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Atlus Teases a New Etrian Odyssey Title, Makes You Work To See It

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The cheeky scamps

How would you like a new Etrian Odyssey game? You would? Well, it looks like Atlus has made your day.

The publisher has launched a new teaser site with the tagline "this is not broccoli". It's rather quirky as it makes you click up to 10,000 meters of a tree, introducing three logos at intervals as you make your way up; at the end you see the final logo above. The 2 has some people speculating that it's Untold 2, but no-one truly knows.

Of course, every previous entry in the franchise has been released on DS or 3DS, so there's pretty high odds of another delicious RPG on the way to Nintendo's handheld. Unless Atlus does a Square Enix and moves a beloved franchise to smart devices, in which case pitchforks and flaming torches may be required.

We'll keep an eye on the teaser site to see what happens. Are you excited?


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Denkou said:

Wow. I picked up untold last time it was on sale, just beat it literally half an hour ago, and actually thought to myself "I wonder if they are working on a new Etrian game." This must be a sign.



edcomics said:

By showing the "2DX" screen right away, you've spoiled the fun of their teaser experience.



ACK said:

I would really like to see an EO type game on Wii U. It makes too much sense. Maybe with a darker tone.



NImH said:

I looooved The Millennium Girl on 3DS. News of another Untold would be music to my ears.



ThreadShadow said:

Can we have something different, please? There are several other titles that haven't been imported yet.



Royalblues said:

The Etrian Odyssey games are one half of the reason I bother to play the 3DS anymore.
The other half of course, is Pokemon!
Keep 'em coming Atlus!!!!!



HandheldGuru97 said:

YUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved Untold and desperately need to get 4, I'll take either 5 or 2 Untold Atlus. (Or how bout both )



Mr_Video said:

I've been having an RPG itch I've been unable to scratch lately, so even a teaser of a new RPG is welcome. I've also been meaning to try Etrian Odyssey since everyone praises the games so highly, so I may as well kill two birds with one stone!



MasterWario said:

"The 2 has some people speculating that it's Untold 2, but no-one truly knows"
Doesn't the second game in the series involve you climbing a giant tree (Yggdrasil)? Hrm.....

Also the style of the height box definitely screams Etrian Odyessy.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Never played an EO game. I like teasers though. They should put it on the Wii U to maximize it's capabilities.



Tops said:

Draw the map on the Gamepad and have the labyrinth displayed on the TV? YES PLEASE!!

(Though I'd rather have a new game than another remake, as good as Untold is)



Gorlokk said:

I didn't really like Untold that much, but EOIV introduced me to the series and I love it immensely. I desperately hope this is not another "Untold" game. I'd like to see EOV, but I guess I would be okay with @Kroisos's idea of it being a remake of the second.

And yes, an Etrian Odyssey game on the Wii U just makes too much sense. It makes so much sense that we'll probably never see it.



ChessboardMan said:

I want to see a kind of EO MMO on the WiiU, where each player controls a team of two, with multiple Duos out on the field at the same time and you have to plan things out with other players to trick FOEs, and map out the giant levels.
But this sounds like Untold 2, which is plenty awesome by me, as I have fallen in love with Untold 1. Just this time, Atlus, allow for separate saves for story and classic mode, please?



ollietaro said:

@Kroisos Exactly, that's what I thought but do you think they will use the same characters as Untold? Or completely new ones?



ollietaro said:

It's kind of not a spoiler since it was announced a while ago that all 3 Etrian DS games would be remade for 3DS. I'm personally really looking forward to the upcoming Etrian Odyssey game with the Persona coat of paint, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Looks freaky! (In a good way). Dungeon-crawlers are really popping up and they're all pretty fantastic games.



ollietaro said:

@stalepie2 Vita has plenty of dungeon-crawlers. Do you even own a Vita? I don't and I even know that there are Vita dungeon crawlers such as the recent Demon Gaze.



Windy said:

@maceng haha I know. I'm just hoping for a very easy mode no mapping required. Able to turn off or turn on. Up to the player would be nice. They are awesome games and I'm sure this one will be too. I will play it however they do it



ollietaro said:

@stalepie2 Well, there ya go. Why would you want a game to come to Vita if you don't have one? Vita actually has a few good-looking games trickling in at a faster rate now.



ollietaro said:

@Windy You know the Etrian Untold and IV have the map auto-fill feature so you don't have to draw the maps, right?



stalepie2 said:

@ollietaro Because they're always complaining to Sony about Sony abandoning the vita. And I wanted 7th Dragon 2020 to come out but it didn't. I like Yuzo Koshiros music. I sort of got a DS to play Etrian but the Vita has a better screen and sound. So does any mobile platform really (tablets).
Maybe it should come out to Wii U. It is dual screen. Could do the mapmaking on the gamepad.



ollietaro said:

@stalepie2 Wow, that's nice of you to consider gamers of other systems. Vita already has a decent selection of dungeon-crawlers but map-making is better suited to the dual-screened 3DS, don't you think? And it's even better on the 3DS XL. Sure, the Wii U is another possibility. It would be nice to see HD environments in an Etrian game. I'm perfectly fine with the 3DS visuals.



ollietaro said:

@stalepie2 It seems like Sony has abandoned the Vita in comparison to the love Nintendo gives to the 3DS but the Vita is getting some love by being linked to the PS4 for second-screen (read:Wii U-style) gaming. Personally, I would like to get the Vita, as well b/c not only do you have access to Vita games but also many PSP and PSOne titles.



stalepie2 said:

@ollietaro Although I have no insider information, it seems likely that in the future (5 to 10 years from now) they will want to consolidate their different branches, or even spin off their PlayStation division to another company (Google Play?) if things continue to go downhill in their other departments. But with PlayStation Now you can play PS3 games on PS4 with little artifacting and not too much lag, and PS Now could be on Windows PCs, on iPads, and all sorts of devices besides Bravia TVs; and the new PS TV device (PS Vita TV) is a screen-less Vita, I think, that can do PS Now. If I'm not mistaken. But the PS4 is powerful enough to emulate PS2 locally, of course, for that back catalog.



stalepie2 said:

@ollietaro Gamers could use their penises to draw the map using the back touchpad (on the Vita)

It could be a transparent map overlay.



Desertrose99 said:

1st : why such a spoil by showing the final picture ???? Not fair !!!!!!
2nd : Atlus has a very original and creative way to advertise a new game. I like it.
3rd : maybe EO 2 from ds to 3ds ?

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