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E3 2014: Three Different Modes Detailed for Star Fox Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

An outside developer may be enlisted to hit 2015 release target

The reveal of Star Fox for Wii U has been a relatively extraordinary occurrence so far at E3, as it was inadvertently leaked by TIME and then, peculiarly, not considered ready for demonstration in the Nintendo Treehouse broadcast. As a result, there's no useful footage — the screen was blurred in a brief cameo — and a limited amount of information, though the details from the original interview hint at an intriguing, GamePad-driven concept that may even be split into small 'TV series'-style releases.

Beyond the details from that original article, The Guardian has confirmed that it was also in attendance at the pre-E3 invite-only demonstration. The newspaper's Steve Boxer said the following when trying out the GamePad-controlled flying, which uses motion for aiming and analogue sticks for other manoeuvres — "Miyamoto’s system worked beautifully when we tried it."

There are some other snippets of information around the demo that was shown, fleshing out names and details on three modes that were shown.

The first, called Arwing, is classic Star Fox, and consists of an open-sky dogfight against many enemies; you can also land and transform into a tank. The second mode, Vs Wolf, is similar, but pits players against series rival Wolf O'Donnell, flying a similar ship to yours. The third, called City, put you in a helicopter flying over an urban landscape, with the GamePad screen showing a top-down view of what's below.

This gives a little extra context to the descriptions from the original reveal, and there's also the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto has advised that Nintendo may "enlist an outsider developer" in order to secure a release in 2015.

Are you excited by the details surround Star Fox for Wii U? What do you think of these modes? Let us know.


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ModestFan93 said:

Things are looking up. They're looking to going with outside developers more and more now for help.



Shiryu said:

I would not mind either Namco, Retro or Platinum to give a helping hand in finishing this. But with a proper single player campaign pushing the graphics into the stuff we saw in "The Wonderful 101". I am not sure a single year will be enough to develop the Starfox of my dreams, but I will take it anyway!



Tsurii said:

"and there's also the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto has advised that Nintendo may "enlist an outsider developer" in order to secure a release in 2015."

Please let it be Platinum/Kamiya
I'm sure, that he would love to do that and that I would love the result of that..a game made by Miyamoto and starts drooling



XFsWorld said:

I'll rather it be an open-world Star Fox/Star Fox Adventures mash up. But I'll take this, with gratitude.



NintyMan said:

I really don't mind who makes it as long as it does come in 2015. Nice to read about the Guardian writer say the game controlled beautifully after people were afraid of the controls.



0utburst said:

Platinum is doing Scalebound for Xbox now I think.

I'd like to see a Starfox ala Mass Effect TBH. Or a combination of both gameplay.

Edit: or like StarFox Adventures they say.



GearsOfWarU said:

So excited for Starfox U ... Hope it's a Co Production Between The Great Miyamoto & Platinum Games ... Huge Fan of The Wonderful 101



Einherjar said:

Stay away from Command gameplay, thats all i have to say
And a transformable arwing ? Sounds like we will finally get "Star Fox 2" but in a different coat



IxC said:

"Miyamoto’s system worked beautifully when we tried it."

Thats good to hear because his other two games looked like they didn't work at all. And not in a 'they're just tech demos' kind of way, but in a 'the controls just don't work' kind of way.



Christoff said:

I think I am one of the few who is really not interested in a star fox game.

Appreciate it is partly fan service but what they have shown is fairly lacking



Hero-of-WiiU said:

I cant imagine Retro working on this, I can only think of Metroid and F-Zero for them. I say Platinum, Next Level, or... Sega?



unrandomsam said:

His other two looked fine to me. (Not bothered about that mature stuff.)

I just want the standard stuff but with an SNK/Sega/NES difficulty. (ie World 1 is World 5 and World 5 onwards becomes lost levels like.)



Jaz007 said:

Interesting, I hope it has ground combat like Assault did. I'm still not sold on this yet.



TobiasAmaranth said:

Yeaaaaah. Sounds pretty dull, if you ask me. I like the world, the characters, the potential. But Nintendo doesn't care to make use of them. It's a shame.

I'd much rather have a new Star Fox Adventures style game, or TPS/Open-World game.



rjejr said:

I think this game will finally be the reason Nintendo releases dual Gamepad support. How are you supposed to dogfight w/ the person sitting next to you if these controls are so built upon the Gamepads motion and 2nd screen? Couch muliplayer is what Nintneod is all about. Add this to the NFC amiibo toys - which as far as I can tell can only be used w/ the Gamepad, not the Pro controller or the Gamecube adapter - and the fact that Splatoon is so heavily dependent on the Gamepad and it's basically only a multiplayer game, and I don't see how Nitendo can not release the Gamepad. By next year they should be able to sell it for $69.99.

Oh, and Miyamoto is trying to secure a 2015 release b/c even he knows Zelda won't release until 2016



Trikeboy said:

We've seen practically nothing but I'm so freaking excited for this game. There is also a rumor going around that Miyamoto said it should be finished by next year. That's great considering this is still kinda in tech demo stage.



Judah_83 said:

@rjejr youre absolutely right dual screen co- op gaming. Each player has his own screen and the tv can be used to show different highlights in slo-mo or stylish kills. My starroguefox leader squad against the masses. separate teams divided into squads or clubs a'la wiisportscub. New Jersey club owns btw in bowling and tennis lol. The potential is there just seize it nintendo!! Add me on miiverse jetlife83. woohoo!!



Haywired said:

I don't know, isn't the problem with Star Fox that they keep trying to do something different with it, when everyone just wants a traditional, pure Star Fox game like the first two (ie. the two successful ones)? If it controls like Nintendo Land's Metroid Blast (which I thought was quite clunky tbh) and you have to hold the Gamepad up to your face for the whole game, I'm not sure, if the main action is already on the TV screen, what exactly a cockpit view offers to offset the discomfort. I would hate to see Wii U Gamepad features crowbarred in to turn a game that controls beautifully into something needlessly convoluted just for the sake of it.



rjejr said:

@Judah_83 - Did you hit every Starbucks in NJ this morning? I thought we were all worn out from E3 I could use a little of that myself, need to find a new dentist, so exciting.



Morph said:

My guess is that the feedback they received wasnt great and they decided against showing it at the last minute



AugustusOxy said:

Meh. Just give us a fantastic rail shooter, ala the 64. Don't mess with format. No one likes landmaster.



Emaan said:

I'm just happy to see that they're working on a new game for the series.



SDDMN said:

Well, people want Platinum or Treasure to work with Nintendo on Star Fox Wii U, so I hope if Miyamoto does get help, it's from either company.



burninmylight said:


Amen, brotha. It's been almost 20 years since we just had a StarFox that didn't get jacked up with some gameplay quirk or control scheme no one wants. At this point, just making a rail shooter with a few 3-D levels sprinkled in will be the innovation. Quit screwing around and do the right thing, Nintendo.



aaronsullivan said:

@rjejr I'd like dual GamePad support if Nintendo could just get around to better support of the ONE GamePad they have. Mario Kart 8 should have the option for separate screen play. I don't care about loss of detail. Maybe a patch now that everyone agrees the game is beautiful and they don't have to worry about ugly video off the screen when two are playing. :/

Seriously, though, the second GamePad will mean slower performance and that is going to make it a very tough sell. Plenty of great things could happen as a result, but number of people with both is going to be low.

Here's a scenario, though. What if the new GamePad control was revamped? A bit slicker and more formed for the hand. Better battery life maybe. Then it could be more enticing.



aaronsullivan said:

I love the on-rails gaming too, but the new ideas sound pretty awesome. The real issue with most of the attempts to branch out is how unsuccessful they were. With the right ideas and fun gameplay, I'd rather have something new.



Kirk said:


From what I'm reading; it's not a proper full Star Fox game at all but a bunch of arenas or whatever, like the DS version that came out quite a while back as I recall.

This is not what I was talking about when I kept shouting about getting a new Star Fox game, Nintendo. I want basically the classic epic almost Star Wars like Star Fox experience I had when playing the SNES original.

Please; don't anyone ever tell me that I asked for a Star Fox game and Nintendo gave me what I asked for and yet I still wasn't happy and that Nintendo can never make people like me happy blah blah blah.

I've just explained the situation to you above and I'm pretty sure most other people asking for a new Star Fox game were meaning the same thing as me too (even if the new game ALSO adds some interesting new control modes and stuff ON TOP OF THAT too).

It's not that hard to grasp, Nintendo.



Moshugan said:

It feels like these Miyamoto projects are merely tech demos and they may or may not evolve into actual games depending on the E3 response.



Sceptic said:

I'm sorry but what I read on Kotaku made Starfox sound like shovelware.

And forget about dual gamepads. The WiiU already can't handle two screens in certain games, I think it's safe to say three is out of the question.



DarkKirby said:

At the stage the game seems to be it's winter 2015 the earliest IF they get help on it. Nintendo seems to be quite the penny pincher when it comes to game development compared to some American studios which plan to spend millions on development from the start.



CapeSmash said:

I have a feeling MANY people will be extremely disappointed with this game. Mark my words.

And to the people who want a Star Fox Adventures sequel; go play Zelda.



Zapkido said:

Oh boy. Sounds interesting, but I really hope there is a story mode with the Starfox 64 gameplay style!



audiobrainiac said:

Its so exciting, I can't wait! Nintendo put THE MAN on THIS game. Miyamoto hasn't failed me yet. No doubt, this game will be wonderful



rjejr said:

@aaronsullivan - "Here's a scenario, though. What if the new GamePad control was revamped? A bit slicker and more formed for the hand. Better battery life maybe. Then it could be more enticing."

I hadn't thought about any of that remodel stuff until I read your comment yesterday, so I give you all the credit for any of my other comments you may come across containing your suggestions. Doing the equivalent of the DS original phat to DSLite could certainly help w/ sales. Longer battery life, better colors, lose the TV button as it's insulting to the EU. I'm sure they've received feedback after 18 months in the wild. And what I personally really think they need to do, add a $5 WiFi chip. Not for gaming due to lag, but for Netflix, Miiverse, eShop and web browsing - all those things should work via WiFi even being filtered thru the Wii U. It doesn't even need to be seamless, just when you get too far away the screen says - "Switching to WiFi". Either that or multiply whatever they are currently using tenfold b/c lots of people complain about the distance. Some people might buy it as a replacement Gamepad just for added battery and distance - in essence making it a whole house tablet.



Ichiban said:

It sounds like Miyamoto has created a great control style..............for a Pilotwings game. I just want to grip the controller tight and engage in super fast and frantic, classic Starfox action. I dont want to be waving the gamepad around like I'm playing Panoramic Viewer.
I'm watching you not screw this up!!!!

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