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Video: This New Insanity's Blade Trailer Cuts A Gory Swathe Through The Web

Posted by Damien McFerran

PC release confirmed for later this month, Wii U version coming later

We've been following the progress of Insanity's Blade closely over the past few months and can't wait to see what the game looks like when it finally hits the Wii U eShop.

Causal Bit Games successfully kickstarted its unique take on the side-scrolling action platformer at the end of last year, and recently overhauled the visuals to give the game a 16-bit look.

We've now been treated to a new official trailer, showing some of the carnage we can expect to see when it finally launches.

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Here's what Causal Bit Games had to say about the news:

The game is still set to launch for Windows on May 20th with Mac and Linux following shortly thereafter. We had previously announced on the Kickstarter that there were issues with the software we use to build the game having either a memory leak or a limitation to the size of the game we could build, so the optional NES graphics version of the game with some of the old stages had to be cut in order to continue working on the game. The program was constantly crashing when creating new objects or events so we cut down and cleaned up as much as possible to get the game back on track!

The Wii U version of the game went into development a few weeks ago and we are looking forward to bringing you progress reports on that version! At this point we are expecting it to take a couple of months to be completed as it had to be reprogrammed in Unity. But the game is indeed coming! We will get a release date to you later down the line when we have a better feel for what is going on!

Are you excited about this retro-infused action title? Of course you are. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the developer in the meantime.

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Kaze_Memaryu said:

Wow, the change to 16-bit works wonders! Now this has much more character and style - and more gory detail!
But the 8-bit soundtrack is kinda unfitting in this case, since it doesn't match the visuals at all. Let's hope it will be fun at least.



Nomad said:

Day one purchase for me on Wii U. Can't wait to do some 16-bit style hacking and slashing.



Fink-Nottle said:

The soundtrack sounds very good, but I agree it does not fit the visuals at all to my impression.

Who knows, maybe i's just expectations, and it will be awesome while playing. I've experienced this with a couple of games before...

But the graphics and gameplay is almost convincing enough for a certain day one purchase... I'm not sure yet, but it's very compelling!



Thaswizz said:

Yea this is day one purchase for me too, looks so amazing. Im going to gqve by extra storage for my Wii U. Child of Light got me kinda low, but jesus that game is stunning. My girlfriend actually loves child of light too which is rare cause she noramlly doesnt play many games.



thanos316 said:

now this game looks fricking awesome. that just took me back to the great classic gaming days. im definitely picking up this game, but it might be on pc. i can't wait to play this game.



thanos316 said:

Now this is the type of game i would see being on the wii u console. playing that game just on the game pad alone would be great. A great game doesn't have to have ultra graphics, just needs some good tlc



unrandomsam said:

I cannot handle what the music does at 0:34.

(I also don't see the point of RPG elements in a game like this - All it will mean is it never gets any harder so you never have to improve).



thanos316 said:

there is nothing wrong with that music. maybe it won't be throughout the whole game, who knows. The rpg elements might just work in this game. but the action looks great in the trailer.



GraveLordXD said:

Probably day one for me, the fact that you can rip off an enemies arm and beat them with it just got a purchase from me. Hurry up and bring this awesomeness to Wii u



XCWarrior said:

I can't believe so far no comment has asked, "Is it 1080p" or "I hope it's 60/fps!"

Looks awesome. So sad most game devs aren't capable of making games that look like this much fun anymore.



OorWullie said:

Such an improvement from the last trailer I saw,which really didn't look good at all.I'm playing through Rondo of Blood just now for the 1st time and loving it and now look forward to having a crack at this.I wish Nintendo would release some 16bt remakes for the Eshop



brandonbwii said:

Do want! Been wanting Legendary Axe on VC for years now. This looks like the closest we'll ever get to that game.



GearsOfWarU said:

This looks Sweet .... Kinda like Altred Beast meets Splatterhouse ... I will be keeping an eye on this title



Andremario said:

To nintendo:u wanna move wii u units? Bring games like this to the wii u! #that is all



ogo79 said:

this is a must buy. been keeping tabs on this for months.
you should sub it on youtube



Ryno said:

Looking forward to this one, though I don't really like the 8-bit tunes with the 16-bit graphics. Just seems a little off.

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