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The Awesome Hori Mario Kart 8 Accessories Seem To Hit The Final Straight For North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Happy times

Not so long ago we had the happy news that Hori's rather attractive Mario Kart 8-themed GamePad skins and wheels to Europe. It seems that the accessory company — likely with distribution assistance from Nintendo — is also bringing its goodies to North America, too.

The Mario and Luigi themed Wii wheels and GamePad skins have popped up on, though unlike the equivalent pre-orders in the UK, for example, release dates are veering from 30th May, with the game, into June. Nevertheless it's little surprise that these attractive extras appear to be heading to such a vital region in gaming sales.

Details will no doubt solidify in the coming days and weeks, but are you tempted to pick any of these up?

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.


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0utburst said:

Still not available for pre-order here in Italy. I want those Wii wheels. My kid would go crazy on the Luigi one.



S-Miyahon said:

Well I already have my Wind Waker HD bundle Gamepad so that's good enough for me



Blast said:

I already have the Wind Waker designed Gamepad, too BUT... I still want that red Mario Kart 8 Gamepad skin. I'll put it on my Gamepad whenever I play MK8



SavoirFaire said:

Luigi skin for me as well (unless a Peach or Rosalina one comes out, then my daughter will demand that).

I don't know about everyone else, but I hate the wheel (though these look nice). I play with wii remote/nunchuk.



millarrp said:

I'm definitely interested in the Wii wheels so I can match my Mario and Luigi remotes. Now only if they made one to match the zelda remote...



Takerkaneanite6 said:

On Behalf Of The U.K, I'm Happy For All American Wii U Owners For This Awesome Accesory Pack, Enjoy Guys:)



0utburst said:

The Zelda wheel is a Nintendo club reward as well as the nunchuk. I would want those also but they aren't cheap in ebay.



SphericalCrusher said:

I have a solid blue hori gamepad cover. Got it when Lego City Undercover came out, so my son doesn't get it too dirty. I'll be replacing it with one of these!



ULTRA-64 said:

The skins look awful to me, I never like tacky stick on decals though so no suprise. The wheels look cool though ...if you play with the wheel that is!! All I want is a yoshi wiimote. How I wish they would release matching nunchucks some time......the yoshi one could look like an egg!?!



rjejr said:

They really need to take new photos w/ the black Gamepads, the only white Gamepads in the US are in the Skylanders bundle, all the others are black.



Lobster said:

The skins are hideous but the wheels are nice. Too bad I never use wheels, they make it impossible to control the game!



absuplendous said:

I'm mildly surprised that the Mario and Luigi wheels are made by Hori; although I know Nintendo and Hori have a great relationship, I figured Nintendo would simply add red or green dye to their own Wii Wheel. Since they're not, though, I'm glad Hori went the extra mile and added an embossed Starman on the front.

I've no interest in the skins, though. Not only are the many exposed areas just unattractive--arguably negating the purpose of the skin--I generally don't get branding my hardware with one game. The Wii Wheel makes sense since it'll pretty much be a Mario Kart 8 peripheral, but I use the Wii U Gamepad with everything (well, when I have to).



sinalefa said:

I don't even have Wii Wheels

The skins are a maybe. As @rjejr, I would like to see how they look on a black Gamepad, and I am too lazy to do a Photoshop of it.



JaxonH said:

Those wheels would look nice sitting next to the Mario & Luigi Wiimotes. Unfortunately, my little corner for video game collectibles is getting pretty full. Not sure how much more I can fit besides games. And while HORI is synonymous with quality (I ONLY use HORI brand cases for my handhelds), I usually only tend to collect official Nintendo-made products. Hmmm...



WashioYuji said:

I'm undecided on either Mario or Luigi casing. The black gamepad currently seems rather boring so it's about time they released some of these over here.



AshFoxX said:

Now this is what I am talking about. Been hoping for a MK8 jacket for my gamepad on this side of the shore, so I will definitely be picking some of these up, provided I still can't find my MKWii white wheel.

Yes I know it's a cheap gimmick but it actually does feel much better when you actually use the tilt controls.



JAPBOO said:

Do you guys know if the skin protects the screen with some kind of plastic as well or is it just to protect the gamepad?



FJOJR said:

The skins don't look natural with the the way they are cut. Couldn't they have had the button labels on the skin to avoid confusion?



WashioYuji said:

@FJOJR Excuse me if I'm wrong, the skins are hard plastic casing not stickers so It's more like a protector incase you drop them.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

I Would Like To Suggest An Article, Gamexplain Have Done A Q And A Video And In It, They Confirm 4 Player Grand Prix Mode......



Ichiban said:

I wish Nintendo would put out M&L themed pro controllers, i want a red one!



readyletsgo said:

So where are the gamepad covers available in Europe? Can't find them on at all. Want the Mario one cause my black gamepad is so boring looking now



sinister18 said:

I have never been a fan of the steering wheel but the Luigi skin will look great on my game pad.



Morph said:

I think nintendo missed a trick not having changeable face plates for the wii u controller



tux_peng said:

June 30 release date for the US? Most people aren't going to wait, if they want a wheel- they'll go elsewhere...

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