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Double Fine Is Bringing Costume Quest 2 To The Wii U eShop This Halloween

Posted by Damien McFerran

Not a trick, but definitely a treat

Double Fine Productions has confirmed that Costume Quest 2 will be coming to the Wii U eShop later this year. The sequel to one of 2010's most acclaimed downloadable titles, this new title will once again focus on turned-based battles and good, old-fashioned trick or treating.

Reynold and Wren make a return, with the malevolent Grubbins again providing them with a reason to don magical Halloween costumes in order to battle evil. A wider range of costumes will be available this time around, and there have been subtle changes to the way in which the battle system works. In short, Double Fine is promising a deeper and more rewarding experience this time around.

The original Costume Quest launched on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010. According to Double Fine's Greg Rice, Costume Quest 2 is one of the company's most requested games:

It's probably our most requested sequel, besides Psychonauts. People have been asking for it forever. I think it's that every Halloween you're reminded about the game. We have a lot of people who are coming back to us saying they replay it every year.

Although it has never graced a Nintendo format before, are you nevertheless excited about playing this sequel on your Wii U? Perhaps you experienced the original on your 360 or PS3? Let us know what you think by posting a comment.


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placidcasual said:

Excellent news! Loved the first one its got such character. Glad I'll be able to play it on my wii u too.



HeroOfCybertron said:

Yes I loved the first Costume and it's Expansion when I played it on my PS3, can't wait to play the sequel.



SirMime said:

I loved the original. So happy to hear we'll be getting this! Hopefully it will be the first of a few double fine games



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

But hey at least they recognize people are screaming for a new Psychonauts that's a good place to start



brandonbwii said:

The only problem with Double Fine games is that the texts always move automatically without player input. At least from the demos I've played. Is there an option to turn off auto texts off in the full games? I would enjoy their games more if I could read at my own pace.



LittleIrves said:

I liked Costume Quest. Surprisingly didn't love it. But the art design and theme are lovely, and I'm quite happy they decided to add Wii U. Hopefully a good sign. I know most 3rd parties have jumped ship, but if devs like Drinkbox (Guacamelee) and Double Fine are bringing over their games, I'm less chuffed about all the bloated massive "blockbuster" titles that Wii U will miss. Give this game a shot, y'all.



xxAcesHighxx said:

WOWSER!!!!!!!!! Awesome news! I loved the iOS version of the first game last year, so I'll definitely be all over the sequel on my beloved Wii U



Specters said:

Might get it on Wii U just to support but definitely will be getting it on Steam. Absolutely loved the original.



Dragoon04 said:

I missed out on the first one but it is definitely one of Double Fine's most appealing game. I will defiantly be getting this one



ricklongo said:

Never played it before, but count me as definitely interested. My Wii U definitely needs more 3D RPGs with cartoony graphics to go along with Wind Waker.



Darknyht said:

Liked the first one, but it did get repetitive fast. I am glad to hear that they are addressing what was probably the only issue I had with the game.

"Candy Corn has nothing to prove."



technotreegrass said:

I hope Costume Quest 2 sticks with trick-or-treating in the human world. I HATED the Grubbins On Ice pack for the original.



Mega719 said:

Seen it first on Xplay review don't know much but happy the sequel is coming to Wii U.Is this exclusive or multiple platforms? Usually we hear the other platforms



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I still play it every Halloween on my 360. Still making my way through the expansion; GRUBBINS ON ICE. That series has some of the best writing and detail for nostalgia's sake unlike any other game I've played. It just puts a smile on mine and my children's faces.



jgibson75 said:

This is great news. I adored the first one on Xbox 360. Such a charming game that was fun to sit back, relax and quest around in. I was hoping to hear the sequel would come to consoles. It will make a great fit for the Wii U.



Dpishere said:

Unfortunately I never got around to playing the original on XBLA. Seeing as I do like Double Fine's games I may give this one a try.



JaxonH said:

Never heard of it. I'll check it out when it releases and see what it's all about.



mamp said:

Hoping the battle system is a lot better, while I did like the first one I think the only reason I was able to not get too bored with the gameplay was the fact that the game was really short. Battles were the boring part but I liked the environments they really captured the whole Halloween look down, it really felt authentic. Also I got spoiled by child of light. I expect a lot more from RPGs now (which is why the Stick of Truth let me down).



Squiggle55 said:

I'll be interested to hear if they use the gamepad in any way other than offscreen play. If not I'll once again choose Playstation for the simple fact that they have trophies and everything else is equal. But I am SUPER excited about a sequel to this game. One of my real highlights of last generation personally.



AyeHaley said:

yay! goodbye xbox 360, I hated using you but I had to keep you to play CQ.
I love those transformations and the overall vibe of this series.



Mayhem said:

The original, and then the DLC, left the game on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I hope the sequel explains what happened afterwards! Defo looking forward to it...



Sir_Deadly said:

OMG I love Costume Quest and is VERY excited to hear there a second one at all. And to hear it will be on Wii U is just icing on the cake!

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