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Gaijin Games Changes Name to Choice Provisions, Woah Dave! Due This Summer on 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We are but humble purveyors of video games"

Gaijin Games is a name familiar to keen Nintendo download gamers, as it's the studio behind the terrific BIT.TRIP series on WiiWare and Wii U eShop gem BIT.TRIP Presents: RUNNER 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. The name may be iconic, but the company has decided to change its identity to the rather quirky alternative of 'Choice Provisions'.

On its official blog, the following explanation was given.

When Gaijin Games was founded in September of 2008, it was with the goal of creating the kinds of games we played in our youth. As it turns out, many of the games we grew up playing were developed outside of the US. This is what inspired us to brand ourselves as “gaijins.”

The name made sense, but it also carried somewhat of a negative connotation to it. No matter how you may feel about the word “gaijin” personally, I think it’s fair to say that some people out there view it as a negative term. Being the upbeat, positive folks we are, the last thing we wanted was for people to be offended by our name. We are but humble purveyors of video games, and the end goal of all the work we do is to make people happy.

Ergo, we’re changing our name to Choice Provisions.

All previously released games will still be known as Gaijin Games titles, and the BIT.TRIP series is an exception in that its future entries, despite the name change, will still be identified under the Gaijin brand. In addition Robotube, a small studio owned by Choice Provisions, will be re-named MiniVisions in all future releases.

MiniVisions does have a 3DS game on the way, too, as was sort-of revealed in April this year, with Woah Dave! targeting a summer release on the eShop. It looks like a simple, anarchic platformer in which you dash around, throw objects and try to survive.

You can check out a trailer for Woah Dave! below, and there's something reassuring in the news that future BIT.TRIP games will have the Gaijin Games brand. Let us know what you think of the company's new name, meanwhile, in the comments below.

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ModestFan93 said:

It's a shame they had to current their name. Like the new one though, continue to wish them the best!



TruenoGT said:

Can see where they're coming from. New name sounds good though and I'm looking forward to future games. Runner 2 is one of the better games I've played as of late, and I hope to see some more for Nintendo systems.



Kiz3000 said:

Woah Dave! Looks like an awesome Mario Bros clone. It even has multiplayer which is fantastic, I will definitely be keeping an eye on it. As for the name change, if they think that it will bring more sales then so be it, it doesn't effect us gamers so...




Didn't even know gaijin was a word. Thought it was just a made up name. Guess I learnt something today.



Tsukumo said:

Gaijin is a word that omits the Gaikokujin.
Gai=Outside Koku,Kuni=Country Jin=People



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Gonna miss the old name. It just rolls off the tounge so perfectly when you say it. But I'm glad to hear they're working on many new projects!



burninmylight said:

I've always wondered about the old name. Most Westerners don't understand the negative stigma and connotations the word "gaijin" carries with it. It may sound perfectly innocent to those who don't know, but think of one of the most racist or insensitive words to describe a group of people in your culture. It may equate to that.



LawRulesALL said:

@Tsukumo As you said, but it would be easier to just say that "gaijin" is roughly translated as "foreigner".

@burninmylight Well, what do you usually do when you don't know what a word means? Consult the dictionary lol Google serves that matter well enough. I, for one, didn't know what gaijin meant 'till playing Red Steel for wii. The enemies kept sayin' "Americagaijin" so curious about it I've gone and discovered what it means




Gaijin has a slightly negative connotation and is a less polite way of saying foreigner. Shame they had to change it....



burninmylight said:


Well by wonder, I meant I wondered if they (the studio formerly known as Gaijin Games) were aware of the negative connotation. I learned myself from my time in college. I had friends who are from Japan, and when I naively referred to myself as a gaijin in a joke, they were quick to correct me and explain why I shouldn't say that in polite circles.



firebird3334 said:

Those who have read young samurai series should know that gaijin is a negative connotation in Japan, it basically mean 'Outsider' in a distasteful way.



Linkuini said:

Their rationale for replacing the old name makes sense. Also, the new name is undeniably classy.



bezerker99 said:

Please make Bit.Trip Runner 2. And I realize Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien exists but I want a sequel that's in 8-bit graphics.



SomeBitTripFan said:

With the reasoning behind it, I can support the name change, although Gaijin Games was a fun name to say. I'm hyped to hear that LaserLife is in the pipeline though, hopefully it will turn out great.



Henmii said:

Strange name, very strange logo! Liked the old name better, but as long as good games are coming its okay!



ThreadShadow said:

Yes you can tell just how humble they are by their subversion esoteric symbology. Who do these guys think they're kidding?

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