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Video: Musician Lindsey Stirling Dresses Up As Aurora From Child Of Light, Because Why Not?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Popular artist channels Ubisoft's RPG hit for unique video performance

We love Lindsey Stirling here at Nintendo Life — not only does she play a mean fiddle (OK, violin), but she's absolutely potty about video games and never misses an opportunity to cover the soundtrack of a famous title or dress up as a popular character.

Her latest video — in which she plays her single "Shatter Me" — takes inspiration from Ubisoft's Child of Light, with Stirling taking the role of Aurora. It's typically brilliant stuff — have a watch and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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Galenmereth said:

Eh, I really am not a fan of her videos. The random jumping about with a violin in hand doesn't do it for me.

Also disappointed that it isn't a cover of a song from the game; I don't see any relevance between her song and the game's theme at all.



Pod said:

Her videos are a little on the sugary side, but she's adorable, and a very skilled violinist.



SpookyMeths said:

She's a girl, she's pretty, and she plays geeky songs, and sadly, that's all more important than her actual skill. If she wore a regular outfit, sat in a chair, and played a classic piece, nobody would care.

Whatever her assets are though, video and sound production don't appear to be among them.



MussakkuLaden said:

I didn't know that she had an interest in video games, but I always thought that her music sounds "just like video game music", whatever that may be, but maybe you know what I mean. But, well, mediocre videogame music or just shallow music. Absolutely don't enjoy it and don't find her sympathetic either. Only the dancing is quite nice, but then again destroyed by the horrible camera movements in the videos.



MussakkuLaden said:

I think after having watched this video, I may not be able to fully enjoy Child of Light anymore. But then, the game's stale art style seems pretty well in tune with this type of music... yawn



worldstraveller said:

I like her music, just one thing bothers me about her music, is the background music of the violin, I like only the violin parts, it would sound better without the dance-ish genre music background...
I liked the music, just think could do some work and not mix with Shatter Me.



R-L-A-George said:

@CaviarMeths Ahem, maybe she likes dressing up. Why judge people because they like to share more than just the talent. Hey, at least she is not doing stuff for shock value like everyone else. She gives more drama when she moves, dresses to fit the song and even looks for perfect location near where she's going to be. If she just sat in a chair, she would not be herself.



SpookyMeths said:

@R-L-A-George Not my point. If she likes dressing up, that's great. She should continue to do that if it makes her happy.

My point is that she's not a particularly remarkable violinist and she wouldn't be that popular if she wasn't a pretty girl doing cosplay.



Zodiak13 said:

People on the net are funny. Blank is better, she is only popular because of x. She is out there doing more than most people, and she was smart enough to see that people will like her music. I hate country/western music, yet I never see a reason to make a negative comment on an article that pertains to that kind of music.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Kids these days and there dub-step. Back in my day... oh wait, I am a kid xD So glad I was raised with better music taste than just lapping up whatever's currently on the top 10.



ariwl1 said:

I love everything this woman touches. Makes me want to play the game even more. I've already downloaded it; I just need to finish Mario 3D World's Crown World first....Yeah, this may take a while...



Ttimer said:

Its is AMAZING. Yes she could of used a soundtrack in the game, but its like the other video she did that advertised that dracula series, she used her own song also. Its because the companies ask if she can do a video to advertise, and if they allow her to usue the soundtack then she uses it, or she uses one of her songs that fits the game or series. I love LS
@PvtOttobot OH......your one of those type of people. ._. Just because someone likes a genre doesn't mean they are less or more, you kinda give a bad vibe to the rest of the people that don't like dub-step, making them seem like...... prideful and stuff.
I dont like dubstep, but I like Lindsey Stirling dubstep violin. she uses dubstep to give her music that dance and the up beat (not just dubstep, electronic also). I dont like a certain type of genre, I listen to the songs that catch my attention, that are usually up beat (happy, dance type) and/or that I have been listening to for a while that I just get used to it.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Ttimer Ah, the infamous 'those type of people'. Just going around spoiling their fellow non-dubsteppers' reputation by being prideful... and stuff.
My comment about dub-step was a joke. My comment about the charts was not, and clearly it doesn't apply to you, so go find someone who actually hates you.



Sherman said:

I don't hate her, but she's a bad violin player and she's actually famous becouse of her gimmicks.



TwilightAngel said:

@PvtOttobot So im guessing you know these bands called The Doors, Journey, Aerosmith then? Cause you said with your comment you grew up with better music taste. so you must know these great bands if you do know these bands then thats awesome.



darthllama said:

Well @Sherman, yes her gimmicks helped make her famous. That is true with a lot of musicians born within the youtube universe as gimmicks are the best way to be noticed in the first place. That doesn't mean she is a bad violin player, because she isn't at all. I bet you can't even give a legitimate answer to how she is bad at it. Not liking her music or style, doesn't take away from her obvious ability.



Sherman said:

She's bad because she's bad playing, @darthllama. I'm not against the songs she chooses to cover, a lot of them are great, but she's bad playing them. Her violind sounds bad, I mean it. Just need to listen to realize that. Well, maybe it's her violin, but it sounds so out of tune, bad, just bad. Listen to other players and you'll agree with me. And there's where the "gimmicks" get into play: A lot of people won't go and listen to some other better players just because she's "cute" and "nerdy". I never said she was wrong using gimmicks. That actually makes her a very smart girl and have my respect as an entertainer. Thanks to that she managed to be this famous, have people to defend her and have them given up any chance to even think there might be someone better than her out there. If I have to chose something I really don´t like about here, that would be all the jumping and kicking and weird moves she makes. What's up with that?



aaronsullivan said:

I like it. She may not be an amazing violin player compared to others but her sensibility and music style is different than most. It's not just gimmicks. She's made her own thing out of what was working on YouTube, her interpretive dance is pretty okay, and I enjoy listening to some of her music.

At first I didn't like that she didn't cover Child of Light but was dressed that way. It felt exploitive, but the link at the end made all the difference. I wonder if it was an official collaborative ad however.



WaxxyOne said:

As far as I'm concerned, she can dress up however she likes as long as she continues sharing such amazing music with us.

I get why some people might not be impressed with her unique combination of violin and interpretive dance, and I know there are other violinists that are as good and maybe even better. I don't care. She dared to combine two things she loved in a truly unique way, and most people agree that it works to one degree or another. She's also a great person, which is way more than I can say for most artists these days.



Chillama said:

@darthllama eeeeeeh!!!! Nice name!!.. And remember. EAT THE FOOD!. (Funeral potatoes are preferred) Go and make your self some dang casedilla's!



Chi said:

She is heavily produced,which means she is invented by a record company.
Her apearence, her repetoir, sound etc. are comercial exploitation.
There are hundreds of musicians with superior ability but less comercial potential. That said, at least this game will have decent music.But,no, in the world of music she is not great.



WinterWarm said:


That's not true at all.

Linsdey Stirling is an amazing dancer, violinist, and person and is anything but 'fake' or 'commercialized', I had the extreme pleasure of meeting her in person, and thus I am shocked at the absolute lies people have been saying in the comments above.

You guys should be ashamed of youselves, you see someone with talent and feel the need to bring them down to your low level in an attempt to make yourself feel better, it's childishly pathetic.



luckybreak said:

Wow I'm kinda surprised by all the hate for Lindsey Sterling! Although I could see some people not enjoying it, I always find the exotic nature locals to be really fun and and a beautiful backdrop. She does seem to be overly "sugary" and pixie-ish, but it doesn't bother me.
She seems to have a lot of fans, her album was #1 on iTunes in the US when it came out a few weeks ago. I love how people equate being successful in the entertainment industry to selling out. They kinda go hand in hand.



Henmii said:


The hate surprised me too! I thought there was much more love for this girl on this site?!

As for me: I think she plays the violin nicely. Her videos aren't that bad, the jumping may be a required taste though! What I don't like is that she basically was hired by Ubisoft! I mean: It's always terrible to see that one of us (gaming community/internet heroes) gets hired by a company. Gives them less credibility in my opinion! I mean, if she says that this or that game is awesome you wonder if that's her honest opinion or that she is just paid to say that. That's how I feel anyway!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

I really dislike the video to be honest. As well as the song she composed that was supposed to be inspired by Child of Light. There is no whimsy to the arrangement, its more of a serious feel with beats of a dance cover.



R-L-A-George said:

@CaviarMeths Maybe it's just the style she likes to play in. I hope she doesn't let any negative comments get her down. Constructive criticism is fine, outright hate is wrong. If she needs improvement, I hope she improves herself.

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