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E3 2014: Mario Party 10 Subtly Announced for Wii U, Amiibo-Compatible

Posted by Martin Watts

First title for the series on Wii U

During its Nintendo Minute Live @ E3 showcase, Nintendo stealthily announced that Mario Party 10 will be coming to Wii U when discussing game compatibility with its upcoming Amiibo NFC figurines.

Not much is known about the game, but it will be available to play on the show floor at E3. With that said, it was confirmed that Bowser will play a central role in this game, and it can be safely assumed that it'll feature a similar party-game setup to the multiple previous instalments in the series.

The game is currently scheduled to release within a rather open window of 2015. The gameplay — as shown in the trailer below — is based on the revamped system which was introduced in Mario Party 9. All players travel around the board together in a shared vehicle, each trying to collect as many mini-stars as possible. Players compete in mini-games throughout, in the hope of winning extra mini-stars to top up their total. Some mini-games appear to also take advantage of the Wii U GamePad.

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Emaan said:

Why did they continue the Mario Party 9 concept of everyone being together? Hopefully they include a classic mode. I'm excited for this nonetheless. The Bowser Party idea is cool.



Akera099 said:

@Tsusasi 2014 is now barren except for SSB. Really sad that nearly all of these titles are coming out in 2015 only... Hopefully there'll be other announcement during E3 and a lot more titles for 3DS...



2Sang said:

Is anybody even excited about another mario party? I'm not unhappy with the direct, but I'm glad they excluded it from the main direct.



Dark-Luigi said:

Kinda gave up on the series, but this doesn't looked rushed, and play as bowser? Why not?



Tsusasi said:

@Akera099 My feelings exactly. And I'm really having a hard time defending Nintendo, too. They know that the long game isn't really an option for them any more and that they have to win this holiday for the Wii U to survive another year (or at least I hope that they do), and yet here we are. Business as usual. Head in the sand, old-school NOJ action. I've been giving Iwata the benefit of the doubt and I was going to give him a pass through the holidays to turn things around, but unless something big happens this week, I do believe it's time for someone else to be given a chance to turn things around (hopefully someone who isn't stupid enough to place their faith in abandoning consoles or moving to smart phones… that would just be ignorant desperation). Idk… maybe he should still get to see the year out. 2015… they may end up putting that on the Wii U's tombstone.



CaptOlimar30 said:

I'm interested to see more only if it really is Bowser versus all the other players. If the other players are competing against each other and Bowser then keeping Mario Party 9's car movement system isn't going to work for the same reasons it didn't work last time. If they're all on a team though then keeping them together could produce fun results. They still need to get rid of linear maps from MP9 for it to be a full Mario Party in my mind though.



GrimSh said:

I love the asynchronous play. I hope that puts a fresh spin on the 'somewhat stale' Mario party series.



Nintendofan83 said:

I understand Hyrule Warrios and Bayonetta have strong name value, but i'm not convinced they can help sell systems the way Nintendo needs. Overall, I thought the quality of the games shown in the Nintendo Direct were excellent. The HD looked solid and that brief Zelda trailor was stunning. HOWEVER, and I think this is a big HOWEVER, Nintendo is squandering the momentum of Mario Kart 8. Too many of the big titles they showed are being released in 2015. I think that is too late. PS4 and XBone could steal that momentum away and have a stronger lineup of games by the time all of these games release. Currently, Wii U has better games but for how much longer? I am very excited for these games and will probably buy several of them. But looking at this objectively, Nintendo finally had people focused on the 'here and now' and they blew it showing amazing games we can't own for a year or more. Nintendo better hope Wii U sales are strong in June because I can't see them moving many more consoles for about half a year after that. Disappointing Big N.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm excited to play MP 10! Too bad no online multiplayer as far as I can tell but still very impressive!



Gma-X said:

From my MP9 experience I'm very much against the travel together by car approach. It wasn't fun in MP9 and I doubt it will have changed significantly. Unless, as @CaptOlimar30 said, every player works together. Highly doubt that, though. MP has always been about competitive play between players and a winner in the end, but one can hope.



Rafie said:

@babyguess I doubt it. Look at all of the titles that are coming out this year alone. Bayo2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash U, Captain Toad, etc. That's already a lot of titles right there. 2015 seems more likely.



Gridatttack said:

Another MP game that still follows the errors of the recent titles.

What a disappointment really. There was nothing wrong with the format found in the first 7 games.



NintyMan said:

I was wanting a Mario Party 10, so now that Bowser is playable especially, that alone makes this interesting. And it also uses amiibo too, another concept I wanted to see implemented.

I'm fine with the car returning. I hope Rosalina is playable and Donkey Kong returns as a playable character.



smikey said:

Hated Mario party 9 & the car. the first 3 on the n64 were & probably always will be my favourites.
I'll probably buy it soon after release but we won't use it that much if it's a lot like 9.
interesting to see how the nfc will work with it just can't see it having any relevance.



jakysnakydx said:

I played about 3-4 rounds of MP9 across a good enough gap to be consodered a fair chance. It was a shame. The title had great mini games but the car thing.... the games purpose to make it possible for a 3 yr old to beat a grown adult through absolute luck based gameplay and you know what? Ive heard nothing but great from children under 12 but for me? Im done... island tour sucked hard as well



CaptOlimar30 said:

@Gma-X Yeah, I'm skeptical they would do that too. However I have at least heard rumors of a Classic Mode where it's more like the original Mario Party games. I'm probably just being optimistic though which is ashame since Wii Party U and NintendoLand don't really fill the need for good party Wii U games in my opinion.



Gma-X said:

@CaptOlimar30 I hope the rumours are true, because you're right: Wii Party U can't compete with Mario Party in any way. Mario Party is, for me atleast, THE party game for any Nintendo console. I appreciate Nintendo trying to change the formula with MP9, because innovating is what I love about Nintendo, but it obviously didn't work out, so I hope they will revert back to the classic gameplay.



bro2dragons said:

I kinda hate the "everybody together" theme of Mario Party 9... Wii U is the perfect platform for a great Mario Party game, but that really turns me off of it.



Hortencio said:

@Several Smarties
The car BS is pretty much a deal-breaker for me! Mario Party 2 is still the pinnacle in my book, and while the format had been getting stale of late, the everyone-together ruined something that was only tarnished. Where Mario Party Gold already?! That' idea of having one Mario Party with every mini-game, character, and board ever created all in one ill little package; we have the technology, we can rebuild it...



AshFoxX said:

I loved the gamepad specific gameplay on Wii U Party, so I knew Mario Party 10 was going to be awesome. It looks like it's a 5th player system so that could be interesting to see how it works.



DiscoDriver43 said:

Not really interested. I've been burned out by Party games on the Wii last gen. just gotten sick of all of them.



Gameday said:

Seriuosly... No online again ??? WOW you know what im not buying this game. I don't know anyone around my way that even likes Mario Party as much as me so that's a big fail in my book. I'm an adult i don't be having these little get together for games anymore, more so cause i moved out of state from where the original fellas that would run this stuff with me. The fact that they didn't mention online at all is more than aggravating for me.



LawRulesALL said:

@Akera099 Buddy, for this year we'll have Sonic Boom, Wii Sports Club Retail Disc, Pushmo World, Hyrule Warriors, Bayoneta 2 (that comes along with the first one), Smash Bros for Wii U and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Want more?? LOL There's always the few third party titles left: Just Dance 2015, Watch Dogs, Disney Infinity 2.0, Skylanders Trap Team, Leago Batman 3 and One Piece Unlimited World Red



LawRulesALL said:

Hm, never tried MP 9. Don't know how this "all together in a cart" works but if there's a classic mode just like the originals and online multiplayer I might give this one a chance.

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