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E3 2014: Bayonetta 2 Comes With The Original Game, As Well As Link And Samus Costumes

Posted by Damien McFerran

Launching October

Remember Bayonetta 2? It was shown off at last year's E3, but still isn't out yet. However, Nintendo and Platinum Games have made the wait a little more bearable by confirming that it will come bundled with the original title — which first released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 — as well as Link and Samus costumes to unlock in the main game.

The release date has also been confirmed — we'll get to feel Bayonetta's charms in October.

Are you still interested in this action title? Let us know in the comments.

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Haywired said:

Fantastic news for Nintendo players like me who haven't played the original. I was hoping this would happen!



AVahne said:

Confirmation that we're getting two games on one disk AND those costumes made this an insta-buy for me.



shonenjump86 said:

Still have the 1st game on 360, but it's pretty cool that it will be bundled with the 2nd game. Now we got a release date. October needs to hurry up and get here. Bayonetta is the main reason I got a Wii U. Can't wait.



0utburst said:

I wasn't gonna buy this of they didn't include/port the original. I'm so happy!



AbuJaffer said:

Considering the original never came to PC I haven't played it yet, and having it bundled with the new game makes it a much more viable purchase. I usually don't buy games unless I've played the previous games in the series (when there's a story attached of course), so this is a major purchasing point (as Nintendo obviously realizes).



onery said:

Bayonetta 2 was always going to be a winner of sorts.

This? This just effing blew the competition out the windows.



Shambo said:

Got this pre-ordered since the first day it was possible, knew I'd get it on launch since the first announcement. Yet adding to the package, made the weight LESS bearable! I WANT THIS NOW! But I'll be patient, Nintendo taught me that, and also that my patience will pay off.



KillScottKill said:

More excited now than ever. The biggest turnoff for this game was I hadn't played the original and didn't want to track it down just to play the new one on Wii U. Now that it's bundled in, I'm sold. This may be a day one purchase.



sinalefa said:

Well, in the meantime I will finish my Hard playthrough on PS3. Thankfully the game is very replayable.



ueI said:

This has basically sold the game for me. I hope the box advertises that it's 2 games in 1.



ejamer said:

Always felt like not having access to the original Bayonetta was a pretty big miss for this title... but was willing to give Bayonetta a shot anyway. Finding out the original game is included is a HUGE bonus.



Dave24 said:

OH MY GOD! Called it! Although month later, but I ąm more than happy that it will be this year. With the original! Which will be better than the PS3 version! OH YEAH!



Spoony_Tech said:

What a nice surprise! Its an insta buy now! Good going Nintendo and it's fans that kept asking for it!



Ricube said:

Right... peach costume... I'm also pretty happy that they will include the first game. Even if I would have liked it as an eshop download to pass the time till October. Anyways, I like that Nintendo is going to sell 2 games for every new game



FullbringIchigo said:

when I saw that it will include the original as well I let out a big yell and my family looked at me gone out (I was watching on a laptop with earphones)



Expa0 said:

I wasn't interested before cuz I only have access to the broken PS3 version of the game, which I don't want to play because it's well... broken. But now that I get the original game for free I think I'm gonna get it at some point or other.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - Since I trust your judgement. Did the B2 graphics in the video look worse than the original? People were blockier, backgrounds were less interesting? The whole video just looked like boss battles really, the 1st game was great to me b/c of the story and characters.

@ueI - It's on the cover, big red sticker. You can see it at the end of video on the Wii U eShop since I can't find the link here right now.



dkxcalibur said:

Now that's an incentive! Game companies are really starting to compete to get our money. At least Nintendo and Sega are.



MajinSoul said:

Day one. Would have bought it without the first one included, but this makes it all the better. I really love Platinum Games.



AyeHaley said:

everyone should buy this. the first bayo is amazing and now I don't have to use my crappy 360 to play it anymore weeeee



Rafie said:

@sinalefa Same here! I have to finish my hard playthrough on the PS3 as well. So far, the 360 has the best version of the first game. This game has some really great music as well. I still have to purchase some things from that demon guy. LOL I have to get the plat. Also I have to beat all the Alfheim portals as well. Lots to do before October.

I'm kind of relieved that B2 doesn't have achievements/trophies for me to go after. Heheh



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm glad they're including Bayonetta 1 with it! Would've been a great shame if they hadn't, as I've never played the first. I will be buying it at the very least just to support the game itself, if not to play it & hopefully enjoy it too.



Marshi said:

Devs that listen. Thank you Platinum,you're a diamond-er-i mean a peice of platinum!



Mahemoth said:

Wow, talk about generosity, I'll get this for sure. Thanks Nintendo! Awesome E3 BTW!



Mega719 said:

Don't forget about Peach she was in there too. Very happy they are doing this I tried to watch the whole first game online but got boring rather play it myself. So longer wait for me to play the sequel



King47 said:

I was waiting for disappointment. But that was amazing.
I love you, Nintendo. Platinum and Sega, thank you.



RedYoshi999 said:

That's great news! Although I don't think I will be buying the game, doesn't look like my style.



WanderingPB said:

What a nice surprise. Ive been waiting to buy it since they announced it as an exclusive. Ive heard the 360 version was the best and the PS3 version was really bad but was improved with a patch. Im curious to know how the original will hold up on the Wii U also are costumes the only new thing added? I wonder…



Dreamz said:

This is fantastic news. I haven't played the original, so having it bundled together is huge.



dumedum said:

This is an amazing coup for Nintendo. Bayonetta 2 exclusive, nintendo themed costumes... this is paradise. Hope it sells well.



sinalefa said:


I don't have the best quality video to judge, but overall I saw it similar to the first one. I know that Kamiya supervises this one, but he is not the director anymore. I hope it is a worthy successor.



sinalefa said:


I don't have a 360 so I had to settle for second best. And about the achievements, the Wonderful 101 has them, so maybe this one will too? The Umbran Tears of Blood are tied to achievements and ravens.



millarrp said:

I'm glad they're including the first game. I don't here a 360 or a ps3 so I never had the chance to play if



DESS-M-8 said:

This'll be a day one eShop purchase for me. Double sold for adding in the original too.



hYdeks said:

Nintendos e3 was amazing, and this actually shocked me alot! Im starting to regret selling my Wii U now

To Sony: Nintendo and Microsoft did E3 right, you should be lowering you head in shame



Darknyht said:

I am not really interested in this, but it is really cool that they are including the first game in the series in the special edition for those who never played it.



darthllama said:

Was going to be a Day 1 purchase for me as I loved the original. Having extra costumes and the original game thrown in makes it even better! Hopefully the game will get a lot of attention.



ChuJelly said:

Wanted to play the original before I played Bayonetta 2, and this makes that all so much easier. I will probably have to get this game now!



jahasnell said:

I am 100% digital download now and I read that the digital version doesn't come with the original game... If that's the case, it will be a huge draw back for me.



ULTRA-64 said:

Looks really OTT!!! love it, even better that you get the original aswell as that was my only concern. I only buy Nintendo console's and was worried about stepping into an established franchise a blind. This must work out to great value in terms of hours of play vs cost???



Longaway said:

Bundling the original game took me from mildly interested, to almost a definite purchase.



artofmana said:

After finding out that the original game is packaged with the second, I'm sold on an instant buy. I don't own an Xbox 360 or PS3 so I missed out on playing it. What a brilliant move!



FJOJR said:

Paging EA and Warner Bros. THIS is how you release a game to an audience that did not see previous entries in the franchise.



HawkeyeWii said:

I was kinda of on the fence about getting this because I hadn't played the first one, but now that it comes included with the first game I am definitely getting it!



Tritonus said:

Awesome. Never dreamed it would happen, but Nintendo delivered. Day one purchase for me. Two games, lots to cover!



ChessboardMan said:

Hey, the article is confusing or possibly wrong, those costumes are being used in Bayonetta 1, not 2. When you say "Main game", I thought you guys meant the game that is being brought, not the freebie?



NodesforNoids said:

So Hyrule Warriors is looking like the best Dynasty Warriors ever made, Zelda U stunning with what can only be desbribed as Suda 51 on Tengami, Skyward Sword, the Wind Waker and acid, and we've got the Devil's Third, clay Kirby, Bayonetta 2 (and 1), Yoshi's Wooly World, some interesting looking multiplayer (not to mention Mario Party 10), Wii U versions of Steamworld Dig, Mario vs DK and a spin-off starring lovable Toad.
Oh, and some unreleased Ubisoft game, another Lego game and a bunch of stuff Wii U owners 'miss'.
You know, the good stuff. A fourth game in the now tired Arkham series. Yearly reskinnings of testosterone addled sports games. Banal shooters. Emotionless, grey, ultra-violent, overtly sexual, plot free vehicles for facial animations, fire and water effects, destructible elements, frame counting and polygon pushers that view games as a way to judge the continuing evolution of PC architecture, nothing more.
I see what I see, I say what I think and I think Nintendo could just right this ship after all.



AshFoxX said:





Genesaur said:

I will do my best to avoid those costumes. Absolutely ridiculous.

My reaction to getting Bayonetta on Wii U, and not even as a separate purchase from its long-anticipated sequel? HAW MAH GAAAAWWWWD!

Totally stoked to have an October release pinned down.



Finntendo said:

For the double-Bayonetta:

Anyways. Oh my Ninty. We complain and whine and they are so bad and other non-fans do the same thing and oh what they are thinking and then they slap us with this kind of amazing stuff (including X and Zelda U and bunch of others)

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