2DS Hardware Bundle With New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coming on 4th July

It's all about the coins, remember

In its recent financial results, Nintendo confirmed that over two million 2DS systems had been sold since its launch in October 2013, a solid return considering its arguably limited demographic. The company remains keen to promote the system, particularly to young gamers, and has now announced a new bundle set for a 4th July arrival.

The New Super Mario Bros. 2 Special Edition comes with, of course, New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-installed on a 4GB SD card. It's a unique version of the 2012 release in that it has all Coin Packs — originally sold as DLC — pre-installed, adding 30 additional challenges on top of the core game.

The choice of NSMB2 makes sense in light of the target market of the 2DS — budget hardware for younger gamers. That said, we're a little surprised that this isn't an official Mario Kart 7 bundle, as one example, though in that case Nintendo may be keen to avoid distraction from the just-released Wii U entry.

This is only confirmed for Europe so far, and we'll provide an update should it be announced for North America. What do you think of this bundle?