Sherman Ese Sherman es todo un loquillo XD I'm interested in Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is even a good RPG game at least?



yuwarite said:

Why... is this article on NintendoLife? And why are there so many reples to it? I realise the irony of me asking that, while further adding to the replies, lol.



mamp said:

Senran Kagura image with this title IDK why but it made me LOL. Child abuse is bad though not laughing at that. Also I feel like another game would have fit this better I mean the SKB girls are on the older side compared to the usual anime girls used for this kind of material (I mean 2 of those girls are actually 18 and boy was I surprised about that one).



RickyWill said:

@ToxieDogg Very true, as we tend to have similar things in OUR media. Child Pageants, for starters.

Oh, and yes, the constant "jumping to conclusions." I read an article from a politician claiming that Watch_Dogs teaches people how to actually hack, even though he only watched the trailer. Shows how stupidly fast people generalize something with little to no knowledge of the subject.



kukabuksilaks said:

Kudos to you Japan, it's about time.

That being said, my opinion on the animemanga part of the discussion:
there shouldn't be a ban on sexualized animemanga, it's not like the characters are forced to participate or are hurt by being drawn that way, if YOU don't like it or get offended by skimpy clad DRAWNANIMATED girls that looks like they're under 20 then don't buy or watch these product! it's simple really!

to that I say, sure kids shouldn't play or watch sexualized games or shows, and I mean KIDS! now teenagers that's a different story, (remember teens is defined as 13 - 19 year-olds) teenagers are naturally curious about the opposite sex (for some it's the same sex), as they should be, this has to do with hormones and human nature, if you make everything sexual a taboo for people under 20, then how in the world are these "kids" supposed to develop a healthy sexuality as they grow up? making teens repress their hormone amplified natural lust, shield them from everything with a bit of bare skin or slightly sexual content and not talk with them about sex and all the "crazy teen desires" they have is just plain wrong, I would even go as far as calling it unnatural..

All these purists that like to give the impression of sex being bad, disgusting, something you don't talk about and that it belongs in a marriage and only when it's about making kids, are just as twisted as the people they think are destroying the moral fabric of society imo, they're just another kind of twisted... If you grow up learning that everything slightly sexual is wrong how will you know what is "normal"?

I'm not saying teens should watch tentacle-pron and play games with skimpy clad characters with giant boobs, just that you're not doing them any favours by pretending that sex is non-existent or harmful for people under 20. there's not many things in this world that are free, enjoyable and good for you so don't rob your future generations of this by making it a taboo.
as a grown man and a father I'm glad I didn't grow up in a sexual inhibited society/family and I'm glad my kids won't either.

tl thumbs up Japan!, rant about people with the twisted thought that sex and sexual desires is unnatural and something that shouldn't be talked about.
Can we get back to talking about games and when Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in the west now?
And more about some awesome Ninty figurines please!



k8sMum said:

for those who have been living under a rock, there has been a lot of backlash against the pageants featuring kids being sexually inappropriate, particularly after the murder of jon benet ramsey.

as this law does not have anything to do with limiting what can be done/shown in anything other than real life, wtf is all the angst about?



kurtasbestos said:

As an outsider who decided to live in Japan for the rest of my life for some reason, I think it's interesting that this huge list of comments is something that probably wouldn't and/or doesn't happen in Japan. Well, maybe it does somewhere, but the average person probably doesn't realize there's a problem. If you just look at the girl-group-idol-whatever industry... a bunch of fake-looking girls in doll-like outfits singing incredibly over-produced generic pop music... the fans at their concerts are pretty much exclusively men from teenagers to those in their 30's or 40's or so. The young girls that are supposedly (or not) the target audience tend to get stuck way in the back of the arenas. Most Japanese people don't see that as anything unusual (and hey, I don't know how pop music works so maybe it's not), but I personally find it incredibly disturbing.

This is still a VERY male-dominated society, and unlikely to change in the near future because people pretty much think "ehhh, it doesn't really apply to me, but I'm not going to do anything about it because it's tradition or whatever" (think of how the rest of the world is furious at Japan for hunting whales... MOST Japanese people (other than old people who are super-set in their ways) don't actually have any interest in eating whales, but they don't really see it as a problem so the government just keeps doing whatever it wants). My wife is one of two (2) women in her company, and I get to hear her complain about how incredibly unfair her workplace is on a near daily basis. No matter how much I suggest that since she lived in Canada for a while and she's married to an American, she could probably use her experiences in the outside world to change things for the better (because they put so much responsibility on her that they'd be totally screwed if she quit). But... she just puts up with it because that's what Japanese people do.

Wow, I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant about the things I don't like about this country. There are plenty of things I DO like about this place, and I see this new law as a very good thing. I only hope that they'll keep working on it. Of course there are creepy people here who take their obsession with young girls too far, but it's something you rarely hear about. That doesn't mean it's not a problem, though... just not as much as in other countries. Still, if other countries get super-sensitive about this sort of thing, I feel like it really is in Japan's best interest to go along with those other countries' wishes and crack down on this sort of thing more. Sort of like the whale thing... personally, I don't see it as a huge problem, but since the rest of the world is all like "holy crap that's totally wrong, yo", then I really wish Japan would get the message and change its ways. Because I'm planning on living here for the rest of my life, after all, so I really kind of want the country I live in to be a part of the world instead of its own special magical set of islands that doesn't have to care about what the rest of the world thinks.

Holy crap I swear I didn't meant to type that much when I started. Sorry.



AJWolfTill said:

@Kaine_Morrison Do you... know what child abuse is?

I'm actually amazed that this law didn't already exist 0_o I don't see how anyone could possibly argue against what it is they are actually banning.



FantasiaWHT said:

Government should have as little role as possible in deciding what forms of expression are "safe" for us mere humans to possess.



nopedotbmp said:

I'm probably going to catch some flak for this, but here goes.

With all due respect, this topic has absolutely nothing to do with video games, and as such, I don't see how it belongs on this website.
I realize you tried to tie it in with some relevance to gaming, but the logic you used to do so is similar to if they discovered a new type of dinosaur, and you chose to publish an article on it simply because some video games have dinosaurs in them.
This is a video game news (and sometimes blog) site, and I'd very much appreciate if I could browse it without being bombarded my completely irrelevant, unnecessary, and frankly unpleasant topics such as this. I'm respectfully asking that in the future that you more carefully consider if such an article really is video game related and it's content truly fits in with the theme of a site such as this before posting it. Just because it's Japan related doesn't mean it's gaming related, and it doesn't need to be flimsily tied in as such.



Gold_Ranger said:

More than you will ever know.
My dad was actually very bad.
He'd slam my head through walls, whipped me with extension cords, a couple of times he hit me as soon as I got off the school bus in front of everyone if I had forgotten to brush my teeth before I went to school. there are many many more things that have happened to me.

So, exactly what point were you trying to make?



RickyWill said:

@kurtasbestos @FantasiaWHT @nopedotbmp

Once you think about it, this is similar to a "Do Violent Video Games cause Violence in real life" situation. Personally, thinking that stuff like this plays a part in pedophilia-related crimes is very stupid (I normally cringe at situations like it in anime and manga, so don't think I'm supporting sexualizing young girls in any form of media), I think at this point, enough people should realize the difference between fantasy and reality. Not to mention that anime and manga over there is like what Comic Books are over here, a simple, nerdy thing that small amount of the popularity does, as well as something the general public usually doesn't care about.



Sherman said:

Sure, @theblackdragon. I apologize and promise it won't happen again
Well, @HaThready, "derogate" means that their is no law for that at the time. Either was a law about that but was removed or it has never being a low about that. Weird. I see now why you have so nice weather. Jalisco is so nice and cool. You lucky girl n_n



BlueNitrous said:

Shouldn't Japan try to...y' on the whole child porn + incest manga and anime issue they have goin on over there? I mean, stuff like Oreimo is/was really popular, and thats about as incesty and child porny you could get. Besides, not to many other countries are making stuff like Boku no Pico Japan. If someone tried to pull that in America, you'd have the Feds at your door within 10 minutes of you putting it up for sale.



Smooty said:

@Sherman Well... the weather is not THAT nice >.< it's been hot lately and honestly i don't know if i could survive in Sinaloa for 3 days, i would die there!



J-Manix98 said:

@Romeo You're right, I haven't watched many anime. It's not that I dislike it, I just think that the use of unneeded; up-skirt shots, and slow-pans across the breasts seem distasteful.

And no offense to you, but I don't like most of the anime fanbase. It seems that they are either; Pervey dudes, weird cosplay nerds, or moral less, arrogant, bisexual, emo, teenagers. That's just what I have gathered from my personal experience, having been to anime conventions, and attended a manga drawing class.

Again, I'm not trying to label anyone in particular. I just don't think I would enjoy be a part of that fan base.



Waann said:

@JellySplat You have to realize there isn't one fanbase for all anime/manga... just like there isn't one fanbase for all American movies. It's not a genre, it's just "comics made in Japan". I enjoy watching the occasional anime and yet I have never watched a fanservice show, or one where there were no interesting female characters.
It's just Sturgeon's Law: "90% of everything is crap".
(Also, thinking someone is worthless because of their hobbies or sexual orientation ? Not cool.)



J-Manix98 said:


First of all, I never said anyone was worthless. I was just saying that I personally do not like hanging around people like that.
But even if I did say someone was worthless for said reasons; who are you to say that that what I said was "Not Cool"?. Get used being judged dude, its unfortunately how the world works.

Back on subject though.
I disagree with what you said about anime not having a direct fanbase. I think, just like any other fad, that there is a certain amount appreciation and understanding needed to watch and enjoy anime/manga, which not everybody has. I f you like Japanese animation, then you are an Anime fan. Just like how someone who likes the American style of animation, is an animation fan.

Granted, there are certain brands or genres in both categories, that people tend to favor or dislike compared to other brands or genres. Which is how every type of entertainment works.

Also, I do not think that Japanese anime is the only art style that over sexualizes characters. Anime/manga is just, less predictable than western animation or comics.
From my experience, you are more likely to find some sexual or nudity related humor in anime/manga, than you are in American comics/animation (unless it is specifically advertised or rated to have such content)

Anyway, I hope I got my point across. If you have any problems with what I said, feel free to leave a reply.



AJWolfTill said:

I'm really sorry for making you bring that up : (
What I meant was I felt the law was more focused on sexually abusive images, but again I sincerely apologize.

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