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Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes The Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

What's inside the box? Well, a Wii U...

We do rather like the regular Nintendo Minute videos here at Nintendo Life, and the latest is one for all you unboxing fans out there. Don't deny it, don't pretend you're too self aware and mature to enjoy watching someone open a box with a thing inside — we know you like unboxings. It's a secret shame for many of us.

At least with Nintendo Minute unboxing the Mario Kart 8 Wii U hardware bundle you have an excuse — it is an official Nintendo of America video after all. Kit and Krysta host as normal, with the latter making a particularly charming and awesome entrance.

You can check it out below, in which the hefty box and its three trays are unboxed, though thankfully our hosts skip right past that boring tray full of manuals and cables. They get to the good stuff nice and quickly...

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RFox182 said:

Already have a deluxe Wii U and pre ordered mk8 but I want that plus remote and that wheel!!!!!



unrandomsam said:

I really don't care about watching somebody opening a box. (Don't mind demo's of actual unreleased new hardware).



Dpishere said:

I want to get this bundle but am not sure if it will be available at Kmart as I can get 10% off via an employee discount. Does anyone know if it will be available anywhere besides Walmart, Best Buy, or Gamestop?



90sRetroGaming said:

I already have the Wind Waker HD Deluxe Set. I hope they sell that red and blue Wii Wheel outside of this particular Deluxe set.

And at least you can buy that Mario themed Wii Remote as a stand alone product.

I'm loving that box art too! If I didn't already own the Wind Waker set I'd be all over this one! LOL. Awsome package! ^_^



0utburst said:

I want that Mario wii wheel so bad along with the Luigi one. Too bad it's only available on bundle and in Nintendo UK store.

Anyway, anyone knows if the Luigi remote matches that of the Madagaskartz Wii wheel?



absuplendous said:

The Wii Wheel here is different than the Hori Mario & Luigi wheels... kind of makes you wonder why Nintendo would make their own Mario wheel, seemingly sell them only in bundles, and get Hori to make similar wheels to be sold individually.



SphericalCrusher said:

That wheel looks pretty rad! I can't wait to buy the game on Friday! I already have the Mario controller, so if I could get that Wii wheel, I would be set. lol. w00t



sasoriobi said:

even theo i own a wii u, am not buy this game. what a scam. too bad wii u owners and fans dont buy third party games.



faint said:

@sasoriobi just joined and every comment you have made has the wordy fan and boy in it.... hmmmmmm.... troll maybe?



gatorboi352 said:

If you bought your Wii U refurbished from the Nintendo Online Store, are you still eligible for the free game when you purchase MK8? eShop says you need to register your Wii U on Club Nintendo first, and I don't think that's an option with the refurbished $200 units.



KodyDawg said:

Nintendo Week was so much better than this, and was absolutely hilarious. Shame it's over and done with now.



90sRetroGaming said:


The refurbished units are factory reset out of the box. It will work the same as any other new Wii U. If you're going for the digital version you need to link your Club Nintendo account first, prior to downloading Mario Kart 8.

"If you buy the game from Nintendo eShop, link your Wii U console to your Club Nintendo account prior to buying the game to qualify for this offer"

Same deal when I bought my Wind Waker HD Deluxe Set brand new. Right after my initial set up of the console I went right into the eShop and linked my Club Nintendo to it before anything else.

Right after that I redeemed my download code for Wind Waker HD, downloaded it and I received a total of 90 Club Nintendo coins within a few hours i believe.

Just make sure it's linked first and you're all set!



kenzo said:

That Mario Kart Wii U wheel looks great with the two tone red and blue colours.

But, they screwed up.

The wiimote should have been made similarly, with a red top and blue case and even keeping the regular white buttons.

Nintendo like patronising American patriotism (as seen with the 3DSXL red and blue models) , so they really missed another great subliminal marketing opportunity here.



Genesaur said:

I really don't understand why, but I like them, too. Unboxings, I mean.

I still have zero interest in the wheel, but man, am I excited to open this thing in a week's time.



Uberchu said:

@outburst will sell it.

@gatorboi352 umm you don't get MK8 with that Wii U, u gotta pay $60 after getting that one for the game, then $40 min for 1 controller, to $60 max...



Mikes said:

I love how Krysta just comes out of nowhere in a kart.
I'd get this if I didn't already have a Wii U. I'm still trying to convince a friend of mine to buy one. >.>



WanderingPB said:

Dont care about the bundle cause i already got a WiiU deluxe and dont care about that MK8 because i already pre-ordered the MK8 limited edition……all i really want to know is where can i get that KART and does it come with a glider?



GuruOfGreatness said:

Pre-ordered my copy of the game, from GAME the day it was given a release date, but am now a bit concerned about the actual plastic box/case of the game. I really, really, really, REALLY hope that the standard, off the shelf copies of the game here in the UK just come with the standard blue case, and not the red plastic one that they just unveiled in the box bundle. I absolutely HATE it when you've got a lovely selection of green, blue, white, whatever selection of games sittng beautifully on your shelf, all the same size, shape and colour, and then just ONE game stands out a mile coz it's a completely different colour



WaveGhoul said:

Nintendo Minute sucking hard and being utterly lifeless & awkward as always. Nintendo needs to do it up like this

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@ 0:18 and 8:27 > Greatest video game host ever.



JaxonH said:


Well you can buy the Mario Wii Remote separately. Which I already have. It's that wheel that's gonna be hard to get. I thought it was the same Hori brand wheel listed on Amazon (thought maybe Nintendo just worked out a deal to include it), but evidently they are not the same.



camerica1618 said:

I still can't help but be disappointed that Wind Waker HD, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and Wii Party U are the only choices for that promotion. It's an awesome promotion, but I really wish NoA would offer the same choice of games given to Europe.



absuplendous said:

@kenzo The Mario Wii Remote has a red top and blue bottom. It will match the bundle's wheel perfectly. You have to take the jacket off to use the remote in the wheel, anyway.

I don't really think American patriotism is at the fore of reasons for Nintendo to offer red and blue colors. Not only are many nations' flags--including your own--comprised of red and blue, not only are they Mario's signature colors, not only are red and blue 3DSes available the world over, but red and blue are primary colors and among the most popular no matter where you go.



MrGawain said:

I think 2 people this cheery are ideal for Nintendo Minute- but this thing lasts EIGHT AND A HALF MINUTES. THAT'S ALMOST AN EPISODE OF GLEE OR SOMETHING.



luke88 said:

@GuruOfGreatness haha, love it, glad I'm not the only one with what some might describe as mild OCD. : )

edit: certainly don't mean to make light of OCD here guys; just in case anyone suffers from a more serious form or knows someone that does.



kenzo said:


You are right about the Mario Wii Remote having a blue back !!!.

Nintendo did not screw up, I screwed up.

Without looking closely at the Mario Wii Remote, I thought it would be just like the all red wii remotes that were bundled with the Wii Mario Kart.

I own two red Wii consoles with red controllers, bought second hand for about $40 each.

Yes, many countries have the red blue and white themes - even Japan in an abstract way. Their world cup team are the samurai blues.

Still, I would go for a red white and blue wiimote as described. Thanks.

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