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Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summer 2014

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Our favourites so far

With E3 2014 right around the corner, Nintendo seems set to prioritise the Wii U in its Digital Event, subsequent coverage and, of course, the Super Smash Bros. Invitational. The 3DS will have a role to play, of course, but many eyes are on Nintendo's home console to see how it'll capitalise on the recent success of Mario Kart 8 to drive sales throughout the rest of 2014 and beyond.

It could be a fascinating E3, in that respect, with NFC (near field communication), new games and hopefully some release dates all very likely. Before the landscape of Wii U shifts and focus moves to the second half of 2014 and the system's future titles, we thought now was a good time to take stock and consider our favourite games on the system to date. We think anyone would have to be a particularly jaded cynic to suggest, right now, that the console is short of great games from which to choose; a terrific library of exclusives and strong titles are available in the console's young back catalogue.

We think it's important to celebrate that, so here's our list of top 10 Wii U retail games on the system up to this point — we'll have a separate list for eShop download games. It's been an entirely democratic process, too; in total 18 staff members contributed votes for their personal top tens, with a total of 22 games earning at least one point from a list of 36 titles. Amazingly this top 10 will actually have 13 games listed as the result of ties — we triple checked the scores, and considering the number of votes cast it goes to show a strong variety of titles vying, in particular, for spots in the lower halves of our lists. Bear in mind, votes like this are also driven by what games we all own, as individuals.

Without further ado, let's reveal the top ten.

It seems fitting that this title makes the cut, as it's one of a select number of third-party exclusives and part of one of gaming's most lucrative franchises, no less. This one has terrific humour and its share of wacky scenarios, while the City in which it all takes place is impressive in scale — a game where there's always something to do.

A surprise entry, perhaps, though it earned points from half a dozen happy Nintendo Life gamers. Though it's far from being anything like the iconic WarioWare series — it doesn't share that branding, in fairness — it is one of relatively few titles to make strong use of the GamePad. When discussing titles that use the Wii U's controller this game always comes up, and it certainly can be fun with friends and family.

Descriptions of this as a HD port of a Wii title are exceptionally inaccurate, as this includes a massive amount of new content and, possibly still, some of the best online gaming to be found on the Wii U. Voice chat on the GamePad and intuitive touch screen features fit the title perfectly, and there's still a loyal community regularly embarking on hunting quests. It it gets its claws into you this one is hard to put down.

A welcome slice of recognition for Sumo Digital's excellent kart racer, which is full of characters and track designs to have dedicated Sega fans driving with a smile. With support for local 5-player races, online modes and a hefty single player challenge, this one gets a lot right and was a popular title early in the Wii U's life.

We cheated a little by compiling both the Mario and Luigi-based titles together in our voting — Luigi U began as DLC before having a limited edition physical release. In any case fans of 2D platformers from Nintendo can get plenty of fun from these entries, with Mario's adventure being a launch day title on the system. Regarded by some in the team as one of Nintendo's strongest 2D Mario titles in recent years.

Until recently, and perhaps still, this was likely the go-to party game in plenty of Wii U households. Bundled with the Deluxe / Premium model and also sold separately, this endeavours to show off the GamePad and the asynchronous multiplayer possibilities of the system; it does so rather successfully. With mini-games that feature popular and some lesser-known franchises, it serves up a slice of enjoyment for everyone.

The first system-exclusive title from PlatinumGames, this is full of colourful, chaotic madness from the popular development studio and Hideki Kamiya. Intense action sees you and your team tackling enormous robots and all-manner of crazy villains, while you draw formations to turn a mini army into large, extravagant weapons. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Putting aside a delay and controversy, this is a terrific platformer from Ubisoft that demonstrates the true potential of its UbiArt engine, making this one of the best-looking games on Wii U. The Wii U version incorporates touch screen play with Murfy and, arguably, provides the most diverse experience as a result, especially in multiplayer. There are some stunning set-pieces, while Kung Foot may be the best throwaway extra ever provided in a retail game.

When the Wii U was yet to hit the market, fantasies of a HD remake of the popular GameCube title were certainly doing the rounds. Nintendo certainly delivered, providing a gorgeous new version of an already-attractive game, along with some additional features — including balancing of the campaign — and solid use of the GamePad's screen. It's a classic, and this is the definitive version.

Pikmin 3 was seemingly in development forever, going through rumour mills as a Wii title, then a series début on 3DS, before it was finally announced for Wii U. After the long wait it satisfied many fans, as it blends the core features of the first two games with attractive visuals, multiple control options — with stylus controls just added — and some new Pikmin breeds; there's even been DLC to beef it up further. Worth the wait.

We don't think its unfair to say that when this was announced as the next game from Retro Studios at E3 2013, it wasn't universally greeted with open arms. Once most got over some disappointment, however, we remembered that this was following one of the very best platformers on Wii, and this new entry hasn't disappointed. With an awesome soundtrack by David Wise, a dynamic camera, impressive level design and HD fur, it's one of the absolute must-have games on the system.

Now this was a close vote. Mario Kart 8 and the winner were separated by just two points in a contest where they both scored over 150, with votes taken a little under a week after its retail release. In its early days it's brought a bump in Wii U sales and received critical acclaim — what really matters, however, is that it lives up to the hype. It has fantastic production values, yes, but it's arguably the most refined and solid racer Nintendo's produced yet; it's a huge amount of fun, too. It's likely that most with a Wii U will own this with their system, and we expect the online community to be alive and well for years to come.

A result that echoes our 3DS results this time last year, we have what some in the Nintendo Life team consider to be a title among the mascot's very best. A hybrid of the commercially indispensable 2D titles and the much loved 3D platformers starring Nintendo's hero, this forges new ground from its 3DS predecessor and utilises the Wii U to provide a stunning experience. Endlessly creative and fun in single player, it also has multiple characters of different abilities and one of the most anarchic, enjoyable multiplayer modes available today. Deserves a place on every Wii U owner's shelf or hard drive.

So there you have it, plenty of first-party games and some excellent system exclusives and ports included. Special mentions for those that narrowly missed out should go to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, Sonic Lost World and launch title ZombiU.

We expect to be looking at a fresh line-up in the coming year, with much surely to be shown at E3, while we know titles like Super Smash Bros., Monolith Soft's X, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and more besides are on the way.

As for this current, pre E3 list, those are the choices of the Nintendo Life team of present. Let us know your thoughts or provide your own lists in the comments, while you can also vote in the poll below.

What's your favourite Wii U game so far? (633 votes)

LEGO City: Undercover


Game & Wario


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U


Nintendo Land


The Wonderful 101


Rayman Legends


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


Pikmin 3


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Mario Kart 8


Super Mario 3D World


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Nickvp95 said:

I'm shocked Super Mario World 3D took the cake. Even though I enjoyed it immensely and still do from time to time, I have already found myself putting more hours into Mario Kart 8 even after just a week. The game itself has so much to offer, not to mention the replay value with unlocking vehicles and customization options! Good job Nintendo!



Hunter-D said:

I never tried the Pikmin series...
It never "caught" me...
E3 after E3 did nothing for me...


Okay joking aside, everything REALLY did change when my sister bought me Pikmin 3 as a gift.

To this day it's my favourite game on the Wii U, and I've played every game on that list bar W101 (which I recently got for free thanks to the MK8 promotion).



Mario-Man-Child said:

Good to see Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the list. It a great game. Wish I had it on Wiiu instead of PS3 though.



C-Threep said:

Tough call between MK8 and SM3DW, but 3D World takes the crown by a hair of my chinny chin chin.



Peek-a-boo said:

There's only five third party games on that list.

... no wonder they chose to no longer make games for the Wii U!

Those top five games are a perfect choice for new owners, although Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is much too hard for the little 'uns compared to Rayman and Super Mario.



SleepyCrossing said:

I only own Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart 8 as I just got the bundle, but this is a great list for me to create a backlog from!



Dreamz said:

My vote went to Wonderful101 (I wish ZombiU had been on the list), though SMBU was a very close second. As for's lots of fun, but massively overrated.



Mahe said:

Several bad games on that list. No wonder the Wii U is doing so poorly.



JeffreyG said:

@umegames I really enjoyed Lost World as well, but I don't think it's one of the Wii U's best games. It's pretty hard to get into and I can definetly understand that quite a lot of people don't really like it.

I do think Sonic Racing Transformed deserves a slightly higher spot, but that's just my opinion.



triforcepower73 said:

Wow. I was really surprised MK didn't get number 1. Well it was only by 2 votes so I guess not a big deal.



Bones00 said:

I think NES Remix should be added unless there's a list just for download only eShop games.



bizcuthammer said:

My personal top 10:
1) Pikmin 3
2) Mario Kart 8
3) Super Mario 3D World
4) Zelda: Wind Waker HD
5) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
6) Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed
7) The Wonderful 101
8) Rayman Legends
9) Nintendo Land
10) ZombiU

I have not played LEGO City though, and i would include MH3U but i prefer that series on portables.



Blast said:

Alotta Wii U games are really good. There's only a few that actually aren't as good. I can't wait for the other big games coming!!!



tzahn said:

I haven't played MK8 yet, but for me DKC:TF is my favorite "new" game on the system. I love WWHD, but I had the original for the 'cube so I already knew it would be great.



TreesenHauser said:

At this point, for me anyways it's hard to pick any game over Mario Kart 8.

1. Mario Kart 8
2. Super Mario 3D World
3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
4. Wind Waker HD
5. The Wonderful 101

Runner-ups: ZombiU, Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U



ACK said:

No doubt, I'd put ZombiU and Deus Ex Human Revolution DC on the list. They should certainly be above Game & Wario, Transformed, NSBMU, and Nintendoland. Personally I'd slot them right in front of Rayman Legends and W101 (5-6)--both games I adore, to a degree, but are also seriously, majorly flawed. I could also make an argument for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the 8-10 area.

Their additions would also inject some needed variety into this list.



Tony_342 said:

I think my favorite Wii U game so far has been Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I can't remember the last time a game delighted me to no end the way that one did. I was constantly surprised and amazed at the genius, creative brilliance of the level design.



Mikes said:

There are quite a few amazing Wii U games so far! However, I'd probably say that Mario Kart 8 is my favorite out of that bunch. Usually, it's the games with the most replay value that make me love them so much more.



triforcepower73 said:

@Mahe Hmmm I'm not really sure what your talking about. I know it's your opinion but sometimes opinions stink, and your's does. Personally, I haven't found a single PS4 or Xbone game that's matched the level of quality and pure fun that the top 5 have. That's just me though.



Weird said:

my favourite is assassins creed 4 yet <:
second place is mario 3d world

but i couldnt play lego city undercover yet and i think it has great chances to get the first place



MussakkuLaden said:

My favorites aren't on the list, but out of the title that are, it's without doubt LEGO City Undercover



ACK said:

In list form:

10. NFS: Most Wanted U
9. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
8. W101
6. Deus Ex Human Revolution DC
5. ZombiU
4. Mario Kart 8
3. Pikmin 3
2. DKC Tropical Freeze
1. SM 3DWorld

Honorable Mentions go to MH3 Ultimate, Batman Arkham City, Splinter Cell Blacklist, CoD: Black Ops 2, and Lego City Undercover.



sonicfanatic said:

A little disappointed Batman Arkham City wasn't even a honorable mention but good list nonetheless



PJR0cks said:

I would give it to MK8 because of the online multiplayer, but I do agree that SM3DW is a better (in fact the best) platformer then MK8 is as a racer.
People pls tell me which to choose between pikmin 3 and WWHD, I'm having trouble choosing, they both seem to be incredible games.



Peach64 said:

Still don't understand the logic of a top 10 featuring 13 games. If you have a tie for 2nd, it means there's no 3rd place, or at least, it should do. I don't own a Wii U, but I've played one quite a bit, and 3D World is my favourite by far, so can't argue with that, but Wonderful 101 is next on my list. Sure, it has flaws, but it's a breath of fresh air and so unlike most other games we've played in the last generation. I can't wait to see what Kamiya does next.



Varoennauraa said:

My top 10:

Nintendo Land
Call of Ghosts
Mario Kart 8
Mario 3D
Zombie U
Pikmin 3
Lego City
Wii Fit U

And to make it 10, I'll use BC:
Skyward Sword



CanisWolfred said:

It's a tough choice between Super Mario 3D World, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Wonderful 101, but 3D World edged the competition out this time.



sinalefa said:

Even if I love 3D World, I gave my vote to the wonderful The Wonderful 101. 3D World did not make me play 100+ hours like Kamiya's gem game did.

In a couple of hours I will be playing MK8, so I will see for myself how awesome it is. Nice to see Lego City in there and surprised to actually see Game and Wario.



NintyMan said:

It's a tough call between Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World, but I voted for Mario Kart 8 as my favorite Wii U game so far. It will easily be my second most played Wii U game after Smash Bros. Wii U, and the online will increase its longevity drastically , even more so if it gets substantial DLC. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is firmly in third place.



MajinSoul said:

Well, I'll add my top 10 as well.

10. Resident Evil Revelations
9. Nano Assault Neo
8. Zombi U
7. Super Mario 3D World
6. Wind Waker HD
5. Wonderful 101
4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
3. Pikmin 3
2. Mario Kart 8
1. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

I'm honestly surprised that so many people picked SM3W. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but DKCTF is better in every aspect except multiplayer (imo). Well opinions, I guess.



Nik-Davies said:

My top 10:
10) Nintendo Land
9) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
8) Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition
7) LEGO City Undercover
6) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
5) Mario Kart 8
4) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
3) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
2) Super Mario 3D World
1) Rayman Legends

Top 4 this year for all platforms (because, no joke, I've only bought 4 games)
4) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [Wii U]
3) South Park: The Stick of Truth [PS3]
2) Mario Kart 8 [Wii U]
1) Tomodachi Life [3DS] <- YEA, I SAID IT.



IceClimbers said:

Unrelated, but CoroCoro scans have come in. Pokemon ORAS info blowout!!! Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert, Mega Diancie, Team Magma/Team Aqua artwork, Mach and Acro Bikes, Prehistoric Pokemon (works similar to Mega Evolution), and Steven Stone!!!!!!!!!



Xilef said:

My top 10 goes something like this:

1. DKC: TF
2. SM3DW
3. MK8
4. LCU
5. Pikmin 3
6. TW101
7. MH3U
10. Nintendo Land

The Wii U may not end up with a massive library but whats there is damn good. And only good stuff is to come.



cyrus_zuo said:

Glad to see Game & Wario on the list.
I've never regretted buying that title and was surprised that the WiiU shows we've played it more than NSMBU!
Fun multiplayer game and lots of interesting usage of the gamepad. If you van get it cheap you should pick it up!



Dark-Luigi said:

A really huge tie between 3D World and MK8.

But if I had to chose, it'll be 3D World. I think it's the best Wii U game I have ever played in my life.



Ralizah said:

Only tried a fraction of those, but MK8 definitely tops the list for me so far. Although I'd put Pikmin 3 a close second.



ricklongo said:

For me it's:

1. Zelda: Wind Waker HD
2. Lego City Undercover (so underrated)
3. DKC: Tropical Freeze
4. Mario Kart 8
5. Super Mario 3D World
6. Pikmin 3
7. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8. Rayman Legends
9. New Super Mario Bros. U
10. The Wonderful 101



WanderingPB said:

1) Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
2) Mario Kart 8
3) The Wonderful 101
4) Super Mario 3D World
5) Pikmin 3
6) Wind Waker HD
7) ZombiU
8) Deus Ex Human Revolution DC
9) Rayman Legends
10) Batman Arkham City AE

And with a total of 25 games in my Wii U library im a happy camper



Fazermint said:

I still think MH3U is the best game you can get, even after SM3DW and MK8. It will remain so until X is released.



Hikingguy said:

@Blue-Thunder After buying and playing MK8 for hours, I might be in the minority here, but I think I prefer Sonic Racing Transformed over MK8. MK8 is just not grabbing me like MK Wii or Sonic Racing Transformed did.



whodatninja said:

Super Mario 3D World gets my vote. It is the only 10/10 game on the Wii U so far for me. Sure, i've played Mario Kart more (thanks to the online component) but everything about 3D World was polished, fun and invigorating! The best Mario game since Galaxy!

Mario Kart and Wind Waker are close seconds and thirds though!



Hikingguy said:

@Fazermint I am excited for what X might be. But if X is not what I hope it is, I will be buying MH3U. Maybe holding off buying MH3U that was a mistake, X is taking longer than I had thought. I guess, or maybe I should say hope, we will find out soon.



Kirk said:

God; Imagine if that ended up as Wii U's top ten games of all time...

What a very disappointing top ten that would be imo (compared to most past console's top tens).

Of course, it's only been out for a year and a half so there's plenty of time to improve that list for sure but I can kinda see why the Wii U just isn't capturing the imaginations of so my people who simply aren't interested in it to date.

I can't imagine any typical Microsoft, Sony or PC gamers really even blinking an eye at that list of games and that's a lot of people to have NOT interested in or excited by your console...



DarkCoolEdge said:

My list:
1- DKC: Tropical Freeze
2- Mario Kart 8
3- Zelda: Wind Waker
4- Rayman Legends
5- Super Mario 3D World
6- Splinter Cell: Blacklist
7- New Super Mario Bros
8- Zombi U

For the E3 I want to see some cool new IPs, Metroid, X and some exclusives.



Hikingguy said:

@kkslider5552000 I believe The Wonderful 101 will be one of those games that people will read about in a "Games you really should have played!" or "Games you might have missed on the Wii U." article years from now and they will find out that it really was a good game.
I firmly believe that is was a good game released at the wrong time. It fell victim to a period of time where people did not want to play a cartoony comic book looking super hero team game.
Maybe not a perfect example, but Wind Waker got a much better response this time around than before.



0utburst said:

For the free game from MK8? Get pikmin3 then get WW HD physical just because. But if you'd get both digitally, you can't go wrong which.



Alucard83 said:

I don't even have 10 WII U games. Too bad I can't vote.
However Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD is still the top even over Mario game. But that's my opinion



kevkeepsplaying said:

I think Racing Transformed didn't need to be on the list, the challenges you have to do to unlock the full roster are repetitive, and nobody plays online at all. Not to mention Mario Kart 8 is leagues ahead of it.



Genesaur said:

Nintendo Land
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Pikmin 3
The Wonderful 101
Sonic Lost World
Rayman Legends
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
Monster Hunter? Wind Waker? Arkham City? Nintendo Land again? I really like Nintendo Land. I dunno; the tenth one is the hardest pick. I'd choose Nano Assault or Shovel Knight (we all know it'll be worthy) if not for the whole "retail" bit. Or, y'know, Bayonetta 2, but I guess we're only talking about releases thus far.



maceng said:

Don't be such a sorry puss!!
I have to admit that 3D world, Game and Wario and NSMBU (I haven't played MK8, yet) are way overrated, but this list could have been 15 or 20 entries long, and it'd have the best games of this generation. Game and Wario is such a lost opportunity that makes my heart weep, while NSMBU brings nothing new to the table (except for the Luigi U add-on).

In the other hand, Tropical Freeze and Rayman Legends gonna end up being on my top 10 Wii U games for life of the Wii U, as well as probably MH3 (unless MH4 comes for the console).



JeffreyG said:

@unrandomsam 3D World and MK8 didn't have tutorials.
I get what you mean though, and like I said, I really like Sonic Lost World. Mastering Lost World and Sonic Transformed feels more satisfying than mastering SM3DW and MK8, simply because there's more to it. For newcomers however, it could be better for games to be easy to learn. That's basically what I was trying to say.



CapeSmash said:

Top 1 Wii U games:
SM3DW (underrated)

I own more Wii U games, but I don't like them THAT much to put them on a top 5. (The other Wii U games I have are: New Super Mario Bros. Rehash U, New Super DLC Luigi U, Sonic Fail World, and Mario Kart 9)

Lemme add the top 2 3DS games while I'm at it:
1. Luigi's Mansion 2 (Dark Moon)
2. Super Mario 3D Land

I have 11 3DS games, and those are the only good ones I've played.



argh4430 said:

I went with Rayman Legends, seeing as that was the game that got me to buy the Wii U in the first place. And that the game was as great as I imagined, even enduring a lengthy delay. I felt it was the better 2D platformer listed. I really should give Wonderful 101 a try at some point, but other games keep coming out that get my attention instead.



MJKOP said:

I'm addicted to MK8 right now but yeah, SM3DW for me, just wonderful stuff. I've never played any of the Pikmin games, I've got it now as my free game and I'm very excited to get stuck in to it. Thank you Nintendo!



Jazzer94 said:

Disappointed in the lack of Tekken that was a great version of a great game much better than the likes of Game and Wario.



HawkeyeWii said:

There is still a lot of excitement surrounding MK8. Don't get me wrong, it is a truly fantastic game and easily one of the best Mario Kart games, but I think the excitement is overshadowing other games released. I'm included. I can't take my eyes off the game.



GeniusDan said:

Some great games on that list! Between those, a bunch of cool indie e shop games, and VC there's a lot of games to play.



Shambo said:

While I'm a big Wario Ware fan, and equally satisfied by Nintendoland for multiplayer fun, I'd say they should be replaced by Scribblenauts for creative absurdity, and ZombiU for straight-up hardcore survival horror. Or maybe Tekken indeed, or one of the other great ports.

All combined, it's shaping up to become my favourite home console ever, nostalgia aside.



sketchturner said:

Fourteen games on a top 10 list? Awesome maths there ;-p In any case, I honestly can't decide a single favorite. I absolutely love all of the following a LOT:
It's amazing to me how great the top games list for WiiU is after just a year and a half. If you don't like platformers, it's a terrible system, but if you do, it's absolute gold. There aren't a billion games on the WiiU, but much of what's released is top-notch IMO. And of course you also have e-shop platformers like Runner 2, Cloudberry Kingdom, 1001 Spikes, Shovel Knight, and eventually Mighty No. 9.



Miss_Dark said:

DKC TF & Mario Kart 8 are practically just as great but the only huge difference is that MK8 has online



siavm said:

I have not played super Mario world yet but I am pretty sure Mario kart 8 is would still be the top of my list right now. I plays great, looks great, and is super fun. And this game feels like the game that will help change nintendo fortunes around and hopefully help bring more great games like this along with it. I really hope they are going for epic at E3. The smash part is already starting the epic for me.



T7L3RB said:

MH3U was my first experience with the series and I gotta say it blew me away with how deep it is. As much as I love MK8 and Tropical Freeze, Monster Hunter takes my #1 spot. Can't wait for MH4!



DreamOn said:

Pikmin 3 is permanently my No. 1 game on Wii U. All new releases will have to fight for #2 spot from now on!



Mario-Man-Child said:

I think MK8 is a very good game but it's missing something and I can't put my finger on it. There's a bit of Nintendo magic missing.
I feel it's too "pick up and play". I want it to be harder to control.



jariw said:

Since I have 2 indies on my own top 10, here's my retail top 10:
1. DK: Tropical Freeze
2. Pikmin 3
3. MK8
4. SM3DW
5. LEGO City: Undercover
6. Wonderful 101
7. Rayman Legends
8. Wind Waker HD
9. Need For Speed: Most Wanted
10. NintendoLand



dok5555555 said:

Tropical Freeze is definitly one of my favorite games. Platformers are my favorite and DK 64 is my favorite game of all time. But this is definitly one of the best DK games, the gameplay is very good and smooth. I have to agree with the rest of the list too I have most of these games, they're all great. MK8 is already one of my go to games just a week after its release.



TwilightOniAngel said:

In my opinion donkey kong tropical freeze will always be my number one game for the wiiu. I love mario kart 8, but it cant hold the cake to tropical freeze.



astros75 said:

Pikmin 3 for me, no doubt! I've played all 10 on the list except W101, I really need to get around to buying it.



Scott123 said:

1.Batman arkham city city undercover
3.assassind creed IV
4.Donkey kong tropical freeze
5.pikmin 3
6.Darksiders 2
7.batman arkham origins
8.Rayman legends
9.New super Mario bros U
10.Nintendo land

yes i have super mario 3D world it's bad



TwilightV said:

10. Darksiders II
9. Game & Wario
8. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
7. Nintendo Land
6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
5.New Super Mario Bros. U/ New Super Luigi U
4. Mario Kart 8
3. The Wonderful 101
2. Pikmin 3
1. Super Mario 3D World

Honorable Mentions:
Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!
Wii Party U
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
Tank! Tank! Tank!



Nintonic said:

You should add "Mine is not on this list" as a choice. But usually not many people would choose that.



Fazermint said:

@Roadkill409 I'm certain X will be awesome. I don't know if you played Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, but that was one of the grandest games I've ever played, and X looks like it will live up to that from what we've seen so far.
Anyway, you can't go wrong with MH3U, unless it's not your kind of game. It's hard and is difficult to master, and requires a lot of time, but it feels incredibly rewarding.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Ralek85 The PC original was better but Human Revolution was the closest thing I've played to it on a console. It's the only game in years that I immediately started my second play after completing it. The Wii U one actually uses the gamepad well so should be worthy of a mention. Some of Nintendo's games are possibly better. The Wii U has an ok library of games but this list doesn't do it justice.



Giygas_95 said:

I voted for Tropical Freeze almost purely because of the soundtrack and because I'm tired of seeing SM3DW on the top of every top ten Wii U games list. Sure it's good, but still...

I was also thinking of voting for Mario Kart 8, but...Tropical Freeze is just so amazing! If ever they make any more DKC games, David Wise is the only person allowed to touch the soundtrack!

@AddADashOfSalt My thoughts exactly.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

@T7L3R Yes! Monster Hunter 3U. Hopefully next year we can say Monster Hunter 4U. I really believe that it will be brought over to the WiiU. And I will pour hundreds of hours into it.



Luna-Harmony said:

Mario kart 8 is so much fun on online. Been cracking the 3star's on 150cc it's hard but fun at times.



Tritonus said:

Voted Pikmin 3 on the poll. Those mission mode stages are so much fun, trying to score platinum, and added stylus controls are the best for off-tv play!

I personally think ZombiU deserves a spot on the list though.

Also, games like ACIII, ACIV, Batman Arkham Origins / City, Splinter Cell and Injustice, while maybe not deserving of a spot in the top 10, are all good games and have given me much enjoyment.

Wii Sports Club too! Golf and Tennis is much improved + Online play!

The Wii U library is really shaping up to be quite epic. So much replay value in the games! AND still have yet to try W101, Sonic Lost World, Darksiders II, Deus Ex, Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, Earthbound...

Upcoming games got me hyped for the future too. Smash, Beyonetta, Zelda U, Hyrule Warriors, (Watch_Dogs), X, Sonic Boom...

If the Wii U doesn't take off in 2014, I'll feel bad for Nintendo because they really are starting to get their stuff together.



Dpullam said:

My favorite so far is Splinter Cell Blacklist, but I'm a new Wii U owner and still need to play games like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World. At least I have Pikmin 3 downloaded and ready to go thanks to the Mario Kart 8 promotion!



JaxonH said:

Is there an "all the above" option? Cause my goodness, it's like picking your favorite child! All I know is, every exclusive game on this list has furthered my adoration for Nintendo in all the right ways. I didn't realize the list had grown so long- I guess it just happened so gradually ya know...

DKC Tropical Freeze
Mario Kart 8
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Pikmin 3
Wonderful 101
Zelda Windwaker HD
Super Mario 3D World
New Super Mario Bros U
Wii Sports Club

There's also a VERY decent span of top-shelf mutliplats that really rounds out the library quite nicely, such as Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed 4, CoD Black Ops 2, Sonic Racing Transformed, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Resident Evil Revelations, Injustice Gods Among Us, Darksiders 2 and Mass Effect 3. Throw in Watch Dogs and CoD Advanced Warfare later this year, and we've got the most impressive 3rd party multiplat lineup on a Nintendo console I've ever seen.



beautifulstrong said:

I stopped playing Sonic racing because nobody is ever playing online, yet I always read how much people suposedly love it. did these people just start playing it last month or something.



JaxonH said:


Not sure. I bought the game at launch, and it was pretty lively for a while. Haven't played it in about 6 months, so Idk how many people are still playing it, but I would imagine that it'd be enough to get a race going at any time. I mean, the game sold best on Wii U, so it's got the largest pool of players on any console...



Banker-Style said:

Quite a shock that some big third party titles didn't make the cut.
I'll put my top ten out.
10. Super Mario 3D World
9. Rayman Legends
8. Wonderful 101
7.Pikmin 3
6.Lego City
5.Cod Black Ops 2
4.Mario Kart 8
3.Assassin's Creed 4
2.Batman Arkham City
1.Deus Ex Human Revolution



Darknyht said:

I'll join the fun, but with a pool of only 12 games I'll stick to a top 5.

1. Super Mario 3D World
2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut
3. Pikmin 3
4. Mario Kart 8
5. Lego City Undercover

Honorable Mentions: Windwaker HD and Tank! Tank! Tank! (I miss simple mindless arcade games sometimes)



MAN1AC said:

Rayman Legends is my favorite Wii U game thus far despite all of the controversy surrounding the game. I really enjoyed it.Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is #2 on my list.



CliveWinston said:

on this list like peeps been saying alot of gems, i own nearly all but from the list i went DKC:TF... it really is a masterpiece.... and even though complaints of being a rehash abound, i have more time in NSMBU and NSLU than i do in SM3DW, only games i've been compelled to 100% so far... but my personal favorite is Wii Sports Club Golf... i'm addicted.. it's amazing, yet too few people play it...



KeatonTS said:

@Hunter-D I agree with you, I got pikmin 3 as my free game with MK8, it was the only game worth getting because I had WWHD and NSMBU, and I didn't want Wii Party U because That's usually a family game and im more of a solo gamer. So I got pikmin 3 and assumed it wouldn't be good, but at LEAST entertaining as I liked the visuals. But As I played, it got interesting very fast. I've been playing it non stop. probably an equal amount of time as i've played mario kart 8. I am already what I believe to be the final stage of the game. I don't want it to end..



Rafie said:

I had a hard time between 3D World and MK8 myself. I lean towards MK8 more, but voted 3D World because I knew people would just vote MK8.



jrob23 said:

1. Mario Kart 8
2. SM3DW
4. Pikmin 3
5. Rayman Legends
6. WindWakerHD (only because it was a remake, maybe best as standalone)
7. New Super Mario Bros. U
8. Lego City
9. The Wonderful 101
10. ZombiU

What this list shows is that already, only a little over 18 months in..the Wii U has an incredible lineup that I would stack against any of the previous gens top 10. Of course, we know many more are to come.

It's really a shame more people aren't enjoying this console.



Will-75 said:

There is no denying that Nintendo Wii U has some great games available now, I hope Mario Kart 8 pulls alot of people over to the Wii U - in my opinion the Wii U is hands down the best system currently available the PS and Xbox are way way overrated we hardly even play the PS4 at our house , I agree with most of the list in the article with the exception that in first place for me is Donkey Kong Country TF such a great game so much better than I expected I got the game release day and still play it on a regular basis , if your a Wii U owner do yourself a favor and get Donkey Kong Country TF ..



KillScottKill said:

Haven't played Mario Kart 8 yet, but I just bought it off eBay.

The best game I've played on Wii U so far is Assassin's Creed IV, no joke. I loved being able to enjoy one of my favorite franchises on a Nintendo console (AC3 doesn't count, as it was a clone of the PS3/360 versions).

SM3DW is a close second. Great game.



Dreamz said:

What I learned from this list: the Wii U is really, REALLY in dire need of some RPGs.



Desend said:

I agree with this list, aside from DKTF being so high up. I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. I do like SM3DW more than MK8 but I think MK8 is still a fantastic game. @Dreamz, I couldn't agree more. We need RPG's! I'm hoping X comes out this year outside of Japan and that we could get some damn news on Pier Solar.



WanderingPB said:

@JaxonH my friend though our lists are slightly different i completely agree with what you wrote. Glad to know more people share this perspective or should i say see the games for games without any BS!



MAB said:

The thing is there are still some sad souls on the internet telling themselves & others that the Wii U has no games



Action51 said:

@Kirk said:

"I can't imagine any typical Microsoft, Sony or PC gamers really even blinking an eye at that list of games and that's a lot of people to have NOT interested in or excited by your console..."

Yeah, not a dude-bro shooter or sports franchise roster update among them! I am so pleased that there is still a system out there that caters to people who want colorful, game-play over cinematic oriented experiences. There are two big name consoles out there for people who want the casual sports and shooters.

  • One thing to note: I'm a longtime PC gamer, and I love the Wii U. I bought Diablo 2, Unreal Tournament, and Baldur's Gate when they were don't tell me what a PC gamer is interested in!

Anyway, my top games:

5) Need for Speed Most Wanted: U
4) Lego City: Undercover
3) The Wonderful 101
2) Mario Kart 8
1) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze



FilmerNgameR said:

There are so many great Wii U games that I want to get but I can't afford getting them all! I only have SLW and NSMBU+NSLU.



adamrector26 said:

Super Mario 3D World is an amazing title, but has almost no replay value. Sure you can get all the stars in each level, but thats not enticing to make me wanna come back.
MK8 has so much replay value and will be a game many people will play for the foreseeable future.



SchamMan89 said:

My top 10:

1. Pikmin 3
2. Mario Kart 8
3. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
4. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD (would be higher if it weren't a remaster)
5. Rayman Legends
6. Super Mario 3d World
7. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
8. Nintendo Land
9. Assassin's Creed IV
10. New Super Mario Bros. U/NSLU



Yoshis_VGM said:

Okay, I seriously love Mario Kart 8 and I love the Mario Kart series. But Super Mario 3D World is still, by far and away, my favorite Wii U game. It is absolute platforming perfection, the levels are bursting with creativity, the power-ups are fantastic, and the game in general is a masterpiece. A perfect 10/10 in my book.



Socar said:

Damm it!!!!!!! I've Still yet to get the Wii U! Really want to play 3D World!!!!!!!!!!



GreatPlayer said:

Sonic Transformed deserves a higher spot, and Sonic Lost World deserves to be on the list. Pikmin 3 is awesome, and Wii Sport Club Tennis deserves an honourary mention. So much fun to play tennis online.



andy126 said:

Tough call between MK8 and SM3DW, but 3D World takes the crown by a hair of my chinny chin chin...!!!



AyeHaley said:

So many awesome games! I couldn't really pick one between M3DW, MK8, DCKTF, Lego City, Rayman and Zelda TWW and TW101...



electrolite77 said:

There's some serious Nintendo loyalty at work in a list that includes Game and Wario and Nintendo Land but not Deus Ex, ACIV or Batman Arkham City. Sonic Racing but no Need For Speed is baffling (the boo hiss it's EA factor?) as is Lego City ahead of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Democracy doesn't work

Good to see Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends so high up and I agree with Mario 3D World being ahead of MK8 (which is in the rush of first love at the minute) at this stage, though it'll be interesting to see that list again in a few months



Alucard83 said:

@Mahe Totally agree. Those are the only games except top 5 like mario/pikmin/zelda are the only ones meanting it. Fans are just staying blind and not accepting that WII U just flatlined. And haven't we have enough Mario games? Time for new TItles Nintendo and don't be depended on 3rd party only! Nuff said



Kirk said:


I didn't tell YOU what YOU as a "PC gamer" are interested in. I said "I can't imagine..." which still leaves room for the fact that SOME people outside of hardcore Nintendo FANS might actually find that list interesting despite what I imagine. Although I'm betting most of the people who are excited by that list already own a Wii U in the first place, JUST LIKE YOU I presume, as opposed to those PS/Xbox/PC fans who don't already own a Wii U and to whom I was actually referring. Either way, it's not a statement that claims this is how it is as a matter of indisputable fact and it can't possibly ever be any other way under any circumstances. Learn to understand how the English language works.



pukka-pie said:

@Kirk You really need to stop claiming that everything you say is objective, indisputable, set in stone, fact.



pukka-pie said:

@Alucard83 Oh it's nonsense, people blindly believing what they're told to by the mass media - it happens all the time in the gaming world. The Wii U has a FAR better selection of games than the One and Ps4, and already has more exclusives than either of those consoles ever will. I have 10 Wii U games, I've loved every one, and there are still tons more that I want to play, that doesn't even include games I've downloaded! So don't tell me that the Wii U has no games, because as far as i'm concerned that is an absolute total fallacy - if the PS4 has a stronger line-up of games after 2 years on the market i'll be stunned - it isn't going to happen, just look at that insipid PS4 E3 line-up.

And this is coming from a PC gamer, I love PC gaming, but the Wii U offers something unique and different with a brilliant selection of games.

But hey, believe what the press tell you, I suppose the Mass Effect 3 ending was terrible too?



JaxonH said:


Dang right man! I love the Wii U, just a fantastic little console with some of the best games I've played in a long time. It just has some really, really great games ya know? That's coming from a guy who owns all three consoles and both handhelds.

I tell you what man, I just like playing games. I see you do too. Cheers to the gamers on this site who just like playing games! That's what it's all about.



Yasume said:

Isn't this like the 5th time that you guys posted a top 10 Wii U games? Feels like Wii U assurance to me.

And as already stated, what's the point of cramming in 3 extra games if you call it a top 10?



electrolite77 said:


I've noticed on a few sites now a lot of posters saying they have/will get a Wii U as the perfect compliment to a gaming PC. I don't bother with PC Gaming myself but I can see why that makes sense with the PS4/XB1 being so similar and sharing so much software.



Link506 said:

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best Mario Kart games in my opinion, but I think the reason everyone has picked it it becuse it's the newest, and you can't do that. You must pick which you like better maybe 5 or 10 years from now. This would ne a great time to reflect amd rate Mario Kart Wii and supper mario galaxy 1 or 2.



CreatureX said:

Wi U Top 10 Retail Games
10. Game & Wario
9. Zombie U
8. Wonderful 101
7. Nintendo Land
6. Zelda Wind Waker HD
5. New Super Mario U
4. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
3. Pikmin 3
2. Mario Kart 8
1. Super Mario 3D World



Hurblyburbly said:

I bought a Wii u for Mario kart 8 and it's the best decision I made. It's utterly superb and even with a full time job and going to the gym regularly this week I've still managed to invest 33 hours into MK8 this week.
I bought an xbox one in March for titanfall and I haven't even turned it on in around a month now. Wii u wipes the floor with xbox one ( I have mario 3d, wind waker and mario bros wii u too) the game are fantastic....I'm excited for happy gamer who's returned to nintendo after several years away



BassLostie said:

It was really hard for me to send a vote, but I ended up giving my vote to Mario Kart 8, but only because I waited a whole year for the game, and now that I have it, it's like a dream come true.

But this is proof that Wii U has some awesome games in the catalog, specially the Wii U first party titles. Also, I'd like to recognize that the game I played the most so far, is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Back in March 2013, there wasn't too much games to play on Wii U, but I ended up playing around 600 hours of MH3U. The online multi-player is awesome and always keeps me coming back to the game. MH3U was my entry to the series, and now I'm really hyped for MH4U on 3DS or maybe a western release of Monster Hunter Frontier G for Wii U.



mozie said:

If third party titles are included as rayman is, you could easily drop lego, wario & nintendoland and substitute, deus ex, mass effect 3 and assassins creed black flag. Otherwise seems ok although as others have said i would have swapped no.1&2 around.



xxAcesHighxx said:

Okay, here's my top ten Wii U retail games to date:

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
2. Mario Kart 8
3. Super Mario 3D World
4. Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition
5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
6. Rayman Legends
7. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
8. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
9. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
10. New Super Mario Bros U

NFS: Most Wanted - the most underrated of Wii U's entire retail line-up? It certainly gets my vote! Meanwhile, I really ought to point out that poor 'ol Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 and ZombiU oh so narrowly missed out on my top ten. All together now, let's hear it for this 'Tantalising Trio of Top Ten Teaser Titles': Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!



Ralek85 said:

@Nintenjoe64 Well first off, I would strongly suggest that both predecessors were vastly superior games. Secondly, I don't know how well the gamepad was used in this game, and how strongly it benefited from it, but I'd be surprised if it made the game THAT much better. Honestly, in the end I'd be surprised to see any multiplatform game listed here Well at least your point about DE:HR is well taken in that, it is consistent with your pov that the WiiU has an ok library. A bit sad though, you could haven gotten DE:HR in a technical superior version on Steam for a couple of bucks for a long time now. And you could have moved on to Dishonored a more competent game all-around.



rockodoodle said:

I wouldn't put Game & Wario on that list....

1. MK8
2. SM3dw
3. Rayman
5. Sonic and All Stars Transformed
6. Pikmin
7. Tekken
8. Madden
10. NFS



Lobster said:

Wow. I have every single one of those games.

And people say the Wii U has no games!



ACK said:

@Ralek85 If I want to play Deus Ex on PC, I'm playing the original. No question. I'd have to be dense to play HR instead of a true classic. That said, the Wii U version makes HR far more enjoyable than any other version because the Gamepad usage realizes the full potential of the stealth gameplay, among other aspects. Playing on PC, or other console, is vaguely annoying given your tiny radar which reduces the usefulness of many stealth elements. The seamless ability to track on the Gamepad as you are sneaking about brings the stealth elements into their own.

There are numerous other enhancements, as well. But it cannot be understated how well Deus Ex HR was adapted to the Gamepad. And I'm one of those FPS gamers who swears by Mouse + Keyboard above all else.



WiiLovePeace said:

Cool list. I love how you made a few of the games equal placements just so they wouldn't miss out on being in the top 10 list. I own all of them except MH3U.



I-U said:

Mario Kart 8 easily at the top with Nintendo Land coming in second. Mario Kart 8 is the first game that I feel justified Nintendo's leap into HD as no other game has been all that impressive visually to me that I've played. Super Mario 3D World is a bit of a joke to me, a follow up on a handheld 3D Mario game isn't the way to show off 3D Mario on the Wii U. Do that first with something fresh like 64, Sunshine and Galaxy. I feel it's a bit of miss.



Hortencio said:

@Scott123 & @TwilightV
Thank you!! I was beginning to think that, with over 150 people, not one other person thought Darksiders II was at least worth #10, let alone an honorable mention. I have been playing that and only that since I got my U for Christmas (thanks, Santa wink) and am just finally finishing it! Now I am on to tackle some of the "true" Top 10s: 3D World, MK8, DK: Trop Freeze, Zelda: Wind Waker, and (the free) Pikmin 3. Considering everyone's comments, I may have to give Assassin's Creed IV, Mass Effect 3, and Deus Ex: D-Cut another look...
Yes, despite the doom and gloom surrounding the U, this article has made me realize what an incredible library this fledgling system already has; Smash Bros., the very reason I will never not-own a Nintendo system, hasn't even come out yet! All that, plus this doesn't even include the burgeoning eShop content, which I believe to be one of the system's stronger features/offerings.



Ralek85 said:

@ACK Well that's nice to hear. Sounds like at least a few Devs bother thinking about Second-Screen at least
You do know that there is a Directors Cut Addon for PC bringing many of the changes to that platform as well?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Ralek85 I only played the first so I can't really comment on the others. I heard bad things about the first sequel so avoided it. I could have gotten DE:HR on steam for dirt cheap but the it never struck me as a great a PC game on its own and would never have done the original justice for me. The gamepad enhancements make the game much more palatable for me and I bought it for £20 on day one from Amazon which seemed like a good deal. Since this is a list of Wii U games it saddens me that some of the best games for gamepad integration seem to be overlooked in favour of games that are either a bit disappointing to me or just not very good. I still believe there are better games on Wii U than DE:HR but they're just good Nintendo games and not really "Wii U games" i.e. most of them would work on any console.
Compared to most consoles I have owned, the Wii U has a pretty good first 18 months library and I've never played a console so much in my life. I don't really think DE:HR being so high on my own list says anything negative about its library.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@electrolite77 you've said my thoughts on this list almost perfectly. Lego City is like a great Lego game spread over a city that is too big, has no multiplayer and has more technical issues than a new Ubisoft IP whereas Lego Marvel is a nicely done console Lego game with great coop. Sonic Racing is not a bad game per se but it's a big insult to MK8 to rank it within 100 places of MK8



NodesforNoids said:

Tekken: 3D fighter that CANNOT be controlled by the analog stick.
Arkham City: Great game in general, but much worse on Wii U.
Assassin's Creed 3/4: A pretty strong port by Ubisoft.
Lego City: Atrocious load times and pop-up detract from a genuinely engaging and welcome entry in the Lego Universe.
Batman Lego 2: A long overdue port that sadly added nothing new.
Need for Speed MW: Great game, great port, controls terribly on Wii U.
ZombiU: Frustrating, banal combat, immersive yet muddied atmosphere, surprisingly low replay value. Despite playing as multiple characters, the random generator doesn't provide any real character development.
Deus Ex HR: Two years past prime, it improves on every aspect of the original while still managing to feel tired and a bit stale.
Ghosts: Great couch multiplayer, terrible online. It's Call of Duty.
Rayman Legends: Great platforming, decent multiplayer, unnecessary rehash of Rayman Origins.
New Super Mario Bros: HD reinvisioning of the Wii's NSMB with little improvements in multiplayer but really, it's Mario's first HD adventure. It animates well and looks wonderful.
Zelda WW: Remastering of the original Gamecube masterpiece. A faster sail, a more streamlined experience and a harder difficulty.
Wonderful 101: Great premise, lots of action, shallow character work, inane plot, somewhat non-responsive touch commands.
Game and Wario: A chance to be creative and distinct is an exercise in charm and multiplayer, Gamepad focused mayhem.
Nintendoland: The perfect introduction to Nintendo and the Gamepad. Some fun single player and a delightful, if limited, multiplayer outing.
Super Mario 3D World: A beautifully crafted, smooth running entry into the emerging 2.5D Mario Universe. With more characters, hidden paths and unlockables than ever, it is truly a wonder to behold.
Wii Party U: Tons of zany party games, seemingly crafted to emphasize Mii characters over the now exhausted Mario Party template.
Darksiders 2: A buggy, yet entertaining vision of Zelda crossed with the Darkness.
Pikmin 3: Throwing the Gamepad into the mix, the latest RTS from Nintendo, continuuing in the acclaimed Pikmin series of games.
Donkey Kong Country TF: The HD return to DKC by Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios. A well animated, higly recommended platformer with a steep difficulty curve.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Seemingly an HD reskinning of the original MH3, this title is closer to Rayman Legends in that a host of new content has been added on top of the reworked visuals.
NBA 2K13: A lovingly recreated basketball sim that improves, albeit slightly, on the coresponding title other systems received.
Madden 13 / FIFA 13: Rehashed, updated versions of the '12 versions available elsewhere.
Mass Effect 3: A more comprehensive single campaign experience, often unnecessarily chided due to the lack of both Mass Effect 1 & 2 on Wii U. (As a side note, I never remember Bioware claiming Mass Effect to be an episodic game that would would be either 'terrible' or 'woefully incomplete' should gamers not experience alll 3 60$ titles.)
Arkham Origins: The shell of Arkham City, with no improvements to combat and retrograded voice acting, dialog, atmosphere and storyline.
Ducktales (retail version): An HD reimagining of the NES classic, retaining the same great platforming and adding in full voice acting and cutscenes.
New Super Luigi U (retail version): A standalone version of the DLC pack provided for NSMBU. A challenging, fast paced revisioning of many of NSMBUs levels, for about a third of the price.



javman05 said:

Totally agree about zombie u, should definitely be on list, best 3rd party game and also best use of gamepad for ANY Wii u game



javman05 said:

@Hortencio absolutely, I've got the majority of this list plus the best 3rd party games, ac3 and 4, me3, deus ex, darksiders and splinter cell. For a system with no games I'll be playing these for next year. Plus whatever else Nintendo release



CliveWinston said:

people complaining about WII U and it has no games... like complaining "my wallet is too full of money it's too thick " or " these breasts are too big "...



aaronsullivan said:

Almost voted for Mario Kart 8 because you know AWESOME, newest, etc., but you know what? Last night, I had a couple friends over I haven't seen in 3 years and Nintendo Land brought down the house... AGAIN.

This and we still go back to it for various games when it's just the family. Best Co-op and vs. games I've played in ages. Even some occasional brilliance in the small single player games if you dig deep enough.

I'm always a bit sad that it never caught on in a more massive way.



TySoN_F said:

Super Mario 3D World is what made me realize how amazing the Wii U was and made the purchase well worth it. Mario Kart 8 is just an added bonus at that point, making me excited for the next "64-esque" Mario Wii U game.

While it may not be good for Nintendo, I love the amount of games because the majority of them are all high quality titles in their own right.



onery said:

Recently just finished Mass Effect 3 and barring controversy over unsupported DLC and such, it's quite the game to play on the WiiU and I enjoyed my time with it.

Other games that could've made the list were Darksiders 2 (brilliant alternative to a Legend of Zelda fan), ZombiU (unadulterated horror) and Scribblenauts (short perhaps, but I love the concept anyway).



GreatPlayer said:

@Sqirm64 Sonic Lost World is truly a refreshing the entire Sonic series. Its balance between pace and platforming, the immense of the entire sonic world, and the variety of stages are truly amazing, and the game bypasses many platforming games that I have played (Raymen Origins is amazing but Raymen Legends is more like a rehash and a shorter version of Raymen Origins to me).



Oopsiwin said:

How the F*** was Game and Wario anywhere near this list???? That game was the biggest disappointment of the WiiU to date as far as I'm concerned. I actually bought it on day 1, and couldn't believe the blatant lack of content.



Ralek85 said:

@Nintenjoe64 Not sure what your heard about Invisible War, but it is a good game actually. It certainly had it's fair share of problems and it didn't have the same kind of impact the first one had but still ... I'd prefer it over DE:HR. I have to say I never got around to play the Directors Cut. Never bothered with it again after the first time. I heard the did something about the atrocious boss battles. If you liked the first one around as well as DE:HR I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy the second one.
In regards to the Wii U library ... well honestly I don't know. So far a couple of games have intrigued me, like e.g. Wonderful 101. I'm a huge Platinum Games fan, they always make games that are just different in a way that I can appreciate, pretty much like Sting games (think e.g. the Dept. Haven games). But so far there was nothing I really wanted/needed. I'd love me some MK8, but I got MK Wii as well as MK 7 on 3DS so it is not that much of an incentive on it's on. I really hope tomorrow we get to see alot more of 'X', as well as convincing outing for Zelda Wii U and some footage of SMT X FE (which to me could just qualify as the system seller I need, much as Fire Emble: Awakening did for the 3DS).
I have no idea why I was/am so disenchanted with Nintendo tihs generation. I had a Wii on Day1 (remember running through the store ^^) and an NDS pretty early on. I got my 3DS a year ago and still don't own a Wii U, which is unusal for me to say the least.
Long story short, I hope the Wii U library shapes up (even more), since I wanna buy a Wii U (haven't skip a Nintendo consoles since the SNES), but I need a good reason to buy one. One game like MK8 is not enough, I loved Infamous Second Son, but since I'm done with it, my PS4 is gathering dust ... so I really hope Nintendo goes all out tomorrow!



Sceptic said:

Bravo on sealing the fate and perception of the WiiU as a first-party-only console. People will google "best WiiU games" and end up here, check the list and get a PS4. I sure would.

Wario beats Lego City Undercover? No ZombiU? No really guys. You need to do some soul searching. To each his own, but you have a resonsibility here.



Luffymcduck said:

1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
2. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
3. Pikmin 3
4. Rayman Legends
5. Mario Kart 8
6. Super Mario 3D World
7. New Super Mario Bros U
8. Wonderfull 101
9. Nintendo Land
10. Lego City Undercover

Ah, I loved the last E3 when people cursed over the fact that Retro was making DKC and not Metroid. I laughed to those people and had a great time when the title arrived. Creative level design, perfect controls and fun game mechanics (especially for time trial) and THAT soundtrack by David Wise. Makes me wish for Retro to finish their own DKC trilogy, with D.Wise's soundtrack of course.

I'm bit surprised to see SM3DW take the number 1 spot. I 100 % cleared it last year and has some fun with 4-player mode. There were SOME fun levels but overall it felt like it played too safe. It's still better than Super Mario 3D Land. There has been some good or even great Mario games during the past few years, but none of them has impressed me as much as they used to. Last truly amazing Mario game to me was Super Mario Galaxy 2. That was 4 years ago. 3D World felt only like a bigger sequel to 3D Land with multiplayer (sure SMG2 felt like an expansion pak for many, but for me, that game was much better).

I was really surprised to see Game & Wario on the list. What a disappointment that was. Thankfully, I didn't have it, I played it at my cousins place. I would have put Zombi U over G&W even though it's not my favourite titles on Wii U.



timtimdaunholy said:

i love all my wii u games but the one that i have loved more than i thought i would was donkey kong, but know i'm addicted to mario kart

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