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Mii Swordfighter Characters Show Off Their Moves in Super Smash Bros.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shurikens of Light! Chakrams! Gale Strikes!

The first reveal from Nintendo in its E3 Digital Event was Mii characters for Super Smash Bros., an inclusion that means — in theory — almost anyone can be a challenger. You want to fight as Reggie Fils-Aime or Satoru Iwata? Import or create their Mii characters onto your system, and they're good to go.

The exciting thing is that there'll be three different classes of Mii — Brawler, Gunner and Swordfighter. Masahiro Sakurai has now used his daily Miiverse screen to show the latter in action, giving a brief breakdown of some of the moves available; this is only a taste, though, as each class will have 12 special moves each.

Pic of the day. Here are some weapons the Mii Swordfighter can use: Shurikens of Light, Chakrams, and Gale Strikes. You can control the direction the Chakram is thrown, or even make it stall in midair. The Chakram is also the only one of these tied to the side special move, so you can use one of the other items consecutively with this one.

Will you be jumping into battle with Mii characters in the new Super Smash Bros. titles, or are you a purist that'll stick to the traditional roster? Let us know.


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ItalianBaptist said:

inb4 xena and naruto in smash bros. This does look neat though and I plan on maining at least one of the mii styles.



Omarsonic9 said:

It's a good idea Nintendo didn't allow Miis online. Because probably everyone will probably play with Miis and the experience will be boring as you might always see Miis in the games.



Yai said:

I'll probably stick to the normal roster but they look really fun xD I'm glad he did this instead of a more generic system.



NintyMan said:

I like all the customization the Miis are getting, just as I thought they would. And people thought they would be dull fighters!



ModestFan93 said:

@Omarsonic9 Um what? Miis are allowed when playing with friends, you just can't use then For Fun or For Glory modes.

Love the purist line I'll be one of the more flexible people and rock out to my Mii beating up Bowser and Ganon. = w =



ModestFan93 said:

@DestinyMan People still think they're a useless slot space. Why I don't know because I'm still loving their inclusion and frankly best Avatar representatives besides Wii Fit Trainer!

@siconlol This too.



NintyMan said:

@ModestFan93: After seeing stages based on Pilotwings Resort on Wuhu Island, Find Mii II, and Tomodachi Life, those signs alone were enough to make me think Miis were likely coming. They have more moves to choose from than any character in the roster, more customization than any character as a result, and you can theoretically play as over millions of different Miis based on real people, historical figures, celebrities, game characters, cartoon characters, movie characters, you name it! It makes for a great compromise with those silly few who make silly character requests.

I can definitely understand why they are banned from fighting online with strangers, though, because it would get boring fighting Hitler Miis after a while. Miis will be restricted to offline and playing with online friends, just like customized movesets.

My Mii will be a Swordfighter and will probably use Shurikens of Light and Chakrams.



ikki5 said:

personally... I find them not allowing mii's online is very stupid. like come on, you have a bunch of mii's run onto your Wii U screen when you start it up. If their reasoning is people getting offended, why do they still allow that.You have a much higher chance of getting an offensive Mii there then the chance of getting 3 random miis online in smash... and that is if everyone uses the mii. Same for allowing miis to be shared. Really, that is a pathetic excuse to not allow them online with random people because your miis already go to random people which they can save them freely.



Sgt_Ludby said:

I'm also upset they can't be used online. They're allowed in MK8 and I haven't seen any offensive Miis. Most people don't even use their Mii and I'd imagine it would be the same in SSB. I feel like a teenager whose parent still treats them like a child and refuses to believe that their baby has grown up!



savisn said:

I wonder if they will create an ability to special order an Amiibo for Miis. Being able to store your Mii info through games and have a customized figure would be interesting. I'm sure they could charge $20 and make them in the Nintendo stores or order online fairly easily.



tj3dsXL said:

I wonder if this feature will be ava. on the 3DS release as well? Someone "holler"(spice girls) if they find out!



LtAldoRaine said:

Yeah, what happens to Palutena? I'm thinking she'll have a "default" moveset for non-friends online play. I understand Miis not being allowed, but Palutena would be a bit weird.



Knuckles said:

Decisons decisons, a another Swordfighter who is a copy of Link, or a indivualized one with the shirukens of light?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Sgt_Ludby @ikki5 I've seen some really nasty Mii's (including Hitler, but also other... stuff) in MK8, and I've reported each of them, not because I feel offended, but because it's simply tasteless and immature to use in online games.
But pointing at the availability of Mii's in MK8 to complain about their exclusion in Smash's randomized online modes is a feeble argument. It's not allowed in global competition not just because of offensive Mii's, but also because it's much more insensitive to have Hitler (just an example) win an all-out battle than having him win a a cart race. There's also much larger focus on the Mii's designs in Smash.

But just to bring in a gameplay standpoint: Mii's are also excluded from global competition because they don't have a default mode. All characters can only use their standard moves online, no custom/altetnate moves allowed, and Mii's have no standard moves, making it impossible to determine what is custom and what isn't.



Melkac said:

@ModestFan93 Pretty much the same thing.

Apparently you can even customize the Miis ala Tomodachi Life ( a new system update coming? >_>), so this should be cool!

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