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Weirdness: Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary Merchandise Includes Electric Guitars and Golf Gear

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Turn the nerdy up to 11

The Monster Hunter franchise turns ten this year, and to celebrate Capcom has licensed all sorts of fun (and expensive) MH-themed merchandise in Japan; everything from jewellery to golfing goods to electric guitars. A few highlights:

Japanese heavy metal guitar manufacturer ESP has created this gorgeous monster-hunting axe and authentic dragon scale carrying case for the low, low price of ¥2,300,000, which comes out to roughly $22,500 or £13,400. It's the perfect guitar for searing DragonForce licks.

But is rock n' roll not quite your speed? You want a more relaxing, laid-back approach to showing off your action-JRPG pride? Well, you're in luck:

You're already outfitted in your finest sweater vest and argyle socks, but no trip to the links is complete without these Monster Hunter golf bags! You can check out the full line of epic Monster Hunter goods over at Japanese site Dengeki.

While you await Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's early 2015 release date in the West, will you be importing any of these SkyMall-worthy goodies?


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Hy8ogen said:

@Mizore Glad someone shared my thoughts! They better play like Dante's guitar in DMC 3.

@Mask0Gears Dogs are not allowed to have an opinion. Not even electric dogs.



Megumi said:

Electric Guitars would play differenty than the horns.
Cutting damage, instead of supporting music, you get damaging music. Create loud music to deafen the monsters to death. xD



bezerker99 said:

I want to play_that_guitar right now!!!

But can't....I can tell it's not a lefty......



Sionyn said:

22 grand for that monstrosity of guitar ?
no bloody thanks

that's quadruple the price of collectors choice. I know Gibson CEO is nuts (he thinks increasing the price on a guitar makes it more desirable) but even he wouldn't charge that for something that of very little appeal as a instrument.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I really like that idea. It doesn't even need to be its own class, just introduce some new effects, then again a sub-class wouldn't hurt either. Its about time we get our own "roar", not just sonic bombs that works on a few monsters.

By the way @JakeShapiro, MH isn't a JRPG, no more so than Zelda or Kid Icarus are anyway.



FritzFrapp said:

Quite possibly the worst and most overpriced gaming tat I've ever seen. Of all the things that they could have done for the 10th, this is tragic.
For those with more money than sense... or taste.



RennanNT said:

Anyone still has doubts why Capcom is having financial trouble when they own a IP as huge as MH is in Japan?

A 22k guitar and a golf bag? And lets not forget the fan of the other day... Seriously? Who was the Jenious behind that?



Zombie_Barioth said:

I wouldn't, it doesn't really have many RPG elements. Stats aren't influenced by experience or leveling up, just equipment. That and inventory management are the only things it shares with RPGS. There isn't much role playing either. MH4U might change that though, since it involves a caravan and more story.

I seriously doubt any of that stuff is worth even a quarter of what they cost, the mark-up on it is probably monstrous. This is the equivalent of those Pokemon themed cars from back in the day, the only reason they're doing it is Monster Hunter is gigantic over there. They know somebody will buy it.



erv said:

Yep, awesome. But would not even buy a dragon prs for the prices they are at, let alone buy a merchandised esp guitar for this amount of cash.

Looks awesome though, I love the other ones as well.

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