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Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns - 2nd June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tougher times for Wii U and 3DS funding targets

Last week's Kickstarter update brought the happy news of a rather decent-looking title getting funded for Wii U, while some new titles joined the roster. There are some long-shot targets though, and this week shows plenty of well-intentioned campaigns struggling for support. Is Kickstarter fatigue a factor?

Check out the latest progress below.

New Projects

Shiness — Wii U stretch goal at $170,000 [approx $105,000 of $100,000 target reached, 5 days to go]

A successful campaign already, this looks like an utterly charming adventure RPG, with some gorgeous music and stylish visuals in place. Developer Project Ynnis Interactive has previously enjoyed crowdfunding success with The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths and has once again put together a project that's raised an impressive sum, recently adding Wii U as a stretch goal.

Chances of Wii U release: Looking a little unlikely at present without a late surge of interest.

Project Updates

The Way — Wii U stretch goal at $100,000 [approx $22,000 of $15,000 target reached, 2 days to go]

An puzzle platforming adventure title with a '90s aesthetic and a style reminiscent of retro classics such as Another World and Flashback, this promises a sci-fi storyline, clever puzzles and an alien world to explore; it's already achieved success on its core PC/Mac/Linux platforms.

Chances of Wii U release: Very unlikely.

OMORI — 3DS stretch goal at $180,000 [approx $110,500 of $22,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

This "surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game" has already comfortably passed its original goal, and certainly looks intriguing. With a distinctive art style and peculiar storyline this has evidently capture the imagination of a number of gamers, the following tagline sums up its approach nicely. "Your story is already over. You just have to remember it."

Chances of 3DS release: Unlikely without a late surge of support.

Adventures of Pip — Wii U included in core goal [approx $33,650 of $90,000 target reached, 2 days to go]

This one has an interesting concept — it's a 2D sidescrolling action title in which Pip starts out with a basic form and abilities; as he kills enemies he powers up and changes in terms of his move-set and appearance. The pixel-based visuals are sure to catch the eye of retro game fans.

Chances of Wii U release: Unlikely without a major late surge of support.

A Wizard's Day — Wii U stretch goal at $25,000 [approx $3,040 of $15,000 target reached, 8 days to go]

An adventure platformer that adopts an isometric view, this is currently targeting PC and Mac, though the Wii U is given as the only home console, with development for the system considered aspirational by developer Michael S. Tonder.

Chances of Wii U release: Very unlikely, as momentum has stalled in the last week.

Luna's Tale: Curse of the Forgotten Doll — Wii U included in core goal [approx $4,250 of $35,000 target reached, 4 days to go]

A project from Maestro Interactive Games, founded by former Retro Studios employee Monty Goulet and developer of recent Wii U eShop release Percy's Predicament. This is a 'hand-painted' platformer that aims to deliver "a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and platforming".

Chances of Wii U release: Very unlikely due to stalled momentum.

Unfunded Campaigns

Möira — Wii U and 3DS included with core goal [$2,216 of $8,000 target reached]

This is an old-school project that borrows the Game Boy aesthetic, utilising the Construct 2 dev engine. It aims to be challenging, with the description stating that you'll be able to learn the abilities for all enemies, which can then be used for puzzle solving.

Chances of Wii U release: Finished for now, though the developer is planning to re-launch the campaign in the future.

So those are some crowdfunding efforts currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter. Let us know which ones interest you, and likewise point us to any we've missed in the comments below.

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User Comments (22)



CanisWolfred said:

Damn, Moira looked cool...

But this Shiness looks like a game after my own heart. Good for them for getting funded.



Klinny said:

I'm really loving Shiness. The art style and music are fantastic. Though that Wii U goal is looking pretty far off, hmmm.



XCWarrior said:

Death of Kickstarter games if you go off this page. Or maybe Nintendo fans are sicking of funding games that never get completed? Either way, not a successful game in the lot.



Iggly said:

By the looks of it, we'll probably be seeing quite a lot of unfunded projects in the next Kickstarter feature/news(recap?).



smikey said:

I look forward to looking through the kickstarter list every week but this week is highly amusing.
I commend you for still bothering with the list but since not a single game on it will be on a Nintendo console doesn't seem much point in me looking into any of them very much.



brandonbwii said:

The problem, for me at least, is that Wii U is usually a stretch goal. I don't game on PC and my only two platforms at the moment are Wii U and 360. So I can't fund the game without the guarantee that Wii U is definitely in the cards.



Tops said:

Really sad to see Adventures of Pip not do well. That to me is the most interesting game and I love the concept of the hero's evolution



JustinH said:

We're falling into a bit of a lull with Kickstarter campaigns so games that would normally need a big push to get funded are just not getting it done right now.

That said Adventures of Pip is definitely promising and should consider relaunching the campaign because I think there is demand for it.



PanurgeJr said:

It's obvious that none of these goals will be met, but in the case of Luna's Tale I know that if they hit a certain backer level, just a few hundred more, which would still leave them well short, they'll be able to secure additional outside funding, probably investors basing sales predictions on backer count. Thus it will cost you nothing to pledge, as they will fail, but not pledging because you assume, however reasonably, that it is pointless will cost them funds, making it not pointless. Indeed I wonder if they wouldn't have hit that level already if people didn't stay away from campaigns appearing to fail. So at the least just check it out; you ma6 help give them someone else's money.



JaxonH said:

Kickstarter isn't going to churn out 3 new Wii U titles a week, much less actually end up being good games. Kickstarter is good for a few gems here and there, but I wouldn't look to it for steady quality support or anything.

Shovel Knight, Mighty No 9, Shantae Half Genie Hero, Hyper Light Drifter, Earthlock Festival of Magic, maybe even Red Goddess...these are keepers. But they don't come around every day.

I'm not even upset these games in the list didn't get funded. None of them look even remotely good, tbh.



IronMan28 said:

Eh, this shows a lot of games not coming to Wii U, but there are tons of Indie kickstarters on the system coming.



Yomerodes said:

There is a quite depressing pattern there though...

All the projects here that have the Wii U at the core goal (Moira, Luna's Tale, Pip's Adventure) are missing the goal by quite a far margin.

On the other hand, most of the Kickstarters that have the Wii U or 3DS as a stretchgoal (Shiness, The Way, Omori) are actually reaching the goal, and even getting some stretch goals...Omori by itself have more money than what every Core goal Wii U Kickstarter is asking. Shiness and Pip'sAdventure cases are also interesting, both games have virtually identical goals (100,000 and 90,000 respectively) but the one with the Wii U included in the core goal is missing a lot to reach the goal in the final hours, while the one that has the Wii U as a stretch goal surpassed the goal already.

So, the whole "If the Wii U was in the core goal, we would pledge" angle seems unsubstantial in the end. In fact, results like this might actually give indie developers the idea that ignoring the Wii U from the core goal gets you more pledges and more success.



furr said:

Shiness looks pretty awesome. Too bad those games are always in japanese or english and I don't think there will be a german version of it.

Edit: Nvm, saw that there will be german subtitles
I need more money to pledge it



TreonsRealm said:

I am noticing an irritating trend with Kickstarter lately where it seems that more and more games are using potential Wii U support as a carrot at the end of a stick to get extra money. It used to be a reasonable request when the stretch was merely $5,000 to $15,000 to cover Nintendo's relatively low entry cost to the eShop (Licensing/Dev kit cost) but now it seems like some developers are taking advantage of the Nintendo fanbase by making their Wii U stretch goals a bit outrageous for simple porting.

Shiness is set at $70,000 past initial goal for Wii U (while XBOne & PS4 are only $40,000 more) and the $70,000 is even more ridiculous when you consider Ynnis Interactive is already a Wii U developer and has released a game for the console already!

The Way put their Wii U goal at $85,000 past initial funding and I am struggling to see why the massive hike is needed. While I understand the extra funds needed for porting, it seems like a rather large gap.

At least something like Hover: Revolt of Gamer makes sense since they are actually making Wii U specific/exclusive content which justifies the additional budget. In the end, these indie developers need to think about how they treat the growing Wii U community considering these types of actions at dangerously similar to how third party's treat Nintendo fans and we've all seen how their sales have been on Nintendo platforms.



RedBeanPorridge said:

so out of every project in past kickstarter project nintendolife features, how many have actually been sufficiently funded for? would love to see OMORI come to 3ds.



momoiiru said:

Just a heads up - OMORI managed to get enough funding for the 3DS goal so look forward to that in 2015!



Noboty said:

No 3DS support, no support. Since most of them seem to only care about the Wii U (and not much, given how much they're trying to milk out of them compared to owners of other consoles), I can imagine how little they care about the 3DS.

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