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Weirdness: The GlomTom is a Cushion for Resting Your Arms When Gaming, and Needs Your Money

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It makes this Tom glum

Have you ever been playing a game and thought, "what I really need is a 15 degree incline for my controller-grasping hands and arms"? Has the discomfort ever driven you to distraction, and a normal cushion simply doesn't do the trick? Fear not, because GlomTom is here.

GlomTom is a cushion, but an ergonomic cushion. Apparently it helps with blood flow, nerves and generally making your body smile when playing video games. It's the product of the grandly named GlomTom International LLC, and has hit up Kickstarter seeking $9500 in funding, a low number but still one that seems rather high for an arm rest.

As you can see in the pitch video below, GlomTom owner Clif Chambliss says he's an avid gamer, yet then perpetuates the stereotype that hardcore gamers stay away from "the evil that's outside" and randomly want snacks when in the middle of something else. We don't know about you, but we love being pigeon-holed in that way.

Check it out below, and you can pledge for one of these cushions for just $75. That's a steal, right?

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SuperKMx said:

Tremendously positioned and perfectly worded article, Tom. I don't think I would have had it in me to be so restrained, if I'm honest.



nomeacuerdo said:

...because using a common pillow is difficult! (Cue video in black & white of a man trying to use a pillow in the worst possible way)
That product naturally belongs to the TV shopping network.



sinalefa said:

Of course it is a steal, this thing is gonna change my life! 30 years of gaming without a GlomTom, how empty can one life's be?

I seldom see you being so sarcastic while writing an article, Tom. So I will assume you have taken offense of this product using your name.



MoonKnight7 said:

Thankfully I have a pillow at home, so I don't need to drop $75. I'll instead use that money to help pay the rent.



ThomasBW84 said:

@sinalefa I think I needed to blow steam off after writing about financial results! This Kickstarter is beyond parody, too.



Stu13 said:

@Longaway You, sir, win at what we call 'the internet'.

Bad try. Bad feels. The guy pitching this is just bad. I'm always reclined when playing my 3DS and my stomach completely negates this product. Unless I have to lean forward into Pro Mode, in which case my knees do the trick quite nicely.



Ninhau said:

funny... i have the exact same thing. Its called a normal pillow.
This is nothing but a sugarcoated turd sold at a premium



Maelstrom said:

@Stu13 Same here. i only play games sitting up when I'm not at home: It's nearly impossible to play some, like KI: Uprising, otherwise.



ikki5 said:

And to think, I don't need to use my own pillow anymore!!!.... yeah I'll save my money from something useless and stick with my pillow which is probably more comfortable... That's even if i use a pillow, I don't know many people that would sit like that while playing.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Ah, the dark side of crowdfunding. Next to the ambitious and creative people, we have the smart (and sonetimes not so smart) business folks who know all too well how to manipulate the potential consumer.
I don't say his... thing... doesn't work, but it sure as hell isn't 75$ comfortable. For that money, I can get an entire second-hand couch!



Raylax said:

hardcore gamers stay away from "the evil that's outside"

Door-to-door GlomTom salesmen, mostly.



ultraraichu said:

Bummer, I spend most of my time gaming laying down and sitting in public, so I'm not their target market.



GloverMist said:

I'm sorry, but look at that promotional art at the top of the page. In both cases, that woman's face looks a little... off. Photoshopping, I presume?



HopeNForever said:

Despite the negative air here, apparently the Kickstarter campaign already managed to collect one-third of its primary funding target, and the campaign was only launched a few days ago.



unrandomsam said:

I would pay good money for a really good 3DS XL grip with really good ergonomics and design (So it can be removed and put in easily/quickly/safely for e.g when I need to use the circle pad pro).

75$ would be ok (My keyboard with good ergonomics cost about that).

My bed and mattress cost more than any bit of electronics I have got and I think it was totally worth it (Slightly less than the RRP of my TV but I paid only 1/3 of that).



mike_intellivision said:

Funny thing is that I never slump when playing games — and vary my position depending upon the circumstance.

Also, how many gamers worry about their "core" (if you are playing to stereotypes as the video message for the Kickstarter does.

That being said, this will be funded soon. And then when the pillows are being sold on clearance for $15 (USD), I will buy one. 8*>



MuchoMochi said:

If those people are really that removed from the experience of the game, and have pain in their shoulders due to a lack of a cushion, maybe they should join the "dark side" and go outside and exercise a bit. I love the outdoors just as much as I love gaming, this is ridiculous. No money from me.



GuSolarFlare said:

this is awesome!!!! and all you need is to pay a lot for something a good pillow can already do without looking so awkward!!!!!!!
I want 9000 of those!!!



Willmax said:

I like how everyone here is bashing a guy for just attempting to make a kickstarter. If you think his product is so silly then just don't support it plain and simple. Not everyone is money hungry and just trying manipulate the masses. Seems like a regular dude that came up with an idea that he thinks is good and is trying to get funding for it instead of going through/dealing with a bank. I thought that was one of the reasons kickstarter was even made. To try and convince people and SELL your product and get people to invest. He's asking, not demanding. And to everyone including the author of this article with no sense of humor, when you're playing your console, are not sitting inside? As gamers do we not sit inside and play games for hours without actually going outside the whole day? I know I have, especially if it's a good game. It seemed like an innocent joke that the author of this article got way to self conscious over. For something a pillow could do, 75 bucks is a little steep, but if I'm playing in the living room and don't want to get a pillow from my room then I could see myself using this. Plus it looks a little sturdier than a pillow with more support so your elbows don't just sink in like with a pillow. And if don't want to get the pillow I use for sleeping dirty or bring it out to the living room this would be practical. Plus me/letting my friends put their dirty ass elbows and hands on a pillow I could possibly put my face in doesn't sit well with me. That being said, I don't think its actually necessary to have one of this to play games but if he were to make it more affordable I'd get one.



Prof_Clayton said:

Am I really the only person, sitting here on my wiiu, who has honestly been waiting for this? I'm completely serious. D:



FritzFrapp said:

Am I the only person who queries why someone with well over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical sales, whom was an account manager at Roche, and whom lives in a very nice, large house, can't stump a measly 10 grand for his idea 'that will change how you game forever'?
Ignoring the glaring deficiencies in the value of his product, the whole thing smacks of being an exercise for his Masters in Business.



DarkKirby said:

I'm not really sure what this is claiming it can do for me that the pillow I've put on my lap for years as an armrest when playing games doesn't do already. Assuming the girl in the trailer isn't super tall my pillow would seem to be longer than their cushion which is important for me because I'm not short. The only problem I run into is when the weather is hot the pillow on my lap makes me too warm.



FritzFrapp said:

A stress-reliever, mate. To relieve the stress in your neck, shoulders and back, whilst simultaneously relieving the stress in your wallet's fastening.



element187 said:

@Prof_Clayton no, you're not the only one. But I would never buy this for $65+
A comment I said about this kickstarter in another site:

This guy may have a market in the $10-$15-$20 range, but not what he is asking for.



Klinny said:

I don't really need any extra gaming support, (I usually just rest my arms on my leg and that seems to work well for me). Though I actually do like the idea of having a built-in controller compartment. My controllers are all over the place XD But I think I'd be more interested in making my own; this one a little pricey, and I'd like to have something that looks cute and/or gaming related.



WaxxyOne said:

Not since the Snuggie has the world been so impressed by something so oddly specific and completely unnecessary. Way to go, Glomtom!



jreed3842 said:

75 dollars?! 75 dollars?!? Oh my GOD! Why is that pillow so damn expensive? I would MAYBE buy a pillow for gaming purposes... but for 75 dollars?! There's no way I'm spending that much money on a pillow! Hell that's more expensive than the games I'd be playing.



AshFoxX said:

Another device for the population of over-exaggerated incompetent infomercial people. You know who I mean, the same ones who spill damn near everything all over the floor, furniture, tables and pets, and get winded winding up garden hoses and stuff.

Yeah, those people... Probably 'Merica...



Veloster said:

Two words, that are mentioned in the article: normal. cushion.

I'm not trying to belittle them, I just don't personally see any point in it.

Who on earth gets that uncomfortable playing a console that they need a glorified cushion that'll undoubtedly cost a fortune.

(And look ridiculous)

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