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Video: The Piranha Plant and a "Crazy Plunge" Tested in the Latest Mario Kart 8 Commercials

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Advertising with some bite

Over the past week we've shared a few Mario Kart 8 30-second commercial that have been doing the rounds, incorporating some fun live-action sequences with game footage.

Nintendo's now uploaded a couple more examples, covering the Piranha Plant — an excellent new item in this entry — and showing a "crazy plunge" that's tackled using the anti-gravity wheels. As before they have a fun, cartoony humour and will no doubt be doing the rounds on various TV stations.

Check them out below and let us know what you think.

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DreamyViridi said:

Totally knew what was gonna happen in the Piranha Plant test. XD
They used Petey Piranha voice samples for it. Interesting.



Wolfgabe said:

Did anyone think of Little Shop of Horrors when they saw that Piranha Plant test



BakaKnight said:

Since they started these commercials I wondered if they were gonna test the Piranha plant, but I doubted.
Seems they did it instead and it was a succesful test too XD



gefflt said:

Love these!

Although the scientists in the second commercial look like they're twelve...



UltraLaserTen said:

Good to see Nintendo give more than one ad for their games, the high marketing campaign seems to be evident in NA as well.



Action51 said:

I like these ads, they're fun and hit on a very key point that the "hardcore gamers" are always worried balance issues. They assure us it's been tested and approved for flippin' fun



Whopper744 said:

Got to try out a lot of these new items today at the demo at GameStop. I am really loving the new ones, especially the boomerang. The courses are beautiful (at leat the 8 I got to play during the demo) character choices are good, and the game itself plays great. Very happy with it.



FluttershyGuy said:

These commercials are flippin' hilarious! I especially crack up over Super Horn, and the scientists' laugh! The next 13 days can't pass quickly enough. Oh, I keep waiting on piranha plant to say, "feed me."

Having ads like this beg the question: "Where were these awesome commercials to point out the positives of the Wii U in a flippin' fun way when it came out, and the year and a half since?" If they had something like these, Wii U may not be on pace to be the worst-selling of all Nintendo consoles by millions of units.



AJere said:

Looks like I'll have something to do after smash bros server is shut down



Laxeybobby said:

These are great adverts, shame they are not being aired in the UK. To date I have not seen one MK8 advert on TV and with less than 15 days to go.
Nintendo UK are letting themselves down yet again



JaxonH said:

I played Mario Kart 8 today at the Gamestop Test Drive pre-launch play event.

The game is AWESOME. I played as Shyguy, and tried the waterpark level, Cloudtop Cruise, and Electrodome. I love the way the characters handle in this game. For Shyguy with the standard default cart, there's a slight delay when drifting- I had to learn to start the drift a little before the turn to compensate for the delay. It was very skill-based, and I loved it!

The bumpers in anti-gravity give you a nice little spin boost, as does colliding with other characters. I used a collision at the last second to propel myself into first lol...

And the graphics, well, nobody's gonna be complaining about Mario Kart 8 visuals, THAT much is certain. What a great game, now I wish it was out so I could play it more!!!

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