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Video: Capcom's Mega May Spotlight Shows Off The 3DS Virtual Console Mega Man Releases

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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If you happen to be a Mega Man fan with a 3DS in North America, then May has potentially been your favourite gaming month in some time. Capcom has been running its Mega May event, which has basically meant releasing the various Game Boy series entries to the Virtual Console, with a couple of Game Boy Color titles thrown in.

It's been a fun month for Blue Bomber fans, then, with five games arriving so far and Mega Man Xtreme 2 due to arrive in next week's Download Update. You can see what we thought of the releases so far in our reviews, below.

We're currently working on a review for Mega Man V, but if you want to see these titles in action you could do far worse that watch Capcom's recently released spotlight video — it features four minutes of Mega Man goodness.

Have you been enjoying Mega May?

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alwaysasn said:

I usually wait for the reviews here, but I didn't wait I picked up Megaman 5. It's totally awesome! The arm power up changes the gameplay more than I thought it would!



FluttershyGuy said:

I've enjoyed Mega May very much! I've finished MM II through IV, and working on V now! This been a great way to pass the time until flippin' fun time next Friday! I figure I'll save the Xtreme games for a Mega June (even if that doesn't have the same ring as Mega May ).

There are two negatives to Mega May. First, I'm guessing after Capcom is through with it, we'll go back to a 3DS VC drought (especially Game Boy games). Second, this just makes me want a new Mega Man game, and Capcom seems content to only re-release old games. I'm afraid we'll have to wait until Mighty No. 9 for our "Mega Man" fix!



SparkOfSpirit said:

Mega Man fans who skip IV and V are really missing out.

I hope Capcom is working on getting 7 and X3 on the Wii U VC, as well. No idea why X1 and X2 came out so fast but 7 and X3 have been left in the dust.



Yomerodes said:


They have released more games on the Wii U virtual console for the SNES than any other company, not even Nintendo has released more of their first party SNES games.



Esiwlwo said:

Despite all the gameboy love, I'm actually too deep into my megaman legends 2 play through, to play these, but as soon as I'm done, I'm picking up IV and V for sure! Also curious about Xtreme 2.



FluttershyGuy said:

@Mega719 I wish we'd at least get Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Strider on Wii U, but I'm not holding my breath since Wii U is dead to 3rd parties as far as new releases. Hopefully we'll at least get some new-to-VC games, like Gargoyle's Quest II.

I hope our European friends here get these Mega Man games soon! :3 I've felt that pain plenty of times, from North America getting the short end of the stick so often these days.



Mega719 said:

@FluttershyGuy Not necessary to all of them but i know what you're saying. At least they could release more in the main series like Wii VC and maybe port other ones.We don't know yet when the GBA release is yet



Porky said:

Mega Arm seems like Hard Mans weapon Hard Knuckle with the addition to return items hmm..



Andremario said:

I'll Cross my fingers for those in the UK if they Cross their fingers for The 3DS owners in the US and UK get them damn GBA games on 3DS already! What? Why stop at the ambassador's program? The 3ds is MORE than capable of handling this type of software! What? A man can dream can't he? Do it NINTENDO and Take my money!



KnightRider666 said:

I'm very happy to have these games in my 3DS with me on the go. I do own all these titles physically though. Now when are we getting the Mega Man Game Gear game???

@sleepinglion: Because they can, and they know it's the best game in the gameboy series; this people will pay the extra dollar for it.



cheapogamer4life said:

I'll be getting lll and lV this weekend and saving the best for last once I finale beat the two. Hopefully Capcom doesn't take to long to release these games in EU.



WaveBoy said:

As far as the GB mega man's go, all i care about is V and i'm very surprised that's actually available now on the 3DS. I'm iffy on playing through II-IV since they borrow heavily from their superior NES counterparts while remixing things up and adding in sprinkles of 'new' here and there. while V is technically it's OWN game.

anyhoo, Capcom needs to finally release X3 and MM7 on the Wii U VC.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@WaveBoy MMIV adds A LOT new to the game. About the only real similarity are the Robot Masters and basic stage tropes.

And honestly, I think MMIV is far better than all three of the last NES games.



Dpishere said:

Man everytime I see gameplay footage or hear the soundtrack from a Mega Man game I consider going back and playing Mega Man 2.... until I realize that I am simply terrible at the series. If I put more time into getting better at the games they could very well be one of my favorite series.



sleepinglion said:

Quick question.
Is anyone familiar with the Megadrive compilation of the 1st 3 NES games in 16-bit? I think it was called Rockman Megaworld.



Andremario said:

@ malestrom I agree. I haven't played all the gb megamans but I do prefer to have gba games on 3ds. Its LONG OVERDUE hey! Maybe they might reveal that as the news for 3ds @E3? One can hope maybe? No?



Giygas_95 said:

Hoo boy! Now I can't wait to download these. I likely would have by now, but my 3DS was out for repairs. I only have Xtreme now, but I'll be getting Xtreme 2 the moment it releases (using my deluxe digital promo code of course!), and I'll get Wily's Revenge along with the others on my birthday soon.

Funny how you can think something is stupid and overrated (Mega Man) and then end up buying practically every game in the series. Mega Man is easily one of my favorite franchises. Glad I tried out 1 and 2 on my 3DS back in February of 2013. Capcom was just releasing the NES games on 3DS, and I decided to try them. Eventually got Mega Man X on Wii U and the Zero collection on DS...and the rest is history.

Only thing I don't understand is why Capcom couldn't give you guys in Europe a shot at these games at the same time they released them over here. Hate that ya'll always seem to have to wait longer than we do...

@sleepinglion The English name, I believe, was The Wily Wars. As I've heard, it had some new castle stages that you could tackle with any combination of weapons of your choice from the three games.

@WaveBoy "anyhoo, Capcom needs to finally release X3 and MM7 on the Wii U VC." I'll say! My idea was that they should have included the Wii U in on Mega May and released 5 and Zero 1 one week, 6 and Zero 2 the next, 7 and Zero 3 after that, then finish up with X3 and Zero 4. If only...

@SparkOfSpirit If they wait a similar time span between X2 and X3 as they did between X and X2, we might be waiting a few more months. X released in NA on May 30th 2013 and X2 released January 2nd of this year. I hope we won't be waiting that long for X3. 7 would also be nice.



Bryon15 said:

I've come to the conclusion that we won't see a NEW megaman game unless nintendo buys capcom.



Magrane said:

Actually.......the extra dollar cost to Mega Man V is most likely due to demand being very high for it. Development costs (like adding new bosses as you mentioned) were already covered a loooonnng time ago.



Magrane said:

By the way, I think the NintendoLife review score for Mega Man II is wayyyy off.

By no means was Mega Man II for the Game Boy a below average game. Don't let that review sway you, Mega-peeps!



mjc0961 said:

Mega May has been a mega disappointment. You what would have been cool? A NEW Mega Man game.

Oh well, screw Capcom. Mighty Number 9 FTW!



ejamer said:

Recently downloaded Mega Man IV hoping it would be fun. I'm not having fun... but that's because somehow my B button has stopped responding half the time. Not being able to shoot consistently when you want to makes Mega Man games feel HORRIBLE... it's like I'm gaming on an iPhone or something with controls like this.

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