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Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Screens - Issue Forty Two

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Posing Miis! Pac-Man! Third-Party All-Stars! More!

Super Smash Bros. is getting tantalisingly close, with the 3DS version confirmed for 3rd October and the Wii U iteration once again pegged for the Holiday season. Both titles were extensively shown off at E3, too, enhancing the excitement further.

Despite the madness in LA, Masahiro Sakurai didn't let anyone down with his updates on the Director's Room Miiverse community, even using his daily posts to re-confirm new reveals that had emerged; Sakurai-san doubled up on the day of the Digital Event, too. In that respect it was one of the most high profile weeks in this 'pic of the day' campaign.

There are some good 'uns, anyway, and you can check out last week's Miiverse community screens below; click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

9th June

10th June

If you collect 100 coins, you transform into a gold fighter! For a short period of time, your attack power will increase and you won't flinch when you receive attacks. This unique stage's name is Golden Plains and it's exclusive to the 3DS version.

10th June - E3 Special

And Palutena is joining the battle! She's using a lot of powers in the video we released, but these are only a few of the powers featured in Kid Icarus: Uprising. For more details, check out the Super Smash Bros. official website.

11th June

12th June

13th June

Quite a lot to get the blood pumping last week, then. Let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (354 votes)

Meloetta has a voice for the occasion


Our fighters scrabble for coins on the 3DS


Samus shows off her golden look


Mii fighters gear up for battle


Palutena looks rather pleased to have joined the ranks


Pac-Man went for a retro reveal


Palutena gets into the swing of the Home-Run Contest


Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Sonic, together at last


Um, I can't decide


I don't like any of them, to be honest


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User Comments (47)



Randomname19 said:

Miis for me.I can't wait to play as myself and have a friendly fight against my favorite characters.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:




Tsurii said:

First week without any pics, I like. We already knew about Meloetta, the Golden Plains stage looks kinda boring, altho the idea could turn out to be pretty cool...if you get the 3DS game, which I don't
And I'm also not too excited for the latest newcomers or the homerun contest.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

And Palutena easily wins she was the character I wanted most! NOW BRING OUT THE CHOIR BOYS, SHULK AND CROM SAKURAI



IceClimbers said:

Oh, and we'll know the full roster on September 13th, which is the Japanese release date for the 3DS version. Actually, we'll probably know before hand thanks to review copies.



LtAldoRaine said:

To me it's Palutena. I'm still so happy she's a newcomer. I know the pic with the iconic characters is more significant, but to be honest, I haven't felt anything about Pac-Man for quite a while. I still like that he's in, don't get me wrong.



dinosauryoshi said:

Sonic, Megaman, Mario, and Pac-Man able to battle each other. The stuff of dreams! Very excited for this. I do hope Falcon joins the fray soon though as he's my favourite!



Dr_Corndog said:

Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man: the perfect triumvirate. No more third-party characters are needed.

Also, I hope the roster will end up being large enough that we won't look back on Palutena as a wasted slot.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Like all the pictures. I can't wait until October. It's going to be the best month ever since I celebrate my daughter's and my birthday that month



Capt_N said:

@SahashraLA: Get better soon! I'll be praying for ya! & God bless! On-topic, Nintendo seems to be representing women more w/ their ips.

@Everyone: My fav is the legendary 4, but I also like gold Samus.



Shambo said:

Together at last, indeed! Best cast ever? Rayman would also deserve a spot, I'd say. And Bomberman. And Astro Boy, just for fitting in nicely and having an EPIC game on GBA.



AJWolfTill said:

Some of the other ones on the website are amazing , my favourite being the Mii + villager addition. Also didn't they confirm Game & Watch's return in the Pac-Man video?



NintyMan said:

How could I not vote for the Big Four in gaming battling it out in one game? It's Mario vs. Mega Man vs. Sonic vs. Pac-Man, period.



Yosher said:

You just can't top the image that has 4 of the biggest gaming icons out there, really.



dAvecaster said:

Can't wait for this game to be released so that these interminable weekly updates can cease. Still, the game looks nice.



Giygas_95 said:

Golden Samus. Nuff said. I want that on my desktop.

Although I do like the four icons posing together!



unrandomsam said:

There should be another option with something to the effect of :

Seen enough of it by now so don't really care. Stop bothering with this until it is close to release.



Giygas_95 said:

@unrandomsam Actually, I kind of agree. I think Sakurai should just withhold any more details until release, but then again, we don't have to pay any attention to these.



WaveBoy said:

Would be nice if they replaced Solid Snake with Golden Eye 007's James Bond. Better yet, Bill rizer from contra fame.

Anyways, all that's missing is a Simon Belmont.



BAGBOY said:

Man, every other pic this week pales in comparison with the ultimate gaming team of mario, megaman, sonic and pac-man. I mean, that is the perfect smash bros. photograph and the perfect pic to announce the game with the line: "4 LEGENDS, 1 GAME, TOGETHER AT LAST. SUPER SMASH BROS. 4".

I would literally cry seeing that.



BAGBOY said:

@WaveBoy That is the only third party character that is missing: Simon Belmondo from Konami's Castlevania. Too much perfection in a game should be a crime.



Emblem said:

If you told me that Mario, Sonic, Megaman and Pacman would be fighting each other in a major budget game in the future when i was a kid, i would have slapped you.



FilmerNgameR said:

I like how Sakurai added Sonic's '91 pose in that four picture. Now I want that pic as my wallpaper! XD



MagicEmperor said:

I know it's obvious, but the retro gaming gods picture wins my vote. Come on, that's my childhood! Right there!



SakuraHaruka said:

I voted for Meloetta (no explanation needed, well, yeah, It's very, very, very cute!!!, XD), but, if I could add other vote more, then, I will choose for the 4 companies (Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Capcom), XD



AlexSora89 said:

I chose the four legends together as pretty much everyone else did, but Golden Plains was a close second. Having some New Super Mario Bros. 2 representation as the 3DS iteration of the classic Mushroom Kingdom stage was a more than warmly welcome surprise to me, especially given the Mushroom Kingdom U stage seven days before that once again gave the impression the Wii U version of the next SSB is gonna hog all the good stuff.



StarDust4Ever said:

Born in 1980, Pacman is more old school than Donkey Kong, Mario, Megaman, Sonic, and pretty much everybody...

Together again is an easy win for my vote. Man, it's gonna be a tough choice between Rosalina or Pacman. Rosalina's my gal, but as a product of the 80's I've got an 8-bit ghost chomping Pac Tattoo on my back...



Shambo said:

@ModestFan93 I played the first Bomberman multiplayer literally untill I could barely move my fingers anymore. Nobody ever truely beat me back then. Have played many other games in the series since then, and my favourite one in the collection is the Japanese tin box GBC game Pocket Bomberman, my favourite to play was Bomberman DS for 8 player single card play



xerneas said:

Wait, no home run contest on wii u?
I will be so so so so so pissed off if they add all the goodies and mini games to 3DS but there won't be anything extra on wii u. That is the freaking wrong direction!



Melkac said:

I just find it hilarious how Palutena was the lamest announcement at Nintendo's E3 ...
Seriously Sakurai, just announce Ridley.



WinterWarm said:

The gaming legends!

Also I disagree with Melksc.
That was unnecessary. Please refrain from insults — TBD

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