Super Smash Bros. is getting tantalisingly close, with the 3DS version confirmed for 3rd October and the Wii U iteration once again pegged for the Holiday season. Both titles were extensively shown off at E3, too, enhancing the excitement further.

Despite the madness in LA, Masahiro Sakurai didn't let anyone down with his updates on the Director's Room Miiverse community, even using his daily posts to re-confirm new reveals that had emerged; Sakurai-san doubled up on the day of the Digital Event, too. In that respect it was one of the most high profile weeks in this 'pic of the day' campaign.

There are some good 'uns, anyway, and you can check out last week's Miiverse community screens below; click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

9th June

10th June

If you collect 100 coins, you transform into a gold fighter! For a short period of time, your attack power will increase and you won't flinch when you receive attacks. This unique stage's name is Golden Plains and it's exclusive to the 3DS version.

10th June - E3 Special

And Palutena is joining the battle! She's using a lot of powers in the video we released, but these are only a few of the powers featured in Kid Icarus: Uprising. For more details, check out the Super Smash Bros. official website.

11th June

12th June

13th June

Quite a lot to get the blood pumping last week, then. Let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (351 votes)

Meloetta has a voice for the occasion


Our fighters scrabble for coins on the 3DS


Samus shows off her golden look


Mii fighters gear up for battle


Palutena looks rather pleased to have joined the ranks


Pac-Man went for a retro reveal


Palutena gets into the swing of the Home-Run Contest


Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Sonic, together at last


Um, I can't decide


I don't like any of them, to be honest


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