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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nominated for 2014 GameCityPrize

Posted by Tim Latshaw

UK festival's award judged by figures outside the industry

Animal Crossing: New Leaf continues to spread its appeal to critics and judges, this time making the shortlist for the 2014 GameCityPrize.

GameCity is an annual festival held in Nottingham, UK to celebrate public engagement in video games and reaching out to the widest and most diverse audiences possible. The GameCityPrize takes these notions into consideration, organising a jury of accomplished individuals who have an interest in games and their surrounding culture, but may not be directly involved with them. The jury this year includes award-winning journalist Samira Ahmed, Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky, and Emmy Award-winning production designer for Game of Thrones Gemma Jackson.

New Leaf is up against some significant competition. In addition to sprawling juggernaut Grand Theft Auto V, prominent indie titles Gone Home, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Kentucky Route Zero and Papers, Please have also been nominated.

The GameCityPrize will be awarded 29th October, during the week-long festival. Do you think New Leaf has what it takes to wow the jury?


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Peach64 said:

Fantastic list of varied nominations! Always wanted to attend GameCity. It's VERY different from the usual gaming events.



SleepyCrossing said:

What I love about this particular prize is that it emphasizes diversity and public engagement, to quote this article. I think New Leaf deserves to win from just looking at the description of this competition. GTA 5 is a ton of fun and who doesn't love a good simulated crime rampage, but I personally don't think it should win this specific competition..



unrandomsam said:

Samira Ahmed is a feminist don't know about the other woman but if she is as well then the chances are GTA won't win. Forget that there is more than three (Why not list all of them in the article).



MetaRyan said:

@MrMario02 Link Between Worlds is a gamer's game. New Leaf has a lot more appeal to non-gamers. Mario Kart 8 would also make a good candidate.



SleepyCrossing said:

@biglittlejake I have to say yes. I'd check out some guides on the unending amount of content as well. Most casual players pass over a lot of the customization options and content. I have 290 or so hours on NL and I am nowhere near completion, haha. Beware: addicting! Its a great series, but Animal Crossing isn't for everyone. But those that can get into it get /really/ into it.



Will-75 said:

I never played an Animal Crossing title till New Leaf and I must admit its not the kind of game I like , but now 540 hours+ and a year later I still play it daily such an addictive game I love it .. I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a 3DS or 2DS ., A true modern classic gaming MASTERPIECE .



davers00 said:

New leaf had better win. It has so much in it. GTA gets old after a bit and then all you do is the multiplayer, new leaf is a gift that keeps on giving.



Socar said:

I'm pretty sure its gonna be GTA V because of it selling huge in just one day........



Red_XIII said:

GTAV will win because patriotism. A shame, since Papers Please is much better.



Oren87 said:

@Peach64 I go most years (living in Nottingham it would seem silly not to). It's always good fun. You should try and check it out one day.



Shock_Tart said:

animal crossing is a very good game. it was fun just doing basicalyl random stuff, i havent picked it up in a while because i have a lot of other games in my backlog. i fear to think what has happened to my town if i pick it back up

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