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Hyrule Warriors Downloadable Costume Sets Feature Twilight Princess Outfits for Link and Zelda

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Screens for Agitha, Lana, Zant and Argorok also released

Though we have release dates for Hyrule Warriors in the West, one area that's yet to be outlined is whether there'll be multiple retail editions with additional costume sets, as is the case in Japan. At present the official website outlines three offerings, with details as follows.

  • A standard edition will come with a download code for a courage/bravery/valour costume set, which has three outfits.
  • A Premium Box includes that courage-themed set in addition to a download code for the wisdom set, another three outfits.
  • A Treasure Box will have both the sets and two "Power" costumes — this'll be a limited release at or Koei Tecmo's Gamecity website.

The Twilight Princess outfits above and below are part of these costume sets — Link is unsurprisingly part of the courage set, and Zelda the wisdom equivalent. At this point these download codes only seem to be referenced in their distinctive retail sets, but as they are downloads we'd also expect that some or all of these outfits also be sold separately as DLC — that seems especially likely in the West, unless we have similar bundles offered. Costume sets as special pre-order DLC and then more as separate packages are common in the Dynasty Warriors series, so these could just be the beginning.

In addition the official website has been updated with plenty of screens for playable characters Agitha and Lana, while villains Zant and Argorok are also shown off alongside another Twilight Princess-inspired stage. Check them all out below, in addition to a recent Zelda video posted by Koei Tecmo.

Let us know what you think, and what costume sets you'd like to see as DLC in Hyrule Warriors.

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Thanks to LexKitteh for the heads up.


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SpookyMeths said:

I'm a fan of magic-based characters, so I imagine I'll be using Lana quite a lot. Midna also looks incredibly fun to play.

There's a serious harem vibe going on here though... 6 playable characters confirmed so far and 5 of them are female.



unrandomsam said:

None of them presuming they are just skin's that don't change anything. (Which is what Costume DLC usually is).



Tsurii said:

I am SO hyped for this game by now. Hyrule Warriors started as a kinda "meh" spin-off, but it really shaped up recently and I'm actually kinda bummed, that it won't be cannon material. All of that stuff looks just so damn good.

And I friggin' love the fact, that they include so much stuff from Twilight Princess. That has to be my favourite Zelda game of all time and Kakariko Village and the Bridge of Eldin look GORGEOUS in HD.
I know, it's unlikely, but here's hoping that this is any indication for a possible HD remake or even just a remaster :3



Jazzer94 said:

When they first showed this in January I was a bit worried but man does it look good.



RedYoshi999 said:

There's a lot of Twilight Princess love in this game! Which isn't a bad thing, it's nice to see that world in HD, without going as far as a HD remake. I wouldn't really be impressed at having to buy DLC costumes, so I hope they are free.

And just look at the Majora's Mask moon screenshot and tell me that's not freaking awesome! THAT is why I want a HD remake of MM.



AJWolfTill said:

@Tsurii897 Considering all the work they've already put in to recreating the characters and stages I would not be surprised if Nintendo outsourced TP HD over to Tecmo Koie. I'm starting to wish this was an open world game where you could travel between battlefields.

Is it just me or are Midna and Lana on opposing sides in two of those screenshots?



Tsurii said:

@AJWolfTill Yeah I noticed the thing with Lana and Midna, too...I think Midna's either a villain for the main quest (because of the bone kids(?) - sry I don't know their english name. The things, that look like Dry Bones ^^ - behind her, but I kinda doubt that) or they just don't like each other too much. And I would really like that tbh



howser73 said:

I know I'm probably just hoping, with so much art and characters re-done from twilight princess could there be a remake for that game in the works? Hmmmmm I wonder



AJWolfTill said:

@Tsurii897 Stalkids is the word you were looking for. I'm guessing she has conflicting motives? Maybe the others are trying to destroy a Twili portal and they end up fighting before Zelda or Link comes along to rectify the situation?



BenAV said:

I definitely won't be paying any extra for additional outfits.
Especially not Twilight Princess Zelda, much prefer the normal Zelda from Hyrule Warriors.

The roster so far is pretty cool.
Already a few characters I really want to play as.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Oracle of Ages and Seasons Impa additional outfit pls.
Also, I was going to say Lana and Agitha looked hot, but then I realized they both looked 12. So, I'll just say Zant looks hot instead.
Also, I'm still waiting on Groose and Tingle. They better both be playable.



Einherjar said:

Well, if its going to be anything like a regular Dynasty Warriors game, be prepared for lots and lots of characters and lots and lots of additional costumes
And Koei is pretty much the only publisher who i happily throw my money down their throat
They have always been fair to their consumer base, tried as long as they could to offer all of their DLC for free or as cheap as they could.
The only really costly DLC they offer is from games that wouldnt sell so well in the first place.
Where companys such as Capcom or EA asked 2-5 bucks for a single new color scheme, koei offered a pack of nearly 80 classic costumes for 1.
So yeah, fanboy rant over, they have my full support as one of my most favourite and customer oriented dev/publisher overall



Offspring said:

Eldin bridge looks amazing, it'd be awesome if we had a solo fight with the moblin king (I think that's his name) on it like in Twilight Princess.



SpookyMeths said:

Huh, going by the comments, it looks like the Twilight Princess remake rumour mill is in full swing.

Because if there's anything that demands a remake, it's a game that you can buy anywhere for $20 and pop in and play on your current-gen console any time you want.



Zombie_Barioth said:

So Agitha is basically a summoner it looks like.

And man, that screenshot of Midna pulling the moon down with the hookshot.O.0



shigulicious said:

So much Twilight Princess love in this one. With all of the playable characters and alt costumes, this game is becoming essential for any Zelda fan. That's a lot of fans



NintyMan said:

These screens look gorgeous. I like all the Twilight Princess. Lana looks so cute too!

I was already interested in the game, but my interest has definitely been growing. I'll be very interested to read a review for this game this September.



Rezalack said:

Agitha actually looks... quite interesting. I have a feeling I'll be playing her first chance I get. Looked forward to this game since announcement and it's only looking better.



DiSTANToblivion said:

I was interested in this game until all the over-representation of Twilight Princess happened, now I really couldn't care less. Twilight Princess was one of my least favourite Zelda games and it's so disappointing that it's all they seem to be focusing on.



Smasher64 said:

That freakin' moon better be playable! Just kidding, I am so excited for this game!



Zach777 said:

The eagle man (Roam) from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comic that ran in Nintendo Power (1992 Jan-Dec issues) would be cool as a playable guy character. Unfortuately no one will know what I speak of more than likely. Maybe.



Grumblevolcano said:

@torotoid64 It was a better choice because Twilight Princess can be played on Wii U without a HD upgrade due to Wii mode. Wind Waker can't because Gamecube is not supported.



Shambo said:

Those new screenshots really are a sight to behold! Midna vs Zant, and Midna pulling down the moon, are definitely among my favourites so far.

Now, NoE, announce that treasure chest limited edition for this region as well! Just put down a lot of money for better means to display my entire Zelda collection, and I really need that thing to be in there, for a fair price.



erv said:

I can hookshot the moon? I gotta think about purchasing this. I always wanted to hookshot the moon.



HollowGrapeJ said:

@Einherjar Yes! Lots and lots of costumes please! I'll download them all!!!! I swear, this is my most hyped game of 2014 right next to Smash Bros. Lol. And Lana looks awesome!



gamerphil07 said:

If you guys remember the Nintendo TREEHOUSE Live @E3 event, they mentioned, when playing this game, that many Zelda games are prominent themes in the game. I feel we've seen a lot of the Twilight Princess stuff, but there are probaby a few more playable characters. Ashei, Darbus, Illia maybe?



ninjalink said:

Cause I love speculating, I think if this would be linked to any of the timelines, this is obviously in the child timeline.



User1988 said:

I hope we can play as Zant at some point... I think his character design is the coolest out of the whole Zelda franchise.




Doesn't seem like that much variation in what Zelda games the stages are from. Hope it's not majority Twilight Princess stages. Also seems like we need more characters, normal Warriors games have like 30. And we needs Tingles. ALL OF THEM



LexKitteh said:

@ThomasBW84 I appreciate the shout-out! I'm happy to contribute in any way I can, however small it is.

As for the DLC, it looks amazing! When I first thought of Playable Zelda, her Twilight Princess design came to mind. I feel we didn't see her do a whole lot in Twilight Princess, so I'm glad we can see her fight with that awesome design as well!
Also really excited for Zant!! I assume he'll be made playable at some point in the game too, maybe after the main story. (Still hoping for Tingle to show up.. XD)



ModernMARVEL said:

Twilight Princess certainly is getting a lot of love. If it's released in the states as seperate DLC it'll be the first game I ever get all of it for.



2Sang said:

I want a new male character. Skull Kid, Vaati, Tingle, Groose, anyone someone please. Link is not enough and there's already plenty of female characters. That is unless sheik is revealed, that would be fantastic.



Whopper744 said:

Those HD pictures of Twilight Princess makes me wish they would make a Zelda for Wii U as realistic as they can. The artistic styles are cool, but I just really want to see a super realistic Zelda at least once.
I'm also hoping since we've seen the moon, we could possibly get the Skull Kid playable, which I'd usually say sounds far fetched but we got the stinkin bug princess playable for cryin out loud.



MeloMan said:

So since Lana is an original character, I wonder if she's technically the main protagonist who's tied to the plot and charged with befriending Hyrule's finest? Plot details, plot details... can't wait!



DBPirate said:

Not that familiar with the Zelda series, as I've only played Wind Waker HD but it seems as though Twilight Princess is getting a lot of over-representation. Maybe Majora or Happy Mask Salesman will make an appearance. Or maybe a character from the more recent Skyward Sword.



turnmebackwards said:

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! This game looks AMAZING!
Nintendo just need to clear up what's happening with the release in Europe like special editions & such.



TwilightAngel said:

What? They have all the twilight princess costumes and characters, but where is midna's true form. Thats what im waiting for come on you have midna's imp, form you might as well add her human form.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Can't wait to get this game. Can't wait for September. There is so many awesome games coming out this fall. Makes me glad I have both a Wii U and an XL. I love fighting games. So stoked!!!!!!!



shinokami said:

@CaviarMeths I honestly cannot come up with another Male character for Hyrule Warriors outisde of a brand new one, unless you somehow make Girahim or Ganondorf playable or for giggles the Mail Man



mudmask said:

There's a whole roster of male characters they can choose from, I think it's just a matter of time. I'd love to see any one of these characters (some of it is wishful thinking... but if Agitha is in there, who knows?):

Skyward Sword:
Pipit (you know you wanted to play as him)

Twilight Princess:
Hero's Shade
Mayor Bo
Prince Ralis



Melkac said:

Wow. Twilight Princess Link looks terrible even in HD! No wonder Miyamoto wants to get as far away from that art style as posssible...
Something like Skyrim meets Skyward Sword (hint: colors) would've been a perfect balance, imho. I love how Zelda U looks, but...yet another cel-shaded game after Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds? Do something different, Aonuma!



Donutman said:

@Melkac as a life long Zelda fan, I have to disagree. Twilight Princess might not be technically a great looking game on a technical level. it is beautiful. I loved link between 2 worlds, but that's bland. I love the new Zelda U and it looks so amazing who cares its more cell shaded? Yea, I wanted that 2012E3 Zelda trailer to become reality, but we know Nintendo. Id love to see a HD Twilight Princess with M+ controls to come out.



Tops said:

I'm not a fan of DLC but I must say Zelda's TP look is probably my favourite and I'm glad we can play as that version of her as well!



ModestFan93 said:

@DBPirate Twilight Princess (depending on who you talk to) is one of the best Legend of Zelda games. And more well-received them Skyward Sword.



TheJebou said:

Loving this I really hope that there is not too much DLC and that TP is not the only Zelda game that gets all the attention. And I HAVE TO get that treasure box O.O



Henmii said:

It seems they really love Twilight princess at Tecmo Koei! Ah, Agitha uses bugs (as expected). But Lana uses the Hyrule historia (just joking)?! Nice screenshots by the way!



xerneas said:

This is def some pure fan service XD I love it. I think the original Zelda looks so flippin' gorgeous though that I'm not needing the TP skin... I'm also loving Lana, magic characters yay!! Lana for SSB5



SahashraLA said:

Lana and Midna looks like a 2 player scene.
None of the villains look playable.
Darunia is a likely male character, as are Groose and the Ordon chief.
Saria may rear her head, but Ruto (or another Zora) is inevitable.
Midna looks like she'll have playable sections without Wolf Link.
I'm still hoping for a seperate Sheik character, as well as a seperate adult Midna. More adult Midna couldn't be a bad thing.



AlbertoC said:

Is that a hookshot?
Is that the bridge of Eldin?
Above all: Is that TLOZ: Twilight Princess' Zelda?

My interest in this game has skyrocketed just with this batch of pictures.

EDIT: How about the Skull Kid wearing the Majora's mask being playable? Now that would be cool!



Bobobiwan said:

I'm a HUGE fan of Twilight Princess, which I still consider like one of the best episodes in the entire saga, but I sincerely hope that the "love letter" of this game will be, indeed, adressed to the ALL saga.
I want Zelda 3 references, Minich Cap easter eggs, even some Wind Waker hints (imagine a toon link as a playable character, like in SSB !), or some Link's Awakening winks ("omg, a dreamfish !")
I really dig Twilight, but Hyrule Warriors has to be about the entire Legend of Zelda.
And like B3nd3r said, give us Sheik, god damn it ! XD

  • can't wait for this game -

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