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Video: Shaun White and Shaquille O'Neal Appear in Latest Tomodachi Life Commercial

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

They're hungry, too

Ahead of its surprisingly close 6th June release date, Nintendo's keeping up efforts to show 2DS / 3DS owners the charms of Tomodachi Life, with the latest trailer introducing another two celebrity Mii characters that'll be promoted along with the game.

This time around we have legendary basketball player and mascot of awful games, Shaquille O'Neal, along with snowboarding great Shaun White; despite being athletes they're rather hungry in the game, too.

Once again this 30 second commercial gives a glimpse of a game feature, while showing Shaq busting out some impressive moves; it takes the chance to promote the range of celebrity Mii characters on the official website too. Check it out below.

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KodyDawg said:

Any ideas on who the last one could be? Maybe Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi, bikini and all?



HappyHappyist said:

This game seems like a joke by nintendo, and they're selling the punchline for full price. No thanks.



yuwarite said:

This game looks like dumb fun, which is a good thing. Shame about all the unwarranted negativity by the social justice police it's been getting.




The commercials don't really even show what the game is about...unless all it's about is...nothing



LastLife said:

I'm looking forward to this game as it seems to take the whole animal crossing with friends charm to a more personal level, but I don't think these commercials are doing it any justice.



HappyHappyist said:

So far, I've only seen videos that show you can do pointless things (which can't hold anyone's attention for too long) and nothing else. I have yet to see anything worth doing in the game, just a bunch of gags nintendo thought would be funny. The thing is though, you're paying full price for those gags, and they're going to lose charm very quickly.



Sherman said:

I do feel the same. The more I see of this game the more I feel it has so little to offer.



Nik-Davies said:

If Scarlet Johansson can become my wife in game, that it offers more than real life does. Nuff' said. I'm buying.



Action51 said:

Hopefully I can marry Kobe

(Kobe beef...I want to marry a slab of overpriced gourmet steak from Japan)



Dodger said:

My extensive research on this game makes me think that it is a tiny bit more than a gag collection. Although that is certainly part of it. Trust me. I am an authority. I watched videos on the Internet. I even read gamefaqs. B/

It looks like a life sim with RPG elements. Each mii has a XP bar. You fill it by making them happy. Give them good advice for reationships, give them food and clothes that they ask for, complete quests for them (often animal crossing style lost item or delivery quests), play mini games with them, Etc. This is the main meat of the game. When they level up, you can customize them with different things. You can write songs for them, give them catchphrases, give them special, interactive furniture, Etc. Giving a mii a NintenDog is like a whole extra layer of meta in a pet sim. Anyway, as they level up, I think they will do more things and give more quests. I know that you can unlock some new things on the island that way. Their personality types also change a lot of what they say and do and there are a lot of different combinations. If it is a gag collection, there are a lot of gags, a lot of gags you make yourself, a lot to do in between the gags, a lot to do to unlock more gags and a lot of personality apart from the gags, in my opinion.

The advertising has done a very poor job of showing this. This is par for the course with Nintendo advertising. They have been missing the point since the '80s, at least. Except the SSB 64 "So Happy Together" commercial. That was good.

That being said, it may not be the kind of game that everyone should play for hours. If Animal Crossing is best in half-hour segments, Tomodachi Life is best in 15 minutes segments at a time? You can play for longer, but you don't have to. My advice, if you think you would like it, get it as a download. Both this and Animal Crossing arebetter that way. You can play for 15 minutes or 5 hours at any time of the day. In 24 hour based real time life sims, this is good. No problem in waiting for reviews first though.



DualWielding said:

I wonder if Nintendo offered Shaq for Nintendo characters to appear in the Wii U version of Shaq Fu a Legend Reborn in exchange for his participation on this ad



Fink-Nottle said:


Any game is pointless fun.

So, this is not your cup of tea...

I on the other hand have been waiting for a game like this.

To tell if it's any good, I have to play it first.



Windy said:

@tj3dsXL That site is awesome. I imported about 30 Mii's the other night and plan to to have the cast of Big Bang Theory in Tomadachi. I can't get enough of that show now it will be on my 3ds haha. I will be bummed if Nintendo charges for Celebrity Mii's which I don't think they will cause you can actually make most of them pretty easy anyway. I think I will throw Shaq in there with the Big Bang Theory crew. Oh and I'm putting some of my online friends in there as well I'm lookin at you @spoony_tech and @LTGamer



tj3dsXL said:

@Windy THanx ! I pulled in Fox Mulder and Dana Scully myself as far as my fav. TV-Celeb. Mii's ! there all so cute and i cant wait to see what happens ! Best wishes Windy !



Windy said:

@tj3dsXL omg! I wish I had thought of that. In every shin Megami Tensei game I call myself Fox Mulder lol that's too funny. This game seems just right for X-Files. Hope it goes good for you

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