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Video: Check Out This Pretty Comprehensive Guide To The Charms Of Tomodachi Life

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bringing your Mii to life

Tomodachi Life launches next month, and Nintendo is taking steps to ensure that the appeal of this incredibly unique game is as obvious as possible.

With this in mind, Nintendo UK has produced a video which runs for almost four minutes and outlines some of the things you'll be able to get up to in the final game. The clip gives a lot of focus to the process of bringing your Mii characters to life — you can give them a voice and decide on various attributes, creating a unique personality each and every time. Once created, these Miis can forge friendships, go travelling, play in a band and even get married and produce their own children.

Seeing as we're on the subject, make sure you take part in our competition to be a star in "Days of Our Tomodachi Lives", a show we'll be running over the next six weeks.

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mystman12 said:

Well, that was cool! Now I just need to stop watching stuff so that when the game comes out I won't have already seen everything!



Sherman said:

Looks cool, but I don't want another life eater game like New Leaf, right now. A barely have free time these days. And just got Mario Golf and I haven't finished Fire Emblem yet! I've been playing that one and off for a year now!!



BakaKnight said:

More trailers I see more I want this game OoO

Time to start thinking which Miis I could toss in it in case I'll buy it XP



Blast said:

Whoa......... WHOA...... WHOA.... and we need a lifesim game for Wii U!!!!!!!!!



Miss_Dark said:

hmz the game just can't convince me I don't know.. I had the same with animal crossing, I bought it without thinking and ever since i've been playing it every day lol.. we'll see



MeloMan said:

That's the first time I've seen it in action. I see it as Sims meets Miis meets Animal Crossing, but that's not a bad thing. Heck, it's borderline me claiming it's an Animal Crossing killer, but I'll wait for the review.



SkywardLink98 said:

Will I be able to set my mii's real life relationships? I don't want my Mii to fall in love with a relative



rjejr said:

I'm only commenting b/c it's a Tomodachi Life article I can comment on

Has any company started making 3D models of Miis yet to sell to people, or does Nintendo own the rights to our Miis? 3D printers have to be good for something other than guns and human body organs. Maybe Nintendo can sell them as part of their "Nintendo Figurine Platform" (god I hate that name, I would have preferred "Nintendo Interactive Neo-Toys", so we could call them NINTYs for short. "Wanna come over and play w/ my NINTYs?" sounds better than NFPs)

And then each family could order everyone and put them on their cars dashboard to go along w/ those family stickers on the back windows.



MasterWario said:

This game actually seems pretty neat. But I don't know if I need anymore games right now. XD



Phantom_R said:

Soooo... Tomodachi Life is an outer space face-exploding sim? June 6th can't come fast enough.



AshFoxX said:

@SkywardLink98 I have played the original Tomodachi Collection on DS, and I can attest that the best way to describe the game is a fleshed out personalized version of a digital pet/Tamogatchi toy, but with you and your friends, family, celebs and whoever else you add. It's actually pretty addictive, and perfect for short bursts.

@MeloMan When you create your Mii's, the game asks you how they relate to you, such as siblings, spouses, parents or friends. (and other) So don't worry about your Mii hitting on a sibling or parent. Also, even if any of your Miis do say they have a crush, you are the deciding factor for any of them to give the romance a shot, or deny them completely. They won't make big decisions like that without your input. The biggest thing I've had to deal with that was automatic was my Miis getting angry at each other, and changing wardrobe when I'm not looking.



pinkeurocket said:

Hopefully NOA will release a video similar to this, the things we've been getting so far don't show much gameplay honestly.



sinalefa said:


I hate the name because it missed the huge chance of using the NFC acronym by a letter. Nintendo Figurine Collection is what I think of, but any convenient word with a C would make sense.

And the closest thing I guess would be the giant AR Mii card on Club Nintendo.

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