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Video: More Interesting Game Boy Facts To Wrap Your Head Around

Posted by Alex Phillimore

Popular YouTubers Did You Know Gaming and Vsauce3 unite once again

Earlier this week we featured a video made as a collaboration between popular YouTube channels Did You Know Gaming and Vsauce3 that highlights an assortment of facts and oddities about the original Game Boy system, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month.

Part 2 of the collaboration has now been released and chronologically moves things on to the Game Boy Color, detailing lesser-known facts including how the coloured letters in 'Color' correspond with the five colour variants the system was originally manufactured in. The video also provides information about the Game Boy Advance, including its foray into doubling up as a medical device – something Nintendo may be pursuing again with its upcoming 'Quality of Life' product.

The new video can be found below – how many of these facts are new to you?

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Mega719 said:

I saw this yesterday the Game Boy could have been an extremely useful device outside of games if you bought all those peripherals



Raylax said:

Dang, VSauce3 would be a lot easier to listen to if he didn't enunciate every single sentence like it were a mind-blowing revelation.



EverythingAmiibo said:

So many failed 'QOL' ideas here. It surprises me that it surprised anyone that Nintendo is attempting to tap into this market, they've clearly had 'QOL' aspirations throughout their toy/game making history. I just hope they don't follow their track record and release another chunky, uneconomic, ahead of it's time addon that fails like the rest of them.



ledreppe said:

I just bought a GBA and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, completely missed out on handhelds until the 3DS.



Andremario said:

To all the haters: Nintendoes what everybody DON'T! Swear they need a guiness world record entry for most innovative company!



ZenTurtle said:

The GBA SP had a front-lit screen, the backlit model was released in very small numbers at the end of its life. The video is wrong...



Smooty said:

i used to have one of these special silver more brighter GBA SP, until some boy attacked me and destroyed the screen... but last week i bought a new one! so much memories there...



Giygas_95 said:

I always hated that we didn't get the rest of the Super Mario Bros. 3 level cards.

I wonder how that glucose add-on would have worked...



Sherman said:

I want the Pediatric Sedation Headset!! Trying to get as far as on any Mario Bros. version before I fall asleep is awesome!!

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