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Food-Focused RPG Adventure Bar Story Is Munching Its Way To The 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Smartphone hit crosses over to Nintendo's handheld

Adventure Bar Story is one of the most unique smartphone RPGs we've seen in quite some time, and developer RideOn Games has confirmed that it is bringing the game to the 3DS — in Japan, at least.

The game places you in the shoes of a tavern owner who is resisting a hostile takeover from a rival businessman. The only way to prevent your beloved establishment from going under is to cook some amazing new meals to attract more customers, and this is achieved by venturing out into the wilderness and fighting monsters in order to locate special ingredients.

Over 400 different dishes are on offer, and finding them all naturally takes a lot of effort. During your quest you'll be able to improve your bar's ranking, and levelling up your team requires you to cook them some amazing grub — unlike other RPGs, they gain experience through eating food rather than winning in battle.

The game hits the Japanese 3DS eShop on June 25th. Adventure Bar Story is already available in English on iOS and Android, so a localisation of the 3DS version should be a formality.


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0utburst said:

Anyway, still no PacLand NES VC review? The promo discount ends in about 3 hours here in EU.



onery said:

English version on the way now, yes? I would love some tactile controls with my RPGs...



McHaggis said:

The graphics remind me of the Breath of Fire games. I might take a look at this when it comes out.



Spoony_Tech said:

Needs more rpgs. Wow, It's starting to feel like the good old days of snes all over again! Don't call it a come back!!

Oh, and a little bit of the PlayStation era as well. It really did have some great rpgs!



slidecage said:

just cause its on IOS does not mean its coming on the 3ds unless you have confirm news. love to see it but i say it wont come over here. If it even stands a chance to come out over here it will be DOWNLOAD ONLY for 29.99 what wont sell



Windy said:

I've almost downloaded this one a few times. Might have to give it a try



AVahne said:

This one's actually really nice compared to the Kemco games that were chosen to appear on 3DS, Wii U, and PSP recently.
Hopefully RideOn will add gamepad support to this game before it reaches 3DS so that I can finish it on my Xperia Play with buttons.



Windy said:

@slidecage I totally understand that frustration. There are some good games for cheap and then some so so games which leave you kind of shaking your head. But overall I've been pretty satisfied with the Eshop. I still don't understand charging full price for digital release.



mullen said:

I saw this game on JP eShop today, as well as the upcoming island days. Something really disappointed me is that both games don't support 3D display. I think the game will visually much more interesting and appealing if they support 3D display, even if that's only simple 3D like different layers. (at least for me).



kupo said:

Hell yeah. Now if only there were some isometric SRPGs on 3DS...



slidecage said:

if its a japan based cart game and only make it here download it could be 29.99 as a full release game. look at unchain blades what is still 29.99 even though it was 4.99 a few times for the vita (psn network)

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