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Mario Maker to Include Additional Graphical Styles, Sharing Levels is "Really The Whole Point"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"I'd also like to include other graphics that aren't Mario"

Mario Maker on Wii U may have been leaked before E3, but its formal reveal was still a delight to see in action. Though it's certainly possible to mod Mario levels in various unofficial ways, the prospect of an accessible and official editing app from Nintendo is particularly enticing. Many like to think they're Mario Masters and could design platformers to stand-up to the big N's efforts, and this will provide an opportunity to put those skills to the test.

The reveal was a relatively early look, of course, and raised some questions. One of these was with regards to the visual styles on offer; a neat feature showed the graphical style being instantly switched with a tap of a button from a Super Mario Bros. template to an alternative for New Super Mario Bros. U. With regards to whether more will be included in the final product, Nintendo's Takashi Tezuka has confirmed in the affirmative to USGamer, in the process also suggesting that other franchises could make an appearance.

Obviously, there will be other graphical styles included. And nothing's been decided yet, but I'd also like to include other graphics that aren't Mario.

Any non-Mario graphics would still be within the confines of 2D platforming, yet it opens the door for a host of other franchises to make an appearance. In addition, there's a desire to include a music composition feature, hardly new ground but certainly welcome after its iconic appearance in Mario Paint.

Another issue has been Nintendo's silence on sharing created levels, with many expressing the view that this would be integral to the software. Tezuka-san has acknowledged that sharing levels will be key, though how it will be applied is still in flux, perhaps explaining Nintendo's hesitation in sharing any detail. Tezuka-san is clear in stating that it's on the agenda, however — "Sharing with friends is really the whole point of making levels".

Mario Maker could potentially be one of the most interesting and robust releases of 2015, but let us know what you think of these comments from Tezuka-san. Which other visual styles and franchises would you like to see in the final product?


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Alpha2797 said:

I'm really looking forward to Mario Maker. It may possibly be THE game I'm looking forward to the most in 2015. Well, this and Zelda U of course.



LazyShell said:

I'm definitely interested to see this game as Nintendo fleshes this out with more objects to use for each map. Also will be nice to see more level variations and even being able to adjust level length. I'm looking forward to sharing levels, and being able to play other peoples levels. I hope level sharing isn't restricted to just friends.

Also, if this goes over well, I'd really be interested in a Zelda maker.



Ronoh said:

Sharing beyond your friends list is a must for this title to have legs. Very interested in this game but I'm hoping to hear just how fleshed out this will be.



Zach777 said:

Zelda will be 2016. If it's only going to be playable next year then it definitely won't release next year.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Another long list of games for Wii U owners to enjoy, but no one is buying a console for this, but that doesn't even matter.



LazyShell said:

Actually I was curious about something. I know some of these "create-a-level" type games have a feature where in order to share a map you made you had to actually beat it. Did Nintendo comment on adding such a restriction or no?



Ronoh said:

I sometimes wonder whether only levels that can be completed by the creator from start to finish should be eligible for sharing. This way the hub for shared levels isn't drowned by impossible to complete levels.



3Daniel said:

im assuming each map must have a flagpole and that the player must reach said flagpole in order to be able to complete the level and upload it. so while the graphics may differ, if say you can use a link or samus character instead of mario, the design itself will stay true to mario. i.e. you move left to right and finish when you reach the flagpole. mariovsdonkey kong minismarchagain is most likely the template for how editing and sharing will work. tho uldated of course to feature miiverse if possible.



SKTTR said:

I'll be just happy if I can make my own Super Mario Bros. worlds 1-1 to 8-4 and save and share them.

The demo looks great and it's probably safe to say that there will be other backgrounds (underground, underwater, snow, mushroom, cloud, and castle)
as well as enemies like Bullet Bill, Blooper, the fishies, rotating flames, the jumping lava, Bowser.

I hope there's a background editor for those clouds, bushes, and hills as well.
Music maker would be a very welcome and surprising addition.

If they add even more stuff... from other games... well, why not? As long as everything Super Mario Bros. is included I don't mind having assets and enemies from Metroid, Kid Icarus, Zelda II and the rest appear, but I wonder how these will look like in New Super Mario Bros. U mode.



rjejr said:

"Sharing Levels is "Really The Whole Point""

Which is why it's on 3DS so levels can be exchanged via Streetpass. Oh wait.

My kids are really both looking forward to this one, perhaps the most of any E3 showing. It's what they do. Granny in Paradise, Advance Wars, Age of Booty, SSBB, and they just bought RPG Maker AceVX so they can really go whole hog.

My biggest question - since I've seen this game compared to LBP on NL on occasion - is this a "game maker" or just a level editor? Can you make an entire overworld map w/ worlds and levels in each world, or is it simply an extension of the SSBB level editor? It does look like the levels can extend past the edge of the screen but I haven't noticed an overworld map or hub of any kind.

Level editor = $15 download w/ DLC for additional games
Game maker = $50 retail/DL w/ more than Mario included

2 Gamepads so my kids could work on levels simultaneously would be nice too Though Wiimote pointer could work as well I suppose.

I think I'm changing my ID to Anti-Mahe for all my 2 Gamepad posts



timtimdaunholy said:

better late than never, Littlebigplanet cough cough

The demo looked great. I now its a demo but there better be longer taller levels, and more powerups( they didn't show anything but mushrooms). but it is a demo so i assume it will have all of that.

Also making your own pixel art sprites and backrounds would be amazing



Yorumi said:

My main concern is that they flesh it out more. I know it's not yet final software but what they were showing is incredibly limited. The levels were short, had no vertical component and there were only a few props. They essentially showed of short masochistic bursts of pure left to right mario. Forgive me if I've missed some of the details I wasn't following every detail of this. However, even the original smb was more advanced than what you can so far do with this, not to mention mario 3 and super mario world.

I would say at a minimum you should be able to recreate smw in it's entirety for it to be considered complete software.



OneBagTravel said:

I'm a mario platformer junkie and to be able to make my own levels really easily will be a test to see if I can get hired at nintendo (joking)



Expa0 said:

They should allow the use of gimmicks & features from games other than SMB1. Just cause you can slice with a different coat of pain doesn't change the fact that as it is the editor is extremely limited.



Sean_Aaron said:

There should be pretty radical alternatives to either 8-bit or New Super Mario Bros. visuals: pointillist or French impressionist oils, chalk or other media like yarn, clay, etc. would be brilliant and head-and-shoulders over anything a modder could do.



Shambo said:

Hopefully there'll be a deep classification system, to look up easy/hard short/long... levels, with fun/design/... ratings. And musical themes to go along with the graphical ones. Any word of this being a download or physical?



mushroomer said:

im just happy to have an official level editor for the best platformer ever. i enjoyed Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini's which actually already did this.. but when that game was popular, internet and wifi was not like it is today.. I think this game would be in Nintendos best interest to release on both wii u and 3ds with cross platform compatibility. Only because you want to make it as accessible as you can. this type of game only attacts a small percentage of users and if you only release it on the wii u, you have already narrowed it down and possibly set yourself up for a disaster. 3DS is a must since it seems basic enough to do and proved with mario vs dk that it is possible. Also having different DLC for the platforms will be a good way to get the level editing niche to buy into both .. only my opinion but i think im right.



DualWielding said:

If the sharing system is as good as Little Big Planet I may buy a Wii u for this (not interested in making things but a new Mario level everyday would be too awesome to pass)



NintyMan said:

I would personally love to make my own Super Mario Bros. 3 levels. Non-Mario games that could appear in this 2D level maker might be Zelda 2, Metroid, Kid Icarus, and/or Kirby. I'm also pleased to see there will be a music maker too.



unrandomsam said:

I hope some of the people making mod's for NSMBW start making levels with this and there is a good way for me to get them in large batches.

(Think it is more likely they make it hassle though like Warioware DIY was.)

In an ideal world by the next system the only way for Nintendo to proceed should be raising the bar completely.



absuplendous said:

This news makes me a little more enthused about the project, but I'm just waiting/fearful for " DLC" to follow. It'd be really neat if we could have a medley of different graphical elements running at once.

I'd love to see the Super Leaf, or the long-lost CAPE FEATHER, incorporated. If the latter is implemented I will probably bite. I want to soar again.



KevTastic84 said:

This has the potential to be brilliant. An editor with a few more options than what we have already seen would be ideal. This is for gamers after all. Not developers. So they are gonna keep it a simple tool based approach. Whatever it turns out like i'll definately be getting it. Back when i was 11 me and my friend designed levels and worlds for an entirely new Super Mario World sequel. That was all hand drawn. Would be amazing to dig them up and re-create them as a proper game.



DreamyViridi said:

I don't know why but I love making video game levels so this really appeals to me. I've made a lot of Mario vs. Donkey Kong levels over the years. One thing I hope they also take note of is the game's mechanics when changing graphic styles. I'm too used to being able to wall jump with NSMB, so not being able to when playing with those graphics will catch me off guard. Otherwise, this game has HUGE potential and I hope it's all realised while the game is made.



Giygas_95 said:

I bet they'll add SMB3 and SMW graphics. As for the non-Mario graphics, perhaps Wario Land?



bonham2 said:

Forget graphical styles. Give us different psychics/mechanics. What's the point of NSMB graphics if you can't wall jump, adjust in air, butt stomp, etc?



ikki5 said:

the sharing of levels will be great. I am still hoping for Ghost houses, water levels, underground levels, sky and castle levels.... I know it is a bit much but I can only hope

It's dated for 2015 so it could be very possible



Sionyn said:

as long as its not laden with any micro transactions saying that if they were to give it away free micro transactions would be fine



Socar said:

I always wanted to make a mario game so yeah I'm definitely getting this for sure.



Yoshi said:

At least give me SMW and SMB3, templates for every world in these games, and the ability to design passages for underground and sky bonus areas.



Knuckles said:

Come on Nintendo, partner up with SEGA and include Sonic sprites and enemies for Sonic levels. 16 bit of course.



wober2 said:

oh man if they had a way that we could upload our own sprite sheets and trigger cut scenes and text boxes. Maybe even allow players to charge for elaborate creations like steam workshop.



MinecraftGreek said:

Amiibo Themsong by Me (Mii):
It rolls downstairs in one or in pairs, and fun for a toss or throw, It's great for a game, and fun for a play, it ah-mii-bo; amiibo, amiibo, its small it's light it's plastic, amiibo, amiibo, its better than good it's fantastic.



Varoennauraa said:

Let me draw tiles and sprites with stylus!!!

Drawing levels by hand and sharing them would be such a killer feature.



Montegarde said:

@audiobrainiac You. I like you.
Moreso than SMW graphics, I hope they'll at least include the assets to build SMW levels, because that's what I'm most excited about in this game. I also hope we can pick and choose from all the overworld themes from throughout the Mario series.



Ralizah said:

Depending on how well implemented the social features are, this may be a Day One buy for me. Was not hyped when I first heard about this, but the potential for greatness is becoming more and more apparent. It NEEDS a strong online component, though. And not just sharing levels with people on your friends list.



rock97on said:

I think this game would be cool to have co-op mode! You could make a whole course to go through with your friends.



Jayvir said:

Hopefully it works like Pushmo World does, where you just access a menu that is linked to Miiverse and you can sort from newest, most "yeah"'d, and the sort. If there isn't a menu in game to easily download these levels, Mario Maker will almost definitely fail to deliver on any of its promises



retro_player_22 said:

Man if they add in the Super Mario Bros. 3 NES and Super Mario Bros. 3 All-Stars as well as the Super Mario World graphic style in the final game, I would so pick this up.



Alucard83 said:

Never been a fan of paint games. It looks very very boring to me. Just pointless for me. good for the fans though



AusfahrtXD said:

@Zach777 Last year Nintendo was very keen on not showing any zelda even though they "could have" because they wanted to leave attention on other games. My guess is this year they only showed a small trailer so people would pay attention to their other games.

It's not like them to show off a trailer that was obviously intentionally short . It might be at next year's e3, but definately should release shortly after I think



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Would be a great joke if they included a Giana Sisters palette!
Other than that, QR Codes should do well, and they could combine it with a screenshot next to it in the style of Super Mario Allstars level cards. That'd make it easy to post in MiiVerse.



3Daniel said:

@MinecraftGreek id love for them too but considering how long its taken for them to finally give an official mario editor i douvt it. tho if this is a huge success and doesnt cut into future mario title sales than i dont see why they wouldnt. tho even just looking at whats been shown i can definately see some dedicated players recreating other methods of gameplay. like recreating zelda dungeons but with mario style of play.



aaronsullivan said:

I was sort of neutral on it until I saw the crazy stuff people were designing and realizing how conservative Nintendo has to always be to make things playable for the average gamer. Looks like fun to me, now (a great benefit of all the treehouse live game play).

I'm hoping this is crazy successful:
Metroid Maker
Zelda Maker

@Alucard83 This isn't a paint game. :/ It's a level designer with interactivity while you create and sharing play experiences instead of just flat images.



GalacticMario28 said:

This sounds like it has a lot of potential. I'm familiar with a different Mario editor, but this one sounds like it will be easier to work with, and will have things the other editor doesn't, most notably the music composition and the level sharing. I'll have to keep my eye on this.



WarioPower said:

So basically, Nintendo's releasing the tool they use to make the "New" Super Mario Bros games...



Gridatttack said:

Still, I think this in the end will be limited, so im sure it wont make the unofficial modding scene pointless
(because im sure this wont allow custom graphics, pipe transfers, more advanced stuff)



RedYoshi999 said:

I do wonder why it's taking until 2015 to release. The demo, though basic as it is, works completely fine now. All they need to do is refine it with more features, graphical styles and implement Miiverse sharing. I guess it shall be near perfect by 2015. Also, how can they add other franchises and still call it Mario Maker?



Ralizah said:

Also, this needs to support longer levels. Short bursts are fine, but imagine the crazy stuff you could do with multi-part levels. I get that the game isn't completed, however, and it's looking really nice. Very happy to hear that multiple graphical styles will be in the finished product.

2015 is looking like the year of Wii U.



Falkor said:

This is gonna be awesome. I certainly hope we will have a plethora of backgrounds/level themes to choose from. The underground stages from Mario Bros. 1 and castle stages would be great...but how about the sky stages from Mario 3?



AshFoxX said:

well, here is the metroid announcement they promised. it even does 2d and 3d. yup, im calling metroid graphics to be the announcement.



jkirchgessner07 said:

I really hope this takes off and I would love to see additional 'remixes'. A Metroid Maker would be amazing. Even a Zelda Maker.



Farmboy74 said:

This game really does need community sharing for it to thrive. If it's successful I can't see a reason why not to add other franchises.



Varoennauraa said:

Being able to draw your own tiles would make it The Anything Maker. And they should make it so.

Also. It would be cool, if second player would be able to play the game on the TV, WHILE the GamePad player is placing the tiles. There could be a new Super Mario adventure, that would be impossible without a little help of from the "Maker".(as well as being able to make your own adventures, ofcourse).



Bass_X0 said:

Super Mario All*Stars SMB1 graphics would be a great addition and would be the only one I use.



JaxonH said:

This game is a dream come true!

I love how the gameplay switches along with the visuals. The jumping and moving mechanics match the style of Mario game you make it. That's AWESOME. I loved NSMBU- the mechanics were flawless. I already know what style I'll be making levels in



LoveSugoi said:

Couldn't believe how entranced I was with this title the whole time it was being shown on Treehouse. I'd say it's my second favorite coming from E3, it'd make the most fantastic drinking/party game!

I'm liking the sound of "graphics that aren't Mario". Please get SEGA in on this so I can finally have a playable "new" 2D Sonic game!



allav866 said:

I wonder if I can make something like this...
Warning: Explicit Language
I hope they add more elements like fireballs, Bill launchers, and Bloopers...



GamerZack87 said:

If there are different graphical styles which will be implemented, I hope that there will be different goal varieties to go with them, ie. goalposts a la Super Mario World.

@LazyShell "Also, if this goes over well, I'd really be interested in a Zelda maker."

That would be awesome!



Th3PlaidHatter said:

Notice he says "sharing with friends." I bet it is going to be restrictive, at least in the start, to share to everyone. Still, I like that they are taking their time to get things right. Lbp, for example, can be a mess finding anything worth playing.



IronMan28 said:

This could be cool, hopefully sharing will be over the net somehow, I don't see how they can't do it.



slochmoeller said:

Super Mario Allstars graphics please. (I never actually owned an NES, this is how I played and most fondly remember those games.)

Actually, lets go all the way: This should be Mario All-stars 2.0. Include the full versions of the four NES games. Not only would on the fly switch up between the 8 bit, 16 bit and NSMB styles be really fun for those titles, but loading them up as start points for editting yourself could be useful. I mean, c'mon Nintendo, if you don't do that, the very first thing a lot of people will do when they get their hands on this is to pixel-perfect recreate smb1 and smbll in the editor specifically for use as starting points in the editor.

I also wouldn't mind if there was a freebuild style, where you don't have to make courses but just create environments. I know I'd like to build a fully explorable Peach's castle. But then, I've been playing a lot of Minecraft and Animal Crossing lately, so I'm kinda on a "life sim" kick. (Oh, how I wish New Leaf would include a fully functioning version of the SMB coinup cabinent that you would use your play coins to play. Yeah, I got vc release right on the same darn system, but theres something to be said for immersion.)



Mqblank said:

I'd love to see Super Mario World art style included. I wonder if you will be able to share levels with people who don't have Mario Maker?



Mqblank said:

I'd love to see Super Mario World art style included. I wonder if you will be able to share levels with people who don't have Mario Maker?



Dodger said:

I would be happy with the ability to share with friends and the ability to make a qr code. Then, you could just browse the internet. Miiverse posting would be great too though.



Ichiban said:

Id love to see the Double Dragon 2 sprites in there! Imagine playing a Mario game as Billy or Jimmy, beating the crap out of goombas!
Or Ninja Gaiden! Castlevania! Man i could go on and on lol



TwistOfFate619 said:

It looks pretty cool. But i'd be interested to know if it's going to be kept as simple as it is in the footage shown so far or if there's going to be a few more advanced options (e.g. more than the basic enemies or different environments and music like caves/castles included) or if it's just the standard "grassy" level theme. Granted they said there'd be additional graphical styles, but would they just all be based on one environment or contain several sets of graphics?

The other consideration is things like slopes. There's a good chance that they may not implement more advanced objects in keeping it "compatible" between the different graphics (i.e. there weren't slopes in SMB so potentially no slopes for all versions), but it'd be nice if they do include slightly more advanced objects.



SomeBitTripFan said:

My main hope is that wall jumping will be added as a possible move. It would no doubt allow for some very fun levels.



Ricube said:

They should also include the option to load custom art styles, through sd card or let people draw them directly in the "game". That would be really cool!



Wonky_Kong said:

@LazyShell I'm sure that Nintendo will have that, there's no way they would skip a feature as necessary as that.

I hope that there are a lot more items/ building materials than we saw at E3 because the building community will need more content to stay interested. I was heavily involved in the trails evolution building community, and the sheer amount of content in the game's level editor was what kept me coming back to design new levels.



Genesaur said:

"Mario Maker to include additional graphical styles."
Totally called it.

"I'd also like to include other graphics that aren't Mario."
That... I didn't see coming. What does that mean? More stuff expanding on the Starry Night concept?



Emaan said:

Love to see the visuals from Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World available.

Also this would be pretty pointless if they didn't allow for you to share and play levels made by other people.



UnseatingKDawg said:

They should add graphics from Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Paper Mario, maybe a hand-drawn style.



Marshi said:

@Yorumi I was about to write something similar. Yeah mario maker dosnt interest me at all right now. But if they add a full mario game (mario U 2?) along with a much more extensive use of the editor,including a super mario world style (moving goal post finish included!) then id be interested



cracked376 said:

let me buy the game for
wiiu then charge me dlc for Zelda, mega man,Yoshi,donkey kong ,metroid, castlevania, .....



Dodger said:

@Sahashra I think you are seeing something that I am not in this article/comments thread. I just see an article about a Nintendo employee saying that there will at least be some ways to share levels in a level editor and some people talking about what features they would like to see in a level editor for them to be interested in it.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Let's see...other than Mario, give us some Super Metroid, Kirby Returns to Dreamland, Donkey Kong Country Returns/Tropical Freeze, and Kid Icarus (possibly updated to Uprising level) graphics.



FJOJR said:

Would be cool to include Donkey Kong, Yoshi & Wario styles. If anything more than other 2D games like Kirby & Metroid.



SPEtheridge said:

I hope in the final game the change of styles changes the physics to the respective games as all have a slightly different feel playing new mario bro's style with the old physics would just seem weird, looks really good though.

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