The first reveal from Nintendo in its E3 Digital Event was Mii characters for Super Smash Bros., an inclusion that means — in theory — almost anyone can be a challenger. You want to fight as Reggie Fils-Aime or Satoru Iwata? Import or create their Mii characters onto your system, and they're good to go.

The exciting thing is that there'll be three different classes of Mii — Brawler, Gunner and Swordfighter. Masahiro Sakurai has now used his daily Miiverse screen to show the latter in action, giving a brief breakdown of some of the moves available; this is only a taste, though, as each class will have 12 special moves each.

Pic of the day. Here are some weapons the Mii Swordfighter can use: Shurikens of Light, Chakrams, and Gale Strikes. You can control the direction the Chakram is thrown, or even make it stall in midair. The Chakram is also the only one of these tied to the side special move, so you can use one of the other items consecutively with this one.

Will you be jumping into battle with Mii characters in the new Super Smash Bros. titles, or are you a purist that'll stick to the traditional roster? Let us know.