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GravBlocks+ is a Wii U eShop Exclusive That Blends Match-3 With Gravity-Switching Trickery

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Due this summer

The Wii U eShop is host to a broad range of download titles, ranging from multi-platform titles from established publishers to releases from companies that may be unfamiliar to most gamers. GravBlocks+ will likely fall into the latter category, as it's the eShop début of the six-man team of From Nothing Game Studios — also known as FMG.

GravBlocks+ is based on smart device title GravBlocks; it's a match-3 game in which you also have to attempt to switch gravity to maximise combos and avoid environmental dangers. The developer states that this is more than a simple port, too, saying that the Wii U release has "a rebuilt engine, new graphics, a new story mode, extra accomplishments, 50 more puzzle stages, and GamePad-centered gameplay with easy on-the-fly switching between touchscreen and controller input".

Match-3 puzzle games may be everywhere on the 3DS eShop, but they're less prominent on the Wii U, so if this delivers on its potential it could scratch an itch for some players.

You can check out the trailer below — this title is nearing the end of development and is targeting a release this summer.

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XCWarrior said:

I"ll take all the puzzle games you want to throw at me. On WiiU, even better.

Edit: ONLINE LEADERBOARDS! I'm so there.



maceng said:

WOW, a E10 rating for mild language? Why doesn't the developer adjust the game to be simply an E (for everyone)-rated game?

"Scratch head"



kkslider5552000 said:

I could make a joke like "Well, now the Wii U is saved!" or whatever but meh...

It seems like a decent puzzle game at least. Because of the gimmick and colors I'm little bit reminded of Meteos, and anything that reminds me of Meteos is doing one thing right at least. And it isn't like eShop is overflowing with these games or whatever. As long as the soundtrack goes beyond generic techno...



Josaku said:

this actually reminds me of Pokemon Puzzle Leauge, but here you can change gravity ^^



Nintendojuenger said:

The core mechanics is from panel de pon. I like that the gravity-changes needs also a macht-3 move of three arrows. But is there a competitive multiplayer?



Sean_Aaron said:

Hopefully there isn't a really complex ruleset. Given the absence of Puyo Puyo vs. Tetris I'm down!

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