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Tappingo 2 Confirmed for a Summer Release on 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Over 100 puzzles and a new zoom option promised

Fans of download games on DS and 3DS that also love a gameplay twist or puzzling challenge may be familiar with Goodbye Galaxy Games, which recently brought Tappingo to the eShop. We certainly appreciated its charms, awarding it 7/10 in our review.

The good news is that Hugo Smits, the man behind the studio, has been in touch to confirm that Tappingo 2 will arrive on the 3DS eShop this summer. Details, screenshots and footage are being held back for the coming weeks, but it has been confirmed that there'll be over 100 puzzles and a zoom mode to help with larger puzzles. We may not have too long to wait, either, as it arrives this Summer.

Goodbye Galaxy Games is certainly busy right now, having recently been approved as a Nintendo publisher and also revealing its 3DS game prototype creation tool, Gomba. Check back this weekend for an extensive interview covering those topics.

Have you picked up the original Tappingo on 3DS, and are you pleased to hear that a sequel's on the way?

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Tops said:

Tappingo's alright though the puzzles are quite easy due to the game's nature, it seems. The zoom feature is nice though (wish they could add it to the original as an update).

I also hope they make the presentation a bit less bland. I couldn't even tell what some of the pictures were supposed to be tbh, the thumbnail after beating it helped sometimes but they were so small.

Long story short, I may get this, I may not. The first one wasn't that impressive, just kind of 'nice'



Gen0neD said:

Love this game. If I could make a small request: please leave out the circus music. The music in the 1st one was good and puts you in the mood for puzzling fun but, one of the tracks was some kooky circus song. Please not again... please.



TriforceShoe said:

I thought the first Tappingo was a pretty neat time waster, but had lots of room for improvement. The zoom feature is a good start, but an "undo" button, more varied puzzles (rather than animal faces, food or the odd retro console which took up the majority of the original) and songs that don't make me look like a weirdo in public (circus music, as Gen0neD puts it) could make this something special.



Mineral said:

I really like the first Tappingo !
Bought it on sale mainly thanks to that trailer on the Nintendo Youtube Channel.
I REALLY REALLY hope you guys can get a level editor and QR codes for sharing levels like in Pushmo/Crashmo, so I can download some neat fanmade video games sprites puzzles. I mainly want it for pokemon or even megaman sprites



6ch6ris6 said:

@HugoSmits YES! i hope it will be as cheap as the first one. the eshop needs more 1-3€ games.

oh and please try to make a lvl editor someday. that's one of the best features puzzle games like tappingo can have!



SyFyTy said:

awesome game, someone suggested it, if you like picross, you'll LOVE this!! and I DO, this IS AWEESOOMMMM I WILL be buying the next one I would like to see it in 3d sometime too though... YES Level EDITOR AND Online Swap PLEASE



FritzFrapp said:

I DEMAND more circus music. Wiklund's marvellous soundtrack was a real treat (my favourite of the year so far).

Hugely looking forward to the game. Lovely jubbly!



Henmii said:

Tappingo is the only Hugo Smits game that I liked, so far! It's not edge of the seat, but its a nice variation on Picross alright.

So maybe, maybe I'll also download the sequel (if the price is right).



Philip_J_Reed said:

I loved it. This is great news.

But then again, I also loved the soundtrack, so what do I know.



candymonster said:

i loved tappingo! What annoys me are the menu navigation... every time i start the game i have to manually find the last puzzle i have done, and it do not accept d-pad inputs. :/ (sorry the bad english)



Gen0neD said:

@Philip_J_Reed The soundtrack was good sir. Save for the aforementioned big top clown track.

Please note: I "suffer" from coulrophobia. So anything remotely tied to those $&°|¥«'s upsets me.



HopeNForever said:

I personally really liked the first game, but I found many of the puzzles not to be quite as challenging as I anticipated.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The first one was a very fun timewaster.
It felt a lot fresher than Picross e2 and e3 to me. Partly because of having multiple nice music tracks.
However i do agree with @candymonster that the menu navigation could've been better and like so many others i've also fantasized about a level editor. I'll still get it without that though.



Victoria said:

I'll buy it. I like the first one. It was a bit easy, but it's different from other puzzle and that made it fun.



iphys said:

I wish we could listen to our own music off SD while playing. It was supposed to be possible, but I don't think a single game actually allows us to on 3DS.



Klunk23 said:

Cool. Love the first one so far. Just got to the big Puzzles and I do agree Zoom is needed.



IrateGamer said:

Great news, first game rocks.

May I make a suggestion/request @HugoSmits?

I'm not sure how many others feel this way, but could we have puzzles locked and unlock as we progress?

I mean it's neat being able to jump to puzzle 99 and solve it right away...but on the other hand, everything unlocked sort of kills that satisfaction of progression or that feeling you are making headway through the game.

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