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Tecmo Koei and Eiji Aonuma Outline Origins of Hyrule Warriors

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We have many fans of The Legend of Zelda in our company"

After months of silence following its December 2013 reveal, Hyrule Warriors is undoubtedly a hot topic as a result of its recent Famitsu coverage. Hitting Japan on 14th August, confirmed gameplay details have perhaps contributed to a sense of optimism around this Warriors and Zelda crossover.

The fact that Nintendo's series producer Eiji Aonuma is involved as a supervisor is certainly reassuring, and he's spoken to Famitsu magazine — along with general producer Hisashi Koinuma and producer Yosuke Hayashi of Tecmo Koei — to outline the origins of the project. The Warriors franchise has gone through various mashups, including One Piece, Gundam and Fist of the North Star, and Aonuma-san recounts how impressed he was by a previous Tecmo Koei presentation.

This presentation was actually from several years ago, when they showed us One Piece: Pirate Warriors. At first, when they said that One Piece would become a Warriors [game], I wondered, ‘How will that turn out?’ but once I actually played it, I felt that they did a good job of implementing the Warriors system.

So, it sparked my interest when I thought: ‘I wonder what a collaboration with The Legend of Zelda would be like.’ Shortly afterwards, Miyamoto told me, ‘The folks at Tecmo Koei are talking about a Zelda Musou. Are you interested?’ and I responded with ‘definitely!’

Aonuma-san re-iterated his confidence in the idea by saying that Nintendo has had "far more expectations than uncertainties" over the project. Perhaps that optimism is also driven by the fact that various members of the core development team are big fans of the series, as Hayashi-san and Koinuma-san made clear.

Hayashi: With Koinuma and myself included, we have many fans of The Legend of Zelda in our company, and that would be the ultimate reason. The basic fights in The Legend of Zelda series involve one-on-one fights, so 'having over 100 enemies like the Musou games would surely make things interesting,’ was something we discussed among the staff.

Koinuma: You can say that luck also played a role. The title that our company wanted to do a Musou game collaboration with the most just so happened to be the one title that the folks at Nintendo said ‘we can entrust them with this one’ to, so we were both able to come to an agreement regarding The Legend of Zelda.

We're certainly a little more optimistic about this title having learned of the presence of Link's trademark moves such as the Spin Attack, Z-targeting and the inclusion of characters such as Impa; the screenshots show some attractive visuals and fairly faithful portrayals of Hyrule, too. While we'll see for ourselves in the final game, it seems that a level of care and respect for the series is being shown.

We'll bring you a little more in the form of a screenshot blow-out later today, but let us know what you think of these comments from the game's key development figures.


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AceDefective said:

Intresting they approached Nintendo, rather than the other way around.
More companies should totally ask Nintendo to let them do things with their franchises.



Volmun said:

Realy looking forward to this iv always enjoyed the Dinisty Warriors games (from the 2nd game up as the 1st game was Soul Caliber like and never got a chance to play it)



Tsurii said:

@ZeroZX_Dev Kamiya! Ask them to let you make a Star Fox game. Now's the time lol

I was hoping for Impa's Skyward Sword design and...damn, the one they created for the game is so much better (and Skyward Sword Impa is pretty high up on my 'list of best/favourite Zelda designs' )



EverythingAmiibo said:

Also this: (pasted from my youtube comment)

I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Shia is (was) the same race (or maybe even family) as Impa!!!! Impa has orange tattoos on her face, Shia has the same colour on her leg. Impa has silver/white hair, Shia has the exact same colour of hair. ImpA, ShiA, they sound pretty similar. Impa has autumn leaves attached onto her outfit and so does Shia. They are both the only (non Zelda) females announced so far/so early and that could hint at a connection/importance. I think I've got it please do an analysis Gamexplain!
Full body pics to compare:



Tsurii said:

@PvtOttobot NOOO!
I was looking for the Impa picture for a while and now, that you've posted it (thanks btw ), it isn't working for me :/



ICHIkatakuri said:

I'm a warriors fan so being a nintendo nut too, it certainly floats my boat. Happy that multiple characters and weapon upgrades are in too.



AJWolfTill said:

Thanks! From the design I'm reckoning that Shia is going to be pretty vulnerable to stab attacks/sword thrusts.
My biggest gripe now is the monotomy of the normal bad guys. Not only do they look slightly at odds with the other characters but the sheer lack of variety is still making the game look pretty damn cheap.



Mega719 said:

Shouldn't have let them design their own characters pretty sure Shia isn't the only instance



HopeNForever said:

The game's overall background setting looks like it was taken out directly from Ocarina of Time's Hyrule Field setting.



Offspring said:

One thing I'm interested in that I haven't seen other people talking about is voice acting. Is it in the game? With Team Ninja involved I'm worried that Link will be portrayed as a babbling crybaby or an arrogant Richard-head.



Arminillo said:

Graphics look sick. The mainseries game will only look better.

On another note, I think it's funny how some people have their jimmies all russled with one female character with cleavage. This isn't DoA; this is like the first top heavy Zelda character besides the Great Fairy, get over it.



sinalefa said:

I will go ahead and say it: this Impa feels to me like a mix between SS Impa and Lord Ghirahim. That is not a complaint.

I am really hoping this delivers.



SamirMalik said:

@allav866 That was during the era when games were aimed at kids...under the bat wing of Philips. These days Zelda is more of a Shonen franchise so voice acting wouldn't hurt.



SamirMalik said:

@AJWolfTill Musou games usually have grunt soldiers as the most common enemies so this is to be expected. However there is enemy variety in the form of large monsters and unlockable characters.



Goginho said:

Good, good. Now all we need is info and confirmation on 'Yarn Yoshi', and that it's being worked on.



Action51 said:

Main problem I have with the Warriors franchise is that often pure button mashing is the best tactic, and that slicing through dozens of enemies feels like slicing through tissue paper...there is no feeling of weight or resistance.

I'm hoping the gameplay will feel more like Zelda, and less button-mashy.



Shambo said:

Out of nowhere, a train appeared. I simply stood there for a while, and in my curiosity I ordered a ticket. With quite some noise the engine started, and slowly but steadily it gained speed.
This steaming ghost train turned out to be a hype train, and at this speed, I expect a lot of impact. Sadly, I have not a clue as of yet when it will arrive in Europe, but more and more I'm looking forward to that day!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Emblem Hoy, that's some cool stuff you got there!

I'm still undecided on the game, mostly because of my general dislike for Musou-types and their bad habit of spam tactics before smart tactics. Nonetheless, this is shaping up nicely.

Also, Impa BFS is FB!



memoryman3 said:

The folks at Tecmo Koei are talking about a Zelda Musou. Are you interested?’

Disaster brewing.....

@ThomasBW84 Wait for footage, these are almost certainly bullshots.



Nntndo_1986 said:

@Shambo great description... I've never played a Dynasty game, so whe. This was announced I was meh, but little by little I find myself really getting into it. Now that I found out off-tv co-op is part of the package, nothing will be better on a Saturday afternoon with my kids then beating the crap out of some bokoblins and unlocking/upgrading weapons and armor. I'm sure it will get repetitive but most things do, as long as I enjoy it I'll be a happy passenger on this train.



pr0t0man said:

@BieberBlows why do people always think team ninja did that in other m Nintendo made the story for that not team ninja all they did was make the game play for it and it played very good IMO it was something new and I loved that



Offspring said:

@pr0t0man All right, I just checked Other M's wikipedia page to get a little more info on the game. D-Rockets is to blame for the long and physicaly painful cutscenes and Sakamoto along with Team Ninja are responsible for trying to make Samus an "appealing human character." Team Ninja doesn't deserve all the blame but they deserve at least a third of it.



SphericalCrusher said:

As I mentioned before, this is a day one buy. I am a huge fan of these collaborations and look forward to see more of them in the future.



drumsandperc92 said:

Link looks great in a lot of these screenshots, maybe even better than he does in Super Smash U.
Hopefully when Nintendo rolls out the new Zelda U in a few weeks, it'll be even more impressive though. They can't let Hyrule Warriors out-zelda Zelda!



faint said:

@Action51 if you play on eazy shure. If you button mash on hard mode you will die in seconds. These games do take skill if you play on hard mode which you have too to a hundred percent them and unlock everything



Action51 said:

@faint - Well okay....but I'm pretty sure I've tried it on hard mode and still found that as long as you level up properly a good button mashing does the trick. I'll mess around a bit over the next week as I wait impatiently for Mario Kart 8. lol.

Like I've said, they aren't bad games. I do enjoy a good beat 'em up.



ThreadShadow said:

Impa looks fantastic, and the inclusion of solid Zelda gameplay mechanics with the Warriors gameplay is reassuring!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Wolfeon It's just my non offensive, lighthearted way of brushing off the fact that you tried to make me look like an idiot. So, "correction", I think I'll keep it there.



Henmii said:

Overall my opinion has changed from "Meh" to "doesn't look that bad"!

And I guess we also get more and maybe better cutscenes! Many people dissed the storytelling and cutscenes from Metroid: Other M, but I liked them! Of course there was a lot of melodrama, but that's a bit of the Japanese flavor I guess! As long as the cutscenes aren't to long, I will be pretty happy.

That reminds me: What about voice-acting? Maybe some Ganondorf? Oh, this could be something...



HAL9000 said:

I am really excited for this game now! I love the idea of 2 screen co-op play!



FJOJR said:

Nintendo is very careful when they farm out there characters to other companies. Sometimes you get misses like the CD-I games or Other M but other times you get hits like the 2D Zelda handheld games or F-Zero GX.

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