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Video: Nintendo Minute Kicks Off its Mario Kart May With Some SNES Racing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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May is a big month for fans of the Wii U and the iconic Mario Kart series, and you can be sure that Mario Kart 8 and its predecessors will get plenty of coverage. Nintendo will be shouting from the rooftops, naturally, and its own weekly Nintendo Minute show will be getting into the act.

Somewhat appropriately, the Nintendo of America presenting duo start off a month of coverage with the series' first title, Super Mario Kart, showing the multiplayer and single player. Those still unfamiliar with the 16-bit title will get a sense of just how different it is from modern entries; the franchise has evolved a great deal.

The SNES classic is available on both the Wii U and Wii Virtual Console platforms, of course. Are you still regularly blasting around these retro tracks?

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bryce951 said:

"the franchise has evolved a great"

which means it has got a hell of a
lot slower



Yoshi said:

I've recently played through Super Mario Kart. I can't believe I beat 150cc Special Cup.



Spartacus3765 said:

Very strange that you see them playing with Wii U pro controllers to play (making it a Wii U eshop game), yet no word of the game releasing in NA. Seriously don't fully understand this company sometimes.

EDIT: my mistake. It's not the Wii U pro controller.



SilentS said:

No, they are using the Wii pro controllers, not the WiiU ones. Can tell simply by the fact that these ones are wired, not wireless like the WiiU.



Spartacus3765 said:

Oh, yeah I see it now. The shoulder buttons are a lil different, too.
Still, I wanna be able to play it on the gamepad! gosh darnit! lol



Rafie said:

I have a strong disdain for NoA as of lately. They are a#$backwards and behind the other entities. Not a good look. Don't know what Reggie and the others are doing, but we are definitely not on the same level as NoE, and of course Japan.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Super Mario Kart is from an era when Nintendo ruled the world and nobody could touch them. They were like a musician who had just exploded with creativity and everything they touched turned to gold.

Imagine if Nintendo did a modern update of Super Mario Kart, keeping the gameplay and the graphics but improving them at the same time and adding online play. Wow, that would be some game for the eshop.



Whopper744 said:

It'll probably be out in NA the week of May 30th (so the 29th beig Thursday). I kind of understand this, but I don't like it at the same time as I'll be too busy with 8 to mess with SMK the next day (as much as I do love that old game). Just my speculation though. They way they did SMB3 with NES Remix 2 is sort of an example of this.



sinalefa said:

I swear that when Reggie started talking on the Direct about getting a free game with the purchase of MK8, I thought he would refer to this one. Hopefully they release it before that one hits, and if not it does not matter to me.



KevTastic84 said:

@brewsky Yeh 150cc on the original MK is harder than any version since. Its brutally hard to finish in the top 4 of every race in Special Cup.



River3636 said:

This is what gets me so mad about Wii u virtual console. They could have released SMK months ago. They trickle us with games. I could go on about my disapproval of virtual console on Wii U and 3ds for that matter. It is one my main reasons for buying a Wii U. This game is not even confirmed for North America

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