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Here Are Some Charming Tappingo 2 Screens to Enjoy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

New zoom feature shown off

Tappingo 2 is the second 3DS eShop title from Goodbye Galaxy Games, a rapid sequel to the rather charming original in this fledgling puzzle series. A blend of Picross with original ideas, we rather enjoyed the first game.

The new entry will have over 100 puzzles and, as a response to a complaint of the original, a zoom button. That latter feature is shown off in one of the new screens below, which will allow for larger, more ambitious puzzles.

Check them out and share your thoughts, and you can also read our interview with Goodbye Galaxy Games on this subject, if you like.

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TimLatshaw said:

Zoom, larger puzzles, and having outlines around the lines should be fantastic additions. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.



Gen0neD said:

Good lord, i need a release date. I'm down to the last 8 puzzles that i've been drip feeding myself up until part 2's release. Please help me Hugo Smits Kenobi, you're my only hope...



sinalefa said:

And I am still in the middle of the first one. Whenever I want a puzzle fix on 3DS, I have no choice but to play the amazing Crashmo that I got on sale. Just missing the last 16 puzzles there, so hopefully I can come back to Hugo's game.

Anyway, I know I will get this day 1 even if the first one is unfinished. That is what I did with Pushmo World.

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