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Video: Nintendo Goes For The Female Pre-Teen Vote With This Tomodachi Life Commercial

Posted by Damien McFerran

Whoa! Cool!

Tomodachi Life isn't far from release now, and Nintendo clearly has high hopes for the game's commercial fortunes. However, it could be argued that the company hasn't had such a tricky title to market for quite some time; Tomodachi Life isn't really a game as such, and is clearly going to require some savvy promotion to really hammer home its charms.

Enter Lilly and Hannah, two adorable American youngsters who just can't get enough of Nintendo's quirky life sim. It's pretty clear that Nintendo sees this title as one with very broad appeal — just like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, in fact — so the sickly-sweet nature of this commercial probably shouldn't come as a shock.

We just hope they follow up with Clyde and Franklin, two burly, chain-smoking 40-something truckers from Texas who also can't get enough of Tomodachi Life's Mii editor and its hilarious minigames.

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RickyWill said:

Am I the only one who wants a new Smash Brothers commercial made like the once for the N64 original?



PinkSpider said:

I hate these adverts they always make the game seem worse than it is, but I will be buying this game as it looks so different to anything else available



Spoony_Tech said:

@Fireninjastar You mean the one where there skipping alone peacefully then all of a sudden start beating the snot out of each other, yeah that would be epic!



Dreamcaster-X said:

Well it didn't make me wince for once so I guess that's an improvement but why do they film these commercials on sets that look like talk shows? It's just so fake looking.



LittleIrves said:

@Dreamcaster-X I'm.... pretty sure they don't expect us to believe it's a real talk show.

But yeah, I agree that could have been a lot worse. But I also think they need to hit up the adult demographic for this, too. Kind of like they did when Mario Kart 7 released. There's weirdos all around, from age 6 to 66!



HylianJowi said:

Ah, Ninty of America's advertising remains as cringe-inducing as ever. These weren't cool even when I was a kid.



Minotaurgamer said:

well only girls will play this game anyway so it fits.

yeah also dudes that like my little pony but let's not get into that



Geonjaha said:

"If you make Mii's of your favourite people, surprising things can happen!"
Like them never speaking to you again for buying a game based on this advert. Such cringe. :L



yuwarite said:

Welp, Nintendo just made their The Sims. This could potentially sell millions. Advert is cheesy, but it's targeting the right demographic to go after.



Gravedigga13 said:

Can t wait to make all wu tang clan members, nas battle jay z, 2pac and biggie, this game will be epic:))



Kyloctopus said:

For those complaining: What did you expect? Some sort of epic Tomodachi Life trailer?
I wonder if the #MiiQuality controversy will make some celebrities reluctant on being apart of endorsing...



steamhare said:

I wouldn't mind another, separate commercial aimed at adults; this looks like it's meant to debut on nick, disney, or cartoon network. Too bad the campaign seems to drive away boys who might be drawn in by the wackiness, though.



element187 said:

Buy it up because this will be the first and last Tomodachi game to be localized for western markets.... Also other Japanese publishers other than Nintendo will be very very careful which titles they localize from now on, every gaming company in Japan saw the childish temper tantrum being thrown and will be adding it as a factor alongside potential sales when deciding on localizing future titles. And that's the real life consequences of #Miiquality

If Atlus pulls out of localizing games for western markets because of this, watch out, I may go postal.



Action51 said:

Putting aside very real civil rights concerns, it's a shame that we have people with nothing better to do then create media campaigns against a video game for not including same sex relationships.

People can't seem to tell the difference between real discrimination and a silly video game anymore.

Also, I'm not so sure why the commercial is "cringeworthy", but I'm not the target audience for this game so, I may just be the critic commenting on something they know nothing about.



Obito_Sigma said:

Oh god... just please stop these commercials. I have had enough arguing about the fact is Nintendo is obviously not going to die... and I also have to face with them finding out about this.

I am only 14 years old, so that I could easily remember that even when I was a child or pre-adolescent, everyone thought that these type of commercials just weren't cool and thought that they were for EVEN YOUNGER CHILDREN (4-8)... If one isn't a big Nintendo fan enough to watch the Nintendo Direct, then I have a feeling that they would knock this game off their list...

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