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iPad Title Castaway Paradise Does A Pretty Convincing Impression Of Animal Crossing

Posted by Andy Robertson

Tom Nook won't be pleased

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered right now because we've just spotted an iPad game which looks an awful lot like Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Castaway Paradise is currently available on the Canadian, New Zealand and Vietnamese iPad App Stores, and it's fairly obvious where developer Stolen Couch Games got its inspiration from.

In fact, this is as close to a carbon copy of Animal Crossing you could possibly get. From the art-style to the jobs you do, to the manner of speech the islanders have and even the way your character moves, this is essentially 'Animal Crossing for the iPad'.

If you don't have an iTunes account in the territories above, here’s a short look at how the game plays from Family Gamer TV:

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Castaway Paradise also offers in-app-purchases and a VIP programme — a monthly fee to unlock special items and rewards. The in-app-purchases were kept a pleasant distance away from the main game experience, allowing you to ignore them and play for a decent amount each day before you run up against the pay-wall. Facebook integration is more pushy, but the leaderboard aspect of bug-collecting and fishing actually makes this more enticing than other free-to-play games.

There's no news on a UK release date as yet.

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Emblem said:

Every remotely successful IP in gaming has a 100 knock offs on the App or Play store. I do hope some of these thieves are being sued.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I gotta admit, it does look a bit charming with it's blocky graphics, but I still prefer Animal Crossing. I recall reading somewhere that this game is coming to Wii U. Not sure where though...



Mega719 said:

Nintendo took legal action on all Mario related ripoffs so I wonder if they would do the same with this. Although Nintendo is allowing 3rd parties to use their ips in games so maybe they would have to pay rights



Klinny said:

I don't think they're trying to be subtle at all. If you look up "Stolen Couch Games" on Google, their website meta description is "Castaway Paradise is like Animal Crossing for your tablet and mobile phone! It's free! Play it right now!"



Spakiness said:

An iTunes game copying off of something of Nintendos for quick money? I am so surprised... #sarcasm



KodyDawg said:

@C-Olimar @Kaizokuman @SilentHunter382 @Mega719 @Splatom
Didn't know I was gonna attract so much attention. But yeah, like you guys said, these guys are going down. The weird thing is this game has been up for, like, several months, but I just forgot about it until now. I can't really report the game to Applr or Google myself, though, as it doesn't appear to be available in my country. Oh, and if you wanna see just how bad the game is, YouTube it. It makes me want to go sit down, cry, rethink my life, and stay away from anything related to Mario 64 for awhile.



Mega719 said:

@KodyDawg Nintendo probably didn't take legal action yet because they aren't aware yet as the previous app games have been talked about a lot in the gaming community attracting Nintendo's attention. People probably don't see that as even worth negative attention



Mus1cLov3r said:

I've been waiting on this.... Sadly, my account is for the US. I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer.



SammytheSaiyan said:

Castaway Paradise: For those who aren't willing to pay for an actual 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, or even any of the other Animal Crossing titles for other platforms. Just what the world needed.



unrandomsam said:

@Spakiness Loads of the big mobile games rip off Warioland or Warioware in some way. (Fruit Ninja - Based on Warioware Microgame / Endless Runner in Warioland 4 (Dunno how Canibalt gets credited as being the first). Its allowed though as long as you don't steal assets. (That Simpsons Crazy Taxi clone - Sega tried to stop for example).



rjejr said:

iPad stories always boil down to 1 of 2 types of comments:

1 - this game is nothing but a complete and total rip-off of Ninteod's game


2 - Nintendo can't make games for tablets b/c tablets don't have any buttons so none of Ntineod's games will work on a tablets

Why is it that so many copy-cat companies can make exact copies of Nintnedo's games work on tablets (according to the video this game is even better than AC) but Nnitnedo, for all it's game making glorious history, can't find a way to make a game work without buttons?



Boxmonkey said:

Nintendo create other rip them off! It's happened as long as I've been a gamer. That's longer than I would like to admit.



SuperMikey said:

I was ready to go see the "copy" but this honestly seems different from Animal Crossing. You might as well say that Animal Crossing is a copy of Harvest Moon. Of course all I've seen of Castaway Paradise was this video but it looks fun and different enough from Animal Crossing.



Dizzard said:

I feel like people are being too harsh on this game. Normally when people here hate on a game for being a copy, said game is always something that was probably thrown together in an afternoon. Whereas with this game I feel like it's more of a homage than just lazy copy pasting.

I suppose I'm just more attached because I've known about this game prior to this article. I watched a preview playtest of this game a while ago.



ZenTurtle said:

It looks charming, I agree. It's not as if the company is claiming to be Nintendo like all the other myriad games on tablets... It looks like some real effort went into this! Why all the hate?



Melkac said:

"In fact, this is as close to a carbon copy of Animal Crossing you could possibly get. From the art-style--"

WOAH. Nonononono. Don't dare say that horrible, terrible art style is similar to AC's in the slightest. Nope.



mullen said:

That's why Nintendo should continue working on their 3DS or following consoles and not release their new games on mobile platform. There are tons of such cheap imitations, and Nintendo has no effective way (except so called "law" which doesn't always work) to defend their IPs and ideas on others' platform, and no way to attract customers to choose their games if the low quality imitations are much cheaper (because most customers can't really tell the difference before purchasing)



Link506 said:

1.) And WHY do we need this?
2.) And WHY are you telling me about thiswhen I don't want or even care about this?
Life is confusing.



Action51 said:

@rjejr said: "(according to the video this game is even better than AC)"

According to my mother, I'm "such a handsome and talented young man"...I'm not trying to say my mother is lying, but...I don't know if you can go on her words alone.

Obviously, there's a few things to consider here:

1) I prefer buttons, keep the buttons!
2) Artistically speaking, I'm gonna say Animal Crossing looks better
3) copycats and rip-offs have the hindsight of the original title to steal from



jdarrell said:

Haven't played Animal Crossing so I don't know how much they've copied here, but there's similar "rip-offs" on the eshop.

Which Animal Crossing game are they copying the most?



rjejr said:

@Action51 - "3) copycats and rip-offs have the hindsight of the original title to steal from"

Yeah, but if they could do it, coudln't Nitnendo do it first? Guess I'm just sick of all the whining I read about anything w/o buttons not being a "real game" b/c it's on a phone or tablet, yet Nitnedo magically makes them into real games when they get ported to the 3DS like Puzzles and Dragons Z. And Nintedo makes minigames in Nitnedo Land which are based on motion like that -FZero game. It's just a crock. Nintneod made Game & Watch fer cryin' out loud, they could make a game work w/o buttons if they wanted to. They just don't want to, which is their prerogative, but the "it can't be a real game without buttons" argument really irks me. As you can tell.



TonLoco said:

@SuperiorTech Wow talk about ripoff. They only changed the music and a couple pallet swaps. Of course lame story as well. "Bring the scepter by midnight." WTF?



Arminillo said:

I can respect this, it isnt half@ssed, and it isnt a giant cash grab. This is as much a copy as Tekken is tobStreet Fighter.



Arminillo said:


Ofc it can be a real game, but it can be limited severly. It can be hard for a game to reach full potential when bogged down with inapp purchases, ads, and buttons that cover half the screen. Some games can make the leap, most cant.



Poketendo said:

See? Now Nintendo has actual reasoning to sue, but they don't. So why do all those other worthless companies with no similair product keep sueing Nintendo!? Better yet, why do they win!? Nintendo could take down half of the AppStore solely due to copyright claims, but they're the only ones having to pay. This just makes me mad.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Honestly I thin knock-offs can be pretty good. If these games come out once every couple of years than why wait all that time to play the sequel when a similar game is available when you get tired of the current one. While it is a blatant knockoff Nintendo has no right to sue unless they patented the Animal Crossing formula.

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